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Hi! I love your blog! I'm on season 3 and I want to see more sherlock/johnlock on my dash, I'm only following you and one more blog. Any reccomendations for good blogs? Have a nice day!

I am shit at recommending blogs. So people just reblog or like this post if you are a sherlock/johnlock blog so our friend here can find some blogs. Also friend, you can look at he people I reblog stuff from. They are awesome as well. :)

hi! I recently unfollowed a bunch of blogs and I feel like I just keep seeing the same stuff over and over again so I really want to follow some new blogs! even made a lame banner for it. Please give a like or reblog or whatever if you post anything of the sort :

  • Final Fantasy Series - i’m not really picky with a specific game,  whether it’s xv or vi, all good in my book
  • Dishonored
  • Bioshock
  • Skyrim
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • any video games really
  • IF Y❤U MAKE Y❤UR ❤WN EDITS/GRAPHICS  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
  • ~~~aesthet!c shit~~~
  • fashion
  • nature/scenery/etc (anime scenery also counts)
  • ghibli
  • sailor moon
  • pokemon
  • art
  • animals (i love caaaaaaaatssssss!!!111!1)
  • food (sweets n stuff)
  • space

Also this is a sideblog and i follow from @articlemokneys​ just an FYI!

thank you so much!  ♡

holy shit you guys, the state of Tolkien fandom on Tumblr is… bad. it’s really bad. don’t go into the tags. I’m saving you the trouble, they’re really really really bad, just don’t.

anyway I’m trying to take better care of my mental health so I kinda want to dive back into fandom. like, four days ago I had an epiphany and started writing A Mountain Keeps An Echo again, which… it’s been like four years since I updated that thing and I’m really sorry but I’m 25 pages into a third chapter because all I’ve done lately is write about FUCKING ELVES because I can’t concentrate on anything else.

so that’s a thing. if you liked that fic, here’s your chance to stop hating me. (you’re definitely gonna hate me before it’s over and I’m not even sorry, bad shit is gonna happen)

I’m also gonna try to revive my Dragon Age blog because why have one sideblog when you can have 8,000?

anyway, you can find those at The Lonely Mountain and Thedas Mom so go follow me and make me feel good about myself and I promise I’ll start contributing to fandom again

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omg you're the one i see with the cute art getting reblogged everywhere on my dash. i see your blog name im like owo whats thi-oH SHIT ITS THE DUDE WITH THE CUTE OW COMICS. Why did i not check out your shit earlier. im here now hi! Also gaynettos are a wonderful thing 100% would eat again

aww thankyou!! I’m flattered :’) 

I haven’t tried gaynettos yet bUT I MUST TRY

A little entry about myself and this blog

So since I’m doing reactions (and that’s only because u guys give me requests lol) this blog’s really grown. We’re over 1.000 people nearly 1.200. I just think that I should make some stuff clear: 

I am sorry if you request something and it literally takes ages for me to post it. I’m a busy person considering it’s exams time. So normally I would just hang out on tumblr doing reactions/moodboars/my usual posts but yeaaaah… In about a month everything’s gonna be alright again so don’t wonder why I upload so unregulary. 

Sometimes I just don’t do requests. I still want u to request as much as you can but I honestly have the weirdest shit going on in my inbox that I don’t feel comfortable doing (or ur request is just cringy af sorry)

I don’t do requests strictly chronicle. I chose the ones I want to do the most but I still try too make the first ones before the latest.

A little bit about myself: I’m still going to school and I have (surprisingly) a social life and friends so I can’t always answer private messages or (for the 10th time I’m so sorry) do requests. BUT!!! If you ever feel insecure or just need someone to talk to I’m here! In my private messages is enough room for all of u. You can also text me if u´want to get to know me I’m always happy to make new friends through tumblr. (btw: Y’all can call me Steph or whatever u want)

Masterlist? Rules? If I have enough reactions and time (omg I’m probably so annoying right now) I’m gonna upload da shit asap. Just so you know: U can not only request Reactions. Moodboard, fake messages and stuff (but not written ships pleaaase) are there too.

Hope I didn’t forget to mention something but here it comes: Thank you for following and liking my blog. Every like, reblog, message, ask and request makes me soooo happy!

