also my phone case came in finally!!!!

Pride’s Worry

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 574

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy another Pride fic.  This is only my second one, so please forgive my lack of experience with Pride. I just love him so much! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Don’t foget you can also submit Christmas drabble requests which is from THIS LIST!

After a tough case in which you were the main target, Pride was relieved that this case was over.  He was thankful that they caught the guy before he could get to you.  It came close, but it was finally over.

Pride looked down at his phone.  He called you three times already.  All three times, you didn’t answer.  He didn’t want to overreact, but it was you.  He cared deeply about you; he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you, not now.  He dialed your number once more.  Thirty seconds later, your voicemail picked up.  Pride hung up, grabbing his keys.

As he pulled up to your house, he took the keys out of the engine.  You car was in the driveway and the lights in the house were on.  He climbed out of his car after a few minutes.  He padded up to your door slowly, scanning his eyes over your property.  He looked for forced signs of entry, but didn’t see any.  He knocked on your door, impatiently waiting for you to answer your door.

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Looky here! So my new phone case from alicechanart came in yesterday, and I am so, so very happy. I’ve loved Cardcaptor Sakura since I was little, so finally being able to have my own version of “The Clow” that I can carry with me everywhere just makes me the happiest person ever.

Also, the artist was kind enough to leave me a couple cute little buttons too! It wasn’t until after I saw them that I realized I actually knew of the person I had bought them from. I’ve been a fan of their work for quite some time now, so it made everything that much better.

I don’t think the phone cases are available for purchase at this time, but the artist still worth checking out, I promise!