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Warm Me Up Ch. 34

OH SNAP-WHAT’S THAT- A NEW CHAPTER FUCK YEAH, (To the tune of Usnavi’s excitement after getting a date with Vanessa. Can you tell I’m obsessed? Also, listen to Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons as well as Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You and Tori Kelly’s/ Ed Sheeran’s I Was Made For Loving You for this chapter <3)

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It wasn’t until a little past noon that Will got worried. He hadn’t gotten a text from Nico, and when he called, Nico didn’t answer. He pulled Kayla along past the HEB and hefted a few bags in his other hand. “Come on, Princess time to go home. You sure you don’t want help with the bag?”

“I got it. I wanna give it to him.” Will smiled and nodded, walking along the sidewalk. The sun was beating down, but the wind that blew around them offered enough relief. Kayla bounded along in a pink sundress with her red hair pulled up into a ponytail, skipping over cracks in the sidewalk. Suddenly, Kayla stopped, causing Will to falter. “Look, it’s Nico!”

He frowned and looked up to see Nico pacing back and forth with a cigarette in one hand as his other ran through his hair. Immediately, Will felt the instinct to go to him and find out what was wrong. “Come on,” he told his sister, gripping her hand as they crossed at a light.

“Why is he smoking?” she asked as he pulled her along. “Isn’t that bad?” Will didn’t answer, his eyes on Nico as he paced. “Will, I’m scared,” Kayla whimpered.

“No, no, no, it’s okay,” he assured. “Just hold on a second, okay?” He reached the bus stop and reached out, stopping Nico mid-pace. He jumped, and looked up with frightened, tear-filled eyes. “What happened, Nico, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously.

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Nico Hischier - Impracticable Part Two

Originally posted by werenski

Word Count: 1448

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Unfortunately, you had planned to stay in New York City for an entire week to hang out with Nico. Your argument happened six days ago now and you have yet to hear back from him. You haven’t received a single call nor text. It had honestly upset you considering the fact the fight only happened because he refused to hear you out. You understood he’s been stressed lately but this was taking it too far. He couldn’t even find the audacity to message you and see how you were doing… alone…. In this big ass city. Where you went to see him.

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Okay don’t make fun of me but I just spent like an hour coming up with a Percy Jackson dream cast because they messed up that movie six ways to sunday and I just needed to fix it alright

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman. Yup, the only part of the movie that was actually done right.

Annabeth Chase: Skyler Samuels. 

Hazel Levesque: Zoe Soul.

Frank Zhang: Ki Hong Lee. Do you know how difficult it is to find overweight Chinese actors??? Perhaps it is the media stigma against anyone who isn’t white and shaped like a stick. But whatever. Imagine Ki Hong Lee would gain weight for the role.

Piper Mclean: Mary Galloway. Again, it’s super hard to find young Native American actresses. But I did it. And she’s actually pretty perfect so in your face, Hollywood whitewashing!!!

Jason Grace: Lucas Till. Yes, the guy from X-Men. Don’t judge, those movies are life.

Leo Valdez: Joaquin Ochoa. This one took a really long time, and I’m still not thrilled, but oh well. The only perfect Leo is the one in my head. Also, i included two pictures because there are no good pictures with both the right haircut and the right age??? Ugh. Struggle.

Last but certainly not least, Nico DiAngelo: Asa Butterfield

So, what do you people of the internet think??? Any you hate, anyone you think would be better??? Let me know because for some reason the perfect casting of a pjo movie would make me immensely happy so… Yeah. Perhaps suggestions for like, Grover, or Tyson, or Rachel…. Add to thisss!

Demand and Supply

Pairing: NicoMaki
Summary: Maki has a secret hobby which may or may not involve collecting pictures of Nico. 
Notes: This is not what I was meant to be writing, but I wanted to do something for Maki’s birthday. So here we are! 
Words:  ~2000

The monitor of Maki’s computer was the only source of light in her dark bedroom, and she couldn’t stifle a yawn from having another late night. A glance at the bottom right of the screen revealed the time: 3:30am. What was such a bright, talented young girl doing awake instead of resting for school that day? The answer was simple.

She was collecting photos of Nico online and saving them to her hard drive.

Meticulously backed up both physically and to cloud storage, Maki’s collection of Nico pics was her secret pride and joy, with an emphasis on secret. It was something she was sure the others would never suspect, and damn did she want to keep it that way.

Tagged by date, location, situation and cuteness rating out of ten (slightly redundant, because Maki never gave a rating less than seven), archiving Nico’s cuteness was a full-time job for Maki. Hence why she found herself up in the middle of the night, trawling through every website and search engine for pictures of Nico that she might have missed.

She had many good pictures (her collection reached petabytes last week), but there was a problem.

‘It’s not enough,’ Maki muttered to herself, squinting at the screen unhealthily. ‘I need more Nico-chan.’

