also new coloring technique


I did the first part of this template thingy about a year ago with Arian, but since my drawing skills have gotten better (thank God) I decided to do it again :3 However, like @yukaryote I decided to combine it with the bottom one (and added my own touch) :D

It also gave me a chance to try out a new coloring technique x3


I proudly present you the HG RMS-099 Rick Dias “Hayabusa”.

This time I wanted to fantasize a bit: What if the Japanese armies during the end of WWII had developed mobile suits to be used as infantry support during the fighting in the Pacific Islands?

For the color scheme I’ve taken inspiration from some late version of the Nakajima Ki-43 also known as “Hayabusa”. This mobile suit, like its real counterpart, during the end of the conflict was produced in haste to replace the destroyed units, so many pieces lacked the final painting that was often left to the discretion of the commander of the unit. Moreover, given the impressive size of the suit the paint was not enough to cover the entire surface, leaving inevitably discovered the bare metal.

I’ve also tried some kind of color modulation, a couple of new weathering techniques such as streaking and filters and made some minor modifications here and there.

I can’t deny that I had many difficulties in removing all those seamlines from this old model and in some places I could have done a better paintjob but I’ll keep on practicing, hoping to become a good modeler some day :)

uff … this time I wrote too much, I hope you will not be bored, I’ll stop here, I promise!

Enjoy the photos on full size ^^

I was feeling really depressed the other day, and so I decided to talk it over with yamineftis. She actually genuinely helped me feel better so I wanted to do something for her in return. My original plan was just to do a quick little doodle. Four days later this is what that “doodle” became. It’s also more practice with that new coloring technique, but I hope you like it, Gabi! ;~; And thank you again!!