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The Perfect Shot

Part Five

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Pairing: Jughead x reader

Warnings: violence, swearing, angst

Summary: the reader has a bad time and it gets progressively worse ngl

A/N: I’m bad at summaries I apologise

Part One

It was not supposed to end like this: tied up in an abandoned building, dust stinging my eyes and something most definitely crawling up my leg. Wait, what’s that I see flushing itself down the toilet? Oh yeah, that would me my hopes and dreams for the future. Pretty sure they don’t accept corpses to college. A scholarship is no good to my dead ass. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to them. I knew Jughead Jones would do nothing but get me into trouble.

Yet here I am, wrists bound behind my back, about to be murdered by a biker gang.

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Japan Trip 2017 log

I’m back from my Tokyo (and Yokohama) trip AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is the first time I managed to go with friends and plan my own trip! Since all the times I’ve been to Japan I’ve only visited the countryside and not Tokyo, I was really excited. It’s like a dream come true!! I wanted to log in my incredible experience somewhere, and leave this as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those curious, beware my spastic commentary and plush toys photobombing every now and then

I travelled with @selinawen and @b-sim was very very kind to let us bunk in with her during her stay. We’re very thankful uwu

 Spoilers More under cut (Warning: It’s long)

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[ENG] Sechskies Allure Interview (2/2)

[Kim Jae Duck]

You got a lot of new parts in the . What’s your favorite part?

I like the rap part in “Couple”. Tablo wrote the rap, and I think it’s pretty and it suits me well. There’s a part where we all draw a rainbow on stage, and that was Jiwon hyung’s idea.

Are you finally over the deprivation of MVs?
To be honest, I never had that much feelings against our MVs. Old MVs have some cons, of course, since they were filmed at our office or were a mashup of other videos. But I think they turned out pretty well. This time, I tried harder because I wanted to keep showing better sides.

How was the filming?
What I liked the most about it was the fact that I went to Japan with the members. It was disappointing that we didn’t really get to spend much time together except for when we were eating because of tight schedule. We had to wake up at 3~4 AM, get ready, film, and we couldn’t even stay out for long because it was cold. I wanted to watch other members awkwardly filming the couple scenes, but I couldn’t. I watched the indoors ones, but they all did well when they started shooting.

Any memorable episode?
Snowflakes were as big as the \500 coins, so we watched it snowing. Jaejin, Suwon, and I finished first, so we went to Sapporo’s beer factory to get a drink. We also went to a park together, and Jaejin made chimpanzee noises there, which was really funny.

Is the team activity different from before?
I think individual personalities and styles are the same as before. But everyone did get more mature. We all have a lot more responsibilities now. We did what was asked without thinking much back then, but now, we all try to participate voluntarily.

Do you feel that there are a lot of new fans?
When I read fan letters or go to filming sites, I see a few young fans. I think it’s cool. I want to tell them, “You’re sad that you’ve come to know us so late too, right? Since you’re late, please like us more, and let’s be together for a long long time”.

Do you feel the difference between 20th century fan culture and 21st century fan culture?
The most obvious one is camera. Back then, there was no camera even on cellphones, but now, they bring huge cameras to take pictures of me. Not only are they good at taking pictures, but they’re also good at editing them, so sometimes I get surprised looking through my SNS. Also, back then, fans crowded around us when they saw us, but now, they don’t approach us. They just take pictures from far away. But one thing that hasn’t changed is their eyes. Regardless of age, everyone still looks like a young girl because of their innocent eyes full of excitement.  

Do you read all the comments on your SNS?
Yes. Fans leave comments that can encourage me and make me laugh. There are touching ones. By reading those comments, I try to fix my mistakes. I think it’s good that I can always show improvements through those feedback.

Fans call you ‘Duck-Chael’ (Jaeduck+Michael). Isn’t the angel image sometimes burdensome?
It was Michael that came after my name? (laughs). But everyone likes nice people. It’s good that people view me in that way. But did I really seem that nice? I have weaknesses too, but I guess fans see more of my strengths.

What was your favorite move when you were in charge of choreographing?
It was mostly Jaejin who made the choreography, and I just helped on the side. It’s already 20 years ago, so I don’t even remember which choreographs I participated in. I think “Road fighter” was really cool, and “Pom Saeng Pom Sa” was very upbeat. But the recent choreos are more fun. The new “Com’ Back” and “Chivalry” choreos have completely different styles from before.

How did it change?
Before, we almost always danced right on the beat, but nowadays, you split the beat a lot. It gets awkward sometimes because my body’s not used to it. The dance itself did get harder, but it’s also that my brain can’t follow as quickly as it could before.

What was the most exciting moment since the reunion?
I think the most memorable ones are of course guerrilla concert on and our recent concert. At Yellow Note concert, they played a video of our fans singing to “Couple” and that almost made me cry.

Your style changed the most since the reunion. Do you like it?
At first, it was hard to accept. It’s not easy when everything suddenly changes at once. But I just trusted the stylists, and I’ve heard that I look good in the style, which boosts me up. Depending on the style of my clothes, my attitude and facial expressions also change. I like such changes.

Have you gotten used to doing photo shoots?
It’s still awkward. But there’s always an excitement at photo shoot sites. You get to meet new people at a new environment. It’s new, but it’s exciting.  

I’ve heard that you filmed in Busan with the memebers. How did that go?
At first, it was a bit awkwrad because I wasn’t used to such setting, but as time went on, I got to have a lot of fun. I think I would’ve had more fun if it wasn’t being filmed. I try not to be conscious of the camera, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I do think it could’ve been better without the cameras.

Do you have any plan of travelling with the members, apart from filming?
We’ve talked about it, but as of right now, carrying out our schedules is the most important.

Do you have any member that you want to form an unit with?
I think I’ll be able to show stronger sides with the black kies members, Jiwon hyung and Jaejin. We’ve been on stage together just as three, and I liked it. I think it’ll be fun.

[Jang Su Won]

You were the second most active member, after Eun Ji Won.
It might seem like I did a lot because of the robot acting, but it’s only been 2 years since I started doing individual activities. I try to be honest and accept everyone’s opinions on variety shows, and I think people like that side.

Robot acting could’ve created a bad reputation, but it was an opportunity for you.
At first, people did criticize me. Then people started laughing, and it became my charm. My personality and attitude changed a lot because of it. If I kept being criticized like I did in the beginning, I would’ve lost all my confidence, but I was lucky. If this happened in the past, I could’ve been forced to leave the industry for a while. Luckily, it became an opportunity for me.