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🐾 woof.  so I’m gonna go take a nap, but when I come back I wanna clear out my asks and also get stuff movin’ on this blog again. can’t just sit around at a standstill waiting for others, so!

in the meantime, while I go rest my poor eyes, mutuals feel free to like this for a one-liner starter to be done when I get back. I’ll pop by after my zzz’s to reblog it again before doing them and drum up some quick interactions. no cap (yet).

snooze time, pups!

An apology

In the past couple of weeks, I have been posting too much personal shit and few interesting reblogs so I apologise for it.

It’s just been a very rough period in my life, still is, so I am sorry.

I hope that soon enough I’ll be able to blog normally again soon.

Also, recently I’ve done a switch and begun to blog a lot about Israeli/Hebrew stuff, so feel free to block ‘Israeli blogging’, ‘Hebrew’ & ‘עברית’ if you don’t want to see it^^

And pls lemme know whether you’d like anything else tagged as well, I tag everything though unfortunately not consistently enough

I love @markiplier and team’s monthly charity live streams. It’s like spending the entire day with friends and even though I’m usually just sitting at home watching them do dumb shit, it makes me happy. I don’t have friends thanks to anxiety and, even though I only tend to reblog stuff here on my blog, I still feel like I’m part of a community of really cool people lead by one of the most positive guys on YouTube.
I was also really glad that I was able to donate $14aud to Able Gamers (sadly only turned into $10 after the conversation rate… woo…). I’m unemployed and don’t have a lot of money but after hearing Able Gamers motto #SoEveryoneCanGame I had to donate. Games help me feel less anxious and, while I don’t have a physical disability, I don’t think I’d make it through the day without gaming so hopefully my small amount can go towards helping someone else game.
Thank you Mark, Amy, Kathryn, Bob and, most importantly, Chica for today’s live stream and I can’t wait to do it all over again next month!

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Idk if you are still doing them, but I'm late to the party! 🌱 💗 Love u!

who you are to me: A cute cat loving mutual who reblogs the sweetest posts while also reblogging some real ass shit. Some bloggers get big and are too afraid or just don’t want “controversial things” on their blog. I like that you reblog things against pedos and terfs. Thanks for being you

how I remember you: you were the person who reblogged my cat adventures! Also… *stuffs cats in purse*


Hello hello everyone who is kind enough to follow me~

Welcome to my boring blog (ikr i dont even design this shit blog lol idk how)

Quick notice about what’s on this lame blog.

My posts usually only me talking shit abt whats inside my head (unless i reblog quality stuffs from other amazing blog) so yeah I’m lame I know, but hey SHIT TALK IS ALWAYS THE BEST RIGHT LMAO

Of course I would post and reblog a lot about Produce 101 because I’m PD101 trash (yes yes I’m talking about all 99 trainee)

Also I am a Carat, so feel free to talk to me about Seventeen too.

And Monsta x.
And Pentagon.


ok so im swaying more towards anime at this point /,,/, even tho i told myself i would never be an anime blog (too deep in hell) but im still posting other things ,, so basically [ like or reblog ] or whatever if you post the following and ill 100%%%%% check u out and if you look through my archive and feel like we are similar blogs, ill follow u for sure

  • haikyuu!! (mostly !!!)
    • iwaoi
    • kagehina
    • kuroken
    • tsukkiyama
    • bokuaka
    • kyouhaba
    • (((those are my main ships but i also reblog/post general hq!! stuff (heavily relies on the aesthetics) ))))
  • boku no hero academia (welcome to hell amirite)
  • one punch man
  • free! 
  • art, photography or cute stuff ( i also post a bunch of aesthetics !!) 
  • random anime shit tbh
  • phan (dan and phil) makes its appearance every once and a while 


Hey guys, I know I suck hard at keeping up this blog but I do try! However I’ve also got a lot of other stuff going on (moving, school changes, transition things) that makes trying to argue with ridiculous internet shit a bit harder. But I still really like you guys so I think I’m going to make a discord server. That way I can still get that interaction that I accidentally screw myself out of without such a big commitment.

My blog will stay up and I will still reblog/answer things/respond to mentions,, but this will just make me feel a bit less useless. SO stay tuned for the link!


