also ngl i sorta kinda like this one

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hey just a random thought but do you ever run out of ideas for titles? i mean you've got TONS of drabbles and i find it amazing how you can make each and every single one of the titles unique. i love you btw and your writing. also i love your latest drabbles, just pointing it out there. ;)))

ngl making titles is like the hardest part of writing, i’m so bad at it lmao but thank you!! i kinda try to just make them sorta related to the fic but also not so similar to the last title (it bothers me that a lot of my earlier fics have the same type of 1, 2 or 3 word titles) so i’m forcing myself to keep them “fresh” lol

i’m glad you’re enjoying the drabbles though!! keep an eye out bc i still have million more to write and post rip💞