also my sharpeing looks not good

((under readmore is some real time gifs of a jotaro from sketch to shading! it’s not quite a tutorial i guess bc he is,, in summary a guy with strong eyebrows, jawline, hair hat, cheekbones and sharp eyes that you will get better at drawing after a few times… referencing canon will help a lot)) 

((thanks! I’m not sure, it depends on the dude, I start all my drawings with a circle for the head and keep adding and removing stuff until it looks like the guy? reference if it looks weird, doing art studies of ppl will build up good image library to base off shapes on)) 

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Secret is Out: Part 6

AN: Here is Part 6, as voted on twitter! Enjoy!

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    “You know you don’t have to wear the glasses, right?”

    Clark glances back at you in the mirror, before looking back at the glasses, “I suppose it doesn’t matter. They’ve pasted both versions of my face all over the news.”

    You crawl out of bed and jump on to his back, so that you’re hanging off his back. When you can’t quite manage it, he smiles and bends down a bit. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he makes sure you’re secure before straightening again.    

    “You realize it’s the same face, right? This one just happens to be void of glasses.”

“I know, I’m just going to miss it.”

You kiss his cheek, “Miss what?”

“Being able to walk around without being recognized, or taking you to dinner without

being ambushed by reporters. Going to work without being stared at.”

    You wince before letting go, and sliding off his back, “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

    “More than a little.”

    You nod, “Understandable, because if I worked in our office I’d give you lots of grief over writing articles about yourself.”

    His eyes focus in on you, “You do work in my office.”

    You snap your fingers, “That’s right! I take the photos, and dig up information, silly me.”

    He stares at you, “You have something planned.”

    You shrug before sending him a smirk, “Guess you won’t know until we get there.” And without another word you walk into the closet and change. When you’re done, you come out to find him staring at the door.

    You whisper, “Is there an alien on the other side?”

    His tone has a bit of bite to it, “Nope. Just lots and lots of neighbors.”

    You roll your eyes, “The neighbors have been trying to steal a glance of you since the news broke. You just keep flying out the window.”

    “There’s other women out there.”

    You roll your eyes, “Do I look worried? I have Shayera and Vixen at my beck and call. I’ve got mad back up, so it’s time to kick the farm boy persona, remember you’re in the city and get a move on, before we’re late.”

    He pouts a bit, but allows you to push him towards the door, you pull it open to reveal several of the little old ladies who live on your hall. You give him a look that says, “This is what had your tights in a twist?” before focusing on the neighbors.

“Good morning Ms. Ghent, Ms. Libby, how are you this morning?”

They smile, “We’re fine dear. Just here to tell you something.”


“Yes, we just wanted to let you know we got rid of those girls who were trolling around.

You and Clark are a match made in heaven, and just cause he saves the world doesn’t give them the right to come trolling around.”

    You smile, “Thank you Ms. Libby. To tell you the truth Clark is a bit nervous, this is our first time going out with everyone knowing.”

    Mrs. Ghent snorts, “Nonsense. Clark Kent is just as good a man as Superman. In fact this whole thing just makes the world seem a bit less crazy.”

    You glance at Clark to find him smiling, “Thank you Ms. Libby, Mrs. Ghent. Let me know if you ladies need anything moved, okay.”

    They smile and send the two of you off with a tin of cookies. The front door to your building is a bit of a different story. It’s filled with reporters and shouting fans. Clark glances at you, “Sad thing is we know each and every one of those guys.”

    You nod, “Half of them are scum.”

    “We should get a car.”

    You roll your eyes, “When you fly you can break Mach 1. We are not getting a car.”

    “Is flying your suggestion for this situation, because I’ll remind you that you’re wearing a skirt.”

    You smirk, “I have shorts on underneath.”

    The two of you stare at each other, before you surge forward and push open the doors. You stick your fingers in your mouth and let out a sharp whistle. The flashes from the cameras stops and you smile, “I’d just like to remind ALL of you, that there is a very good chance that we have worked together before, or at the very least I’ve worked with someone who knows you. That means I know your dirty little secrets. Also remember that I’m not my husband and I have no problem hanging you out to dry. So stop looking for news and go find a celebrity to photograph instead.”

    More than a few of them look nervous, and all of them know what you’re capable of. Clark comes out a minute later and asks, “Was that really necessary?”

    You stare at him for a minute, before turning and walking down the street. You murmur just loud enough for him to hear, “I married a boy scout.”

    He catches up, and takes your hand a moment later. You get stopped several times on your way. Mainly by fans. You get more than a few stares, but you make it to the office eventually.

    The stares are enough to unnerve even you. You’re proud of the way Clark keeps his head high and his eyes on his desk. You take your seats and get to work. You’ve almost blocked out the being watched feeling when Perry yells, “Kent. My office NOW!”

    You both jump up, until he says, “Superman only.”

    You wince at the use of the name, but watch as your husband walks in. Then you realize everyone else’s eyes are on him, and turn back to your work. He comes out half an hour later and slumps into his chair.

    Clicking through the images you ask, “Do I want to know?”

    “I’m not allowed to write about Superman anymore.”

    “As expected.”

    “He wants me to cover what it means to have superhero identities exposed. Interview the League and such.”

You laugh, “Can I be there when you ask Bruce for an interview?”

Clark just groans.  


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A new SweetFX setting for those who want something less subtle. It’s bright and sharp, with a subtle gradient. Feel free to ask for alterations, I’m doing requests currently.

Features Include:

  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Bloom
  • HDR
  • LumaSharpen
  • Cineon DPX
  • Vibrance (just a touch.)
  • Curves
  • Vignette (for the gradient)
  • Dither
  • Border (also for the gradient and to make the UI look better)

To Install:

  • Copy all files in FX folder in your main game “.exe” folder.
  • I prefer to right click my sims 4 desktop shortcut and go to open file location to get there quickly.
  • As long as your graphics card isn’t ancient you can run any of the HQ sweetFX’s, but only really good moniters and graphics cards will look good with the high or ultra. Otherwise, use medium or low sharpening.