I’m not here to make a big deal out of some 15 year old stealing my artwork and using it, but seriously. Do I have to watermark all of my stuff over their face or body part? Like?? It shouldn’t be so hard to just ask me or other artists to use their stuff. And if they say no then you move on, not do it anyway. What kind of backwards manners shit is that?
I’ve been more than generous making my URL and signature inconspicuous and off to the side and faded so it won’t be in the face or body and be distracting but now it seems like I have to. :/

And what especially makes me mad is the fact that people will reblog their shit and won’t even let me or other people know that their stuff is being used without their permission and continue to support that person for stealing art work until it’s too late to stop it or take it down because it’s already circulated. :/ also people bypassing what I have to say so they can reblog the original edit without me accusing the person of stealing my artwork, you’re just as guilty because you’re allowing them to gain notes and followers and reblogs on something that isn’t rightfully theirs just because you want some aesthetic thing on your blog :/

like I could give less of a shit if you’re some aesthetic editor person, it’s common courtesy to ask before you take something that someone spent hours to do and that wasn’t even made for you. If you want to use my artwork that you may have the rights to, then you commission me and then you can do whatever the fuck you want with the picture then. But not when it’s not made for you and it’s my own picture that was made for myself that I show to the public because I want them to appreciate it because it’s MY work.

Stealing people’s artwork just ruins it mate. Because you’re taking credit for something I did. That’s fucked up dude. :/

hihi, i’ve been meaning to do this for a while now so here it is!  i really can’t process this rn like why do people even follow me? like ?????? :^)  pls ignore my ugly banner thingy with ugly handwriting i did that that shit like in 2 mins rip anyways, i’m bad at stuff like this ( and everything i do tbh lol ) but thank you to everyone who decided to follow this lonely jimin stan i really appreciate it ♥ thank you for also reblogging/liking my edits thank you thank you thank you thank you ♥ ♥  i’m just really happy right now :^) 

bold- mutuals // italicized- people who make me smile♡

♡ ♡ ♡ special thanks to @butohdear-deactivated20151231; going to miss your blog and YOU tbh  ♡ ♡ ♡ thanks for everything ^^ 


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Like and/or reblog this post if you’re a Red vs. Blue (AH too is awesome) blog! 

I’m looking for some more RvB blogs to follow so I can have more opportunities to reblog some more stuff for this blog as I’m not making as many sets as I used to. Also, it’d just be great to have a shit ton more of the Reds and Blues on my dashboard. (PS. This is a sideblog, I’ll be following from this blog.)

Anyway yeah, if you could help me out by liking/reblogging this or even suggesting some RvB blogs it’d be much appreciated! Have a Freelancer Dance Party gif~

dont remove text, it won’t show up on your blog :)

cytolene’s updated faves bbyyyy

  • i had a faves page but a lot of people on it changed styles and such, so I’m making a new one! 


other stuff/benefits

  • you will gain a few new followers
  • have a new friend
  • anddd be on my blog, which gets about 170-200 page views a day :)

thanks ya’ll, get reblogging (also sorry for the crappy image my computer is a lil shit :):))

remember peeps that reposting unsourced tutorials are just as shitty thing to do as to repost unsourced art.

tutorials takes time and effort to make and the creators deserve their credit for it. As well as including what anatomy/reference-books some of the content also comes from, so ppl know where to buy the books and support the authors.

Not telling ppl what book a certain useful reference came from will make them miss out on a lot more useful stuff.

I’ve had some of my protip/tutorial posts reposted with only the parts that did’t include my watermarks, and that post had way more notes than my own original post. And it’s not fun. And it feels hopeless to try to do anything about it either.

If you see a post with a collection of tutorials/references etc and they OP hasn’t even sourced any of the stuff, tell OP to fix that or reblog the post with proper sources/links.

i need to follow more blogs

my dash is really slow and my queue is dying so if you post and/or reblog fanart/meta of

  • free
  • snk
  • madoka
  • nge
  • homestuck
  • chuunibyou
  • persona 4
  • pokemon
  • animation stuff (games, movies, etc.)
  • generally cool art/pretty clothes/neat concept work

reblog this post and i’ll have a look! i almost exclusively follow blogs that are good about tagging their shit so that’s a huge bonus ok

i also wanna make friends based on this stuff so yeah feel free to come say hi? talk to me about fandom? or just? talk to me???

my dashboard is a yawn at the moment & i would really love to follow more of you guys !

if you post:

  • my chemical romance
  • fall out boy
  • panic! at the disco
  • twenty one pilots
  • + many other good bands
  • supernatural
  • + just funny shit in general

reblog this post, & i’ll check your blog out & most likely follow you, a follow back would be great also because goal ofc !

also feel free to check out everyone who reblogged if you’re into all that good stuff listed up there ^  enjoy.