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Why The Fall is one of the bravest shows I’ve ever watched

The Fall is a show about a murderer and a policewoman but more than that it is a dirty, distorted mirror that reflects our opinions and expectations back on us, asking us if that first response is really the right one.

To say that Season 3 of BBCs The Fall has been divisive would be an understatement. Even within its own fanbase there have been those who felt that the pace (always achingly slow) had become preposterous, that the excitement had dwindled and that what they’d loved about Season 1 was gone by midway through Season 2. Those people are entitled to their view but twelve hours after watching the S3 finale and still rocked by what I witnessed, I just have to say how very impressed I am by the series in its’ entirety.

Under the cut (with some spoilers) are my thoughts on why The Fall is such important viewing and why I will go down shouting that it is one of the bravest, ballsiest things I have ever had the privilege to watch.

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Smut requests are currently closed, but I am accepting fluff and angst requests until Thursday :)

Anonymous Said:  Um HI 😁 I was wondering if you were doing requests still I can tell you have a long to do list so if you can’t I understand, if your able to can you make A smut fanfic of you meeting Jungkook at a fan meet and greet and he is so captivated by you he does some naughty thing (sorry for being so shameless 😅😅)

Pairing:  Jungkook x Reader

Genre:  Suggestive Smut (I think the title says it all…)

Warnings:  Teasing, Bathroom lounge, lots of dirty talking, fingering, mirrors oh the mirrors PWP worthy

A/N:  Sweetie we’re all shameless here ;) no need to feel shameless, but I hope you don’t mind that I turned this into a straight up tease, I’ve been writing so much Jungkook smut, that I feel like it’s time for a little something different featuring the Golden Maknae.  Also…I happened upon that kink quiz a lot of you have been going on about around this site and I just wanna say…fuck you all for ruining my life, this smut is for those of you who ‘kink’ with Jungkook…which obviously isn’t me because I had to cheat just to get him……I’m shameless, yes I cheated and I don’t care who knows it

Summary:  Summary? What summary?  Is one really necessary for this piece of pure teasing goodness???  I mean……its PWP there is not much plot……there’s also a shit ton of swearing, dirty talk and did I mention teasing???  Soooo much teasing and those mirrors really come in handy ;)  so basically this is another warning/ a/n combined into one….yeah summary doesn’t need to exist, enjoy the shamelessness of this smutty tease known as Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

You could not believe that you were actually here, sitting front row at a BTS fan meet.  Your cousin had gotten you both tickets and surprised you with them for your summer visit with her, your aunt, and uncle.  Waiting outside of the event nearly had the both of you bouncing on the balls of your feet at the prospect of meeting the boys and especially your biases.

“Do you think Jungkook will even look at me?”  You couldn’t help, but voice your worries to your cousin who was biting her lip as she watched the line behind the two of you grow even longer.  

“There are a lot of fans that come to these things, but don’t worry Y/N-ah he’ll notice you.” She gave you a reassuring smile clutching the stuffed bear to her chest her fingers tapping lightly against the plushy. You smiled at the stuffed toy knowing that it meant a lot to her and here she was going to give it away to her bias because she genuinely liked him enough to part with the dear toy.

You followed the few people in front of you and your cousin into the event center, twiddling your thumbs worriedly as you two took your seats.  Your eyes instantly shot to the long table that held seven empty seats, one for each of the Bangtan Boys members.  Trying to ease your racing heart you looked over at your cousin hoping she could distract you, but she was excitedly chatting away with the girl that was sitting next to her about the boys and the latest comeback news.

You sighed returning your gaze to the stage, your eyes following the staff members as the set up the table.  One woman was walking towards the side curtains and you noticed a pair of wide, dark brown eyes staring back at you from the shadows.  It was too dark behind the stage curtains for you to see exactly who those eyes belonged to, but the closer you looked you thought you knew exactly who those eyes belonged to.

Excusing yourself to go to the restroom while you still had plenty of time before the actual event started you headed out one of the side exits that led you to a hallway that was used as extra storage from the looks of it, but the stage guard said this was where the restrooms were.  You walked down the hallway until you came upon a door marked ‘ladies’ and pushing it open you discovered that it was one of the nicest bathrooms you’d seen anywhere before.