  • To turn off & on toggle the f12 key.
  • Take screenshots with the f10 key, then they are placed as .bmps in the main game “.exe” folder where the sweetFX is installed.
  • Turn off edge smoothing in game. Anti-aliasing is done by the SweetFX. 
  • Untick post processing effects to make the game even faster, the SweetFX does all the post processing itself.
  • Does not conflict with any other lighting mod.
  • Does not work with windowed mode. It will crash. Only use this with fullscreen. (I’m looking for a solution to this)


  • Only one version available to not confuse and updated to 64 bit sims 4.

All credit goes to for the sweetFX tools.



It has been a while since I’ve done a guide. This guide is going to be less about how to write something specific and more about roleplaying and writing. I’ve been roleplaying since about 2009 and I’ve been writing since about 2008. I joined Tumblr for roleplaying in 2010 and started as an admin in 2014. Now that I’ve been an admin, I have a better since of what other admins look for in a para sample. For those who haven’t done a lot of roleplaying or haven’t done a lot of roleplaying that requires an application, hopefully this will help you out. 

So, here are my tips and tricks for a kick ass para sample that stands out.


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kwinpuddle  asked:

Do you think you could give tips on how to draw teef?? You're so good at them and I really wanna learn, like with plant monster or the halloween version of your overwatch oc, they pop out and it's just- how does one draw so well???

HMMM well let’s see if I can find some references to put together! My teeth drawing experience comes from a combo of looking at tutorials/others’ art, and having an interest in bones and having to learn some things about tooth set-ups for a few different classes throughout my schooling. 

Okay so first, is this tutorial. It’s specifically for sharp/carnivore teeth, but it holds a lot of ground for setting up teeth in general. 

There’s also this one - which I love because it touches on both realistic and cartoony methods for drawing teeth. There are a lot of words explaining things, but it is very much worth the read!

There’s another reference post floating around, which while it has mostly good resources, has a particular image in there that I really hate because that is NOT how teeth work or look at all for the categories they chose. So here’s the one that I do like.

[from this artist]

In the same vein as this, when I do teeth I tend to imagine strips first, draw the strips, and then define the teeth after the fact. And if large canines are involved, make sure that they look like they form an almost zipper-like closing when the jaws are together. That’s something I heard my orthodontist say back when I had braces and was getting looked at, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Diastema are a biiiiig thing in large canine’d jaws that I see artists sometimes leave off - basically it’s any space between teeth but for this post’s purposes, it’s the space that a canine of the opposite jaw fits into when the mouth is closed. Otherwise the mouth can’t close all the way and things just look weird!

See how there is a gap in each dental arcade for the corresponding canine to sit in? It’s a lot easier to see with the lower canine, but there’s one there for the upper canine as well. It’s worth noting that this is just in the instance that the canine is so large that it will extend far enough to need a space. If something has large canines but they’re not particularly long, the might not need a diastema!

This tutorial is also really nice for drawing big bite-y teeth. 

I also recommend looking up pictures of irl teeth and jaws for reference - even in fossil species! There are some fantastic things out there in nature for inspiration. I particularly really like Dunkleosteus teeth, for example.

Seals also have really nice teeth.

Hope that helps!

I was searching for the gorilla emoji on google because I’m on desktop and got inspired to do the ranking emoji meme. Here goes.

An okay job, not consistent with the color of hair. Gorilla maybe went to a barber and had dyed it’s head. 3.5/5 I guess.

Only face no body, looks a bit accurate I guess. 2/5

??????? WHAT IS THAT FACE 0/5





1/5 looks high and would probably maul my face.

The arms looks like it’s dislocated?? Or maybe I’m just not familiar with the anatomy of a gorilla, that ass though looks a bit sharp, and those thighs look thicc. Also looks a bit similar to Disney’s Tarzan’s daddy gorilla. 99/5

Physical appearance in astrology is so interesting. You can tell I’m heavily moon…heavy eyelids, plump lips, round “moon” face, wide and watery eyes, a moon crater on my face (dimple) but that’s what I consider my ‘ugly’ side so no one ever sees it lol reminds me of how the moon hides parts of itself in phases. I’m a Cancer rising, Cancer sun and I have moon in Cancer’s house (4th) which aspects & rules my Cancer sun, definitely epitomizing the lunar appearance. Usually a Cancer rising has high cheekbones, or a longer face because they have Aries on the midheaven, the home of bone structure. The midheaven plays a large role in physical appearance for this reason. I’m very upset that I have a Pisces midheaven tho, because my round face is just…rounder, fuller (I also have my sun in Pisces house emphasizing Piscean softness and delicacy). I don’t have that Arian Sharpness then, but I have Saturn there as compensation; although my face is not sharp, it is slightly angular and I do have parts of my body where my bones kind of…peak out, I really like my collar bones for example haha. Saturn restricts though, so it makes bone structure small and sad to say I’m a very short person (4.11) I am also Saturn dominant. Mercury is the last of my ‘dominant trinity’ (I also have a Gemini stellium…) and when I smile it looks like I’m grinning, so I look like I’m up to no good, the mischievous mercury look. My facial expressions are very animated, my eyes are alert, I look spaced out a lot (focused on my thoughts!), although my body is short and round my limbs (ruled by mercury) are slender. I think another cool thing about mercury is that it rules youth, and I get comments about how I look younger than I really am.

fun fact, all of my dominants aspect Venus and it’s weird because I have a strong cupids bow due to my deep philtrum, I wonder if there is a correlation with that since cupid is the son of Venus ! 

In My Feelings (G.D) SMUT

A/N: I don’t condone in taking drugs or drinking alcohol, neither does Grayson, this is all just for fictional purposes. Plus I worked my ass off on this after I got home so you better appreciate it :)

Request: “Hey I love your ‘flesh’ smut!! I was wondering if you could do a Grayson smut to Lana Del Reys song ‘feelings’ off of her latest album??

