also my art prints are on there too!!!


full piece of my life is strange au for @yoiauzine !!

I realize it may seem like I’m incapable of drawing anything other than star wars ladies, but with the whole Forces of Destiny announcement I’m waaay too hyped! Also, this one does include Hera since so many of you were upset the last one didn’t 

This is available as prints, phone cases, shirts and more in my shops here and here :)

707 flower theme~! Idk should I make the rest of the guys too or not.. It’s available as prints in my tictail store, it’s also available as prints (and first to sold out!) at Creators Super Fest last week. Thank you for your support guys <3

Any of you still play MM? Please share your thoughts of what are you looking forward from my art posts except sinful stuffs lol dont worry it’s on process :D


As a follow up to this post, I made a few new designs and then added these stickers to my Etsy shop!

Thought I might as well make some crystal stickers while I’m at it too!

The skulls are of a Chinese water deer, red fox, stag, bearded dragon, tiger and a Griffon vulture.

A5 prints of each individual skull as well as a A4 / A5  group shot and crystal print are available also! It’s free UK shipping and international postage is available :D

Is Luna’s hair inside or in front of her mane?

The good thing about my art program not working is that I’ve been having a lot more time to experiment with traditional art (there’s a lot of negatives too, but I don’t to think about them)

No matter how much digital art in do, traditional always feels so much nicer to me

Hope you’re enjoying my experiments too
Also, how would you feel about an online shop? I’m thinking prints and occasionally the original art to start with, would any of you be interested in it?

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oh jeeze here we are again. uh!! hi!! im really really not sure why i keep ending up there….but im honored!! uh .. .// / if you’re new around here, heya! im zandra!! i draw lots of stuff, mostly nature n skies tho.

you can also find me on twitter and i have a print shop too. uh!!

thanks for stickin around!! i hope i can continue to draw stuff that you enjoy seein!! and continue to improve . .thank you so much!… a // / more art soon!!

I imagine relationships, even very sincere ones, are super hard when you have secret agendas.

Today I learned wine sometimes helps with paintings??  Also, in the absence of a moody title, here are my two standard playlists of Solavellan music.


Twitter art dump part 2!

Sorry I’ve been so dead lately..There’s been so many things due that I haven’t had much time to draw self-indulgent stuff :’) But I definitely upload art to my twitter often! 

In any case, I love drawing bed cuddles…Mishima is just ??? because when Akira asked him to sleep with him he’d prepared himself for something else (but I mean, this is nice too) 


So my friend Matthew is also friends with my assistant manager Brian. Brian comes in to the salon today and yells “Matthew made you a birthday present with a 3D printer!” and hands me this amazing little 3D printed Mystery Shack! I’m so stoked to paint it! Gotta sculpt a tiny couch for the porch and make the Bill window and roof loft thing on the back of the A-frame. I think I might glue some dried moss to the roof too when the paintjob is done.

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Hi! I was curious if previous art of yours would be able to be bought in dakimakura form? I wanted to buy your Sangwoo print on a dakimakura if possible, but I wasn't sure if you just made previous arts of yours into those. Thank you!

Sangwoo’s art can’t print into dakimakura, the size is too different, Also all the art label commission can’t be printed.

 I actually have a plan to print a small pillow case 55cmX35cm

for those pictures (yes! include Sangwoo ^^


One of my favourite things about Yugioh is that Yugi’s dragon is the ‘dragon of destruction’, ahaha, wish we could have seen more of it! So I drew some Yugi and Gandora! 

1candy12  asked:

How do you deal with people stealing your art I want to post my art but Im too protective of my art I tried once but I always got the feeling in the back of my head that someone will steal it and the thought of it makes me mad

don’t post high res images (aka anything big enough to print and resell – stick to 72dpi and smaller than 1k-2k pixels) and watermark errything!! it may also be worthwhile to officially register a copyright for your work. this will help against truly harmful theft where people try to profit off your stuff, or missed exposure from someone reposting your work without credit. unfortunately you can never be 100% safe from theft or lack of attribution, aside from not posting your work anywhere at all…so for work that’s very personal, you’ll have to weigh whether posting is worth the risk to you

if someone does steal your art, many sites will let you report the theft, although some require you to fill out paperwork proving you’re the original creator of the work. if there’s a way to directly contact the person who’s posting or selling your work, give it a shot, but be professional about it – they may not even know the art is stolen or just weren’t aware of the etiquette involved when posting someone else’s work. if the theft is really bad, aka a big company is mass producing copies of your art for sale and there are serious damages involved, you can hire a lawyer

other than that, just try to be chill about the theft that doesn’t really matter. pick your battles and save most of your efforts for working on your art and presence. it’s definitely a shame that more people don’t respect all the hard work and expertise that goes into art, but don’t let the fear of theft stop you from creating things you love!!


By numerous requests, I filled my RedBubble with WoY artwork. So now you can find my wander art here 
Initially, most images are not designed for print because of the small size and I made stickers. But there are also large pictures that are suitable for large prints.
You can look at it.
I do not really understand Redbubble, so if you have any wishes or questions, or found a problem, let me know. :з
Also, if someone decides to use the services of the site, I’d like to see what you got and look at print quality - so let me know too.