also my sharpeing looks not good

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so like,,,taehyungs hair

Listen its so like. bouncy especially if he wears a bandana??? like it looks so soft even tho he bleached it several times like yoongi has to be jealous af?? what kinda magic?? also he didnt have a bad hair era honestly everything looks good on him no shit w a face like his lmao but my fave is probably brown like he has now bc he looks rly soft w that hair like blonde for example looked more Sharp and while i like that i like him soft more. not saying he looks soft w a bandana tho bc he doesnt he looks like a walking sin but when his hair is naturally he looks the softest. honestly i rly wanna touch his hair im jealous of jimin getting to play w it :-(

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Magnus leaning against that bar and just casually talking to Alec though

PLEASE I KNOW DON’T DO THIS TO ME MAGNUS LEANING ON ANYTHING IS MY ABSOLUTE WEAKNESS also Alec going out for some fun at last??? I hope this is a fun time and not night about to be ruined, the poor guy needs a break

Additionally, this is such a lovely change in scenery. I love the idea of Magnus and Alec entering a grittier set. The Institute and the loft is polished and slick which is nice, but I’ve always adored the grittier aesthetics: dark wood, sharp whiskey, low lighting.

Magnus looks so good here, and can we also talk about how well he fits in? He still stands out with those rings and that jacket, but he fits the environment. He looks like he belongs. I love Magnus’s ability to dress for the situation but still be eye-catching, the same way he had that gorgeous pin-striped suit with the bright magenta tie during Izzy’s trial. Like, idk if I’m putting this into words properly, but he doesn’t draw attention by dressing so that he comes off like he’s out of place. Rather, he dresses suitably but at the same time several notches above everyone else. It’s the kind of vibe that says I know I’m better than all of you.

At some point all seven members of the inner crew get stuck in an elevator.

There’s a moment where it screams trap, ambush, a clever attack from some phantom rival, but no. Its a stock-standard mechanical failure. The rulers of Los Santos, arguably the most dangerous crew this side of the country, trapped like rats in a little metal box.

It’s fucking undignified.

With no reception to contact their own people they use the inbuilt emergency button to call it in, expecting a technician to be rushed to their aid, only to be told they are in a queue. That there will be some delays. The conversation starts professionally polite but quickly devolves into everything from outrageous bribes to thinly veiled threats but Mark, who’s clearly in some call centre far away from Los Santos, is utterly unmoved.  

Unused to such blatant disregard Geoff abuses the call button, determined to make Mark as miserable as they are in an effort to annoy him into submission. By the time he considers allowing the crew’s main negotiator a turn on the phone the ‘self-important assholes’ impression has already been irrevocably ingrained.

Michael lifted Jeremy up to pick the lock on the emergency hatch only to complain about lax safety standards when the hinges jam and refuse to open more than halfway. Gavin snarks about their heavy hitters not being so strong after all, Michael snaps back about useless twigs keeping their mouths shut, and Jeremy is quickly forgotten in favour of a grade-school-level slap fight.

As time goes by the heat rises and tempers flare; Geoff railing against Mark, Jack snapping at Geoff for antagonising the people controlling their placement in the queue, Gavin and Michael prodding each other into more and more aggressive arguments and Ryan beginning to twitch alarmingly every time the background music loops.

Ray hasn’t moved from where he leaned 5 minutes into their stay, hood up, earphones plugged into his DS, absently swaying out of range whenever the rolling ball of furious MichaelGavin bounces towards him. Following his lead Jeremy quickly boosted himself up to sit on the handrail in a corner, as out of the way as he can be in a contained metal box, morbidly fascinated as he settles back to watch the fireworks.

At loop 17 Ryan takes a knife to the speakers, prying out the screws before calmly tearing the whole thing out of the wall. This prompts a moment of absolute silence, blessedly free from repetitive piano, before the lights flicker out, Gavin screeches, and it all kicks off again.

In the chaos no one notices Ray slipping through the jammed hatch and clambering on to the roof until its too late to catch him. His exit sets off an explosion of yelling, threats and promises and downright pleading, but realistically none of them are operating under the illusion that Ray plans to do anything more than clamber back up to the penthouse and have a nap. Gavin is the only other one who’s shoulders are slim enough to slip through but no one lets him go - they say they don’t trust him not to trip and kill himself but lets be real: if Michael and Geoff don’t get to leave this hellhole there’s no chance on earth Gavin gets to.

When they are finally set free, listening in strained silence as the lift lowers and the doors are wrenched open, the technician cracks a lewd joke about the awkward tension and no one has it in them to stop Ryan from punching him in the throat.