Word count: Over 4200

Warnings: Mentions of drug use and alcohol, smut, fingering, and yeah cussing of course ;)

Originally posted by too-cool-to-know-ya

“Want one?” Josh extended an arm, his lips forming an “O” shape so the repulsing fumes gushed onto your face. The lit up cigarette in between his index and middle finger as he cocked an eyebrow. You gagged and shoved his hand away, “I would like to keep my lungs in tact, if that’s okay with you.” You replied and looked away. He scoffed and leaned back against the wall, “Whatever you want babe.” He said as he brought the cigar back up to his lips. You refrained from rolling your eyes as you stretched your neck back to look behind you two. “Shouldn’t Gray be back by now?” You muttered under your breath as you wrapped your arms around your torso in an attempt to warm yourself up.
“Don’t know, don’t care.” You heard Josh mumble. You furrowed your eyebrows and punched him in the arm. “Don’t be such an ass.” You hissed and crossed your arms. “I don’t even know why I’m dating such a loser like you.” You laughed harshly and leaned forward to snatch a newly open cigarette from his hands, lighting it up and bringing it up to your lips.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’ on my treadmill
But I’m comin’ up roses
Could it be that I fell for another loser?

Suddenly two fingers came forward and plucked them out of your own, you cracked open an eye and raised your eyebrows, Grayson coyly smiled down at you as he carelessly tossed the unused cigarette onto the ground. “Don’t smoke kids.” He gave you a certain kind of glare and you felt your cheeks redden. “I’m not a kid.” You huffed and crossed your arms against your chest as you leaned up against the cool brick wall. “Mm, last time I checked your not a legal adult yet my darling, twenty-one’s the age and your not there yet.” Grayson gave you a smug grin and you gently pushed him. “Oh shut up I’m 17, Im old enough, Mr. Adult.” You looked around to make sure no one was watching and turned back to Grayson and Josh. “What do you think about heading back to my place? I’m not a fan of the cold weather.” You smiled at Grayson and turned to Josh. “Really? We’ve never been to your place.” Josh’s eyes lit up a certain way you’ve never seen and you felt weirded out but decided to not ponder on it anymore. “Yeah sure, it’s not very far.” You shrugged as if you didn’t care but deep down you did. Living alone in LA as a teen took a toll on you, you were corrupted by society and social anxiety, trying so hard to fit in with the rest, but trying to fit in only made you even more of an outcast. You didn’t belong there and everyone knew it. It sent you on the wrong path. A path down drugs and alcohol, an endless string of loser ex-boyfriends who only wanted you for your body and nothing else. The only one who was honest to you was Grayson, he couldn’t stand seeing you like this so he felt the need to tell you. Tell you to leave and pursue your dreams.

“Get out of here.” He had said one night. “What?” You inquired and turned to gaze at him. “I don’t mean to sound rude, but you don’t belong here. LA’s not your place, and to be honest it’s not mines either.” Grayson admitted and stared down at his hands. Your head fell onto his shoulder as a small sigh escaped your lips, “I know. But I can’t exactly go back. My mom hates me for running away.”
“Why’d you run?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”

Grayson never understood what happened that night, he didn’t understand your way of reasoning. However he understood you as a person, perfectly. Better than you did to be honest. Better than your past ex-boyfriends and so called “Best friends.”
He was your right hand, even if he was 4 years older than you were.
And you couldn’t lie, there were even times you found yourself fantasizing about him. How could you not? Especially with how he looked, He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. He must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person’s natural expression when they looked his way followed by a long gaze and weak smile. Of course the blush that accompanied it was a dead give-away. It didn’t help that he was so modest with it, it made the girls fall for him all the more. Despite all the opportunity that came his way he was a one-woman-man who found genuineness and thoughtful conversations more attractive over lipstick and designer fashion. He was handsome alright, but on the inside he was beautiful.
His rich chocolate hair that had always looked as if he had just woken up, you found it adorable. He had strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, it could be illegal. And then his eyes they were deep and catastrophic, a bright hazel that sometimes, softly melted into a glossy, olive-green. He also had distinct cheekbones and sharp jaw, his sun-kissed skin made him look devilishly handsome and you could never look away.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
Makin’ love while I’m makin’ good money
Sobbin’ in my cup of coffee
‘Cause I fell for another loser

He’s wasn’t usually the kind of guy you went for either. For starters, he was a brunette and you’ve always had a certain fondness towards blondes. You lusted after blue eyed men, just take a trip down memory lane and look back at all your exes. Blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. They were your go-to..until you met Grayson.

Grayson waved a limp hand in your direction and promised to meet you both there soon. You nodded and led Josh towards your apartment. Stuffing the key inside, you twisted the door knob and kicked it open. “Looks like a nice place to crash.” Josh said as he walked in, toeing off his shoes with ease. “Excuse me?” You scoffed as you tugged off your leather jacket. “What? I’m your boyfriend, so I can stay here whenever I want” Josh said as he plopped down onto your couch, pulling a cigarette out of his coat pocket. He cupped his hand around it and used his lighter to set the cigar aflame. You stood directly in front of him and snatched it from his hands. “Don’t want my house smelling like smoke, and I want you out.” You said as you tossed the cigar into the trash can. Josh gave you a boisterous laugh before giving you a cheeky smile. “No you don’t, you love me.” He smirked and your eyes immediately widened. “When in god’s name have I EVER said that?” You replied and placed your hands on your hips. Josh’s eyes glossed up and down your body as he gnawed on his lower lip mischievously. “You don’t need to say it babe.” He winked at you and you cringed before running your hands through your hair. “God. Why did I even start dating you, you’re so full of yourself and such a damn idiot.” You muttered as you pressed your index finger, middle finger and thumb to the temple of your forehead in an attempt to calm yourself. You heard Josh’s soft chuckle from the couch and you sighed. “Leave, before I have to make you leave.”

“What’re you gonna do? Huh? Little 17 year old girl. You’re such a dirty slut, you like fucking older guys don’t you?” He growled and stood up. “You and I have NEVER, EVER had any intimacy other than kissing, alright?” You jabbed a finger hard, into his chest and he fell back against the cushions. “Calm down!” He hissed and stood up once more. “Don’t tell me to calm down. You damn prick, get the hell out of my apartment. It took me this long to realize how much of a disappointment you are. You’re disrespectful to me, and not only me but any other women you’ve come across. Im done. Im so done. Get out before I’ll have to call Grayson to come put your ass in check.”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time
While you’re takin’ what’s mine with the things that you’re doin

“Yeah, cause you’ve been fucking him on the low right? Like the dirty whore you are?”