Maki had now reached the point where she had collected every picture of her girlfriend that there was on the internet. And scanned every magazine Nico featured in, clipped every newspaper article and recorded every program. She had cleared her backlog of Nico, which meant that the trickle of new photos could no longer satisfy her.

She had reached peak Nico, but she needed more than what was being produced. Her demand for Nico pictures outstripped supply. It was basic economics. So to correct this awful failure of the free market, Maki decided to take action.

Being a Nishikino, and like most other members of the bourgeoisie, Maki knew this was an opportunity to finally put all her money to good use. If demand exceeded supply, all she had to do was increase supply to restore equilibrium!

With that thought in mind, Maki clicked onto the search bar, ignored the auto-fill prompts all containing the words Nico Yazawa and cute and typed in something very different instead.

How to hire paparazzi.

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Yo do Nolan Patrick:))))))

I did a PUTL for  Nolan And Nico before but it wasn’t an individual one so here we goOOO

  • First off: Soft boy
  • No doubt in my mind he’s a lil baby
  • But also fucks like a frat boy
  • Wild as hell
  • One every surface
  • Anywhere at any time
  • But he has some decency
  • So hell let you keep your panties on after he fucks you in the bathroom during a party
  • Is probably super dominant
  • Put has a thing for being edged
  • What a mess he’d be
  • Face red and eyes blown wide
  • His lips probably turn super red just like the tip of his cock wow
  • He has an impressive stamina
  • But he's so lowkey about it
  • “You gonna cum in my pussy? Huh?” 
  • He’d go insane for that shit
  • Leaves the talking to you
  • Vocal as hell tho
  • His moans are breathy and he whines a lot
  • Wow he's a reasonable length
  • 5.9″ and uncut but his tip is lORGE
Thoughts on The Hammer of Thor (minor spoilers, obvs).

- Alex Fierro

- I am officially a Malex shipper now. I never knew I needed this ship until I read HoT. Cassandra Clare gave us Malec, now Rick Riordan has (sort of) given us Malex.

- Hearthstone’s dad is a meinfretr.

- “Should I get you a shovel so you can dig that hole a little deeper?” pg. 4. Best Sam quote yet.

- The glossary and pronunciation guide were lifesavers.

- password

- My favorite chapter titles: “Oh, You Wanted to Breathe? That’ll Be an Extra Three Gold” and “A Little Refreshing Poison in Your Face, Sir?”

- Alex Fierro

- You don’t need to have future-telling abilities to know that there will be ship wars in the fandom.

- I also predict some people going like, “Holy schist, Alex Fierro!’ whenever they see something pink and green (the same way they do with blue stuff for Percy and black stuff for Nico). I never said our fandom was sane.

- Did Rick just send Percy on another quest?

- Jack apparently cannot sing. “Cheese graters gonna grate, grate, grate, grate, grate.”

- Heimdall invented the selfie stick….? What the Helheim?

- The funniest part imo is on page 363:

“Sir,” Sam said, “even if we did that … how would you get [the hammer] back from eight miles under the earth?”

“I would break through the earth! With my hammer!”

- Alex Fierro

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Nozoeli with 14 A whisper in the ear and 10 Not said to me, thanks before :)

The bathroom stall’s door opened to revealed a disheveled and obviously still excited Nozomi with a flush on her cheeks. You grimaced and flashed her your disgusted face, scowling because you knew what was going to come.

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Will & Nico's first date.

Nico pounds on the door to the Zeus cabin frantically. Praying to the god’s that someone answers. Finally Jason answers the door looking tired. he rubs his eyes for a moment, and then looks at Nico, puzzled. “Is everything okay Nico?” he asks sleep slipping into his voice for a moment. “I need your help.” he lets his face fall into his hands for a moment, and Jason looks at him deeply concerned he wasn’t used to seeing Nico this way. “What do you need man?” it’s alright. i’ll help you out.“ Jason says quickly, taking a small step toward him. "This Morning Will asked me to hangout, and i think he meant like Hangout, "hangout. Like a date, and I have nothing to wear, and i don’t know how to act on a date! And also I’ve never even kissed someone! How do you kiss someone!?” Nico says everything very quickly, and full of panic. It takes a moment for Jason to process it all. Jason releases a small sigh of relief, and gives Nico a small smile. “Alright come on. I bet have something for you wear, and I can talk you though a few things… I’m not sure about the kissing thing. Maybe Will, will teach you.” Jason says with small laugh, and grabbing Nico by the arm. Nico’s face turns paler than normal at the comment as he’s dragged into lighting boy’s cabin.