Geoff stalks away muttering about having unfinished business with Mark while Michael makes a beeline for the fire-stairs, intent on getting to the penthouse before Ray realises they are free and goes into hiding. Jeremy is lumped with the duty to go check in with the support crew, who have probably already tracked down the source of their absence and are bound to be smug little shits about it. The others go their separate ways in silence, normal jobs abandoned in favour of refusing to be in the same room as one another for the rest of the week.

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Top 10 photos of alex?

Ok this was even more difficult than I thought it would be because I’m incredibly indecisive and there are just SO many photos to choose from. This is why it took me this long to put this together, I apologize.

I’m gonna start with an honourable mention for this amazing photo of him and Miles because it’s one of my all-time favourite photos. Look how happy they are their smiles are just everything!

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I love the jokes Youjin tells. They are widely unnoticed but I think they are so funny. Like in a more recent my KNK TV he joked about how they would be ready for the rhythm aerobics in 40 years. I find his subtle humor endearing quality of his. Physical-wise I love when his hair is up and his killer jawline.


Youjins side profile is soo sharp that it hurts when I look at it. 

But yes, Youjin’s jokes are super funny when he wants to be. His humor is different from the other 4 members. 

-Tinkermom Cami

(also sorry for it being late…. I am such a bad admin…..Have a good day)

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Hi Monica! I am absolutely in love with your blog and you look absolutely FLAWLESS! 😻 My biggest problem has always been stubborn shadows from thick facial hair; any pro tips or recommendations for foundations and concealers? I've been told that primers and pore creams are also a must. thanks girl, you rock! ✌🏼❤

I can provide some advice, but Abby Cats is probably your best source for high class makeup tips.  Just look through her site – she has many tips and product recommendations.  I don’t have much facial hair, so a good shave with a sharp razor is all I need to do.  I don’t use concealer, but I do use a foundation primer, which is basically a silicon gel that fills some pores and gives you a smoother look before you apply foundation.   Actual makeup foundation primer is expensive, just like virtually all makeup – it’s so grossly overpriced.  But you can use a product called Monistat Anti chafing gel, which is the exact same thing as foundation primer, but for a fraction of the price.   Hope this helps.

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ooh, and more art oriented question too: do you have any tricks for making your art look so angular? Its very eye appealing, the way there are a lot of straight lines.

SPEED is key for some sharp angles! When i’m sketching things, rather than being slow and calculating, I sort of just hammer lines out. Needless to say the undo button is my greatest ally here! I also sort of use my wrist over my fingers for moving the pen/pencil if I’m trying to get something really sharp.

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Personal shit question 1? Want to know if/where you got any scars?

I have a few.

I’ve got one down the side of the little finger on my left hand, following a bizarre accident while I was away on holiday a few years ago - it’s kinda hard to explain, but basically I picked up an ornament in a gift shop and was looking at it, but then I dropped it.  I panicked and tried to catch it, but as I moved my hands downwards, I somehow cut my finger wide open on a sharp edge of a coat hanger that was just underneath my hands before I moved them x__x  Good thing I had travel insurance, because I actually had to go to the hospital to get it sorted out.

I also have a noticeable, round scar near the top of my left arm, where I was vaccinated when I was at school (it ended up getting quite sore and left a slightly unusually large scar afterwards).

I have some patches of scarring on my legs, which I got following a couple of bouts of severe eczema a few years back.  I suffer with a really rare form of the condition that makes it very prone to infection, so unfortunately it’s left some marks behind now. 

Dear hiring manager:

I am writing because I feel that I would be an excellent fit for the role of “bear.”  The core skills of this role–sleeping all winter and eating anything I find–are areas where I have a great deal of expertise.

I am also a good physical fit for the role–I am roundish, tailless, have shaggy brown fur (not everywhere, but I am always open to new growth!), and am capable of briefly standing on my hind legs.  I do not have particularly large or sharp claws, but sometimes when I’m home alone I get out the steak knives and pretend.

In addition, I can roar.  Or sort of whuffle.  Whichever the situation calls for.  I am flexible.

I look forward to meeting with you soon, then never meeting with anyone ever again, because I will be a bear and bears don’t have to go to meetings.

RRRARRGH sincerely,


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my fursona is a peryton (a kind of.. deer griffon?), who i based around clouds. specifically, i stole the color palette of clouds at dawn for her, so lots of gold and purple. sparkledeer. she also got sharp toofs, and i have been using her to vent my emotional frustrations for the past two years, or so

look I’m a total sucker for anything remotely related to the sky and no not that fcuking color of the sky post LOL
she sounds so good and so does your sparkledeer
It’s nice to have an outlet like that for your frustrations and that’s one of the reasons why I love fursonas so much because it’s such a good way of self expression for some people

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#47 from the gif making question set!