Your eyes narrowed as the man continued to taunt you with his vicious, disgusting words. He was tall and handsome, but a pretty face wasn’t going to get him out of this.
“What did you say?” You asked in a whisper.
A cruel sneer formed on his smooth face and he leaned forward, eyes bearing straight into yours. “I said, you’ve been fucking Grayson. Like the dirty whore you are and always will be. Going from guy to guy every week.” He snickered as you inhaled a sharp breath.
Your hands twitched and you could feel a vein pulsing on your forehead. “You know what? You’re right, I have been fucking Gray. And he fucks me a hell lot better than you would.”

Josh’s eyebrows furrowed and he stepped forward. “Go ahead. Hit me.”

“Sorry kid, but I don’t fight children. Especially-”
“But you’ll date one?”
“You’re no better than the rest of the guys I’ve dated. All sore losers.” You closed in the distance between the man and you, your voice lowered, almost to a whisper. “Get the hell out. Or do I have to beat your ass myself?”

Josh scoffed before pulling out a cigarette, “I only stood with you for the sex but apparently your not as easy as the rumors say.”
“Yeah, well rumors are rumors for a reason aren’t they? They’re undetermined, but you’ve gotten your answer..haven’t you?”
The man gave you a scowl before opening your door and leaving. The damn nerve. You didn’t know what just happened, what made you snap at him but then one glance outside you’re window told you everything.

Talk that talk, well now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

You watched him cross the crowded road, he didn’t see you yet so you gazed freely. He wasn’t particularly special looking, but to you he stood out from the others, all of them dodging the puddles together. There was something about Grayson, a slight confidence and inflated ego, that had you muddling your words and blushing uncontrollably whenever he was around. He caught you through the window and smiled, making his way to the door. Even under the angry clouds and drizzle he looked like sunshine. 

He opened the door and you immediately engulfed him into a hug. “Uh, where’s Josh?” He asked you and you didn’t even bother to pull away to give him a direct answer, you just mumbled a soft, “Dumped him.”

“It was about time. He was beginning to get on my nerves,” You heard Grayson say and let out a soft laugh against his neck. You felt as he stepped forward, your arms still draped around his torso as he kicked the door shut. “I need to stop dating such losers.” You sighed and pulled away. “Date a man Y/N.” Grayson murmured softy as he stared blankly ahead of you. “I only have one man in my life..” You whispered and looked up at him. The bright light peeking through the window glossed over half of Grayson’s face, casting a glow to his skin as he looked down at you. “I know.”

“It’s wrong.”

“That didn’t stop you from dating Josh, now did it baby?”

The word made you melt into his arms, but you grasped his biceps to hold yourself up as you both stared at eachother with intent.
Your gaze slid to the side. Unexpectedly, he pulled you against his chest. His nose tickled your ear. You let out a tiny gasp and squirmed uncomfortably in his arms. You weren’t used to being so intimately handled, the closest you’ve gotten to intimacy is when Josh gave you sloppy kisses but that was it. You felt his lips softly graze your neck and your face immediately heated. You summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His hazel eyes twinkled. He knew. He knew of your attraction for him and he was trying to make you feel like that.

‘Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feeling so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered so you could feel his warm breath in your ear. You wrinkled your nose in protest and softly giggled.

“Shut up and kiss me.” You whispered back.

His lips gently brushed yours and you smelt his minty breath as your bodies press together.
His hand reached for yours and they interlocked as you kissed tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly. He pulled the loose fitted, silky white tank-top up, over your head and you felt the little sparks of static dancing over your skin from his fingers that gently skimmed your skin. It was a magical feeling and made you shiver in pleasure.

His lips pressed against yours with passion, love, and affection as his warm hands roamed all over your naked body leaving a trail of sparks in their wake.
“You act as if I’ve never seen you naked before.” He muttered against you with mocking amusement, referring to the drunken night you two had shared a year ago. You pulled away and lifted a hand to caress the stubble growing on his chin ever so softly. “Because you haven’t. I’m in my feelings right now baby.”

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

You watched as a smile began to etch upon his face and he leaned forward. “Thank you. For revealing your vulnerabilities to me, I promise I’m not like them, I’ll treat you how you deserve to be treated my love.” His words made your heart flutter, and you found your hands unzipping his leather jacket and pealing it off his arms quickly. Grayson wasted no time in lifting you up by your thighs. You crashed your lips against his once more as he began to walk forward. “Mm, bedroom?” He questioned and you pulled away to leave soft, delicate kisses along his jaw and neck. “Straight ahead, make a right. White door.” You whispered against his neck. You nipped gently at the skin there as Grayson stumbled into the wall. You snorted out a laugh as he stood up again and began to walk into your bedroom. He kicked the door shut and laid you down onto the bed, you moved your hair away from the right side of your neck and waited for Grayson to make a move. You had been longing for his touch for many months, and he was here, ready to fulfil not only your sexual desires but many more. Your insides craved his touch. You craved his touch, ever since that night you two shared ages ago, the dirty memories remained at the back of your mind, and you still couldn’t believe you had done that.
You watched as his hands found the hem of his t-shirt, getting rid of it in one swift movement leaving you in awe of his toned and fit body.

I’m smokin’ while I’m runnin’
This town and you better believe it honey
I’m laughin’ as I’m taking no prisoners
And taking down names

As soon as his soft, plump lips imprinted on your neck, You lost your train of thought, the only thing consuming your mind was the fact that he could make your breath hitch from a single touch. It had your head spinning.
He slowly massaged your breasts as he sucked and licked a mark onto your skin, making you arch your back and moan his name softly. You rolled your head to the side, your chest rising and falling dramatically under his influence. He smiled against your neck as your fingers tugged at his short hair and your other hand scratched at his back. You trailed your hand down towards his belt and fiddled with the buckle for a few moments before finally removing it. “Hmm, eager are we?” Grayson teased as he kissed the valley of your breasts, “Very.” You breathed and tugged down the zipper of his well-fitted jeans. Grayson smugly grinned as you and sat up, twisting his body to the side and angling his hips up so he could finally pull off his jeans and boxers. He length sprang right up and hit his lower abs and you held back your gasp. “I don’t remember it being THAT big..” You muttered as Grayson lifted up your thighs and place them by his sides. “It won’t hurt, I promise. Just relax, beautiful.” Grayson leaned forward and gave you a sweet tender kiss before undoing the button of your jeans. You nodded and grasped the bedsheets as he got rid of your undergarments.

