also most of them are my own screencaps (i mean the comic ones)

Jake English is the most intelligent character in Homestuck. And he hides it deliberately.

For a given value of “intelligence”, anyway. I don’t hold that much truck with the concept in general–there are different kinds of intelligence that run the gamut of human skills, and reducing that to a single concept is reductive, to say the least.

However, it’s hard to deny that there are real cultural forces in our society that do treat intelligence as a monolithic descriptor of skill and worth, and it’s a cultural idea as pervasive in reality as it is in Jake’s character arc.

For that reason alone, I’ll be using “intelligence” as a term referring to Jake’s awareness of and competence at identifying and solving problems throughout this sequence. The term as I am using it here is only relevant in the context of the themes and language Homestuck sets up. 

Intelligence, competence, and awareness are key parts of Jake’s relationship with the people around him, and particularly with the way he is dehumanized, taken for granted, and abused. 

In fact, almost every character Jake is close to in canon questions his intelligence at some point:

And this dynamic isn’t just present in the characters. It’s in the fandom as well. 
Fandom perception of Jake English often considers him comically unaware of his surroundings and reality, dense and slow or even straight up unable to pick up on ideas that come naturally to many of the other characters.

This is true across the board of opinions of his character: Some consider Jake a self-absorbed, thoughtless asshole, others still consider him a helpless victim who isn’t quite quick enough on the uptake to keep up with how he’s manipulated by others.

It’s hard for us–the fandom, I mean–to be sure of just how much Jake understood about how badly Lil Hal treated him (and by association, Dirk, in much of the fandom’s eyes). Or that Jane liked him. Among other things. It’s part of the general air of helplessness and incompetence that surrounds Pages, I guess, and air set up around Jake for quite a lot of his narrative:

(Note: This is Brain Ghost Dirk specifically questioning Jake’s intelligence.  
I hope you’ve got some good note taking pens, because this is going to be important later.)

It’s pretty much accepted that the degree and reach of Jake’s intelligence is, at the very least, a matter of debate. I am here to say that it is not. At all. And I can prove it. By allowing ourselves to doubt Jake’s intelligence, we–the fandom– have performed the equivalent of deciding Dave’s cool guy act is the real deal. 

We have fallen for Jake’s bluff. I’ll explain. 

Plenty of people are aware that Knights, as a class, tend to act out personas that reflect ideas about how they think they should act. 
For Dave, that’s the stoic Cool Guy archetype, which he eventually grows out of:

For Karkat, it’s his ideas of being a Ruthless Big Shot Leader, which he also outgrows by the end: 

And Latula has the thing about being a R4D SK4T3R G4M3G1RL!!! I don’t really think we need a quote to establish that–Dave and Karkat prove my point well enough, and this is pretty much common fandom knowledge. 

What I don’t think is common fandom knowledge is that Pages do the same thing, but for a different purpose. Pages and Knights both set up Personas that they project into the outside world. And both of them do it to control how other people perceive them. But for different reasons.

Knights do it because they want to be perceived as capable, in control, and unflappable, basically. Karkat wants everyone to rely on his executive ability as a Leader. Dave wants to be admired and validated by his friends, or. Well. Anyone. In essence, Knights want to be relied on by others. 

Pages, on the other hand, develop this fabricated identity for themselves. At this point, I should mention I’ve come to agree with Tex Talk’s view that Knights are a passive class and Pages are an active one. 

Knights use their aspect to benefit others. Pages use it to benefit themselves.

Horrus develops a strangely blank persona, so conspicuously fake it is hard to tell if he even reacts to input–so it’s easy for him to just pretend he didn’t hear it when Rufioh tells him he wants to break up–again, I don’t really feel like going through all of Openbound to get all the screencaps and I don’t think they warrant that much space on this post. 

Tavros does the same thing, enveloping himself in his games and fantasy so much that he veers away from almost any responsibility in the session, and does only what he wants to…unless Vriska is stealing that ability from him. However, even through her abuse,  Tavros manages through sheer presentation of his person to encourage the other trolls to help take care of him. 

Specifically, by giving him increased mobility–mobility and freedom of movement being concepts closely related to Breath. It’s worth mentioning Tavros is able to inspire this care not just in Kanaya, but in Equius, who looks down upon lowbloods and whose culture would have encouraged him to KILL Tavros for his weakness rather than help him. 

But because of Vriska’s exploitative and cruel influence on him, I’m not sure to what extent he really lives up to his full potential. That said, he DOES manage to completely live out his own personal fantasy, coming to embody both his childhood image of Peter Pan…

BUT ALSO being the only one of the Alternian trolls to accomplish his original childhood goal: Becoming a Cavalreaper.

Get it? He’s literally cavalry. Ha ha. Is this kind of a fucked up victory? Maybe, yeah. But it’s fitting that the character obsessed with the Peter Pan fantasy of leading a troupe of “Lost Boys” never really grows up with the goals he sets for himself. Maybe it says something about Tavros, or about the nature of Ghosts–either way, it definitely seems intentional. 

