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This is my first richjake one shot, and it’s not very good. I kinda forgot where I was going with this so, sorry.

Word count: 2259

Four weeks after the school play, and four weeks after the squids were gone, I was walking to lunch, when I was suddenly pulled into a dark Janitor’s closet.

Fucking creepy as hell.

“What the fuck!” I shout, turning around, ready to wail on the person that kidnapped me.

“Oh, Michael, it’s just you.” My first lowers at the sight of the chocolate brown haired kid. His glasses are pushed up his nose, and he’s wearing his usually red hoodie with several patches, and his big ass head phones.

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Tom Vs The Forces Of Evil (Au), Chapter 2

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“UGH TOM CAN YOU GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM ALREADY I HAVE TO GOOOOOOO….” Marco shouted through the door, knocking on it to reach his roomate. Tom had been living here about a week now, and although he was a pain sometimes, he seemed alright….

Well, for the most part.

“I’M BUSY!!!” Tom called from inside.

“TOM I SWEAR IF YOU’RE FLUSHING OBJECTS DOWN OUR TOILET AGAIN-” Marco started, before he heard a groan.

“I’M PUTTING ON MAKE-UP THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!” Tom shouted back, interrupting the human, “USE THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM!!”

Marco grumbled, Tom liked to put on eyeliner , why he needed an entire bathroom for that he didn’t know but he sure liked to hog the bathroom they shared.

“YOU CLOGGED THAT YESTERDAY!!” Marco shouted back.

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Magic Tricks

A/N: Aaaand another one. Something a little different this time. Straight from my notes to a post.

Summary: Connor has started to pick up on ways Jared calms Evan down.

Connor never really learned what anxiety really feels like. He tried asking Evan multiple times, but he never really got it.

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Yeeeessss the Weirdest book since Jane Goldman’s The X Files encyclopedia arrived today… a week after everyone else’s. I guess the British government decided to put this fine piece of investigative journalism through an extreme vetting process! ;)

I get Ronaldo is uh… not exactly a fan favourite… but this book is bloody hilarious and contains a lot of references to seasons 1-3. Also I bet there’s some *cough* foreshadowing sneaked in somewhere: the fun part is sorting the feasible from the red herrings!

My personal fave Bits:

- The last page. Aww. Thank you. :3

- Princess Nose. XD

- The artwork (besides the stuff from the show). It’s amusing and nicely done. And it suggests Ron is quite a good artist!

- A lot of references to Peedee, suggesting they’re getting on better as bros. Not so much about their dad though.

- The Beach Citywalk Fries ads.

- Ronaldo calls Lars his friend! :3c and his version of Lars’ “social napalm” comment.

- The Brooding Hill page, bless his lack of cotton socks. Especially since he refers to this kind of not-quite-Lorne-Green pose:

Originally posted by brainunchained

(Pffthaha what dramatic dork. But the fact that he feels the need to “brood” makes me kinda sad.)

…and he refers to his hair as “frylocks”. I wonder what Andy DeMayo would make of that!

- Numerous references to the Cluster and its current status, in classic not-quite-accurate Ronaldo style. But a few of the terms he uses are more accurate than they were before.

- A few references to Peridot! She’s my fave Gem alright? :p

- Ronaldo’s method to photograph the “crop circles”!

- The full title of Rising Tides Crashing Skies jfc. And its follow-up material.

Basically I’m a Ronaldo fan anyway but stuff like this is why. It’s funny, endearing, kinda relatable and honestly the kid’s not that far from “The Truth”. I get older fans might not like it but I hope the younger kids who are into SU will. It’s a great tie-in and is ridiculously meta, just like the blog. So yeah, thanks Matt, Ben, and Ronaldo. As a Weirdo I appreciate it! :)

spiritofanamead  asked:

To Jim: Where you scared of monsters before you fell into the underground? Are there any that STILL scare you?

* Actually, I was.. really, truly terrified of skeletons.

* I remember this National Geographic magazine from my childhood, or maybe it was Gea, that had a skeleton wrapped in a red blanked on the cover. It was a photo of someone who froze to death I think. I remember asking my parents, why it was smiling.

* It kept me up at night, to be honest. Why was it smiling?? Skeleton grins were terrifying to me. Also, skeleton hands. When I was little, an actual fear of mine was, to have a skeleton hand grab me by the shoulder.

* I remember that one instance too, when I was making faces in the mirror, and I pulled my nose up, and through my nostrils I saw my, uh.. nose.. holes?

* I knew what a skeleton’s nose looked like. I believe this was the first time I genuinely realized that I had a skeleton in me, and it was a scary thought that someday I’ll die and become this thing that I was so scared of.

* Last but not least, there was the worst fear that I thought up myself because I was a really morbid child I guess.