I’m cryin’ while I’m gunnin’
In the smoke they can hear me comin’
If you were me, and I was you
I’d get out of my way

You watched as he licked his lips hungrily at the sight of you, he hovered over you and pressed a kiss to your jaw as his finger drew small circles over you clit. You drew in a ragged breath and he sped up his movements. “God, don’t stop.” You moaned and sunk your nails into his biceps as your back arched off the mattress. “Wasn’t planning to, baby girl.” He hummed in satisfaction that he could make your body shudder by only doing this and slid a finger into you. You moaned loudly but Grayson muffled it by attaching his lips to yours. “Quiet now, you don’t want your neighbors to hear do you?”

You sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and nodded as he added another finger, making you whimper. “Shhh..I’m just getting you ready.” He whispered and moved to kiss your breasts. He enclosed his lips around one of your nipples, sucking, licking and slightly biting sending shivers of pleasure down your spine as you grinded your hips against him in search of more. “What do you want? Huh? What do you want me to do to you?”

Get that cigarette smoke out of my face
You’ve been wastin’ my time while you’re takin’ what’s mine
Well, you know what you’re doin’
Talk that talk, well, now they all know your name
And there’s no comin’ back from the place that you came
Baby, don’t do it

“Fuck. I want your mouth on me Gray, please.”

Without warning, Grayson slid down your body and spread your legs apart, blowing cool air onto your exposed clit sending jolts throughout your entire body. He leaned forward and flicked your throbbing clit with his tongue making you arch your back. He used his other hand to play with your nipples as his tongue drew figure eights onto your sweet spot. “Grayson please!” You moaned out in pleasure. “Please what?” The vibrations coming from his mouth intensified the pleasure coursing throughout your body and you rolled your hips against his tongue, “Please, make me come.”

Grayson suddenly inserted two fingers into you and pumped at a fast pace, he curled them up unexpectedly and hit your g-spot making you come hard. You clenched around his fingers and Grayson’s name left your mouth followed by a bunch of other profanities as you caught your breath. “Jesus..” You sighed and felt Grayson smirk against you. He readied himself by your entrance and you halted him.

“It’s been a while since you took my virginity. gentle.” You whispered and Grayson looked at you with admiration and sympathy, crawling over your body to give you, yet another kiss. “I’ll go as slow as possible, even if it physically hurts me from how amazing you’ll feel wrapped around me.” He whispered into your ear and you felt your cheeks redden. He bit down on your earlobe gently and gave the skin under there a swift kiss before he entered you slowly.

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)

Your grip on the sheets tightened till your knuckles turned white but you willed yourself to remain calm so it wouldn’t hurt any more than it needed to. “Doing okay?” Grayson looked up at you through lust-filled eyes and you nodded quickly as if to tell him it was okay to continue. He thrusted into you slowly and your body jolted up as your walls expanded to fit his length. “K-keep going.” You whispered and Grayson pulled out once more. He thrusted in a bit faster and harder and you already felt the pain fading away. With a newfound surge of energy and confidence, you slapped a palm onto Grayson’s lower back, you drew him closer by draping your arm around his neck and you gave him a passionate and lustful kiss. “Faster.” Was all you said. Grayson gave you a look, a look that asked if you were sure, because if he started he was going to keep it up till you both came. Hard.
You almost immediately nodded and smiled. “Fuck me Gray. Do it better than any guy ever could. Fuck me like the man you are.”
Those words edged Grayson on, and he sped up his thrusts, so fast to the point your body was bouncing up against the bed in time with his rhythmic movements. “Oh fuck!” You exclaimed and clung onto Grayson’s back desperately. He pounded you into the mattress, the only sounds being heard were your moans and the constant squeaking of your bed. You were sure it would break with how hard Grayson was going but you didn’t want it to end.

Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s freer than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings

Damn, that was the last thing you wanted, but as Grayson quickly found your g-spot you knew it would be over soon. Suddenly he slowed down his quick movements and stood still so his tip was pressed against your g-spot. “Moan my name, Y/N..” Grayson began as he rocked his hips against yours, the head of his cock rubbing circles around it as your jaw fell slack. The fact that he knew exactly where it was and how to angle himself into you to directly hit it amazed you. You involuntarily moaned out Grayson as he thrusted into you slowly but rough. “Let it out baby girl, moan my name so you know how a real man should make you feel.” He smirked and brought a hand down to rub at your clit viciously. “Oh! Gray! Im gonna-” He cut you off by slamming his mouth onto yours, enveloping you into a hungry kiss as you released all you had onto him, he came shortly after and fell limp against you.

Got me up in this place right now
Makin’ no sense at all
Got me up in this place right now, against the wall
Got me feelin’ so blue
Makin’ no sense at all
Gotta leave right now

He propped himself up onto his elbows and hovered over you. You looked past him solemnly and bit your lip. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Grayson rolled besides you and wrapped you comfortably in his arms. “Before you got here..and I dumped Josh. We got into a heated argument and he accused me of sleeping with you and called me a dirty whore for doing it. Now I’m just realizing how right he is..” You muttered and broke eye contact with Grayson to look away. “That’s not true.”

“Stop it.”
“Stop what? It’s the truth, I go from guy to guy, I’m a slut-”
“There’s a difference Y/N.” Grayson cut in and you stretched your neck back to look at him as he spooned you under the covers. You felt as he softly caressed your thighs and you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “And what’s that?”
“Sleeping around is different from trying to find love..” He murmured and nuzzled his head into the cranny of your neck. You felt your breath hitch and your body stiffen under Grayson’s.
Was that what you were looking for? Was that the emptiness you felt that only Grayson could fill?
Did this mean you loved him?