Jason drags Nico over to his closet, and flings open the door. Nico notices a bunch of different orange, and purple t-shirts, but he also notices a few other things he’d never even seen Jason wear. Jason, turned, and studied Nico for a moment looking at him as if he were examining his internal organs from the outside in. “Okay, what do you want to go for because I’m not sure if i have anything to go with your middle school Goth phase you’re going through.” Jason says looking at Nico’s ever fading Skull t-shirt. ‘I don’t know. Something different. Something Will Solace would like.“ Nico chides looking at Jason with a look that screams I have no idea what to wear! Please help me! Jason purses his lips distastefully for a moment. "Are you sure you want to do something different? I mean i bet Will likes you for you.” Jason says trying to help in a way. “Just give me something to wear!” he snaps. “Sorry” he adds his voice softening. “I’m just freaking out.” Jason places his hands  Nico’s shoulders. “I got you.” he says with a grin.


Soon Nico is wearing a slightly oversized white button up shirt, and his regular black jeans Since Jason’s where al to big for him. “You kind of look like a ghost.” Jason says cheekily, and Nico just glares “Shut up Grace.” Nico mumbles lightly. “You got this.” Jason says with a grin. “Now go get your Solace.”

Nico sits on the beach waiting for Will where they said they would meet. His heart was pounding a mile a minutes. What if this wasn’t a date? What if Will just needed help with something, and he was acting like an idiot. “Hey Di Angelo. Don’t you look nifty?” Will’s voice fills his ears, and fills his body with a happy hazy. “Well thank you. You don’t look to shabby yourself.” He looks at Will his camp shirt is freshly cleaned, his pants are ironed, and he actually tried to brush his hair. He made Nico’s heart hurt, but in a good way, and Will felt the same way looking at Nico. He sat down next to him, and smiled. “So where’d you get the shirt? I didn’t think you had white in the Di Angelo wardrobe?” Nico stares at his bright blue eyes as he talks. “Um, Jason. I asked him for some help. i.. wanted to look nice.” Nico says, rubbing the back of his neck, and giggling nervously. Will smiles, a bright smiles that shows all of his teeth, and Nico is pretty sure his heart could burst. ”You don’t have to wear something different. I like you. No matter what.” Will reaches over and intertwines his lanky fingers with Nico’s. They feel like the sun. NIco feels like he might sense his own death do to sensory overload. “Will, I’m just not used to this, so, I’m sorry if my hands are sweaty.” Nico mumbles quickly. Will smiles, and to Nico it’s like the sun just started to shine. Will hugs him after a moment, and NIco tenses up. “Aw come on death boy relax. Doctors’ orders.” Will mumbles, slowly moving his face closer to Nico’s. Before Nico can react Will’s warm lips are meshed with his. Nico thinks for a moment that he may be dead, but this is nothing like the underworld. It’s what mortals mean when they talk about heaven               

Will pulls away, and releases a small breath. “Was that okay?” Will asks quietly. “Oh yeah.” Nico blurts. Then they both start giggling uncontrollably. Will is happily surprised, by the cuteness of Nico’s giggle. Once Nico catches his breath, he kisses Will again while he’s still giggle, and for both of them, it’s sunshine.                                                                 

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Are you still taking prompts? "I can't believe I have to wear this," Jason blinked and smiled awkwardly.

“Uhm…where’s the rest of it?” Jason tugged awkwardly at the strip of white fabric that was tied around his waist and looked expectantly at Nico.

“That’s it.” Nico folded his arms over his chest and scowled. He mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like “Tch, actors.”  

“What do you mean…that’s it? Like, isn’t there-”

“No. Are you arguing with me, Jason?”

“I’m just…this is seriously it?” Jason could feel the blush creeping up his chest, which was probably apparent due to his current state of gross undress.

“I just said that. Now stay still while I put your makeup on.”

“It’s just there will be people I know who will see me and- wait did you say makeup?”

Nico raised his eyebrow, “Yeah I did. Can you put on your own eyeliner or-”

“But I’m a guy!”

Nico’s face remained unimpressed, “I noticed. You still have to wear makeup, Jason. Everyone wears makeup. It’s theatre. “


“Jason.” Nico glared at him, as he pushed Jason down into the chair and fitted himself between his knees, expertly brushing foundation over Jason’s flustered face, “I’m going to say this once, because you’re new and also our lead- I am the stage manager. I am in charge,”

“I thought the director-”

“No. It’s me. I run this show, I say what goes and who does what. That includes you. Especially you, jock-boy.”

“Hey- pffffbluh” Jason sputtered as Nico ran the brush over his lips, “I’m not just jock-boy.”

“You’re right. Your Joseph, you’re my lead, and I can’t have you tripping over yourself three days before we open. Alright? So just listen to me, ok, and do as I tell you.”


Nico glared again, and Jason never thought that this scrawny kid in black holding a makeup brush and an eyeliner pencil could look so fucking scary. He gulped. “Y-yes Nico.”

“Good. Now, I’ll be right back, I need to get the oil.”

“What oil? For what?”

“For your chest, dumbass. Stay there.”

Jason blushed. Oh. Theatre was terrifying.