I’ve heard that you played a big role in the reunion.
As time passed, I started to miss the times we were together more. I was a Sechskies member for only 2 years and a half, but back then, it really felt like I was just having fun with hyungs and friends that I liked. I always thought that if there’s a second chance, I want to have more fun with it.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of idol groups that work together but aren’t close.
I think some friends nowadays want get more attention than other members in the group. There’s no one in Sechskies that wants all the attention in variety shows, or wants to do individual activities like acting or going solo. I think that’s why we never felt like we were in a business relationship.

You were the only person that kept in contact with all the members even after the break up.
I keep relationships a broad group of people I don’t really cut anyone off just because that person is different from me. Unless there was a fight or some harm done, I keep in contact.

Such quality must’ve been helpful in your business.
Yes. I finally understand why adults say connection is more important than money.

Isn’t it hard to both own a business and do Sechskies activities?
I’ve been thinking that recently. I can go to my restaurant once a week at most, and recently, I could only once or twice a month. If the CEO isn’t there, management gets neglected even if there’s a manager. I didn’t know things would get this big in terms of scale, so I had opened up two restaurants. I did it just in case I don’t get work, but it’s now worrisome because we’re getting more work as Sechskies.

You said in that drinking with Eun Ji Won is uncomfortable. Is he more careful after that?
Not at all. That person is never careful to his dongsaengs. He’s only weak to people who are older or stronger than him. (laughs)

You’re the maknae in the team, but don’t you have desire to lead people?
Now I like taking care of people and taking them to places, but when I was young, I liked being with hyungs even if it’s a little uncomfortable. But as I’ve aged, I don’t like it if it’s uncomfortable no matter where hyung takes me. I don’t mind being the one to pay if I’m eating with dongasaengs that I like.

You called a person who nags while drinking a fogey.
Even people who are normally quiet tend to nag after drinking, calling themselves life sunbaes. If I keep repeating myself and nagging a lot, then I’ve become a fogey. I try not to nag or make it uncomfortable for dongsaengs. Even if I do, I only do it once.

How do you want to age?
I want to age fine, instead of trying too hard to look young. I want to look my age, but still have some charm. Just looking young as a “frozen man” isn’t as important. I don’t want to dye my hair pink and pretend like I’m young, like someone.

Are you targeting a specific member?
No, it was just an example, hahahaha.

Were you always blunt like this?
I never showed this side on TV, but I always was in waiting rooms. When filming for a show, I had to wait until other members talk first. Sometimes, I just stood there without coming up with any answer in my head because I felt like my turn wasn’t going to come. Back then, I only sang and other members did the talking.

Weren’t you disappointed that you didn’t have as many opportunities to show your talents?
No. I’m introverted and I don’t think I have that much talent. It was only recently that I started talking on variety shows, because I had a lot of things that I had to do on my own. Even when I talk on shows, I have to first think “What if I say this?” I don’t think I have talent in speaking well.

You’re good at dancing and singing, but sometimes those get covered up by the robot character.
Performances that I had mistakes in on were rehearsals. But I think they just aired the rehearsal instead since it’s not a music program. The robot image does get in the way sometimes, but it’s an image that I’ve created, so I have to bear with it. It’s not easy, but I try not to be stressed about it.

There are a lot of edited videos of your past performances and recent performances. It shows that Jang Su Won is constantly improving.
I don’t really watch either of them. The old ones are too bad and embarrassing. I’m not the type to monitor performances and analyze. I just try my best day to day.

In what aspect are you going to improve more?
Jekki is my one and only goal right now. It’s only been half a year since we made a come back, and we only have one new song. We still have a lot of time left. I want to make better songs, and I want jekki to be more global. Wouldn’t it be possible since YG has a lot of resources? I want to focus on jekki activites without thinking about anything else.

Were you always this ambitious?
Catch me on variety shows saying some nonsense, if this all fails.

[Lee Jae Jin]

Is there a reason you got rid of your SNS account?
Because there’s a Sechskies official website now. I wanted the fans to all gather there instead of being spread out on various platforms. I want other members to get rid of their personal accounts too.

Your hair is blue today.
I just got it done today. To be honest, the members have been suggesting that I dye my hair blue again, in a mocking way. I think they thought that I wouldn’t do it. I had pushed it off until now, but I finally did it.

You’re the only one who did V-live regularly.
I told everyone that I’ll do it every week since other members weren’t interested. I said I’ll do it whenever I go to my art studio, which I go to at least once a week. If you watch the first episode, I literally just draw. Since I can’t really read the fans’ comments while drawing, my professor at the studio chooses a couple of them to ask, and then I answer.

The way you were so focused on drawing in a sleevless shirt showing arms, was like a scene from a movie.
V-app is a live broadcast and I don’t even have a script, so there isn’t really anything to do. It was just my most natural state. In the summer ones, I had to wear sleveless because I get hot really easily. I didn’t really think ‘oh since I draw with my right hand, my right biceps are going to look nice’.

Did you focus on art after the military dischargement?
It hasn’t been that long since I started drawing. In 2010, I had a chance to join YG’s design team. Ten of my pieces made it into Big Bang’s album. And in 2014, when my nephews were older, the company’s director suggested that I should study art. But I really just like going to theme parks and Jeju Island with my nephews. I don’t really spend that much, anyways.

Fans told you not to marry, and you responded with “Then we’ll just cohabit”. Both are taboos in idol culture.
Why does all that matter at this age? I think living together is better than getting married. I don’t have to legally change my address.

You’re good at “fan training”, like deleting your picture on SNS 10 seconds after posting it. You should be good at that stuff, even in relationships.
Not really. You know how people always check up on eachother when in a relationship? I answer if the other person asks, but I never ask first. It’s not like I’m going to run to the place anyways. It was out of respect, but they thought I was uninterested in them.

Contrary to your carefree personality, you ran away when Sechskies was about to disband and hid. It was unexpected of you.
I came to Seoul from Busan when I was in second year in high school. I thought when we disband, my life in Seoul ends. Everything that was right in front of my eyes was about to disappear and I didn’t even know which was going to disappear first, so I was anxious and frustrated. And it took me especially long to become close with the members. Looking back, the members were so precious to me. So I disagreed to dreaking up, but some released their solo album in less than a year, and everyone was living well. (laughs)

You released three solo albums too?
I personally really don’t like those albums. I was just going to enlist after disbanding, but my mom kept saying “why don’t you release an album too?” after seeing other members doing so. I had to release it because of her.