'Cause you got me in my feelings
(Got me feelin’ so much right now)
Talkin’ in my sleep again
(I’m makin’ no sense at all)
Drown out all our screamin’
(Got me feelin’ so crazy right now)
Who’s doper than this bitch? Who’s free-er than me?
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby
I’m feelin’ all my fuckin’ feelings


anonymous asked:

I want to get more into ladies, pairs and ice dance. What are some of the must-watch programs of the few past seasons that you'd recommend?

i’m taking “past few seasons” to mean from 2014-15 to 2016-17, basically this current olympic cycle. this is biased towards my faves. competitive programs only. for more skaters, i recommend looking up the results from the last few worlds and just watching those events. you might unexpectedly discover a skater you like.



ice dance:

Say You Won’t Let Go

Summary: What does Dean feel when the woman he loves is dying?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1198 (with song lyrics)

Warnings: Slight language and angsty angst. Sorry!

A/N: This is for @katymacsupernatural‘s Writing Gif Challenge. My gif is below. I got inspired by the song “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, so it’s included in the fic. The lyrics are italicized. It’s a bit of sweet angst from Dean’s POV. It’s unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine!

Originally posted by acklesxurie

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Dragon Glamour

So, I thought I would post the ritual that I did on Sunday for those who wanted to know!  Now I should start this off with a warning that you should know your limits, what things you can and can’t do in terms of magic and energy.  This may not be a gentle practice for some and from what I have discovered, some people seem to be sensitive to energy that dragon spirits give.  If you are one of these people you’ll want to perform a different type of glamour.  However, the foundation of what I do here should work for you but you will need to remove the dragon influences and substitute with whatever feels more comfortable for you.

I feel like I should also add that not all of this is pure glamour.  Glamour, in its essence works on the function of influencing how others see you.  But some of this came from asking my guides to grant me the things that I needed and used my face as a means to harness it with make up.  

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Desperate Times-Lip Gallagher Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: mentions of drug use, alcohol abuse, angst, swearing, and some fluff

Originally posted by shamelessturkey

   So far, Y/N had had a pretty decent day: her boss at her internship for Chicago Times complimented her proof reading for an article, she got free coffee from the Starbucks near work, and her mom made Y/N’s favorite dish y/f/d for dinner that night. Even her dream was unbelievably amazing since it involved a certain, hot male celebrity and rolling around on a Caribbean beach. However, Y/N was forced to come back to reality when the sound of crashing glass alerted her. Immediately, she jerked up in her bed, feeling pretty disoriented. Then, there were footsteps and Y/N got extremely nervous.

    Y/N didn’t live in the best neighborhood so she was pretty sure that the intruder was holding some sort of weapon and was dangerous. Unfortunately, her parents were the heaviest sleepers known to man so they wouldn’t be any help. So, Y/N grabbed the bat that she kept underneath her bed for emergencies and tried not to shake too much as she climbed out of bed and slipped out the door. Her footsteps were quiet as she listened for anymore noise. The only sound that came from downstairs was broken glass crunching as the intruder stumbled around.

     “Y/N…Y/N!” Lip yelled.

     “Lip?” Y/N whispered.

     She lowered her bat to her side and frowned. She hadn’t seen Lip since high school and she thought he had been doing well. However, Y/N couldn’t have been more wrong. Y/N stood on top of the staircase and what she saw made her heartbreak: there, stumbling towards the staircase was Lip Gallagher, an extremely intoxicated Lip Gallagher. His eyes were blood shot and he had no sort of balance. When he saw her, he smiled a little and leaned against the staircase.

        “There you are,” he said.

        “What are you doing here? Why did you break into my house?” Y/N hissed. 

        “I wanted to see you,” Lip said, his eyes roaming over her body. “You look good.”

         Y/N folded her arms across her chest, feeling her y/s/c cheeks warming up at his words. She had known the Gallaghers since she was eight years-old, but was closest to Lip. His quick wit and genius made him interesting to talk to and the fact that he was good with words added to his attraction. Also, he was extremely good to look at. However, it wasn’t his sharp intellect that had Y/N crushing on him for so long but rather the darker side of him, the side that made him steal money and do many illegal odd jobs. It was with darker side of him that drew her in and took her to a very scary place in her life—-a place that she never wanted to go to again.

         Lip began trying to walk towards her but tripped over one of the stairs and fell pretty hard. He muttered curses under his tongue, but Y/N moved to immediately help him up. She wrapped her arms around his waist and helped him to his feet. Lazily, he leaned his head back to look up at her and smirk.

         “You’re so lucky my family’s too broke to have a security system or you’d be in jail by now,” Y/N whispered.

        “You’d never snitch on me,” he said with a laugh.

        “Be quiet. I’m gonna be nice and let you stay over but you have to go by morning.”

       “Bout time we spent the night together anyway.”

       Y/N rolled her eyes, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of her stomach as she helped Lip walk up the stairs. She thought that she was over her crush on Lip that she never admitted to him, but old habits were supposed to die hard. 

        She managed to sit him down on her bed before she started making a pallet of blankets for him on the floor next to her bed. 

        “I have no idea how I’m going to explain the broken window to my parents but I guess I’ll think of something,” Y/N said as she stood.

        “Why can’t I sleep in the bed with you?” he whined.

        “Because you’ve been bad.”

        “So are you punishing me?” A sly grin worked its way onto Lip’s face and Y/N shook her head.

       “Just lay down on the pallet and go to sleep while I clean up.” She started to walk past him but Lip grabbed her wrist and pulled her close so that she was standing between his legs.

        “I’m sorry, Y/N.”

       “It’s a window, Lip, my family and I will figure out a way to pay for it.”

       “No, not that, I’m sorry that I got you in a load of sh-t. I…I shouldn’t have let you have that coke,” Lip slurred. “It’s my fault, all of this is my fault.”
        “Go lay down, Lip,” Y/N whispered back.

