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a conga line of goobers

‘There’s magic in her madness.’ Yes, but she’s damaged, and her rough hands will handle you just the same. ‘There’s fire in her soul.’ Yes, but she burns more than she warms, and her eyes are filled with storms and dear, you may want to back away.
She is the treasure and the dragon, the rose and the thorns and she’s been scorned a few too many times.
But she will love you like no other; she will make a wonderful mother, just please, please hold her when she cries.
—  there’s beauty in the dark, but there are other things too

 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! It is not yet past midnight here (10:32 CST), but I am too tired to stay up another hour and a half so here it is! AMYPLIER!!! :3

 I know not everyone has someone special to share this day with and I’m one of them, but I love this holiday, because I like all forms of love. Also, I love all of you! I want to see you smile, listen to your stories about the day, laugh with you, and be complete trash about Youtubers! XD

 This isn’t just a holiday about making that special someone feel amazing, it’s about making yourself feel amazing. Know you are loved and you love yourself. It doesn’t have to be loving everything about you, because we all got flaws, but appreciating those as well is also another form of love. 

To my friends and the goofball I drew this for! *hugs and butterfly kisses cause I like them!*  @floatingmegane-san @lissachan504 @itsfoxyy @biscuitplier @thatonechickyoudontknow @mary-plier @captain-ass-ass @markiplier @konoira @aohoshiart @koujakuzure


Bluberry drawn for an AT



i just want mob to have friends that want him around for reasons completely and absolutely unrelated to his powers

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PLEASE SOME USHIWAKA X GOSHIKI please i can find n o t h i n g and i love it so much

I’m in Goshijima hell right now and theres only two english fanfics and like no art and i love them sooo much aahahaahahahahah, I want Ushijima to pat his head and like kiss his nose and stuff im like in tears thinking about rn. I would also like to think that ushijima is a terrible chef and goshiki is super proud he can cook and he brags about it all the time and ushijimas just liike “yeah yeah” and aaahahahaha i want this so bad

THERE IS actually some art for it if you look through AJ’s twitter account and my friend @candy-harlot also recently drew a thing ^^ IM HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT THEM THOUGH, THANKS TO THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE

like ushijima…why won’t you notice this poor kid who clearly idolizes you??

I just…I want fic where Goshiki very obviously has a crush on ushijima and he’s constantly looking for his approval but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to get a satisfying response. he challenges ushijima and ushijima wishes him good luck. he practically felates an popsicle when the team goes for celebratory snack after a match and ushijima doesn’t blink an eye at it - although reon pats goshiki’s back and tells goshiki to take it easy when goshiki gets overambitious and tries swallowing too much at once. goshiki probably even changes his hair color at one point - to red, because he once heard ushijima compliment tendou on the bright color of his hair - and ushijima doesn’t say anything at all. goshiki fumes. 

and his entire team (with the exception of ushijima) know about his crush because it’s OBVIOUS. goshiki doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body, really. at one point goshiki tries flirting with ushijima and ushijima shoots him down so quickly with straight forward answers that yamagata scowls and says, “don’t you think that was a little harsh, even for you?”

and ushijima has no idea what he’s talking about. His lips slant in a frown and he answers, “What? he asked if i had time to work on serves with him after practice, but i don’t.” and yamagata shakes his head in disbelief. 

“look, if you don’t like him, just tell him that. But let him down easy, y’know? he’s a good kid. but he’s delicate, too. it’s just a puppy crush, i’m sure he’ll get over it eventually.”

and at this point ushijima has even LESS idea what yamagata’s talking about. “A crush?” something suddenly clicks in his mind. “Goshiki has a crush on me?”

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