Granite countertops and a plush sofa with full length mirrors lined the walls.  The stalls were located further down behind a secondary door, I could live in here, you thought to yourself.  The entire expanse of the bathroom space was larger than your apartment back home and definitely more lavish in style.

As you reentered the lounge area, your eyes met a pair of wide dark brown eyes that seemed entirely too familiar.  You frowned, “This is the women’s restroom.”

The figure took a small step, his hands in his pockets as he lazily stepped closer out of the shadowy corner by the door.  “I’m well aware of that, thank you for reminding me.”

“Then why are you,” You felt the question hang on the tip of your tongue, your heartbeat picked up speed as you watched his eyes.  They were the same eyes from the stage earlier that you were sure of, but you still couldn’t place where you’d seen them before.

You cursed yourself mentally as you remembered that you phone was in your bag which you’d left in your seat instead of taking it with you like a sane person would do.  You contemplated taking a step back, but you chose to stand your ground knowing that if you tried to run it would only set him off.

“I’ve seen you before, at the fan meeting last year, I remember that dress you wore.”

Your breath caught in your throat as he took another small step, just a little bit further and you’d finally be able to see his face, but what you failed to notice was that his steps were not only bringing him closer to you, but to the light switch as well.

“So you’ve seen me before? Do I know you?”  The questions rolled off your lips easily, you fingers played with the black crop top you were wearing today, and you’d chosen to go a different route this year to the fan meeting opting for an all-black ensemble

He chuckled, the sound deep and light at the same time, it was almost cute, that is if he wasn’t stalking you like he was at the present moment.

“You know my name.”

Your eyes widened just as he shifted closer to you, the lower half of his face leaving the shadows just before he turned the lights off sending the both of you into near pitch black. The only light source that remained in the room was the small runner lights that lined the ceiling around the room casting a soft glow down on the both of you.  Your vision went dark for a moment as you blinked your eyes trying to adjust to the sudden change in the lighting.

You didn’t just know his name, you knew his face too.  You’d seen it multiple times before, but only once in person – at last year’s fan meeting.

“That dress of yours was impressive, but this,” His voice was closer, his breath ghosted over the shell of my ear as he let his fingers feather over the bare expanse of my arms.  “This is something truly spectacular.  How did you know black was my favorite color?”

You balk for a moment at his words, how did you know black was his favorite color?  How could you not know?

He continued to trail his fingers lightly up and down the sides of your arms, his breath fanned against your hair, moving your hair slightly with every puff.  “I didn’t wear this outfit for you.”

Lies.  You knew it was a lie, but you couldn’t help the words slipping out from between your lips, you knew it was his favorite color and it just so happened to be one of your favorite colors too and the main aspect of your wardrobe.  The outfit itself was crafted carefully with the help of your cousin to pick something that he might actually notice.

“That’s a lie, but I’ll let it slide this time, princess.”

His fingers pressed harder into your skin as they traveled from your arms to your waist, resting on the exposed skin of your abdomen.  His large hands splayed over your skin, caressing every inch of flesh that was accessible, his lips continued to work up and down the shell of your ear before they started down the side of your neck.  Lost in the sensation of the touch from his fingers and lips as he explored your body, you found your head tilting to the side allowing him easier access to the skin of your neck and shoulder.

A barely audible moan escaped through your slightly parted lips when his lips made contact with the tender skin just below your ear.  Your eyes flew open in shock, trained on the shadow of his body when he tensed, his fingers resting comfortably on the waistband of your jeans.  His fingers curled into two of your belt loops giving a soft jerk which made your body jerk forward nearly sending you on your ass if he didn’t grasp your waist firmly in his hands.  Your throat went dry; an ache began to form in the pit of your stomach, his hands molded to your lower waist, fingers splayed wide across the top part of your ass.

His lips ghosted along the line of your jaw, pausing tantalizingly over the corner of your lips before skimming the other side of your jaw up to the shell of your ear. His movements were calculating and precise, everything he was doing to you, and everything that you were feeling was deliberate.  He knew exactly what he was doing to you right now and he was enjoying keeping you on the edge even though he hadn’t done anything remotely sexual except tease you.

You shifted your body accidentally brushing your thigh against the front of his jeans a groan leaving his lips right before he nipped at your ear before dragging his lips back down to yours.  You could feel his eyes as they raked over your face, despite the lack of decent lighting you knew his pupils were blown as he stared at you his breath becoming ragged. Your thigh brushed his clothed cock again, this time you knew exactly what you were doing, the pleasure/pain that it would cause him as you teased him just like he was teasing you.