        Even though every fiber of her being was asking Y/N to stay exactly where she was, she pulled away and went downstairs to start cleaning up the glass. As she swept, her mind drifted back to that particularly low point of her life that Lip had just apologized for. In spite of all the therapy Y/N had gone through, she had a bad habit of repressing memories that she didn’t enjoy and avoiding people that she thought triggered her. Lip managed to fall into both of those categories. Sure, he had offered her coke during a party in their freshman year of high school and she had taken it, but neither of them could’ve guessed that she would get hooked the way she did. Y/N could still feel the gravel digging into her knees when Tyler forced her down to them when she was short on money and she could feel her veins in her arms begin to itch with withdrawal.

       “Stop it, that was the past and this is the present,” Y/N whispered to herself. “You have changed, you don’t need anything to take the edge off, you’re healthy and you are doing well.”

     After fifteen minutes, Y/N managed to clean up all the glass that Lip broke when he broke into her house and prayed that a real intruder wouldn’t take advantage of the broken window. When she got back to her room, Lip was passed out on the floor. He looked so sad and troubled that Y/N could’ve cried. She knelt down and draped a blanket over him before crawling back into her own bed. Unfortunately, her dream did not pick up where it left off since all she dreamt of that night was a dark void.

      The next morning, Lip stumbled down the staircase and froze when he saw Y/N eating dinner in her kitchen. She was dressed for an office and seemed fairly perky.

      “Good morning, Lip,” Y/N said.

       “Morning.” Lip glanced at the broken window. “Sh-t, I’m guessing I did that.”

      “No, the intruder I scared off last night did. My dad’s filing an insurance claim so we don’t have to pay for it.”

      “Huh.” Lip scratched the back of his head and walked over to her. “I’m sorry if I said anything stupid but I had a pretty f-cking bad day yesterday and I had a few too many drinks.”

      “That’s pretty normal except most people refrain themselves from breaking into old friends’ houses and scaring them half to death.”

       “I said I was sorry.”

      “Yeah, I know.” Y/N ran a hand through her hair. “Do you remember anything from last night?”

       “Not after I left the bar.”

       “Well, after I found you stumbling around in my living room, you told me that you were sorry for…for what happened back in high school.”

        Lip hesitated and looked at his hands. “Yeah?”

        “I know that we’ve drifted apart over the last couple of years, but I never got to tell you that I forgive you for what happened. We were good friends at one time and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it.” Y/N tightened her grip around her cup of coffee. “I was in rehab for two years and I had to do therapy as well. They helped me come to terms with my addiction and the underlying causes of it. Basically, it was a coping mechanism but while most people learn to cope with stress via religion, exercise, or a sport, drugs were my way of coping. Whenever I was upset or under distress, I’d do a line and it made things seem less bad, but then I…I almost got hit by a bus because I was too high to notice that the walking light hadn’t gone on.”

       “Why are you telling me all of this?”

       “Because I want you to know that I forgive you and I’m doing okay now. I got my GED and got into Northwestern on a scholarship. Not everything is your fault, Lip, I had an idea of what I was getting into when I accepted your offer. My addiction was my problem and I caused it, but I’m doing better now.” Y/N glanced at her watch. “I have to head to my internship soon, but if you ever want to talk about anything going on with you, my number hasn’t changed.”


         Y/N washed her dishes and grabbed her purse before walking out of her house with Lip. She felt a bit of a weight being lifted off her shoulders as she locked the door behind the two of them. Closure certainly was a beautiful thing.

        “Besides that whole apology thing, did I do anything else last night?” Lip asked.

         “Um, you were a bit of a flirt but that’s normal with most drunk guys, right?”

         “Yeah, I guess.”

          They started down the front steps and Lip insisted on walking Y/N to the nearby L. It was a pretty warm day since it was summer in Chicago, but Y/N still had to wear a stupid long-sleeve button down and a pencil skirt to work.

         “Wanna hear something funny?”

         “I’d kill for funny right now.” 

         Lip chuckled a little bit. “Ian thought you had a thing for me.”


        “Middle school and high school and I told him that guys don’t have to be gay to have straight girl friends.”

         “Course not. You didn’t have to walk me to the L, you know, I can take care of myself.”

          “C’mon, Y/N, you used to make me walk you all the way home from school because you thought you’d get jumped if you walked alone.”

         “I’m older now, I’ve changed and so have you.”

         “I highly doubt that.”

         “Fine, I’ll remember that for the next time you ask me to be your fake girlfriend to get some hoe off your back,” Y/N teased.

         “That’s not fair.”

         Y/N laughed at Lip’s whining and shook her head. It felt like old times except there wasn’t a Karen or Mandy hanging around as well. Mandy and Y/N got along just fine, but it was Karen who almost fought Y/N because she knew how Y/N felt about Lip. She would flaunt the fact that Lip was really into her in front of Y/N that would have the young girl crying herself to sleep sometimes. Y/N was sure Mandy knew too but she was nice enough not to say anything. In fact, Y/N was surprised that Lip didn’t know that she had had a crush on him for most of their friendship.

         Finally, they got to the L and Y/N paused. “Well, this is me.”

        “Yeah, have fun interning.”

        “Wait, I never asked you what you were doing.”

         “I’m working for my sister over at Patsy’s Pies. You should stop by sometime, I might slip you a free slice.”

         “Will Fiona like that?”

         “She won’t know about it.”

          Y/N shook her head and started walking up the stairs for the L. “See you around, Gallagher!”

        “Not so loud, I’m hung over,” Lip joked back.

         When Y/N got to the platform for the L she knew one thing was for certain: she was not over Lip Gallagher, not one little bit. 

Robb Stark - Lady Wolf (Part 3)

Originally posted by phoenixbarrow

Series Summary: The young wolf and the King in the North, Robb Stark has been away from Winterfell for quite some time. However, his mind kept wandering back to the castle and to his brothers and to one very special lady. The girl they called his lady wolf. He wonders if they will ever be reunited. One day, his prayers are answered and he is reunited with his lady wolf.

Part Summary: You and Robb tell your family about your pregnancy. Months later, your child is born.

Pairing: Robb x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Robb Stark, Grey Wind, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Jon Snow, Catelyn Stark, Maester Luwin. Ned Stark, Summer, Shaggydog, Ghost (Briefly mentioned)

A/N: A huge thank you to the amazing @mo320 for being my beta!