Are you satisfied with the remake album?
Things that reflect an era get old, eventually. So the remade versions are better than the old ones, of course.

You had a yellow badge on you on .
I was working out when the Sewol tragedy happened. I was watching it live on TV, and I was frustrated. I clearly remember thinking “Why don’t they save the kids?” I was really heartbroken. I put the ribbon on to remember the deaths of the young students.

You’re known as the ‘4D, alien’ one, but do you have a member that you think is weirder than you?
Hm. I’m not interested. I don’t really care if there is or not.

Then are you only interested in your nephews?
No! I’m the most important to me. Of course, I blend in well without thinking I need to be the most noticeable, when I’m with my members.

You were in . Have you read some bad comments?
Yes, I read them because I’m curious. Sometimes, I stare at them blankly. I ask myself, “Why do these people put an effort of logging in, just to comment some hateful comments, and dislike the article? Do they really hate me enough to slap me when they meet me in real life?”

I heard you researched where the fans lived and chose the intermediate area as where your birthday party was going to be hosted.
Thanks to that, I found out that Daejeon is the best place for fans from all over the country to gather. I know which pubs are good, too.

Until when do you plan to do Sechskies activities?
I think we would have to see how things go in 2017. I’ve asked the members, “Do you think we’ll do this until we completely lose popularity, or until someone makes a big mistake?” But since we’re old, Sechskies won’t disband again because of individual activities. I am pretty sad that I don’t have enough time to draw for my exhbition, but right now, Jekki is my everything.

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anonymous asked:

From your experience, do you have any suggestions about good cameras to film things like mini documentaries and take professional looking pictures with? Also, love you and your videos!!!

Tech isn’t my forte and I’m not up to date on what the latest cameras on the market are, but people often think they need a huge, expensive 4K DSLR, but something like a mid-range ‘point and shoot’ is usually enough :) This is the one I use, for example but best to visit a shop and ask someone who knows better! Also, thanks very much! :D

anonymous asked:

Your friend(?) Dave Mills takes nice photographs. Does he have a gallery or a website somewhere?

It’s not mobile compatible so mobile users will have to force a desktop view. Anyone interested in really nice action photography of dogs at performance events should check out his website. 😊

He also posts pictures in the Racing And Coursing Enthusiasts (RACE) Facebook group. :)

“The Chance Of You”

Requested: Yes

Request: Hi! Could you do imagine where you and Shawn meet at m&g and he tells you to wait backstage and you spend a night at the hotel talking and laughing and something comes up? Love your “definitely love her now” imagine!!! Xx

Word Count: 3137

I couldn’t breathe. I was stressed, I was nervous, I was tense and anxious…you get what I mean. I was currently in line to meet Shawn. Not a big deal, you know, just… my everything. Thinking back to the show, it was absolutely incredible. He put every single part of his heart, soul and body in every word he sang and gave me goosebumps all night long. Even though it ended 30 minutes ago, I was still in a complete fog. I came back to my senses when I realized the line was getting shorter. The meet and greets were starting and I had very little time to pull myself together. I went from going over what I was going to say, to thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Soon enough, I was next in line and as I hear “Your turn.” I just completely forgot about everything that was clouding my head. The curtains opened and I realised he was right there. Right in front of me. I walked in, not knowing what I was gonna do and just told myself that I’d try my best to be normal. His back was facing me as I walked in. I glanced and saw he was laughing at something Brian said from the little table aligned next to the wall. I took extremely slow steps, not knowing what to do until someone on the crew called him out and nodded his head over to me. He turned around with a big smile that disappeared as soon as he saw me. I freaked out instantly but tried my hardest not to show it. Wondering if something was on my face or if I had done something wrong, I stepped up my pace, a million things racing through my mind.

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Suga Scenario~

 Hi guys! Thank you for reading, reblog this and show this blog to your fellow followers! Please send us in request were still waiting for our first one! We do imagines/scenarios, and preferences!

-Admin C (;


You are currently with Eric Nam doing an intro for the show after school club. You’re a co-mc along side with Eric, and today the guests are Bts. You are a huge huge huge fan of Bts and everyone knew it. “Yeah thats right everyone bts is in the house today” You said next to Eric. “Hey better watch out I hear were in danger” Eric joked. “No but for real everyone give it up for bts” He said as the boys made their way into the camera shot. Hellos, and Hi’s were exchanged along with some handshakes and hugs. 

Your bias is the one and only Suga, and of course since you are pretty close with Eric, he knew. You are also a rapper/singer, your career took off really well, you’re working on your first mini album and you just so happened to land a spot on ASC.

After the beginning of the show, you finally got to the part were the boys can talk to the fans via video chat. “Okay here is Jen from the Tucson, Arizona. Also my hometown by the way” You said smiling. “Jen what would you like to say to the boys” you asked. Jen continued her little talk to the boys after a while I piped In. “Okay Jen its nice seeing you, before you go is there anything you would like to request or ask bts” you asked. “Yes, I have a question for Suga” She said smirking. Suga smiled and motioned for her to continue “Who is your favorite female solo artist and why?” She asked. Suga smiled shyly after you translated for him. You noticed everyone around him smirking a bit. “y/n i-is my favorite” He said with his cute accent. You cheeks flushed red. “B-Because she’s really talented and she extremely pretty” Suga said with a big smile plastered on his face. You turned a deeper shade of red.

“Aww thank you” You replied smiling. “Isn’t this a coincidence because Suga’s y/n’s bias” Eric said smirking. You eyes widened and once again you flush red. Lightly smacking Eric on the arm “Eric!” You glared. “Alright Jen thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful day” I said changing the subject. Everyone said goodbye to the fan. To sum it up, you were so embarrassed, especially when Eric decided to pip in.

After the show was finally over, Eric knew what was coming. The second that camera shot went off he went running. “Eric!” You yelled chasing after him. “Im sorry I had to, it was killing me” He yelled running behind the camera men. “I’m literally going to kill you” You yelled. “No you’re not, you love me” Eric stopped smirking. You glared at him. “Oh come on at least you know he favorites you back” Eric said placing an arm around your shoulder. You hit him in the stomach smirking. “Yah! cut it out we have to go take the pictures with the guests” Eric said groaning.