Two can play this game, you thought to yourself a smirk on your lips when you felt his whole body tense against you, his hands tightening their hold on your backside.

His lips hovered directly over yours, his breath was calm despite the obvious erection that was protruding against your thigh, and he didn’t appear otherwise affected by your ministrations.  Your eyes met his as you waited with bated breath for his lips to touch yours, but the touch never came – at least not directly.  He dragged his lips down the side of your mouth, his lips kissing the side of your lips tenderly before working slowly down your jaw and neck.

Hands found their way towards your front and long nimble fingers tugged gently on the closure of your dark wash jeans, undoing the button and zipper with practiced ease. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat a tight lipped moan slipped from between your lips and his paused on the pulse point in your neck.  His hands stilled their movement of pushing your jeans out of his way to pull back just enough for his lips to still brush against your neck as he spoke.

“Don’t hide your moans, princess.”  His fingers brushed against the lace of your panties causing another moan to fall from your lips, this time slightly louder than the last one.  “That’s it, baby girl; let me hear your beautiful voice.”

Your head rolled back and to the side as another moan tore through your now parted lips as his fingers pulled your jeans down far enough to gain easier access to your panties. This time, it was his turn to groan as he looked down between the two of you to get a glance at your panties.

“Fuck princess, did you have to wear all black?”

You giggled, your eyes going to the set of full length mirrors on the other side of the room, you could see the silhouettes of your bodies standing close together reflected back at you.  His eyes followed yours; landing on the sight of you in his arms already squirming from his touch when he’d barely laid a full finger on you.  Part of you wondered what someone else would see if they could look at the two of you wrapped up in each other’s arms without a care.  Would they see two lovers stealing a moment or would they see two strangers learning each other’s touch for the first time?

You were ripped from your thoughts when he suddenly pulled back from you, his fingers leaving your panties.  You were seconds away from voicing your displeasure at the loss of physical contact when you were suddenly spun around, your back now flush with his front, his firm chest pressed against the line of your body.  One of his hands went to cup your jaw, fingers splayed along the column of your throat, his other hand traveled down the expanse of your side, coming to rest on the flare of your hip.

His eyes met yours in a piercing dark gaze through your reflection on the wall, the sight of his tall frame wrapped comfortably around your body, his stance was tall, and his gaze and touch were possessive.  Your heart raced in your chest, a new lump began to form in your throat preventing you from voicing the question that was on the tip of your tongue, why did he stop?

The fingers of his left hand that was resting comfortably on your hip moved further south, pushing the denim away from your panties.  The tight garment was still high enough that if anyone were to walk in on the two of you they wouldn’t be able to see exactly what was going on.  The low lighting would be the only indication of the behavior that you were currently engaged in.  The sexual tension hung thick in the air like a suffocating perfume, but you weren’t choking on it as you would if it were a perfume.  You barely noticed it, too engulfed in the moment to care what someone else might think – the scent was tantalizing, intriguing, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t want more.

His fingers skimmed up the smooth expanse of your thigh, the tips ghosted over the lace of your underwear, a shiver went through your body as you watched.  Never before had you actually watched as someone touched you in an intimate way, you always thought you preferred the touch to the visual. Now, you were watching a near total stranger run his hands along your body in such a way that it was almost like you were starring in your own fantasy – a fantasy where you didn’t just feel, but see.

The tip of his index finger found the seam of your outer lips over the lace and with a firm stroke he traced the line, once, twice, before tapping gently on the spot that had your legs turn to jelly and eyes roll into the back of your head.  Your hips jutted forward, trying to push his finger against your clit harder, but he only moved with you, not allowing you to create the delicious pressure that you craved.  Moans escaped between your parted lips, your eyes were half veiled as you looked at his retreating fingers, your tongue darted out to wet your dry lips and you watched as his eyes flashed to the movement of your pink tongue and you let it linger longer than necessary, teasing.

This time, you didn’t see his fingers as they snaked their way back towards your throbbing core, the long digits were already beneath the material, the cool touch causing you to buck your hips, a cry of surprise left your lips.  Your eyes darted back down to where his hand was buried in your panties, his fingers hidden by the lacy material, but you could feel his touch as his fingers danced lightly over your outer lips.