Anyway, the Ghosts are another essay for another time. Time to talk about the kid I actually want to talk about:

Jake English has a fabricated persona, too. For Horuss, it’s nothingness. For Tavros, it’s endless childhood and Peter Pan. But Jake’s persona is a contrast to Dirk’s (and Dave’s) Cool Guy persona. Personas that, for each of them, sit at the dead opposite end of the spectrum from who all three characters actually are. 

And for Jake’s constructed persona is that of the Hot-Headed Hero.

And like Horrus and Tavros, Jake indulges this fantasy version of himself even when he actively knows it makes no sense to do so, simply because it’s the fantasy about his life he wants to live out. 

But like Dave and Dirk’s presentation of themselves as cool guys unphased by anything, this persona is a complete lie.

Jake is demonstrably extremely nerdy…

He collects pointless minutiae about his favorite movies and comic books. He looks up to comic book heroines so much he wants to dress up like them. 

And also intelligent, curious, and good at evaluating the potential consequences of his actions–traits he literally willfuly holds himself back from. 

His Modus is by far the most complex of all the kids. He uses a Puzzle Modus that allows him to fit any amount of items he wants in it’s storage space…so long as he can successfully spatially fit every single object within a finite space. 

And Jake captchalogues a LOT of shit. Meaning he has to keep all of this inventory and know how to spatially navigate it to fit everything he wants at all times. And he does this casually, as a part of his daily interactions with the world around him. 

But perhaps more telling than that is how Brain Ghost Dirk describes his own creation: 

Brain Ghost Dirk implies that he is a Dirk splinter, but specifically a Dirk splinter that exists entirely through the ideas Jake has about Dirk. 

In other words, Jake knows and understands Dirk so well that he can pretty much perfectly remember his body, movements and mannerisms on command. Again, not even actively, it’s just kind of how Jake English rolls-thinking about Dirk all the time is the status quo. 

And Brain Ghost Dirk claims to be Jake’s literal brain, talking back to him.

Which means when Brain Ghost Dirk calls Jake out on something, he is forcibly communicating important information to Jake that Jake is actively choosing to ignore. It’s Jake talking to himself, not Dirk giving Jake information he doesn’t have by talking to him through Brain Ghost Dirk.

We have reason to believe the Ghost about this, since Dirk never expresses having any awareness of Brain Ghost Dirk’s existence. 

So what important information does Jake willingly ignore? Well, earlier we saw him justify beating up a random alien girl even though a part of his brain knew she wasn’t actually Sea Hitler, and he kind of just wanted to play the part. But surely we can do better than that. How about everything about his friends’ feelings about him that makes him uncomfortable?

Callmearcturus wrote this brilliant thesis outlining why she thinks Jake deliberately manipulated Jane into failing to confess to him
, but I’m gonna run over it real quick to ground it in this context and sell you on the idea that this is, in fact, not a theory and explicit canon.

Because we don’t need to guess at this by reverse-engineering Jake’s well-established feelings for Dirk. Roxy literally tells him Jane has these feelings before Jane herself does:

Jake recognizes what Roxy is saying, and guesses what she was alluding to on her own. Roxy doesn’t deny it by any measure, and when she asks Jake to drop the issue, Jake says he understands the dilemma this puts her in with Jane. 

To stress: He received this information in confidence and knows it for a fact. And he trusts the information he receives so much that he then ACTS on it. After talking to Roxy, Jake messages Jane himself, OPENING by mentioning Roxy told him Jane was going to be contacting him.

And then he himself broaches the subject of their romantic feelings for each other:

But when Jane outright asks him if he has something he wants to say to her, Jake expertly dodges the question, keeping his options open while putting the onus of taking the first step and revealing her feelings on Jane again. 

And then, once he’s got her trying to answer…

He KEEPS asking her, interrupting her several times while she starts to try sorting out her thoughts. He puts Jane under a LOT of pressure here, which…considering Jake literally KNOWS the answer, is a pretty shitty thing to do! Even if Roxy hadn’t LITERALLY TOLD HIM mere minutes ago, Jane’s reactions here would have confirmed Jake’s suspicions beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt. 

Unless, of course, one has a reputation for not thinking things through or being aware of their surroundings. 

Once Jake has his answer, he doubles back, making sure to ask her AGAIN while she’s off balance….

And he then shuts her down when she tries to take the initiative on taking it back and being honest, quickly following up by IMMEDIATELY letting her know he’s relieved about this–signaling his disinterest BEFORE she has a chance to reveal she actually does have a stake in the matter.

He then uses his goofy, unaware, trusting persona to set up a status quo where Jane continually helps him by acting as a sounding board for all his thoughts about Dirk–essentially, putting Jane inside a gender-flipped version of the laughable stereotype of The Friend Zone.

But wait a minute. Jane is one thing. But if Jake is actually this smart, aware, and capable–then it kind of has ramifications across all of his character interactions. What else changes if we read Jake this way? I know I said my next post would be on Roxy, but, uh…yeah. This one kind of got away from me. 