Lady Wolf Master List

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anonymous asked:

What is the 1776 fandom??

This is 1776:

1776 is a musical which tells the story of:




Together they will create the most hella lit “I know what you did last summer- screw me on the congress floor” squad of 1776. 

Oh by the way- they sing their way through getting the declaration sighed. Featuring beautiful songs such as:

Sit the fuck down, John. 

Piddle Twiddle and Abby fucking kill me Abby

The Lees of old I-get-more-pussy-than-you

John Adams I can’t write the declaration because I need my damn nut but we have lots of sexual tension so we can fix that

Yours Yours Yours

Thomas Jefferson won me over because he’s good with his tongue

Cool Cool, considerate we-are-better-than-you-fuck-you

Momma looks sharp because damn hit those notes

The egg- we are all mothers. Ooo! ooo! Can i dress independence? no-Franklin shut the fuck up we are in a war

Molasses to rum to let’s cause a civil war in ninety years

Is anbody there? (I’m just gonna say- boi- that song could rise me from the dead). 

Of course the ending will also hit you a ton of bricks. It’s also a movie by the way. 

In all seriousness- 1776 was one of the inspirations to Hamilton, and it’s disappointing that not much people know about it- if I’m being honest. It’s an amazing musical. 

here is another post I made about 1776 (x). This is explains it better. 

aqueeriasstrology  asked:

Hey I need a really good but not too detailed of what the signs look like, hair color, eye color, facial features body features etc. I'm so tired I can't think but I have a project I'm doing over it and want others opinions besides my own. 😄

So rising signs, 1st house planets and aspects to the ascendant matters most in appearances. You can also relate to aries if you have mars in 1st or mars conjunct rising for example 

Aries - Arched/prominent eyebrows, sharp or strong features and usually has a confident look in their eyes 

Taurus - They can have face shapes leaning towards square, soft or relaxed looking eyes and ‘long’ or beautiful necks 

Gemini - Big or curious eyes, can look younger than they are and can seem like they always have something to say 

Cancer - Round, big and usually deep looking eyes, soft, rounded out features and can have a round-ish face

Leo - Mane-like hair, broad or shoulders that can look very structured and nicely shaped faces 

Virgo -  Can seem like a hard to read person and curious, delicate features and can look younger than they are 

Libra - Balanced face, features work well together and they can have heart or oval shaped faces 

Scorpio - Intimidating gazes, can have sharp features with lean faces and the most noticeable feature tends to be the eyes 

Sagittarius - Can have long looking faces or features, great smile and a seemingly casual look a lot of the times 

Capricorn - Shapely features, eyebrows and nose can be the most prominent and have a stern look most of the time

Aquarius - Long or shapely legs, their foreheads can be prominent and they can draw in many different types of people 

Pisces - Dreamy eyes, can have a very gentle or elegant look and have a very sweet smile 

At some point all seven members of the inner crew get stuck in an elevator.

There’s a moment where it screams trap, ambush, a clever attack from some phantom rival, but no. Its a stock-standard mechanical failure. The rulers of Los Santos, arguably the most dangerous crew this side of the country, trapped like rats in a little metal box.

It’s fucking undignified.

With no reception to contact their own people they use the inbuilt emergency button to call it in, expecting a technician to be rushed to their aid, only to be told they are in a queue. That there will be some delays. The conversation starts professionally polite but quickly devolves into everything from outrageous bribes to thinly veiled threats but Mark, who’s clearly in some call centre far away from Los Santos, is utterly unmoved.  

Unused to such blatant disregard Geoff abuses the call button, determined to make Mark as miserable as they are in an effort to annoy him into submission. By the time he considers allowing the crew’s main negotiator a turn on the phone the ‘self-important assholes’ impression has already been irrevocably ingrained.

Michael lifted Jeremy up to pick the lock on the emergency hatch only to complain about lax safety standards when the hinges jam and refuse to open more than halfway. Gavin snarks about their heavy hitters not being so strong after all, Michael snaps back about useless twigs keeping their mouths shut, and Jeremy is quickly forgotten in favour of a grade-school-level slap fight.

As time goes by the heat rises and tempers flare; Geoff railing against Mark, Jack snapping at Geoff for antagonising the people controlling their placement in the queue, Gavin and Michael prodding each other into more and more aggressive arguments and Ryan beginning to twitch alarmingly every time the background music loops.

Ray hasn’t moved from where he leaned 5 minutes into their stay, hood up, earphones plugged into his DS, absently swaying out of range whenever the rolling ball of furious MichaelGavin bounces towards him. Following his lead Jeremy quickly boosted himself up to sit on the handrail in a corner, as out of the way as he can be in a contained metal box, morbidly fascinated as he settles back to watch the fireworks.

At loop 17 Ryan takes a knife to the speakers, prying out the screws before calmly tearing the whole thing out of the wall. This prompts a moment of absolute silence, blessedly free from repetitive piano, before the lights flicker out, Gavin screeches, and it all kicks off again.

In the chaos no one notices Ray slipping through the jammed hatch and clambering on to the roof until its too late to catch him. His exit sets off an explosion of yelling, threats and promises and downright pleading, but realistically none of them are operating under the illusion that Ray plans to do anything more than clamber back up to the penthouse and have a nap. Gavin is the only other one who’s shoulders are slim enough to slip through but no one lets him go - they say they don’t trust him not to trip and kill himself but lets be real: if Michael and Geoff don’t get to leave this hellhole there’s no chance on earth Gavin gets to.

When they are finally set free, listening in strained silence as the lift lowers and the doors are wrenched open, the technician cracks a lewd joke about the awkward tension and no one has it in them to stop Ryan from punching him in the throat.

Geoff stalks away muttering about having unfinished business with Mark while Michael makes a beeline for the fire-stairs, intent on getting to the penthouse before Ray realises they are free and goes into hiding. Jeremy is lumped with the duty to go check in with the support crew, who have probably already tracked down the source of their absence and are bound to be smug little shits about it. The others go their separate ways in silence, normal jobs abandoned in favour of refusing to be in the same room as one another for the rest of the week.