also new coloring technique

Here is my contribution to @meabhd‘s coloring contest! She did the lines, I did the coloring. 

I had sooooo fun with this, mostly cause they are Harry Potter characters (Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown) but also cause I tried a new coloring technique! Turned out to be great practice and something I’ll definitely try again.

Thanks for the opportunity to color your lines Méabh, your art is amazing and it was an honor omg lmao *-* <3

all the members of Vox Machina stacked on top of each other? yes 🅱lease


“Sorry, I’m saving my spit and blood for my honeymoon”

so i was working on prints for astl and i was watching bob’s burgers and i accidentally ended up drawing louise.. oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

*random writing prompt for the writer who needs out of a "rut" (even tho 72 hours is not a rut fam)* tell me about Lards, her first art class? first sketch book? does she like to paint or draw more? was there a certain art teacher that really pissed her off or one that inspired her? does she have a muse? give me all the deets

  • her first “sketchbook” was actually just a normal, college-ruled notebook that she always drew in during classes
  • she filled it up pretty quick, and then she went and grabbed another one from the school supplies tote in the closet. then she filled that one up, and grabbed another one, and so on and so forth
    • she didn’t get a real sketchbook until her 15th birthday, when her mom noticed that all the notebooks were disappearing bc larissa was using them to draw in
  • she vaguely remembers her elementary school art teacher as being a very nice lady
  • her middle school art teacher, though. he was awesome. there was one assignment where they had to design pieces and a general layout for a themed cafe and they got to pick the theme
    • she made “The Dr. Suess Diner.” it was cool as shit.
  • her high school teacher was pretty laissez-faire, which was awesome bc that’s what she needed at that time. freedom to just create and try out new techniques and styles and colors. also, she wrote her a pretty kickass letter of recommendation for college.
  • she likes the look of her paintings more than she likes her drawings, but she still finds herself drawing more, just because it’s easier to grab a pencil and her sketchbook and set up on the quad than it is to drag an easel and paints and a brush and water and everything out there
  • she blasts classical music when she paints, and she has different playlists on her phone of pieces that capture different moods for her. her close friends in the art dept. know whether or not it’s cool for them to come into the studio she’s working in based on what piece is playing.
    • “oh shit, it’s a mozart day. better steer clear until she’s done.”
  • she doesn’t have a muse per se, but sometimes when she’s stuck on something she brings jack in and he either makes a really knowledgeable, helpful comment about the piece that gets her back on track or says something like “hm. that looks kind of like a duck’s bill, eh?” and she laughs so hard it gets her out of her head enough to continue
    • she facetimes him after he graduates
    • one time she’s facetiming him and she shows him one of her finished pieces and accidentally ends up selling it to alexei mashkov
      • “i’m not sure what it means, but bright colors look good in foyer.”

aaron & moses in the prince of egypt (updated 11.23.16)

there isn’t an instant connection.  their reunion isn’t free of complications.  yet every moment of rockiness, every moment of understanding, is important.  these two are important.  i want to believe that even when roots have been severed, it is possible for something to grow again.