also my art prints are on there too!!!

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Your artwork is so preciouss and makes my day everytime I see it. I wanted to ask if saving your art to use it as phone or PC backgrounds or just for personal appreciation it's ok to you? Love the way you draw Sanji by the way <3 <3 <3

Hello there, thank you for loving my art.

Sure you can use them as personal use, as you like, such as phone/PC Background or avatar (and you don’t need to ask me for permission). Just please don’t claim it as your or print it for any commercial purpose.

Just if you do the repost artwork to some pages (public blog/twitter/facebook page… etc.) Please do credit the link to my tumblr. Translation for comic, ask me before you do then, I want to know which language it’s gonna be translated too also where will it be reposted. 

I imagine relationships, even very sincere ones, are super hard when you have secret agendas.

Today I learned wine sometimes helps with paintings??  Also, in the absence of a moody title, here are my two standard playlists of Solavellan music.

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oh jeeze here we are again. uh!! hi!! im really really not sure why i keep ending up there….but im honored!! uh .. .// / if you’re new around here, heya! im zandra!! i draw lots of stuff, mostly nature n skies tho.

you can also find me on twitter and i have a print shop too. uh!!

thanks for stickin around!! i hope i can continue to draw stuff that you enjoy seein!! and continue to improve . .thank you so much!… a // / more art soon!!


Extended A4 version of my submission for @gfzine. I hope everyone got a copy, because the art I’ve seen so far is absolutely stunning. A physical 600 dpi print of this is available at my redbubble shop, and I’ve fine tuned the lines a bit, so it will look nice even as an oversized poster.

I like drawing Mabel’s hair too much. Dipper’s face is adorable. I officially really hate inking clutter. I always wanted to draw ghost-posessed Mabel (One small step behind Bill-possessed Mabel,) so I’m really glad I got the kick in the ass I needed to finish this piece.

Also, break from tradition here. I’m posting this piece directly to my artblog. My personal is @isoscelesfish.

I’m finally representing SU on what is slowly turning into a sort of fan art wall in my tiny room now that these prints from @dement09 made it here safely!

this photo file was too big to post so I had to reduce the size, but the quality in person is stellar.

also, I love the Amethyst doodle & Peridot sticker, they’re going on my bulletin board once I cool down from the effort of putting these up a foot over my head

((If you were wondering why I’m being hella slow with replies tonight, it’s because I decided to ink this sketch from my art blog up in hopes of turning it into a print. Public service Shallura, YES…FUKKEN…PLEASE!))

((also I really should get working on this fic too, though it’s halted because i dont know whether to have hunk and lance as rookie firefighters or paramedics/nurses. any suggestions?))

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Just a couple quick updates. 

  • I finished my masters degree! and got all A’s in my last semester!
  • I’ve been working on a spring collection of art for my etsy. I’m experimenting with new metallic paints and feminist quotes. 
  • I also will be selling some prints on my etsy too! (I’ve been cleaning up images all week - it’s really kind of fun.)
  • My wife might be selling some of her wall tapestries on my etsy as well- They are so amazing! 
  • and my dad might be selling some of his copper sculptures on my etsy too - so a lot of etsy news (I’ll definitely post more about it during the spring when it’s all up and running)
  • My wife and I are planning our honeymoon - a trip to Copenhagen and Iceland 
  • and finally I’ve found a bunch of new art for you, I’m excited to share it! 

Asexual Pride- Moana

So I’ve got this long list of characters I consider asexual, and I want to slowly go through and draw them with pride flags or colors or some sort, and this cool princess seemed like the best place to start! I also made it with Aromantic colors too:

These two are also available as prints and t-shirts and tons of other stuff over here in my Redbubble shop!

(not sure if the photo showed up in this submission)

This a rundown of how I sent my stickers for proofing to Catprint.  The photo shows 3 of my files and 1 close up of my sticker proof.

Setting up the stickers:

I sent 3 files shown above to Catprint through email.  1 is your art, 2 is your die or kisscut lines, and 3 is both together. Because the file was a custom size I also added a cut line box around the whole thing.  I created my cut lines in Photoshop using the pen tool.

Send the files to Catprint support to have them check everything beforehand. I didn’t have any issues though, they approved them immediately.

Placing an order:

I placed an order myself for my prints and let Matt from Catprint add the holographic sticker sheets to it.

Sticker issues:

For some reason my sticker sheet was too large so the printer couldn’t handle my die cut file. They had to shrink it by a tiny bit (like .25 an inch) to make it work which was fine with me. However, I didn’t know that they had problems with it until I got an automated email letting me know only my prints had shipped.

The sticker status on the website kept being sent back to “printing” instead of moving forward to “waiting for approval” (aka proofs shipped). When I contacted Matt, he let me know they were trying to get it to work but that they might need to edit the size. So, just FYI keep an eye on your order status if you’re in a rush. I let it go a few days when I could have emailed Catprint about it and fixed it immediately.

Sticker Review:

I’m happy overall with the sticker quality.  They did miss one of my cut lines across the top but I can let them know when I place my actual order.  I mentioned this in my other submission but normally the stickers are not shiny unless you add the prism coating, FYI.

The proof did get shipped in a regular envelope which lead to it getting bent, but I’m sure real orders will come protected in a box.  It also arrived 1 business day after it got printed, so whatever.

Even though I put a lot of my kisscut lines very close to each other, there were no overlaps in the cuts.  I probably will move some of them further away from each other for the final. The only thing is it’s very hard to tell where the stickers are kisscut, at 1st glance it looks quite flat.  However there is no issue peeling the stickers off the sheet.

The sheet does feel quite thick with the prism coating and there is something very very slightly off about it compared to stickers you might buy at somewhere like Target.  Nothing wrong with it per se just a little different, I’m not really sure how to explain.

However, with no minimum, extremely competitive pricing, and the ability to set up your own sheets with however many cuts you want, I would recommend Catprint. If I printed individual stickers in large quantities I probably would go through a sticker-only company though.

Gone too soon but she’s back for an encore! My exclusive print for @DesignerCon that will also be available on canvas, email me for info.

Also, woohoo for season 2. Maybe Barb will come back in a dream sequence👍🏽

Due to all the overwhelming love from you guys, prints of my “Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes” painting are now available! Thank you for all of the kind words!

Just finished my new Yuri On Ice art print! :D It’s hard to capture Viktor’s sexiness! I absolutely LOVE the opening song for this series and I’ve been listening to it on repeat the entire time I worked on this art. It’s such a great song. Makkachin is really cute too. Check out my tumblr for the lineart if you want.

I’ll also have this art as a print for sale this weekend at PMX! Please come say hi if you are PMX! It will  be my second time doing Artist Alley!

Halloween time! 🎃
My two favs dressed up being real spooky.

I had a lot of fun drawing this~

Oh and btw you can get this as a print at ✨ VIECC 2016 ✨ which is in November ⭐️ I’ll have a bunch of other Persona stuff there too + I’m also working on a RyoMina Douji rn, so I’ve been quite busy this month!〔´∇`〕

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