“Talk to me, princess.” His hot breath ghosted over the shell of your ear, the sensation sent a shiver of pleasure throughout your body. Your eyes were already glazed over with lust, but after that you could barely see the reflection of your bodies in the mirror on the wall as a ringing sensation began in your ears.  You weren’t sure where it came from, heck you weren’t even sure where this was coming from on his part, and he was always so innocent when he wasn’t on stage. Without much thought to the consequences of your words, parted your lips one more time and let the words tumble out.

“What do you want me to say, Jungkook?”  You question came out like a moan, but you refused to take your eyes from the mirror and you barely caught his slight jerk as his head pulled back before it was resting close to your ear once again.  His fingers twisted, slipping between your soaking wet folds, the pad of his large index finger brushed the tender bundle of nerves that had your eyes rolling back again.

“Tell me what you feel.” His finger pressed harder, “Tell me what it is that I’m doing to you right now and tell me before you come.  I want to see your face when you do.”

A mewl escaped your lips, your eyes closed and your head tipped back to rest at the juncture of where his neck met his shoulder.  The muscles beneath your head twitched slightly, but otherwise he remained stoic at your sudden change in position.  With your eyes still closed you waited to feel his fingers move over your most sensitive area, his touch was light, teasing, but firm.

You didn’t know where the words came from, but before you knew it your lips and tongue were forming the shape of the syllables and your vocal cords were making the sounds to go along with them.  As his fingers danced to a rhythm all their own over your aching core your lips told the story out loud for anyone who couldn’t see.  If you had an audience on the other side of the door you would never know, but they would know exactly how he was touching you because you didn’t leave out any details.

“How about this one, baby girl,” His fingers thrust hard, two of them shoved as deep as they could get inside of you, your teeth bit into the delicate flesh of your bottom lip trying to contain your moans of pleasure.

“Deep.”  You panted, words were beginning to fail you at this point as your orgasm neared, but you tried your best.  “Oh good, so good, fuck.”

“Are you getting close babe?”  His fingers didn’t stop, your walls continued to clench around them, the wet sound of your juices made a squelching sound as he continued to thrust his fingers at a rough pace.

Your brow furrowed as you tried to process his last question, your hips thrust against his fingers, without a care for the consequences.  At this moment you wanted one thing and one thing only – your orgasm.

You cried out in indignation as his fingers left your aching core throbbing with emptiness.  You slumped forward panting slightly, your eyes burning a hole into his reflection in the mirror.  Your walls continued to clench around nothing, missing the fullness of his fingers buried deep.

A smug grin spread on his lips as his dark eyes met yours.  A chuckle rang throughout the room, the sound slightly patronizing as he lifted his fingers coated in your wetness to his lips.  Your eyes locked on the long digits as they made their way slowly to his lips before popping them into his mouth, an appreciative groan leaving his lips.

All the while, his eyes remained locked on yours through the mirror and yours to his.  Disbelief was written clearly on your face, but you chose not to voice it out loud just yet.

“I told you, I wanted to see your face when you come.”  He removed his fingers slowly, a slight ‘pop’ echoed on the tile in the room as he did so.

Confusion replaced the disbelief on your face as you opened your mouth to retort, only to have him cut you off.

“When you come, it’s going to be with that sweet little pussy of yours wrapped around my cock.” The tone in his voice left little room to argue.

“Do I make myself clear, baby girl?”

Your lips were still parted from your earlier attempt to speak, but his words caused your eyes to widen and the lack of orgasm had created an uncomfortable wet spot in your panties.  They were still soaked from his previous round of teasing; now they were completely ruined.

You nodded your head in understanding just as a voice outside called his name.

He glanced over his shoulder at the door before turning his attention back to you, his dark gaze piercing, “Meet me back here after the event, I’m not done with you or that mirror yet.”

Lily Out.

Kisses down low - Harry Styles

In this one Harry wants to eat his girl out, but she doesnt let him. Read it to discover what he did next 😂

Harry’s pov.

‘Y/N can be so frustrating sometimes. It’s driving me mad.’

‘Why ? I thought you two were in love and happy with each other.’ Niall said while eating his crisps.

I ran my hand through my hair. ‘We are it’s just that… I feel bad because she likes to give me head almost everytime we make love, but she won’t let me do the same thing to her.’