Everyone gathered up and took a group photo, then singling out so each mc gets a picture with each member. Rapmonster walked up to me smiling placing an arm around my shoulder handing the photographer his phone so he could take a picture with it also, i followed doing the same. The processes is, you do a couple of poses, the photographer takes em with his camera, then more from the phones that are given to him. “You Know,” Rap monster said in between poses. “Suga has a huge crush on you” He continued. Switching Your pose to you about to kiss his cheek, but you really couldn’t because he’s so tall and you’re shorter. “Really” You asked excitedly. Rapmonster bent down a big so you could actually kiss his cheek. “Yep he talks about you all the time” Switching poses you hugged his waist and he hugged your shoulders. “You like him too don’t you” He said smirking. “Maybe” You giggled. “Well you should be up for a surprise in the next few minutes” He smirked once more. “Wh-” You were cut off by the camera man shouting “Next” The next was Jungkook, Then V, Then Jimin, Then Jin, Then once it came to J-Hope you looked back to see Suga nervously waiting his turn. J-Hope wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your around his neck for the first pose. “So I understand you like Suga” J-Hope said as you 2 switched poses. “Is it that obvious” I asked. “Yep” He said popping the ‘p’. He placed his lips on your cheek and you ruffled his hair. “But don’t worry, something goods about to happen” He smirked. “How many of you are going to tell me that goodness. You all are making me nervous” You growled as you switched to the final pose. “Next” The camera man yelled out. Your face flushed a light pink when Suga appeared next to you. “Hi y/n” He said smiling. “H-Hi” You replied shyly. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you wrapped yours around his waist. He kissed your forehead and you blushed. “So I was uh wondering if maybe-” He said inbetween the next pose which was you both standing with his arms around your shoulder and your still around his waist, smiling into the camera. “Maybe what?” You asked smirking moving into the next pose. “Maybe if after this you would like to hangout, like go get some food or something” He asked nervously. You Smirked wrapping your arms around his neck and placing your lips on his cheek, a little closer to his lips than they should have been. “Does that answer your question?” You giggled and he turned a shade of red. “Okay that’s a wrap” the photographer called out “Wait!” Suga said. “One more picture on my phone” He begged. The Camera man smiled as he took his phone. Suga smirked. He placed his leg behind yours and before you knew it you were about to fall but Suga placed an arm around your waist and one on your upper back. You wrapped yours around his neck and for what seemed like forever you were staring at each other. “When do you think they’re gonna realize that the guy already took the pictures” Eric said to Rapmonster. Rapmonster laughed “They’re gonna make a great couple”


anonymous asked:

Hey!🍒 do you have any tips for taking good studyblr pictures? I new to the community. Love your blog so much❤️

Woop woop finally getting back to you on this after quite a few days of my brain being complete mush, so sorry about that. 

Taking studyblr pictures definitely don’t have to be difficult. Take a picture of something studyblr related and there you go. However, here are some small things you can do to make them look a bit more like the drool-worthy pictures you’ll find all over the internet (for understanding my aesthetics goal in life, check out fromroses).

Take a good photo in the first place. I’ve gradually gotten this banged into my head. I used to think that any picture could be made amazing with editing, but that’s just not that realistic. Focus on taking a good picture, and then enhancing it with editing, rather than creating the entire picture when you edit.

Natural light is bae. My room in my student accommodation is cursed with the crappiest natural lighting situation possible. As a result, I very rarely take pictures in there, even when that’s where I study. When you have natural lighting as your light source in your pictures, they will be so much brighter and the colour will be a lot more natural than if you use fluorescent lighting. Also, if possible, get light coming in from several angles and avoid direct sunlight. Of course, good natural lighting isn’t always a possibility, as in my room, but I would still try to take most of my pictures when it’s light outside and turn on all my lights to get my pictures as bright as possible. 

Find your style. Do you like flat-lays? Or do you prefer close ups of your notes? Figure out what you like the best to do, and figure out how best to do it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t deviate from that at all, because you definitely should, but since I know many of us struggle with limited budgets (if any) and limited space etc, finding a style that works for your space etc might make you a lot more satisfied with your results. Again with my room as an example, my desk is a horrid mix of fake yellow wood and an ugly blue colour. Not at all good for flat-lays because it messes up the colour balance and is dark and doesn’t go with anything. So I don’t do flat-lays in my room, because I don’t think they look nice. 

Editing. As I said, edit to enhance a picture, rather than create an entirely new one. I’d reccomend the same apps as anyone else; Afterlight (costs $1, I think??), VSCO (free), ColorStory (free, iOS only), Aviary (free). At this point I really only use ColorStory, because I love love love love their curves tool! When I edit my pictures I usually focus on making them brighter (without losing detail or making them washed out), maybe a bit more contrasted, bumping up the saturation and then sharpening them a bit. Also, I usually take all of my pictures as squares, so I don’t have to crop them for instagram, and because that’s how I prefer them on tumblr. 

In the end, photos and stuff are mostly about personal preference. I like a lot of while, negative space, bright pops of colour, pastels, flat-lays etc, but if you prefer something completely different, GO FOR IT!

Also, if you don’t have access to natural lighting, or don’t have a good camera, or don’t have any editing tools, or don’t have pretty things to take pictures of, remember that that’s not really what it is about. The important thing is that you get yourself motivated. When I started out, posting about what I’d been working on that day, motivated me hugely, even if it wasn’t accompanied by an amazing picture with great lighting (see this post from two days into my studyblr experience as an example, but believe me, there are so many more than that). Also, when I see posts pop up on my dash, the pictures don’t have to be amazing for me to reblog them. I’m just as likely to reblog them for the caption, because I find it sweet or motivating. And when I go through my tag, I try my best to reblog every single post in there. 

My final tip will be this: don’t stress about it too much and don’t feel like there is a standard that you have to live up to to be able to post your pictures, because there isn’t one, apart from the one in your head. Post your pictures, motivate yourself and get back to studying!

Trouble - Marco Reus

I could hear Y/N bumbling about in the kitchen trying out that new recipe she’d been talking about for ages.

“How’s it going, babe?” I shouted from the couch.

“Really well, but I kind of made a mess,” she laughed back. I got up to go see what sort of trouble she had gotten herself into.

“Kind of a mess?” I questioned upon walking into the kitchen and seeing her beautiful face covered in stray marks of flour.

“Shut upppp,” she whined, “I’m sure flour is good for the skin.” I laughed at her and pulled out my phone, wanting to take a picture.

