also my blog is shit and i just reblog stuff

hi! I recently unfollowed a bunch of blogs and I feel like I just keep seeing the same stuff over and over again so I really want to follow some new blogs! even made a lame banner for it. Please give a like or reblog or whatever if you post anything of the sort :

  • Final Fantasy Series - i’m not really picky with a specific game,  whether it’s xv or vi, all good in my book
  • Dishonored
  • Bioshock
  • Skyrim
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • any video games really
  • IF Y❤U MAKE Y❤UR ❤WN EDITS/GRAPHICS  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
  • ~~~aesthet!c shit~~~
  • fashion
  • nature/scenery/etc (anime scenery also counts)
  • ghibli
  • sailor moon
  • pokemon
  • art
  • animals (i love caaaaaaaatssssss!!!111!1)
  • food (sweets n stuff)
  • space

Also this is a sideblog and i follow from @articlemokneys​ just an FYI!

thank you so much!  ♡

tamar-kir-bataar  asked:

Favorite scene was when Kaz goes back to the Slat in CK and fucks shit up.

honestly, thats my fave scene too. its so iconic i LOVE IT! you know what else i love???? YOUR ART OMG. not just the SoC stuff either its just all beautiful!!! i love it all omg, i think i’ve reblogged ur inej before but its so good i cannot. also the background color of your blog is v nice, like a solid color but not in your face. 

2.5K blog compliments

OK so for reference:

Creamsodabubbles is my main blog that I’ve had for forever and I just reblog shit there. Sometimes I post personal shit on this one.

Anicoon is my art blog where I post all my art and reblog stuff having to do with my characters.

Makesexgravy is my NSFW blog where I reblog all my NSFW stuff and reblog my favorite NSFW posts. I also post personal shit on this one but less often.

a lil bit of serious stuff

okay so some changes have been slowly happening to this blog for a while and i just wanted to address it while i’m in an okay headspace.

ive not been posting a lot of carry on recently, and i’ve decided i’m not gonna be in the future either. i will still be active in the fandom and might still occasionally reblog/create for it but this will not be a carry on blog moving forward.

you might also have noticed i’ve been posting just generally a lot of personal shit, which yes i know is probably pretty fucking annoying for you guys.

i’ve felt really guilty for basically wasting all u guys’ time w my personal stuff but this is my blog and sometimes i do need a place to vent or whatever, so for now it will continue. i don’t wanna feel guilty about what i’m posting so if you don’t wanna see me ranting about my life or whatever you are not obligated to stay but i’ll be sorry to see you go.

and lastly i just wanted to thank you guys for 2.4k followers! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 it’s absolutely insane to me seeing how many of u guys there are now?? i’m really appreciative and i really love every single one of you, thank you thank you thank you !

Clone Wars But With Blogs

Anakin: those really negative text posts like “yes i have mental problems, no i dont work on them, yes theyre probably gonna ruin my life someday” “highkey wanna die but lowkey want a milkshake so idk” also robotics nerd stuff and reposted XKCD comics

Obi-Wan: 200% the most hipster aesthetic blog. Waterfalls. Incredibly attractive people in purple lighting. Pictures of sunsets. *~*~follow for more pastel inner peace~*~*

Ahsoka: shitposting and only semi-ironic “reblog this if ur a true 90s kid” she sends anakin the entire bee movie script at least once a month

Padme: SJW hell and maybe some puns once in a while. those posts where somebody says a shitty thing and like six other users just pile onto the post and drag the shit out of them.

Rex: like three text posts complaining about how the site works, all made two years ago

Satine: SJW hell and those posts that are like “you assholes BETTER not have put 6 PS1s down a toilet for The Aesthetic” followed by the picture of 6 PS1s down a toilet captioned with “GODDAMMIT”

Like and/or reblog this post if you’re a Red vs. Blue (AH too is awesome) blog! 

I’m looking for some more RvB blogs to follow so I can have more opportunities to reblog some more stuff for this blog as I’m not making as many sets as I used to. Also, it’d just be great to have a shit ton more of the Reds and Blues on my dashboard. (PS. This is a sideblog, I’ll be following from this blog.)

Anyway yeah, if you could help me out by liking/reblogging this or even suggesting some RvB blogs it’d be much appreciated! Have a Freelancer Dance Party gif~

I still dont understand why so many people follow me bc i am just a loser who reblogs stuff ?? but thank you so so so much for sticking out with my shitty blog. I have had this blog for over a year now and I never have imagined I would reach 100 followers let alone 5k ?? so I decided to do a small follow forever to thank all of the people who have made my dash awesome! Im so sorry if i forgot any of you as i couldnt possibly include everyone right?… I am very much thankful that I found this fandom bc its such a cute family like wow everyone is just soooooo nice! <3 <3

+other awesome people

my dashboard is a yawn at the moment & i would really love to follow more of you guys !

if you post:

  • my chemical romance
  • fall out boy
  • panic! at the disco
  • twenty one pilots
  • + many other good bands
  • supernatural
  • + just funny shit in general

reblog this post, & i’ll check your blog out & most likely follow you, a follow back would be great also because goal ofc !

also feel free to check out everyone who reblogged if you’re into all that good stuff listed up there ^  enjoy.

my dash is dead so here we are again, reblog if you post:

  • seasonal anime (basically if you post stuff from anime as it airs so i know what’s good and can keep up with what’s out)
  • pastel edits (pastel gifs, pastel whatever. i dont really care what fandoms but i’d rather like pokemon or stuff from my /alltags page)
  • naruto (okay yeah i’m still suffering and wanna see more of it on my dash again)
  • some cute shoujo shit (i dont care what i just like suffering)
  • also reblog if you make graphics/gifs/manga colourings (again i’d rather fandoms in my /alltags page but if they’re pastel-ish then sure)

bonus points if you tag what you post when you reblog this
note: i don’t follow blogs who don’t tag fandoms/ship names