In our next entry, we’re going to talk about Why Jake does what he does, and Why he seems so genuinely confused about it later into his narrative. We’re also going to look at some of the other consequences his Jake’s approach to his friendships has for his friends. 

We’ll also make a case for Why exactly Jake ultimately falls in love with Dirk Strider, how and when Jake demonstrates and acts on that love, and if I can manage to squeeze it in–maybe even uncover the way the Heart aspects’ two different themes of  Souls and Romance/Shipping are conceptually connected.

And on that note, it’s worth pointing out that there’s one notable exception to the list of people fooled by Jake’s presented persona. One character who not only never talks Jake’s intelligence down…

But instead talks Jake’s intelligence UP when he talks badly about himself. 

Dirk Strider.

See you again soon, everyone. 

Until then, Keep Rising. 

Day 10: Favorite Romance

Fair Warning: This is an incredibly long essay with tons and tons of flycammed screencaps.

Obviously, my fav romance is Shakarian. It’s my favorite for many reasons, but I think the reason that I like it best is simply because it is actually a romance. I honestly love it so god damn much that I’m having a hard time focusing on what I want to talk about with it, because its that damn good.

I think I’m going to talk about the development of it, because there’s lots of essays out there already about why they’re suited for each other or what makes them such a good pairing. What I think is particularly interesting about the way the Shakarian romance is set up is that so much of the romance is not in what they say – it’s in how they say it.