* When I was little I couldn’t sleep at night because I was convinced that there were two skeletons in my house, and when I fall asleep, they will ambush my parents, steal their skin and pretend to be them.

* …yeah.

* And here I am more than a decade later.

* I wouldn’t mind a certain skeleton’s hand on my shoulder at all. Actually, it would make me feel encouraged, like I can do anything.

* And the same certain skeleton’s grin is the most beautiful, purest thing in my world.

* I don’t ever wonder why he smiles. When he smiles I tend to smile as well, and I don’t want to question this comfortable happiness that I don’t think I’ve ever really felt before in such a casual way.

* Oh, also when I was little I was terrified of the goblins from Princess and the Goblin, Jean Bon from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Bernd the Bread, Baby Sinclair and Bradley P. Richfield from Dinosaurs, and Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock.

* I am still terrified of Junior Gorg.

Disney || Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “ X-Men! Quicksilver on shot? Like, he catches her singing a disney song and she knows it word for word and he’s impressed and then some fluff….?”

A\N: Hello children. This is your author speaking. For the purposes of this story, how about we ignore the fact that Lion King wasn’t released till 1994 and yes, I am well aware that this imagine is set in the eighties. So enjoy the imagine. Author out!

You lightly started to tap your feet as you began to hum the tune of perhaps one of the best songs in all of the existence of this world. You started to drum your fingers against the kitchen counter as you waited for the water to boil for your cup of tea. Recently watching a Disney movie could really get a song stuck in your head.

“Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase,” you hummed, bobbing your head left and right.

“Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craaaze.” You skipped over to the other side to grab yourself a spoon.

“It means no worries,” you sang. “For the rest of your daaaaays.”

“It’s our problem-free…philosophy!” You grabbed the saucer and poured hot water in your cup. “Hakuna Matata!”

“Hakuna Matata?” Peter’s voice came from behind you.

You swiveled around and jumped a little as the cup tipped over in your hand and threatened to spill over you. You gasped as you felt a swooshing sensation and after you blinked, you noticed that you were wrapped carefully in Peter’s arms and were well away from the cup. Peter winced as the cup shattered into smithereens as it hit the floor.

You looked at the broken mug and then back at Peter. “That was my favorite mug.”
“Well it was either you or the mug,” he shurgged.

“The mug! Always the mug!”

“Calm down twinkie,” he chuckled, kissing your nose. “I’ll buy you another one.”

“My hero,” you said sarcastically.

“Also were you singing just a minute ago?”
“Uh…no?” you squinted.

“Okay don’t lie,” he grinned at you. “That was singing! And pretty great singing!”

You turned a little red. “Thanks I guess.”

His eyes sparkled. “We should totally do-“

“-we are not going to sing a duet.”

“Oh but heeeeeeey!” he whined. “It’s gonna be so awesome!”

“Peter no!”

“Peter yes!”

You groaned as you anticipated the long hours of argument the two of you were going to have.



Being an Avenger meant barely any free time. So whenever there wasn’t a mission or some party Tony was having, you always were holed up in your room, with your pencil and sketchbook. It was filled with the most random things, from nature to animals to people. As you tried to find an empty page, you realized you never had drawn the Avengers. So when you found an empty page, you got to work. For some reason, you decided to start with Steve. Okay so the reason was that you may have a crush on him but, whatever. As you worked, you lost yourself in your art. Focusing on every little detail, you didn’t even hear the door open. You didn’t even know someone was watching you until you heard,
“I think you made my nose a little too big.”
You turned around and saw Steve looking over your shoulder. Your face flooded with red as you turned around, hiding your sketchbook.
“Oh. Um.. Hi Steve.”
Steve chuckled as he sat down next to you.
“I didn’t know you liked to draw, y/n.”
“I’ve, uh, also liked to draw. I took a class when I was younger, but got kicked out because I kept criticizing the teachers art.”
To your surprise, he laughed. You smiled and handed him the sketchbook.
“Ive had this for a month, but I have others.”
You watched as Steve looked through your sketchbook. Eventually, he went back to the drawing of him, and he handed it back to you.
“I still think you made my nose too big.”

So bitchcallmebucky wrote this piece of amazingness for my prompt: 

civilian!Bucky secretly dating Cap!Steve and getting jealous whenever he sees people on TV fawning over his boyfriend

Bucky had almost mastered the art of tuning out the low hum of the TV by now, after working in the bar for 7 months. He’d gotten real good at drifting away inside his own head while he cleaned glasses to be re-racked, or when he was heaving empty kegs out to the drop-off point.

Tonight however, the show hosts voice catches his attention, “Tonight we have Captain America joining us live! Give him a warm welcome everybody, show our hero some love!”

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