“Smile,” I instructed her as I angled my phone to get a good shot of the disaster. She obliged, giving me a huge grin and posing for the camera. I showed her the picture and she loved it, asking me to post it for her.

I obliged, adding it to her account and captioning it “professional chef obviously…” Within minutes there were a few comments, mostly her girlfriends, but also a guy I didn’t recognize saying “you can cook for me anyday, baby.”

“Who the hell is James?” I asked with annoyance.

“James who?”

“This guy who just called you ‘baby,’” I said, showing her the comment.

“Oh, James,” she said much too warmly, “aw, he’s so sweet. I’ve known him since high school,” she explained, resuming her stirring. I raised a disapproving eyebrow and proceeded to scroll through her past pictures.

James took the time to comment on every single one of them. And I wasn’t fond of the things he was saying. “Why does he have to say something on each and every thing you post?”

I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was rolling her eyes. “Marco, would you just go back to the couch. It’s just a comment on the internet, who cares.”

“I care,” I mumbled under my breath, leaning on the kitchen counter and opening James’ profile.

“Oh, he’s single, what a shocker,” I said, reading his description.

“Be nice,” Y/N cautioned.

I scoffed and narrowed my gaze on the screen. “What does he accomplish by screenshotting your posts and then reposting them? Why does he post so many pictures of you? Why does he use so many heart emojis?”

“Marco, are you aware you’re behaving like a 12 year old boy right now?” she asked irritated.

I ignored and her and kept scrolling in bitter silence until I had nearly reached James’ oldest post and nearly dropped my phone.

“Y/N, what the hell is this?” I screamed, turning the phone to show her the picture of her in what looked like her underwear sitting on James’ lap.

“Oh my God, Marco. That was Halloween two years ago, can’t you see the date?”” she exclaimed.

“Well sorry my eyes went straight to your naked ass sitting on this pig,” I shouted back, tossing my phone on the counter and walking away.

“You’re not honestly angry over a few pictures and comments. Come back here,” she yelled after me. I landed on the couch, pissed and desperate to tune her out.

Y/N stood in front of the TV, arms folded across her chest. “Hellooooooo,” she sang, waving to get my attention. I peeped up at her, my face severely unamused. She sighed and set down her mixing spoon before taking a seat on my lap.

I looked away from her, jaw clenched and eyebrows furrowed.

“Underneath the layer of annoying and childish, it’s kind of hot when you get jealous,” she whispered in my ear.  I liked her words, but I was still mad. “Come on,” she cooed. “You see I never reply to anything he says and that one picture he had of me is from a very drunk, somewhat regrettable night. I didn’t even know you then.” She took hold of my chin and made me face her.

“Don’t you know I’m all yours now and forever?” she whispered lustfully, placing her hot lips just beneath my ear. My hands involuntarily went to her hips and I moaned softly at her touch. “There we go,” she laughed. I pulled her face up and shook my head.

“You are so good at weaseling out of trouble,” I teased before kissing her.

“Well, you’re just so easy to manipulate,” she shot back.

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.”


i needed to make sure my memory card & batteries were good for my camera bc zoo tomorrow– so i tested that out on my gator i got last week. the lighting in my room sucks and i’ll eventually get a good picture setup, maybe.

speedbump decided to model to display size & how difficult it is to find a place to take pictures in here.


The rest of the pictures I took last night on Instagram right after we got home with Namira. She’s SO tiny! She was the runt of the litter (but very healthy!), which is good in our books because Luka is already HUGE, so hopefully she’ll be a little smaller than him fully-grown. She’s so cuddley and just follows Austin around everywhere and cries to be held by him. We’re gonna give her a bath and I’ll take some better photos on my good camera later c: Also, Luka’s so confused by her and usually runs away when she comes up to him, haha.

When in Bali (Luke Hemmings imagine) Part 2

[A/n]: This is part 2, I hope you like it. I’m gonna put here the link for part 1 if you missed it and use the tag #masterlist on my blog so you can find the parts until I finally edit my masterlist. Enjoy!

Part 1 | When in Bali 

Bali was an amazing place I could tell just by the little I saw walking around, taking pics and enjoying the sun shinning above us. I already felt pretty relaxed and happy to have these weeks off to put my thoughts on the right place and have fun for the first time after an exhausting year of work and studies.

The way back to the pool, where everyone was before, was already familiar so I got there easily. I caught the group ,that I met earlier, at the beach right in front of the pool area they were all gathered before. Now the girls played volleyball while some other was just watching with the boys; them all sitting on the sand and admiring the view.

I couldn’t tell if it was the fit girls playing or the sea that attracted their eyes. I took a picture. I walked a few steps until I reached the group and I sat on the spot between Bryana and the blond guy that should put more sunscreen. He looked at me and smiled not showing his teeth. He was adorable.

“How’s around?” Bry asked facing me.

“There are a lot of kids here” I said comparing my smile to hers “,they’re looking good in my photographs.” I saw with the corner of my eyes the guy by my side now watching our conversation and Ashton also joined us.

“There’s gonna be a show tonight at the bar; we should go. This might be fun” I said looking at Bry, Ash and facing to the other side to catch the blond guy’s eyes. He smiled once again and nodded to my invitation.

Suddenly Bryana started a conversation with the girl who clumsily played volleyball. I opened my camera and with my lens I tried to find another perfect picture and I found the beautiful hairy face of the blond guy. I made a click and his peculiar lines were safe.

I put my camera down and looked at the guy who was watching the set. I felt comfortable enough to ask for his attention just to know how was he called.

“What’s you name?” my voice went audible and he turned to look at me and simply replyed with a smile “Luke. And you’re (y/n), right?”

A beautiful name for a beautiful guy. Cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t help. It was true. “Yes.”

I heard Bryana say she was going to walk by the beach and suddenly everyone else left their spots on the sand. It was left me, Luke, the girls playing and two other guys still seated there.

I looked at the horizon and soon we would have a beautiful sunset. Luke still had a smile on his face and kept it until I started speaking again.

“Do you wanna play?” I pointed to the the set still happening in front of us. He denied with his head and let scape a small laugh.

“It’s for girls” He said teasing, I could tell by the way he looked at me. I joined his play and acted like I cared. But let the role fell as soon as I spoke again.

“You say that because you don’t know how to play.” He pretended to be offended and took off his sunglass now showing his beautiful blue eyes that matched perfectly the color of the sea.