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i’m getting really nostalgic right now so for people who have been fans of regular show since the beginning who remembers
• when the fandom had more than like 7 people and new episodes were talked about
• that one kid in class who would always go “you know who else ____? MY MOM!!”
• rigby died at least once every season
• those previews that ended with a still of the park and a narrator saying “regular show: it’s anything but. new episode monday at 8.”
• lady pecs
• before eileen was introduced so in a desperate attempt to give rigby a love interest people made female raccoon ocs that all had the same “cool chick, loves coffee and video games” personality
• party tonight was the ultimate jam
• but there was that super weird official music video for it that cartoon network released that had people actually dressed up as the characters and it just… nyeeeh
• “cj was a really cool character i hope she comes back one day and makes up with mordecai”
• super saiyan benson
• it was pretty much agreed by everyone that the funniest scene was when muscle man got punched by the hammer and his own boobs hit him in the face
• “i hope mordecai and margaret kiss under the mistletoe in the christmas special!”
• techmo was everyone’s fave
•when bendrey still like existed
• that meme about mordecai eating salad
• the acid trip from weekend at benson’s and how you will probably never listen to mississippi queen again without imagining mordecai, rigby, and benson stumbling down the street while dancing chili peppers distort reality around them
• people editing that scene from brain eraser where the cashier guy goes “i watch it all day, every day” with their favorite show
• the really creepy original ending to terror tales of the park 2 (you see mordecai and rigby’s mangled dead bodies at the scene of a car crash and then everyone goes to hell)
• the promo for bad kiss coming out and everybody flipped
• 10 hour long loops of summertime lovin on youtube
• everybody being super proud when mordecai punched benson… yeah you know the moment
• back when rigby was just starting to like eileen but not quite so in ship fics and stuff he was depicted as like “gosh i HATE eileen and her STUPID face so why do i want to KISS HER SO BAD?”
• mordecai’s mom cecilia
• when power tower first aired and for some reason that was never explained the colors were all wrong and did it kind of hurt anyone else’s eyes?
• future meets the past (HAVE FUN BIRTHING US)
• art of rigby and rocket raccoon
• this is probably really dumb but… i miss when margaret almost always wore yellow for her casual outfits? like, i don’t know, but i still headcanon it as her favorite color :3
• people thought rigby was gay for mordecai (but come on they weren’t wrong) because he showed no interest in girls or dating for the first, second and arguably part of the third season
• “thomas is such a boring character why did he even join the show?”
• when benson told mordecai and rigby he loved them in blind trust :_)
• don’t lie, you HAVE thought about changing your name to trash boat
• “they should use the song come on eileen in the show”
• that mordecai in art school flashback and how everyone thought it was the cutest thing
• everybody hated benson after best burger in the world
• when rigby ran on all fours more often… i miss that :_(
• crossover art with adventure time
• mordaret was the most popular ship in the fandom seriously everybody was rooting for them
• i think benpops was pretty popular too
• that scene from terror tales 5 where rigby goes “let’s do something REALLY scary!” and pops goes “we could go to bed early and be alone with our thoughts” and how every once in a while the regular show tag will be spammed with the same screenshot of it over and over
• meteor moves had half the fandom screaming over the mordaret kiss and the other half reeaaally mad about the whole friend zone thing
• you probably tried to send something to the moon once, it most likely didn’t work
• that part from video game wizards where mordecai is trying to sleep in a motel room while rigby blasts his homemade song on a boom box outside and how people always replace the song with another one in edits that are all like “trying to get your friend to listen to ___”
• “omg donald trump tried to destroy thanksgiving in regular show!”
• chad and jeremy fan art/fanfictions EVERYWHERE
• the preview for steak me amadeus came out just a little after adventure time’s fire and ice aired and people were like “i have a bad feeling about mordecai and margaret since finn and flame princess just broke up”
• people wanted cj to be the new waitress at the coffee shop after margaret left
• did anyone else try to learn how to do mordecai’s robot from the tgi tuesday dance battle? no? just me? okay
• the fandom went nuts when phone recordings of comic con panels were uploaded to youtube (also remember when william salyers acted out rigby asking eileen for a date? good times)
• “can mordecai fly?”
• the calvin wong/toby jones and hilary florido/madeline queripel board teams
• i think cloudyleen was a thing for a while
• ooh also cj x thomas was actually pretty huge i’m pretty sure even one of the storyboarders like toby jones or owen dennis or someone said they shipped it
• admit it at one point or another you have wanted a mordecai and the rigbys t-shirt or an eggcellent hat
• i don’t remember the exact situation but someone from the show posted something about “ready to go steady” and tagged it rigby and eileen and nobody knew what it meant but the shippers had a field day
• how benson’s car was accidentally aired before the terror tales episode that explained how thomas got stuck wearing his pizza costume until thanksgiving so HE JUST RANDOMLY WALKED INTO THE HOUSE DRESSED AS A SLICE OF PIZZA WITH NO CONTEXT AND WALKED RIGHT OUT HAHAHAHAAAHA
• the tag after maxin and relaxin aired being flooded with screencaps of all the mordeblushes
• after the movie there were people who went “SEE this is why i hate rigby he’s selfish and ruined mordecai’s future and lied about it” and then there were people who went “LOOK AT HIM RIGBY MY SON HIS PARENTS DIDN’T BELIEVE IN HIM NO DON’T CRY HE’S TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER HE GOT BRUTALLY REJECTED FROM THE MOST ACCEPTING COLLEGE ON THE PLANET HE HAS SUCH LOW SELF-ESTEEM I WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG”
• eileen’s rock polisher jokes
• the mordaret shippers getting excited for diary but then “I THINK EILEEN LOOKS HOT WITHOUT HER GLASSES ON!” and the rigleen shippers rose
• the titles and synopses for the first few episodes of season 6 being released and they were all about muscle man and the entire fandom was like “aw CRAP HERE COMES ANOTHER SEASON 4 BOYS”
• a lot of people were even praying that the end of muscle man was about his untimely death
• speaking of which remember how like half the fandom went “damn they had the perfect opportunity to kill off muscle man” after last meal haha
• the running gag where maellard always called benson the wrong name
• also the one where margaret had a new boyfriend every episode
• you may or may not have known someone who said “TGI TUESDAY!” every tuesday for like a year
• the best rap in the entire show was probably when mordecai was telling rigby off in sweater woes for being selfish and not moving on from margaret (“not fine not fine!”)
• screen caps of those animatronics from fuzzy dice with the caption “is this five nights at freddy’s”
• when the post card was announced and all the writers were like “it’s a hi five ghost episode! no, really!”
• “you really have to blow, you’re not blowing hard enough, BLOW HARDER!”
• this was in season 7 so not exactly old but sam spina’s bad art contests
• the swift rise and fall of the cloudygret ship at one point in the love triangle i think it was after eileen flat screen aired
• everybody making their own theories about skips and his “mystery lost love” and then there were tears when skips’ story aired
• muscle man getting beaten up to holly jolly christmas and we all laughed because he deserved it
• benson’s girlfriend veronica
• “i can’t believe evangelion copied regular show”
• you’ve witnessed the introduction, filling, and re-digging of the crash pit
• the eileen flat screen fake out where jg quintel hyped the episode and said it was gonna be big and people immediately thought “RIGLEEN” but it was like nope margaret’s back
• “still think i’m a momma’s boy?”
• people making thomas memorial videos or “rip thomas” text posts after the real thomas aired
• how a lot of people left the fandom after the two great controversies™, meteor moves (“FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE!”) and the season 6 love triangle, also the real thomas but to a lesser extent, but most of them still went “but tell me when rigleen becomes canon yo”
• is it just me or will my favorite scene always be the season 4 ending where rigby joined mordecai on the park house roof and they watched the sunset together
• “you take margaret to the airport?” “yeah” “you want to talk about it?” “no” seriously if this is not your favorite moment then why not

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Vecipio and What is Vecipio? I see you make posts about it. I think you said it was a sonic thing?


Vecpio? Why, it is a sonic thing! Vecpio is a M/M Sonic ship involving Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon. Honestly, it’s the closest thing I call to an “OTP”, cause I absolutely love this ship.

Why I ship it? Well, even though Vector had Vanilla as his crush in Sonic X, Vector and Espio’s bond is definitely one of the more stronger ones in the Sonic series.