‘You want to give her head?’

I hit Niall lightly at the back of his head. ‘No. she won’t let me go down on her. I’ve tried but she doesn’t want to.’

‘Well if I were you I’d tie her hands, spread her legs and make her feel good. You know I’m impatient when it comes to sex mate.’ I was thinking… wow Niall was a genius. I could tie her up… . tonight. No more Mr. Nice Guy for Y/N

Y/N’s pov.

It was a Friday night. I was bored to death, I had nothing to do when Harry wasn’t around. All day I’d been doing nothing but eat junk food and dance around the house, wearing my see-through purple night-dress and my black lace panties.

‘I I like my kisses down low
Makes me arch my back’ I sang in our bedroom while looking at my reflection in the mirror, dancing as dirty as I could swinging my hips and touching my body.

I closed me eyes and kept dancing around the room until I heard someone clapping their hands. ‘Yeah shake it baby’

‘Harry you scared the shit outta me.’ He just laughed, still standing at the door. He was wearing black jeans, blue dress-shirt and his black coat. Did he look sexy, oh god.

‘Stop laughing. Dude what’s wrong with you.’ I was really angry at him for scaring me and for also watching me dancing. I went to our bed, sat at the edge with my arms crossed so my breasts were pushed up a bit.

‘Come on baby, I loved the show.’ Harry came and sat beside me, cupping my chin and placing a sweet kiss on my mouth. ‘Can you dance for me again? With this song?’ he started kissing the right side of my neck while his hand was placed on the other side. I closed my eyes enjoying his lips on my skin, but I was still mad at him. ‘Huh baby?’

I couldn’t say no to him. I stood up and walked around the room for Harry, swinging my hips. He layed down on his elbows watching me carefully, eyes dark, lips wet from his tongue. Once again I started dancing, but this time I tried my best too look as sexy as possible for my man. Knees bend, feet spread apart, hands in the air, just rocking my hips side to side.

‘Sing the song for me baby’ he said seductively.

‘Baby get a little rough that’s okay
Baby go ahead do your thang, ride away
And I love it when we misbehave
Me and you together babe, we can do everything’

I started walking towards Harry, singing the song, until my knees were almost touching his. I turned around and bend my knees to reach his with my hands. I spread his legs enough for me to get my behind between them and started grinding on his member. I kept rubbing my behind against it, until I felt his arms around my body, pulling me. I fell on the bed giggling, Harry was beside me smiling like an idiot.
‘What are you smiling at Styles?’

‘Just you Y/L/N. I find you rather amusing.’ His eyes darted from my right eye to my left a few times, bitting his bottom lip. Then he pressed both of his lips on mine. His hand went down to my thigh bringing it on his hip while I tugged on his hair, making him moan in my mouth.
He suddenly stopped. ‘I wanna do a little experiment tonight baby.’

‘What experiment?’

‘An experiment that will show me if you trust me or not.’

I let out a sigh. ‘Harry I do trust you.’

‘Well don’t say a word now because I’m in charge.’

I had no idea were he was going with this, but I did trust him so I thought… why not? If it means so much to him. What’s the worst that can happen?

Harry got up and took his coat off, followed by his dress-shirt. He kept the jeans.

‘Get up baby.’
I did as I was told. He grabbed me by the shoulders turning me around so my back was against his chest. I felt his erection against my behind and smiled. He slowly pulled down he thin straps of my night dress and placed a kiss on each one of my shoulders. The dress was on the floor by now and he held out his hand to help me step out of it.

Suddenly he whispered in my ear.
‘Baby lift your arms and put them around my neck.’ I did as I was told, my breasts rising and pushed against his hands. He moaned in my neck softly.
‘Ugh baby you feel so nice against my hands, so soft.’ While he was worshiping my breasts he ran the tip of his tongue from my ear to the base of my neck. I bit my lip hard.
‘Mmmm Harry please don’t stop.’ He stopped and turned me around. ‘Lay down beautiful.’ I did what he said, lying naked on his big bed waiting for him, aching for him.

