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I found what I’d been looking for in myself / Found a life worth living for someone else

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Valley of the Dolls by Marina and The Diamonds

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I’ve never heard this song before and it’s??? super duper cool?? Anyway I tried to focus on the struggle about identities I guess? Also I just decided to use they/them pronouns for this anonymous wizard because I have no OCs that fit.

They felt trapped. 

It’s easy to just say that, they say to themselves. People will think it’s too much homework, maybe even a bad relationship. These people would be wrong, as they were well and truly trapped in a far more serious manner than what anyone would think of a teenager’s problems.

They were a wizard from a high class family, one that exclusively practiced pyromancy. It was easy to assume they would be a pyromancer as well. They were the firstborn, the perfect child. 

They were a sorcerer. 

Not really though. They never joined the school of balance, never wore robes of tan and maroon. They chose the school of fire with a cocky smile on their face, only their eyes betraying how dearly they wished to never touch another flame. 

Luckily people avoided their gaze, a luxury only afforded to those of the highest class, like their family. (A family that built Firecat Alley from their own brick and bone, as the wizard’s father will proudly boast to anyone who he thinks should know their place.)

There is an aptitude test, one that measures magic and attitude to determine which school(s) fit best. When they got the results for their true school, they asked for a retake and answered how they thought their father would. They were destined for the school of fire that time.

They smile still, play at being the arrogant aristocrat, as easily as they play with fire on the tips of their fingers. 

Sometimes they dream of sand and equality, and though they aren’t nightmares, they still wake in a cold sweat, only to turn over and bundle into their red and orange patterned blankets once again. 

The Cast of NBC Hannibal on Tumblr; Part 1
  • Will: Pictures of dogs and art of his fursona. Will randomly bust out into creepy nightblog textposts every now and then. Askbox closed, ignores all replies.
  • Hannibal: Mainly runs a hugely popular fancy-pants food blog posting his nightly dinners and sometimes reblogs classical (and usually kind of obscene) art. Runs a secret sideblog where he harasses social justice bloggers because they're "rude" and reblogs stuff commenting "not all men."
  • Alana: Runs a blog devoted to mental health education and self-positivity. Reblogs original artists on tumblr. Really friendly to her followers and tries to avoid drama but gets caught up in defending Hannibal when people try to call him out.
  • Jack: Blogs mostly about news, particularly involving law and criminal justice. Has a tendency to make really vague posts about his life but "doesn't want to talk about it." Has an unfortunate tendency to reblog tumblr hoaxes.
  • Beverly: Half science blog devoted to genetics and biology, half fandom blog where she liveblogs her favorite shows. Not ashamed of her shipping. Likes to point out the inaccurancies on crime shows. Well liked by her followers but not afraid to call people on their shit.
  • Jimmy: Posts really random nature facts like weird animal sexual acts. Occasional drunkblogger. Becomes "tumblr famous" by accident.
  • Brian: Trying a little too hard to be "tumblr famous." Will change his blog theme completely with each new trend.
  • Freddie: ~FOLLOW MORE TOP TATTLECRIME POSTS ON TUMBLR~ Also frequently tags her posts with Marina and the Diamonds lyrics.

it’s finals weeks and i am graduating high school BUT that’s not gonna fricken stop me from uploading something once in a while, right? 

i made this duo after thinking a lot about what JnD related things would look good with Marina & the Diamonds lyrics over it. these are from “power & control” one of my all-time favs from Marina ~ i love making music-inspired art, there should be more of those around here

these artworks are also available for purchase at my redbubble !