Here’s a great example, take a look at these two screenshots from the opening of Sonic Generations:

That my friend, is pure terror on Espio’s face when he sees Vector being pulled away by Time Eater. Normally, Espio would be someone who really wouldn’t have much emotion, but seeing someone who he probably considers the closest thing to a best friend being sucked away, naturally he’s horrified. 

Then there’s the whole thing with Charmy, honestly I can envision these two acting much like parents to Charmy. Considering his age, and even if he works as a Detective, he probably sees Vector and Espio as the closest thing to parents. (heck, one headcanon I have is that when these two tell Charmy they’re in a relationship, he likes to jokingly call them “Mom and Dad”, Espio being the mom and Vector being the dad.)

And finally, there’s the little things, Heroes was the start of all of this (if you don’t count Knuckles’ Chaotix). And it’s definitely where their strong bond started, as seen during the various conversations both in cutscenes and hint rings. Not to mention this:

I mean, just look! They have their own handshake and everything!

Now, here in Shadow the Hedgehog, we have this little moment prior to level 4: Mad Matrix, in which in this cutscene, Shadow enters a portal to the level and Espio follows behind him.

I mean, like you know that when he’s wishing Espio good luck, as well as having his arm around his shoulder, that means that he means well (and VERY well). 

And keep in mind, outside of Sonic and Amy’s interactions, this is an example of the very few moments two characters have had the most physical contact. And it’s not just in Shadow the Hedgehog. Heroes, X, and the Archie Comics included

And finally, in Sonic Free Riders, Vector’s main intention was to win the prize money not for himself, but for the Chaotix in general. Vector was willing to go as far to do something he’s probably never done before just for Espio and Charmy. Granted, while there was no prize, you have to admit: Vector did this race, and endured taunting from the Babylon Rogues just so he could put food on the table, That, is true dedication to your team.

Anywayyy, outside of the games, there’s actually more.

This also includes the various Chaotix scenes in Sonic X, where if anything, most of the Vecpio moments shines (more so in the Japanese version), as they constantly bicker like a married couple. As a result, Vecpio has become possibly one of the most popular M/M sonic ships in Japan.

(an example of said bickering scene, and one of the various times you see these two that close to each other in X)

(also they’re staring into each other’s eyessssssssss :333333)

(*ahem* back to the explanation)

And as for the Archie comics?

Yup, their bond is as strong as it is in the games.

Not only that, they’re the only reptiles in the SEGA-verse games, and there’s a huge size difference, and I have a soft spot for those kind of things.

In the end? Yes, while I think this is a cute and adorable ship and shonen-ai fangirling aside, this couple is based on one thing, trust. Because let’s be honest, when it comes to Espio’s life in general, his past and life before the Chaotix, he’d probably never tell anyone except Vector. Why? Because I bet you, out of everyone he knows, it’s Vector he trusts the most. If Espio’s committed to being by Vector’s side, then you’re sure as hell he’d be committed to being in a relationship with Vector, and the same applies with Vector as well.

Overall, it’s their bond, and their character development over the games is the reason as to why I ship Vecpio. Because it’s their attachment as teammates, as partners, as friends, where I headcanon them realizing: “This is the person who I want to spend my life with”.

EDIT: Well, it’s been a while since I did anything with this post. I guess I can use this time to discuss a few more Vecpio things I forgot to mention while making this post.

Back onto the characterization part of Vector and Espio, many people consider Vecpio to be a “fire and ice pairing”. Vector being the fire: outgoing and loud, while Espio as the ice: introverted and quiet. Despite this, Vector and Espio ca settle aside their differences and work together as a team.

How does this have to do with Vecpio?

When you think about, Espio never really seems to be super annoyed with Vector’s antics. In a relationship, he probably wouldn’t even mind so, and considering how much patience Espio has, it probably wouldn’t even bother him at all. So scenario: when you got Vector telling stories to their friends, Espio’s probably just there finding whatever coming out of his mouth amusing, but in a way that makes him smile.

Next, one last game thing, and I can’t believe I forgot this. Vector and Espio have gotten screen-time in the Mario & Sonic series, more specifically, Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games for the Nintendo DS. This goes back to what I said about Sonic X’s Vecpio momnts, where it feels like they act like a bickering married couple. Take a look at these series of screen shots:

(would like to take a second to thank vedj-f for getting these screencaps for me)

Ya see? Just like a bickering married couple. (also if there so totally any tension going on here i dunno what :P)

And finally, I guess as a little side thing: The scene I mentioned in Shadow the Hedgehog: now GIFed by moi:

(apologzie for the green pixels. my gifcam is dum ><)

anonymous asked:

Hey, uh, I love your art! I draw a bit myself, and i'm trying to improve, except i'm not the best at drawing bodies. I'd love it if you could do just a small tutorial about it, if it's no trouble, because I noticed how well you draw them. I do understand if you wouldn't want to though. Uh, thanks!

Hello, and many thanks!! Body scales & dynamics & whatever can be a bit painful to grasp at first, and I still have a lot to learn myself, but I’ve gathered some general info here about things I’ve personally found helpful along the way! (Apologizing beforehand because I’m not very good at explaining stuff, especially in English, but I’ll do my best!)