“That’s not true” he said laughing like he hided that he really couldn’t play. The girls had finished their game and greeted each other for the set. They came to our direction and when I thought they would seat, them all ran to the pool to refresh.

“Hey, you guys, wanna play?” I asked to the two young men there with us, they were friends with Luke I assumed. They nodded and quickly got up and passed the ball warming up.

I got up too and offered my hand to Luke to help him stand up and get ready for the game. “C'mon. I will teach you how to play. You’re a tall guy, this is gonna be good.”

He laughed and I didn’t know if it was for what I said or for my accent that suddenly sounded pretty funny. He got up and we walked to the other side of the net. While the boys warmed up passing the ball to each other, I made sure to teach the basic to Luke so we could play fine for a long time.

“All you have to do is pass the ball, either to me or to the other side. Make sure not to touch the net. You could block the balls if you want, it can be very helpful since you’re freaking tall!”

I looked at him now analyzing how small I was next to his presence. The guys from the other side of the net laughed and asked to start the game. We nodded and finally we were in our positions to play.

The match was going good, Luke wasn’t clumsy as I thought he was, but I knew we could do better. Just a little strategy would be enough to beat the guys.

After some points, I asked for time and they allowed it. I took Luke by his arm and he leaned so I could whisper close to his ear. I didn’t want our adversaries to hear my new plan.

“They are letting this huge space free behind Justin. The first opportunity we have, the ball must reach there. They will have no reaction to that position so I think it is gonna work.”

Luke heard me carefully and he laughed after I had finished. He petted my head and teased “okay coach.” He went back to his position now smiling wide checking me behind him once again before the ball flew to our side.

A few minutes passed, this was the set point. Luke was about to serve when I shouted at him from my position.

“NO PRESSURE BUT THIS IS THE SET POINT!” he undid his pose and stared at me almost killing me with his gorgeous eyes.

“Thank you, (y/n), this is very helpful!” I laughed and so did Justin and Sam. Luke breathed out and for a second it really felt important to us to win this game.

Luke finally served the ball and it flew in a beautiful curve on the air making it hard for Sam to receive but Justin gave him the support. But it was not enough to make a point because Luke quickly blocked the ball on the net making us win the game.

“YYEAAHHAHAHHAHA” we screamed running and meeting each other at the center of our side and hugging tight in commemoration.

“Can’t believe YOU DIDN’T RUIN IT!” I said and Luke laughed hugging me still tight and lifted me up. It was easy for him to do it, I was less than ¼ of his weight.

He put me down on the sand and Sam laughed at us. We really looked ridiculous and silly at the beach where everyone could see us. Luckily there weren’t much people.

The sun was having its beautiful moment diving in the horizon. It was when Ash and Bryana came back from their walk and had a huge confused expressions wondering what had just happened for us to be laughing like little kids.

My sweaty body was asking for a shower but the sunset was irresistible. So I decided to take my camera and snap a few pictures of the moment also capturing the gorgeous couple in love that admired the view. Bry and Ashton really were beautiful together and it was evident they were happy. The sun went down and we all headed to our respective rooms to get ready for the show tonight.

[A/n]: Part 3 is gonna be up tomorrow. Don’t forget to use the tag #masterlist on my blog so you can find the parts of this imagine by far.

Part 3

The Fiction We Live


Pleated maxi skirts are such a favorite piece of mine… I can’t even recall how many outfits I’ve posted over here with a pleated maxi. My particular favorite combination is a maxi with a black bustier or lace bustier in a light color. Something tight on the top looks amazing with any high waisted long skirt as it accentuates the feminine silhouette and turns it into a sophisticated look. This day was raining actually so I took out this huge floppy hat that saved me and also gave the look a more prairie inspired vibe. I can’t complain when the weather actually plays a part in the outfit making process in a positive way.

Anyways, I’m not in New York right now. I have to confess im in Peru with my family… Decided to take a little break and come for a week or so. I won’t take outfit pictures because I couldn’t bring the camera with me but I definitely stocked up with a lot of outfits from New York coming soon. thanks so much for your lovely comments!!

Las maxi plisadas son una de mis prendas favoritas. Me gusta tanto usarlas que no se cuantas veces he posteado una en el blog. Mi combinacion favorita es usarlas con bustiers (corsets tipo straples) en negro o de encaje en un tono claro. Es un look que siempre queda bien por que estiliza la figura y la falda larga con algo pegado hacen un look bien femenino y sofisticado. Este dia estaba lloviendo asi que saque un sombrero gigante que no solo me salvo si no ayudo a completar el look y le dio un tono mas campestre que me encanta. No puedo quejarme cuando el clima interfiere en el outfit y hace que use otras cosas que mejoran el look.

En fin, les cuento que no estoy en Nueva York ahorita, ando en Peru de visita para ver a mi familia un par de dias. Decidi tomarme un mini descanso asi que no tomare looks aca ya que ni traje la camara pero tengo muchos de Nueva York que posteare estos dias. mil gracias por sus comentarios!

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ASOS Leather Western Tip Waist And Hip Belt

ASOS Extra Wide Felt Floppy Hat

Classic Strap suede platform ballerinas

Scalloped Pleats Midi Skirt

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We arrived at warped tour around 12:15 am. Im Smiling so much. We get there and they took all our water bottle caps like wtf but anyways we get inside entrance 6 right now the Ernie ball stage. We walk straight and are totally lost. We ended up going to the stay wired stay happy tent first but Jason was not there so we went on our hunt for the youtubers tent couldn’t find it. We ended up watching falling in reverse,we the kings,bad rabbits and a few more. We were walking back at 2:49 and we run into a mini meet up. Jason,Ryan, Timmy, and Alex were there :) I was so happy. We hugged 4 times and I hugged/got hugged at least 15 times by Timmy and Alex each. We also bumped In to out came the wolves I said hi to Ervin and alec. Later on we ran into Alec and Austin we took pictures and he gave me 2 stickers. I gave Damon a huge hug and asked him to sign my shirt but he said he couldn’t and he would get In Trouble. I later ran In to him and he couldn’t even stop to take a picture he said he had to go get more film for his camera :(: my heart like broke. I hugged johnnie 4 times. I hugged Johnnie aleast 4 times. It was amazing to finally meet him after being a fan for 2 years. Its amazing to see someone who had once 10k go all the way up to 117K I hugged Bryan and he’s super tall he had to bend down to take a picture with me. I saw kate and cyr too. I also saw Jeffree but was in a rush so I didn’t get a picture. I meet so many people I was and am so happy. I got two shirts from the youtube tent. “Messy hair don’t care”-Damon they only had XL but I had to get it and I got one of Bryan’s shirts too bad johnnie didn’t come with it. Hahaha I spent $40 there and I went to the stay wired tent again I ran I to Alex and Timmy and I brought another shirt that reads “to rad to be sad” for $25 I also meet Bisante !!!!!!!!! The day was so much fun. Watching new band and popular ones. Meet the people who helped make an impact on out lives. Its amazing how we can all get together and enjoy Warped Tour without fearing to be judged because hell yea your weird. Idc I love being a “Freak” Normal is Lame