He finally got on top of me, his hands placed on each side of my head. One of his legs was close to my hip the other between my thighs.
He bend down to kiss me once again. One of his hands travelled from my neck to my breast gently tugging the nipple. I moaned in his mouth.
‘Let me hear you baby.’
‘Oh Harry please.’
He ran the tip of his tongue down to my other breast kissing the skin around the nipple before putting it in his mouth and sucking. I arched my back and moaned his name and it was quite a loud moan. ‘Y/N you’re so beautiful.’ He said after he released my nipple with a popping sound.
He started going down and kissing every inch of skin of my tummy. He ran the tip of his tongue again around my belly button slowly. Oh god. He was so good and I don’t know how but he managed to make me feel wanted, loved, sexy, beautiful. I moaned in frustration.
‘Patient baby.’ His mouth went down south kissing and sucking every now and then.

‘Harry what are you doing stop.’

He stopped and whispered. ‘Baby I need it. I need to make you feel good. If you trust and love me please let me do this.’ I shook my head.

‘Trust me?’ his eyes were full of hope, how could I say no?

‘Yes.’ I whispered.

He went back down there to remove my panties with his teeth. He was holding them in his hand and right after he looked at me he smelled them slowly, enjoying their scent.
I was shocked, very shocked. I’d never expected him to do that.
‘Baby you smell so great. I need to taste you.’ He grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me towards him causing me to giggle. My behind was at the edge of the bed and Harry placed my feet on each side of it, my legs now wide open just for him.

‘Stand in a sitting position y/n.’ I did as he told me to. Harry brought his lips to mine kissing me. He used his mouth to distract me while both of his hands went from my shoulders to my forearms and my hands, behind my back. I was too into the kiss so I didn’t notice that he had tied me with my panties. I gasped when he pulled back.

‘Harry you kinky son of a bitch, untie me now!’

He smirked. ‘No way. I’m in charge now and you’re going to do what I say understand?’ he was so sexy and beautiful it took my breath away. I just nodded.

‘Good girl. Now I want you to stay like this with your legs wide open and watch me as I eat you.’

Eat you. That send chills down my spine. I thought to myself oh god he makes it sound so hot, how can he do that?
He sat on his heels face to face with my sex. I was getting a bit nervous.

‘Brazilian wax baby?’ he grinned.

‘Yes I thought it was interesting. You like it?’
‘Hmm yes I love it. More than I should.’ He gently tugged my pubic hair using his index and middle finger. I don’t know why but I found this quite hot.

‘I’m going to kiss your pretty little pussy alright? Don’t be nervous. And keep your eyes open.’ I nodded unable to speak.
He placed his hand behind my back and placed a wet kiss on the lips.

‘See? Nothing to worry about.’ Another kiss. ‘Oh baby you’re so warm and wet for me.’ He bit the left lip and pulled gently. ‘I’m gonna make you feel so good *kiss* that you’ll ask me to eat you every night.’ He ran the tip of his tongue between them and I threw my head back moaning.

‘You like it? Shall I do it again?’

‘Answer me!’

‘Yes. Oh yes yes yes!’

‘That’s it kitten.’
He ran his tongue between my lips again, but added more pressure. He used his thumb and index finger to spread my lips, so he could have a better access to my clit.
He licked slowly my tiny clit making me want more. I could even feel his sexy facial hair down there, tickling me.

Suddenly I felt a gentle tug that drove me wild.

‘Fuck Harry what was that? Do it again!’ he smirked. That cheeky bastard.

‘It feels good when I kiss your clit kitten.’ He placed an open-mouthed, wet kiss on it.

‘When I lick it.’ he licked it again gently.

‘And when I do this.’ He smirked again before wrapping his pink lips around it and sucked hard.

‘Owww fuck!’ I screamed throwing my head back.

‘Look at me!’ I tried to look at Harry and oh god it was so hot. His head between my thighs, curls tickling me, his pretty face buried in my sex, his lips swollen and shiny from my juices.

‘Harry please untie me, I wanna touch you.’

He said nothing just kept licking and sucking, but he brought his hand back behind me and untied me.

One of my hands stayed behind me to support myself while the other went to his hair, tugging it hard. He moaned in pain and pleasure while I pumped my sex against his face.

‘Oh shiit Harry please don’t stop!’ I bit my bottom lip hard.

‘Scream my name baby.’ I breathed and screamed his name as loud as I could.

‘Yes kitten just like that.’

I let out quick and loud moans with every thrust. Harry kept talking dirty to me.

‘Good girl. Just like that fuck my face.’ I was so close. So so close.