There are many things that are good to keep in mind when drawing bodies, but I think maybe the most essential of those things is to always focus on the big picture before the details. This, at least in my case, means focusing on the posture before the actual body parts. Of course, technically the body is just the sum of its parts, but the person using the body makes it a lot more than that! 

It’s also good to remember that people’s body types can be very different from another. this is just part of the fun! The absolute best, most efficient and “authentic” way of practicing all this, the anatomy, poses, posture and the whole human body in general is, in my opinion, croquis drawing

“Croquis drawing is quick and sketchy drawing of a live model. Croquis drawings are usually made in a few minutes, after which the model changes pose and another croquis is drawn.
The short duration of the pose benefits [—-] the artists because it helps them concentrate on the essential elements of the pose. An artist does not have time to draw all the details, so they learn to concentrate on the important elements.” 

Below are just a few of the poses I doodled in a nude drawing class in high school (except the biking pics, those i did from a screencap). I’ve wasted approximately 1-10 minutes on each one of these:

I honestly learned more in that class than I had from any body drawing tutorial before that. Seriously, just drawing & observing from life, much recommended! 
If nudity doesn’t suit you, I suppose it’s even easier to find somebody clothed to model for you. Or, you could go somewhere public and doodle people as they’re passing by… the chances are endless. Even if you don’t have anyone to draw, you can of course practice croquis from screencaps/other pictures as well. For example in deviantArt there are many clubs with galleries full of all kinds of pose reference pictures imaginable! This is one of the clubs I follow as well. (watch out, occasional nudity!)

(Pssst, if you have a hard time not to get stuck on details, trying to get the basic features of a pose down using your non-dominant hand is a good trick; this way drawing details becomes impossible so you don’t have any other choice than to focus on the big picture.)

So, you want to get on with it and start creating your own poses? Great! After getting a grip on the basic nature of the human body, that shouldn’t be impossible! 
Now, as I said in the beginning, I can often have a really hard time explaining things, but god has truly blessed my unworthy ass because Sycra’s videos have an answer, if not for every question, then at least to some of them. In this case I’d especially like to point out this one, How to Draw Poses with Purpose, because it covers a lot of the things I always keep in mind when drawing poses of my own. 

You’d also want to have a look at this one, it’s about the sense of rythm in a drawingHow to Draw Twisting Forms is something to check out as well, and last but definitely not least, How to Practice Drawing in general.
Please, check out the other tutorial videos from Sycra as well! Besides being a good artist, I can only marvel his ability to explain all kinds of difficult aspects of drawing. I wish I had found his channel earlier!

Something I’d like to add to the videos: When figuring out a pose, think about the feeling/message you want to convey through it. Do you want the character to look confident, for instance? Well, there are several ways to characterize that kind of feeling, often depending on the environment & situation the person is in. This is a thing that is learned mostly through own experiences and observing others. For example:

The pose on the left is very exaggerated, even so that it comes across as kind of comical. This is a pose I would probably strike if I was bragging to my friends about washing the last month’s dishes all at once last night, whereas the pose on the right seems more like something I’d aim for when giving a presentation in front of the class. The idea behind both of these poses is the same; a generally upright and open posture, which is the basic element of a confident looking pose. This can just be portrayed in many different ways.  

A couple more links considering pose drawing:

…Well, I tried to stick to the basics here, but it seems the length of this rambling has already gone slightly out of hand… Anyway, I wish all of you good luck! Don’t panic. And most importantly, don’t just blindly believe everything we know-it-all artists tell you, believe in yourself! Walk the path that is your own.

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What is Your -Best Ten Designs- for the Dragons.

I’m going to just stick with the DreamWorks franchise for simplicity’s sake! These personal “best ten designs” are not some objective measure. I’m not trying to talk about which are the most original or aesthetically pleasing… I’m just giving a list of my own subjective preferences!

10. Skrill

What I love the most about the Skrill is its wings. The huge, bat-like wings… I’ve always been a sucker for big, dramatic dragon wings. And when the dragon lights up with lightning, you can’t deny that’s hella cool.

9. Changewing

For me, the most interesting aspect of the Changewing’s design is the long, leaf-like streams from its head. That leaf motif is continued down their spines, which is pretty cool. The big, buggy eyes sticking at the top of the skull are also wholly entertaining, and gives them a bit of a comical look, too. 

8. Razorwhip

What is so cool about this dragon is that it looks like it has metal armor for scales going across its back. Most dragons’ scales are smaller, not this sort of huge, metallic, plate-like drama. I also like the sleekness of the dragon - it’s a very narrow creature, very lithe.

7. Monstrous Nightmare

The Monstrous Nightmare’s design was intentionally made to be moreof a “classical” dragon design in the first HTTYD movie. However, that doesn’t mean its design lacks creativity or elegance.

Everything about the dragon is beautiful and flashy. I love the jagged theme, with the wings that flare out in jagged edges, the long curved horns on the head, and the multiple arrays of spines running down the back. I love Nightmare tails, and can we talk about their spotted/striped pattern? Really nicely done. It makes the entire dragon look like flame.