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Hi guys! As of lately I have had a huge passion for makeup. I have really loved working with all kinds of colors and products, both high end and drugstore. I made an Instagram account and I will be posting my looks, makeup, and tutorials (once I learn how to make good quality ones lol). Also, sorry for the really crappy quality pictures. I took these with my phone but I went and got a nice Nikon camera to take pictures of all my looks that will be in this Instagram. I would love for you guys to follow me on my makeup journey. So please give me a follow if you can. Thank you, I love you all so much ❤️ Makeup Instagram: @wallflowermua

The Terminal

Hi guys! Here’s is the first one-shot of our cool Christmas project. This wasn’t proofread so forgive my (uncountable) mistakes.

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. S-ishFF (trigger: panic attack) 2366 words.

She sighs loudly, a shaky hand tugging her suitcase and the other one firmly wrapped around one the straps of her backpack. Stretching her neck, she glances at the overcrowded restaurant at the other side of the lobby, the tears threatening to fall when she notices the number of people separating her from her destination.

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Hi guys! As of lately I have had a huge passion for makeup. I have really loved working with all kinds of colors and products, both high end and drugstore. I made an Instagram account and I will be posting my looks, makeup, and tutorials (once I learn how to make good quality ones lol). Also, sorry for the really crappy quality pictures. I took these with my phone but I went and got a nice Nikon camera to take pictures of all my looks that will be in this Instagram. I would love for you guys to follow me on my makeup journey. So please give me a follow if you can. Thank you, I love you all so much ❤️ Makeup Instagram: @wallflowermua

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At Black Mass Tour on Halloween, I had the privilage to meet Cody Carson from Set it Off. I didnt know the band for long but I had instantly fell in love with them and their music. So when I found out about them also being on the tour I was stoked. I didnt ever imagine that I would meet any band members esspecially not at my first concert. But I did. Directly after Set it off played he was on the patio and I just walked up and he wrapped me in a huge hug as if we were old friends. It was amazing. We took some pictures and left back inside but happened to see him again after the concert was over. That was when he complimented my costume and took more pictures with me. But as the camera was taking forever to load and I was still standing there awkwardly hugging him, he said things didnt have to be awkward and started to dance around with me. It was perfect. So we hugged and laughed and joked around. And to finish off the best night of my life, he liked my pictures on instagram. BEST FIRST CONCERT EVER.


Met Chris at The Grove yesterday and it was the most amazing day of my life. This was my third time meeting him and by far the best. I’ve never been this happy before ugh. If you wanna know about the entire day, you can read that post here. But here’s how the conversation went (so proud of myself for being calm and just talking to him like we were besties [which we are now]).

Me: Hi, Chris!

Chris: Hi, sweetie! How are you?

Me: I’m so good, how are you?

Chris: I’m great, thank you! I love your dreads by the way.

Me: Thank you so much! *awkward hair flip probably* This is actually my third time meeting you and I realized that I have never once introduced myself, so I figure I’ll start with that. Hi! I’m Sam. *reaches out hand*

Chris: Oh! *cute giggles aksjdgask as he shakes my hand (so soft and nice as always mmmhm* Hi Sam! It’s nice to meet you, thank you so much for coming out again.

Me: Of course! I actually have something for you.

*he’s cute as shit and is like o0o0o0o!! as I’m digging in my bag for it. it was my personal copy of one of my favorite books in the world, Wonder by RJ Palacio. It’s on the best seller list right now but I bought it a few years ago, and it wasn’t then. I had been panicking because what if he read it already like ugughgh but his eyes shot open wide and he basically grabbed it out of my hands*

Chris: Oh my gosh, I haven’t read this yet, I’ve been wanting to so badly!

Me: *internally screaming while also incredibly relieved* DO IT. You need to read it like right now because it’s so good. It’s one of those books that’s really simple but will change your life forever. It’s amazing.

*I had written a little note on the inside cover explaining how much the book means to me and why I think he’d like it so much. He opened it and saw the note and was like ooooh! There was also an Arizona postcard that I scribbled a note on and put in there as a bookmark) As I went on about the book he was just staring at me so intensely and nodding and was so genuinely excited about this*

Chris: Oh my gosh, that’s awesome, sweetie. I’m definitely going to read this!

*Alla took it and like put it in a separate pile so that made me die just a little bit*

Me: I also wanted to tell you how awesome my day is because it’s my first time in LA or California at all, and it’s so amazing here and I got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time and I got to ride the Ferris wheel and today has just been so freaking awesome, so thank you for bringing me out here!

Chris: Seriously? Welcome to LA oh my gosh I’m so glad you got to do all of those things! *genuine excitement huge smile on face i’m crying also Alla and all of his people were so happy about that I was like omg*

Then I was like omg thank you so much!!! and shook his hand again and grabbed my shit and walked away, but then I was like fuck I wanna take another picture so I turned around and opened my camera on my phone and was like “fuck I don’t wanna get yelled at” and Ashley and Will were standing next to me and they were laughing and like omg (I don’t blame them I was a mess also Ashley is gorgeous and Will is soooo hot it’s insane omg) but I never got a picture and then I got yelled at but oh well it was still the best.

Ashton Imagine: Art Students

based on my own text post because it makes me emotional

Ashton’s POV

I don’t even know, mate, I’ve just always loved taking pictures. When I was younger and Polaroids were a thing, I took hundreds of my mom and my sister until they both started complaining that they were probably actually losing their souls.

Since Polaroids were pretty much dead by the time my brother came around, I got a new disposable and was able to take as many pictures of my baby brother as I wanted because he couldn't speak yet and tell me no.

Well, until one of his first words was “no” as he covered the lens with his hand.

I stopped taking pictures of them all because I respected their opinions, but I always thought such beautiful people deserve to be photographed and captured in a moment forever.