He showed no mercy. He licked my clit with the tip of his tongue faster and faster making me scream his name in pleasure. He sucked my clit and bit the lips every now and then gently.
‘Ahh Harry I can’t.’
I tried to move because the pleasure was too much for me to handle, but he put his hands on my hips to hold me down.

‘Harry I’m gonna come!’
‘Come for me kitten.’ That’s all it took for me to come in him mouth. I pressed my thighs together, his head between them while I layed on the bed, my back arched, my legs shaking. It was so intense. It was so sexy. It was perfect.

Harry waited until I calmed down to remove his face from between my legs.

‘Baby when I come up I want you to suck my tongue ok?’ I frowned but accepted anyway.
He licked me one last time, his tongue collecting all my juices. Harry came up with his tongue out. He put his tongue between my lips and waited for me to part them. I took his tongue in my mouth and sucked hard making him groan. I tasted myself on his tongue. I kept sucking hard until all my juices were gone. Pulling back I licked my lips and Harry kissed me once again hungrily.
Suddenly he broke the kiss.
‘Babe let me get a condom.’ He got up and opened one of the drawers beside the bed. Then came back on bed laying next to me, the rest of his clothes already off. He ripped open the foil and unrolled the condom over him. I watched every move he did. I stared for a long time his face, his lips parted and breathing at the sudden touch.
Then he got on top of me again, threw the sheets on us. Leaning over he rubbed his nose with mine, his eyes closed.

‘Kitten you smell so good down there. I’d like to do that again.’

‘Yes me too, but please get in me. I want to feel you inside me now.’

‘As you wish sweetcheeks.’

Then slowly, oh so slowly he entered me, my fingernails scratching his back making him groan.
He had his forearms around my head.

‘Baby how can you be so tight? Oh fuck.’

A kiss was placed on my mouth. We kissed for a couple of seconds until I broke it because he got lost into the kiss and wasn’t moving.
‘Harry you may move now.’
‘Yes baby.’
He started moving slowly and gently. He moaned and put his head in the crook of my neck kissing and sucking. He grabbed my hands and put them above my head then his hands found mine, fingers intertwined.
Oh the feeling of him stretching me was always amazing, something very special, a pleasure that you can’t get from another thing.
‘Oh fuck babe you’re so tight and warm.’ Hearing him moan because of me was even more exiting.
I got used to his slow pace, I wanted more.
‘Oh Harry baby go faster please I-I need more.’
He groaned in my ear. ‘No baby if I go faster it’s called fucking. I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make sweet and passionate love to you.’ He sucked my neck gently and thrused harder but still slowly. I arched my back a bit and wrapped my legs around his waist.
‘Please let me enjoy this y/n.’
I bit my lip in frustration as he continued to thrust hard and deep and slowly.
He made me feel loved, yes I was feeling all the love he had for me.
Harry kissed me sweetly and gently bit my bottom lip. ‘My lips.’
He placed a kiss on the neck. ‘My neck.’ Then a final kiss on my collarbones. ‘My body. My everything.’
I got used to his pace and it felt so great. My body temperature was rising fast and I started sweating. Soon I started to feel something down there. Oh my something so delicious. My hands were all the time intertwined with his above my head while he moaned and groaned in my neck. I squeezed his hands when I was close.
‘Oh Harry I’m so close.’ I moaned and bit my lip hard.
‘Let go baby. Give it to me, give it all to me.’ My moans got louder. Just before breaking loud and quick moans left my mouth. Breathe. . moan…breathe… moan. I couldn’t take it anymore. I clenched around him.

‘Fuck baby keep doing that. I’m close.’

I kept clenching my walls around him and thrusted upwards to meet his own
‘Oh fuck Harry I’m coming.’
‘Me too babe. Oh y/n come for me.’ after three thrusts he whispered in my ear. ‘You’re mine y/n.’ That’s all it took and I came around him moaning and screaming as loud as I could. ‘That’s right baby let me hear you.’ He kept thrusting in me making my orgasm last longer.
‘Fuck Harry I love you.’ As soon as those words left my mouth he moaned, throwing his head back, frowning, lips parted. He came inside me. Oh how I wish I could feel him properly. ‘Jesus, fuck I love you too.’ He kissed me again hard, our tongues massaging each other. Harry released my hands and used one of them to cup my face, I used mine to hug him tightly. The kiss turned into a lazy make out session and continued for at least ten minutes. Harry was the one to break the kiss.
His hand went down on me cupping my sex.
‘How do you feel?’
‘It was weird at first, but then it felt amazing. Thank you for that it was perfect.’
I took his hand and placed it around my body. I cuddled up to him, feeling safe in his arms.
‘Thank you for letting me do that. See? It was not that bad.’