6. Scauldron

Scauldrons have some of the most appropriate designs given their lifestyle, habitat, and abilities of any of the dragons. Everything about this creature screams “marine animal”! I wholly appreciate the thought gone into the design. They’re also really endearingly cute!

5. Stormcutter

I don’t tend to be someone who thinks “the more wings, heads, etc” the better, but with the Stormcutter, the four-winged pattern truly is epic. The crest on the dragon’s head, and the fact Cloudjumper is modeled partially after an owl, also provides the dragon a unique look. I feel like the Stormcutter’s design is one of the most unique appearances of all the dragons in the HTTYD DreamWorks world.

4. Red Death Original Concept Art

It’s not that the final Red Death design isn’t intimidating or monstrous or anything, but the concept art designs were SO out-of-this-world. A dragon, covered in sea life, body overgrown with plants, glowing iridescent like creatures from the bottom of the sea. In some ways, the dragon’s shape is less unique because it has the large wings, long head, and stretching tail that we see often in fantasy artwork. However, its essential bioluminescence has forever captured my heart. Wow.

Like, how cool is THAT?

3. Thunderdrum

I’ll admit the Thunderdrum and Whispering Death are my two favorite dragons, and lo and behold, they both rank very highly on this list. I love these dragons for their abilities and temperaments as well as their designs - but their designs ARE a plus!

With the Thunderdrum, there’s something to be said about adorably exaggerated proportions. The dragon is a mouth. A great big, adorable, roaring mouth. Its legs are so tiny they are almost non-existent, and its eyes are two tiny little beady things near the tip of its snout. I love it. But even with this crazy exaggeration, the design makes sense! A sonic-based dragon is going to have a big mouth like that!

2. Whispering Death

The Whispering Death’s design is both extremely unique and extremely beautiful. The long, extremely narrow body full of spikes makes for something memorable. The enormous, bulbous mouth full of teeth, combined with the constant spines on the dragon’s body, gives its appearance a lot of interest to the eye. And even the way the dragon flies is beautiful and unique, with its long, streaming tail spinning corkscrews. I looooove this design so much!

1. Night Fury

The Night Fury is, in my opinion, the most aesthetically pleasing dragon of the entire movie franchise. While I remember first seeing Toothless’ design and finding his facial shape off (it is unique), there is SO much to appreciate about the Night Fury appearance. I’ve read a lot about the artist’s careful design of Toothless during the production of HTTYD, and I really appreciate what they’ve done.

Toothless’ design is created such that he can be both frightful and mysterious, but also adorable and cuddly. The eyes, wide and close to the front, can create very cute expressions. His ear plates provide an incredible amount of expression - they intentionally created those so as to provide Toothless more visible emotional dynamics. 

And yet, Toothless’ design is beautiful and glorious. The proportion of the wings is glorious. The shape of his tail is also fluid and dynamic. His dorsal fins, his speckled black scales, the wide width of his feet. Night Furies are beautiful.

Beyond that, it’s a unique idea to model the design of a dragon after a mammal. Night Furies were designed with panthers in mind. They kept Toothless a reptile like the other dragons, but because he was designed with a cat in mind, his facial structure is also very different from that of most dragon designs.

But mostly why I am voting Night Fury first is for screencaps like the one above.

Just… wow.

THE HOLY FANART LINE: A Guide to Survival as a Fanartist

* DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced artist - heck, I don’t even want to call myself one until I have found a style uniquely my own and established a good following and many connections. BUT I’M GETTING THERE. And that’s all that matters. This is just to share my thoughts and experiences so far in the world I chose to be in and you can take my advice or respect it and move on. Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for reading!



By: iamnotyoursenpaii (get it? No? Okay ._. )

1) Stalk With Feeling It means the world to get wonderful comments, but ending them with “F4F?” is rude and I tend to ignore and delete those comments. We all want followers. But going to everyone’s accounts and literally asking for them isn’t going to help. Tell them what you feel about their art, and if they’re willing to start a conversation then they will. If you’re an active and respectful follower, senpai really does notice you (believe me man - I know from experience)!! If you want your comment to stand out among the hundreds already there, bring up something specific about the piece. “I really like the texture on the hair! How did you do that?” will probably be answered faster, if not at all, than “WOW 👍👍👍👍”

2) Let Senpai Notice You There are three ways I find out about new fanartists:

  1. Their icon is an amazing piece of theirs
  2. Their username either pops up a lot on different fanart accounts or there’s literally the word “ART” in their username
  3. They pop up in my Suggested feed

Also, post art often with enough BUT NOT AN OVERLOAD of tags because senpais check those and look for new people to stalk too 😉 You need to art to have other artists notice you, duh. Make it obvious that you are a fanartist too, which leads us to the next point:

3) Balance the Content of Your Posts If you post more selfies/personal stuff than art, YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT AN ART ACCOUNT. Sorry man. If, like me, you decide to mix both personal and art-related posts because your account is not only open to senpais but IRL friends and family, then all I can say is be careful. My life is not interesting enough to post a selfie every day so I art. But I cater to my non-art friends and don’t mind sharing with my art friends the occasional life update post. Same with private accounts - if we can’t even see your work without following you, then why even bother? (Some fanartists with large followings have had to go private due to rude comments/art theft, but that’s a different story) Generally the rule is, for me, 75% art, 25% personal. Senpai won’t mind seeing your face; just dont spam them with it.