When I was 10, and I got my first digital, I tried taking pictures of flowers or landscapes or nature and shit but I just couldn’t. Those didn't speak to me as much.

I realized what I loved about photography was capturing the beauty that everyone has. I loved pictures of people smiling or holding babies or walking puppies because there was just this joy that radiated off them all that made them so much more beautiful.

So, my best friends Calum Hood (illustrator,) Luke Hemmings (sculptor,) and Michael Clifford (game designer) took to calling me “stalker” or “paparazzi” because whenever we go to the mall or school or our old art studio I’d take pictures of people when I was sure they weren’t looking.

I don’t know, though. People are just beautiful.

Your POV

This day is just fucking irritating. Your core art history professor assigned a huge essay due next week on impressionism and your roommate has a “hot” date tonight with this video game designer Michael Something?? and used up all your good makeup without telling you so you’re in a fight with her all while looking like a messy mess because you have no makeup on and you need to read 40 pages on Monet or is it Manet? for that stupid essay and you feel like kicking everything.

Stalking over to the library, you shove your headphones in your ears and blare some illegally downloaded songs so the universe disappears.

The library isn’t that crowded, people are scattered all over the place. Some people are sketching with pencil or charcoal (which is probably against the rules but it’s an art school so no one really gives a shit,) some are working on computers, some are taking notes, but the one person that stands out to you is a boy with a camera strapped around his neck.

Well not a boy. He’s probably a little bit older than you, but his face is very impish and pretty but he also looks really ripped for an art student and also a bit punk because he has cut-off sleeves, a bandana over curly, attractively-messy hair, and a tattoo on his wrist that you can faintly see at your close-enough-but-still-far view as you sit down, view unobstructed, two tables over.

Luckily, he can’t tell you’re blatantly staring at him because he’s seems totally enrapt with his camera. He’s scrolling through, tongue poking out, and he seems as oblivious to the world as you are.

Well, were.

Shaking your head, you force yourself to take the required reading and start writing your marginalia in to use when you actually write the damn essay.

Even though you are taking copious notes, you can’t help but fret over how you’re looking. Your hair is a mess because you left in such a huff you forgot to brush it, you don’t even have foundation on which causes you to feel naked, and since you left so quickly, you didn’t realize until too late you’re wearing the university’s sweatshirt with a tank top under, and shorts that don’t even go mid-thigh.

What if that cute boy looks over? What if he sees what a slob I am? What if I just screwed up a chance with a really hot guy because I was all pissy with my roommate?

You bite at your pencil’s eraser anxiously, forcing yourself to look down at the papers in front of you and pretend to pay more attention than you are when you hear it as the song trails off in your ears.

A click.

Then you see it.

A flash of bright and sudden light.

Surprised, you look up.

And find the Cute Photographer with his camera aimed at you.

Ashton’s POV

Shit fuck I forgot to turn off my flash.

I honestly don’t blamed myself though. She was so gorgeous every thought that was rushing through my head about what I’ll need to fix in photoshop and if these are good enough for my portfolio disappeared as I saw this amazing girl sitting down in front of me.

She’s stunning. Beautiful. Stunningly beautiful and beautifully stunning.

I just had to take a photo.

Without a word and without a single adjustment, my set-to-auto DSLR (that was better and more advanced than my old one that was pretty much my child) and snapped a photo.

And of course the fucking flash went off.

Now this beautiful girl things that I am a total stalker, judging by the surprised look on her amazing face.

I get really nervous and feel my cheeks get all hot and I can’t help but explain, “Sorry, I just love taking pictures of beautiful things. And people. And you were just so beautiful-” I cut myself off before I get any weirder.

Just when I’m about to leave and move to a cave, I see a blush tinge your cheeks too and my fingers itch to take another photo. But I don’t, since I’m probably already weird enough in your book.

“You think I’m beautiful?” Your voice sounds timid and bashful, but a smile lights up your face.

“Y-yeah, absolutely.” I say. “Sorry if I disrespected your privacy or made you uncomfortable, but I’ve had this thing with taking picture of beautiful people for ages and I just couldn’t help myself.” I tell her, because her eyes are so earnest and they just make me want to tell her my life story.

“You didn’t disrespect or make me feel uncomfortable,” You say quickly, noticing me gathering my things. I stop. “It’s actually really sweet of you.” You look down and I have to physically dig my fingers into my palms so I don’t take a picture. “For the record, you’re really beautiful too.”

The blush on my face gets worse. “Thanks.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Ashton Irwin, photographer.” I say automatically, and you giggle.

“Yeah, I gathered.” And I wish I could take a picture of your giggle because it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard. “Do you… maybe want to sit over here?” You say hesitantly.

“I’d love to.” I sit down next to you.

And instead of going back to scrolling through my photos or taking notes on impressionism, you and I end up talking for hours.

Well, maybe I sneak in a few pictures.

With your permission of course.


*Your POV, seven months later*

“You know what, I think there needs to be a couple pictures of you on your camera roll for once.” I say, gently taking the camera from my boyfriend’s grasp as he take a candid of me walking through town with him.

He instantly panics about his baby, “Y/N, Y/N, babe be careful with it, it’s very-”

“Fragile, I know.” You adjust the straps over your head and hold the camera’s view up to your eye because Ashton taught you to never use the huge view on the screen.

He laughs and turns away, but you just take more and get close, because he also taught you that you should always manual zoom by getting closer.

“You’re so irritating, I let you take millions of photos of me!” You pout when he covers his face with his massive hands.

Ash peeks his eyes through, “You’re beautiful, how could I not take pictures of you whenever I can?”

“Being adorable won’t get you out of being a model right now.” You grin and snap a photo. He chuckles out a groan.

“I’m hardly a model, Y/N. I’m not beautiful.” He says simply.

You stop, letting the camera gently dangle from your neck as you step closer to him and take his face in your hands. He goes to say something about the state of his camera, but you don’t let him get a word out. “Ashton Irwin, photographer. You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. Not just in looks, your personality and style and everything just make you so fucking beautiful. Never forget that.” You rest your head against his forehead, standing on your tippy-toes slightly.

He smiles warmly at you, a blush tinting his cheeks, “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

With a sneaky grin, he maneuvers the camera from your neck without breaking it. “Your turn, babe.”

A/N: Hope you guys like this one! If you want some art student imagines for the other boys, message me! Have a good day <3