47. Any advice for novice gif makers/people who want to start making gifs

TUTORIALS ARE YOUR FRIEND like literally go on all the photoshop resource blogs on tumblr and look up all the tutorials, because having a guide that shows you how to do things step by step reallyyyyyy helps ! ALSO DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT editing programs like photoshop have soooo many things you can utilize to make your gifs look pretty or smooth or sharp, so don’t be scared to play around !!! and i honestly learn most of what i know bc i just fiddle around on photoshop in my spare time lmao 

and most of all just kinda have fun with it and don’t get stressed if it doesn’t turn out too good on the first try - learn from mistakes you may have made, figure out what options and techniques work best for you, and go for it ! :^)

  • my dad: who's that dreamy hockey guy you're always talking about?
  • me, not paying attention: huh?
  • my dad: that good looking guy in Dallas
  • me: Jordie Benn!
  • my dad: oh, right. is he a forward?
  • me: no, he's a defenseman. his brother is a forward, and the captain. he's also good looking. and patrick sharp is like one of the best looking hockey players, he's also on the team. But Jordie is my favorite.
  • my dad: *looks vaguely overwhelmed*

My boss is… cool. I don’t think Garden Girl likes her much, but she also likes disregarding rules and going a little wild, so I take her opinion of authority with a grain of salt.

My boss looks a little like an older Sigourney Weaver. She’s got sharp eyes and a warm face, a belting laugh, and a quick smile. She believes passionately in what she does and has the demeanor of somebody who would dive down a dragon’s throat without hesitation, provided the dragon had swallowed something interesting. Aka… exactly the sort of person I’ve always wanted as a mentor. She is honest with her praise and I swear I floated a few inches off the ground when she told me she was proud of me.

hi i’m zane! they/them!! here have an actual photo of me!!! 

yo if you didn’t know sorry to disappoint but i’m ariel and i’m a cuter mermaid than u (probably i don’t actually know tbh)

i tried taking some self portrait photos a couple of weeks ago because i think i’m finally starting to appreciate the way i look a little more. i took a few lighting test shots before doing the actual thing and this one actually came out nicely and i’m thinkin bout using it for art hoe bc damn i look sharp af also my tattoo looks good too haaaaa


Hi guys!!! A review as promised!

I recently received my ring from WildDreamerJewels and I just have to say, it’s so comfy unlike any other ring i’ve had before! It fits perfectly, not too tight, and it looks so nice when wearing!! The jewel isn’t too large so it’s overpowering, but it also isn’t too small so you can still make a fashion statement! The crystal also isn’t sharp so it won’t dig into anything.

I would really suggest if you’ve been looking for quartz crystal rings or chocker’s, go to WildDreamerJewels because it’s a really cheap price of $10.00 for a good quality item! 

p.s the owner is so sweet, I wouldn’t suggest any other store than WildDreamerJewels :)


Outfit of the week.
This weeks outfit is very casual and simple.
I love how he wears simple clothing, a tee,shirt and jeans, but pulls the outfit together with his accessories.
This would be a perfect outfit coming into spring.
I picked out a few of my favourite items from this outfit.
My first pick are these pointed shoes for €79.95 from Zara. I adore these shows for a few reasons. Firstly, I love the sharp, detail of the shoes, as I hate sloppy cuts. Secondly, I love the style of them as this style is really in right now. Also I love how you can wear a typically smart shoe with jeans for casual wear.
My second pick is the denim knit effect hat for €12.95 from Zara. It is very good price and good quality. I love the diversity of the denim colour, as you can wear it with warm and cold colours.
My final pick are these esprit aviators for €35.72 from asos. Sunglasses are essentials and aviators are a great look with this outfit.

Save Your Money!

Time for a product review. Also known as your save your money post. I know when new products come on the market we are tempted to try them. Nyx has never steered me wrong until now. 

This Tame and Frame brow pomade should be renamed to No Tame What a Shame. This product has a type of greasy consistency to it. It is not easy to apply at all and it clumps in your eyebrows. It also can give off a gray look. If you want casket sharp, funeral home fresh eyebrows this product is for you. Save your 7.00 and buy you a 5.00 foot long and keep the change. You will feel better that you did. Do y’all see this foolishness below. This foolishness looks Gray and applies Gray. Who in the world thought that was a good idea.

Rating: -5011

Cost: 7.00

Final verdict: You better off purchasing a 5.00 foot long and keeping the change, Nyx tried my life with this product! I took actual pictures with my camera for you guys to see.