4) Art is Stealing, Theft is Not It’s okay to make appreciation posts. It’s okay to be inspired and make art similar to senpai’s style or use the same medium as senpai. Literally reposting senpai’s stuff and claming it as your own is NOT. COOL. P E R I O D. Think of it like this. You draw a poop and scan it and post it and it gets a lot of notes/likes/etc. You’re proud of it, your friends are proud of you and so is your family. You even inspire lil fetuses and maybe even senpai to draw poop too and make the world all pretty. Then the next day you wake up and find that someone took a picture of your poop, reposted it, claimed it as theirs and they too got attention and pats on the back from family and friends. But not senpai, because you and I both know senpais follow each other and have holy friendships and can either be a network of support or an angry mob with thousands of followers in tow. They noticed you enough that you were the one who made that poop, not some kid trying to be you. The likes and reblogs don’t even matter anymore, you got copyright issues on your hands. If you wouldn’t want ppl stealing your poo, don’t steal senpai’s poo. 💕💩💕

5) Credit When Possible Remember that you are creating FANart. This means you most likely used images of idols/characters that aren’t yours. I know a lot of fanartists do not credit the images used (me included 👉👈) but SOMEONE had to work hard to get that perfect angle and take the picture. Generally fanart of photoshoots, SNS posts, and screencaps don’t tend to get yelled at but that’s just what I’ve seen (if anyone is willing to add to this/correct something I’m totally up for it). It’s the HQ fantaken photos/edits that one needs to either ask the owner or credit thoroughly or they will find you and send an angry mob after you. Not kidding. Now, there are some companies that are strict about their content and may take down process/speedart videos using their music and more. As with animations/comics/video games/ocs, most of the time people draw the characters in their own style and state where it’s from. I’m not sure how else would characters be referenced(???) Just do your research and be careful.

6) Know Your Art Trades/Commissions/Requests You know that I know that you know the difference, but there are people who do not. Or they do know and they misuse the term. So let me explain it one more time for those confused:

    Art Trade:

    when senpai likes you enough to draw for you IF you draw for them. Usually you will be contacted first but if you’re feeling risky, ask for one! Senpai (maybe) won’t bite but remember steps 1 & 2.


      when you love senpai enough you’d be willing to support them financially by purchasing their work (ง°▼°)ง For a monetary fee, senpai can create anything your heart desires (within reason) 💕💕. Holy prints and holy originals of past artwork by senpai may also be available. Remember that the price senpai asks for is what they feel their hard work is worth, so respect that. If you’re thinking of taking on commissions yourself, consider the time you spend on your pieces, your skill level and intended audience, and cost of supplies.


        This is a good way to start off an art account. Requests are what they are: free art. When taking requests, be sure to SPECIFY your specialty. Do you draw male Kpop idols? 3D modeling? Anime? Furries? Celebrities? One thing I learned was to set limits on what exactly and the amount I could draw, because just being like I’M TAKING REQUESTS will have the requests go from chibi oc’s one day to realistic dragons the next. Yes, it’s happened. #deviantart The same goes for senpai. If they magically one day announce they’re taking requests, don’t ask them for a million things and don’t ask them for things out of their comfort zone. Senpai is holy, but senpai isn’t God. And please don’t spam senpai with DMs/stalk their personal accounts wondering when your request will be done. Be patient. Senpai will be busy and they have the right to turn down requests. BUT things will get done.

        7) READ THE DESCRIPTION It’s painful to see how many times captions/descriptions are ignored despite the all caps/flaggers/flashing signs and arrows. If senpai’s hurt, don’t ask them for art. What the heckie. Good followers are good listeners. Good listeners make good senpais. It’s crazy how people I once admired from afar now are my IRL friends or super close friends from different parts of the world. And that’s because I read their posts and cared about them when life punched their holy faces. So read them and care about them. There might even be a secret giveaway buried within long posts like this one. I will leave a lovely doodle and note in the ask box of everyone who reblogs this with a chicken emoji in the tags. Not kidding. So read the descriptions foo.

        8) Good Heart = Good Art If you’re respectful, you will be respected too. Duh. Senpai loves you and sees you supporting them. So be confident and take pride in your own skill, and you will be a senpai. No, you already are one. I’ve never seen an account that has 0 followers. That one person that likes your art fo sho probably looks up to you. Be thankful for them and continue doing what you do. Senpai may seem out of reach but you never know when they will reach out to you (っ´▽`)っ ♥

        Have a wonderful day senpai 🙋