‘No it wasn’t.’ I placed my fingertip on his chin feeling his facial hair. ‘These tickle by the way.’

‘Should I shave?’

‘No. You look sexy.’ I bit my lip smiling.

‘I know that’s why you’re going to marry me someday.’ I giggled.

‘No I’m not.’

‘Yes you are.’


‘YES!’ then he kissed me to shut me up. I tugged on his curls again and kissed him back lazily.

‘Well if you keep doing what you did tonight I might marry you.’

‘Mmm baby I’d eat you every night, all night, like an animal. You taste so sweet.’ He kissed me again. ‘So… sweet… innocent… beautiful… perfect.’ He said between every kiss.
‘I could say the same thing for you Styles.’ I placed my hand on his behind and pushed him towards me.

‘But enough with talking I’m tired. These orgasms were the most intense of my life.’

‘When was the last time you peed?’ I frowned.

‘Ermm 4 or 5 hours ago, why?’
‘Because your orgasm is more intense when you’re full down there that’s why.’ He kissed me on the forehead and closed his eyes.
‘But we’ll have time to go through things like this tomorrow. Go to sleep now.’

‘Ok. Night Haz, I love you.’ I placed my cheek against his chest feeling his heart beat.
‘I love you too kitten.’


I’ve been waiting for this daaaay!

anyway I had natural hair until I was around 15 and I HATED it. I remember begging my mom to put a perm in my hair and her refusing to do it, she would always say she didn’t want to ruin my hair or something like that, but I just wanted a perm so badly because everyone around me had long flowing silky hair. so finally I ended up getting a relaxer (actually by accident…don’t ask) and I had relaxed hair from my sophomore year of high school until the beginning of my freshman year of college. I made the decision internally that I wanted to go natural my junior year of high school but I didn’t actually get the guts to big chop until January of this year. (2016)

I remembered always having thick hair when I was natural and once I was relaxed I just remember my hair being so thin and I couldn’t even touch it without it falling out. Also I wasn’t actually happy with how my hair looked after a while so I was hiding behind hair/makeup to make me feel good about myself, even though I didn’t inside.

Anyway this past January I decided to do a big chop (actually out of the blue, I wasn’t planning it) and not only did that symbolize the beginning of my healthy natural hair journey, it also symbolized the beginning of my self love journey and I’m really happy to say it’s going well. Not only do I look in the mirror and see how happy I am that my hair is progressing and growing to be so healthy and thick again, but I also look at myself and I’m not ashamed of the girl I see in the mirror. I wish 19 year old me was there to slap 15 year old me upside the head and tell her that natural hair is BEAUTIFUL and that the people calling it “nappy” “ugly” “ratchet” “ghetto” “dirty” and more were just being stupid. They had no idea what they were talking about.

Anyway, this is dumb long but my point is MY HAIR IS NOT A TREND!!!!

Filipina with a dash of Chinese and Spanish

I just wanted to give a really big shout out to all my Asian girls with “problematic skin,” especially my brown girls.

I’ve been struggling with acne for several years now and it still hasn’t gone away. Not only that, I’m left with really dark hyper pigmentation as a reminder that they were there even though they “go away”. It’s not very noticeable here because of lighting and make up, but when I look in the mirror it’s there. I also grew up with darker skin, feeling uncomfortable and trying out different whitening soaps to meet the so-called standard of beauty with paler skin.

I used to be very insecure about this, especially when family and friends would point it out to me. I used to hate seeing my face in the mirror. It looked “dirty” because of my acne, but I was washing my face regularly and taking care of it as best as I knew how. I would hide from cameras or cover my face in pictures (I’m guilty of still doing this sometimes)

Now, I’m slowly becoming more and more comfortable in my skin. I hope my fellow Asian girls with “bad skin” feel comfortable in their skin as well. It’s a journey and we’re in it together. You’re beautiful too! Happy AFAD!