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Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee


💕A compilation of SHINee doting on Jonghyun, 2016-2017 💕 

Happy birthday to this gorgeous, adorable, talented man! I am constantly blown away by your talent, passion and empathy for the world, and you make us so proud. Here’s to a healthy 2017, and another year of great music! 


This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho

  • *probably what happened behind the scenes of hwarang*
  • yoon woo: oh, hey tae. what's up?
  • tae hyung: hyungs! halloween is coming up and i was wondering what you guys are going to dress up as this year!
  • hyung sik: tae, i know you're still young but when you're older you'll understand. halloween is kinda... stupid if you think about it and you shouldn't really do it anymore.
  • seo jun: dressing up, pretending you’re someone you’re not... that's why many of us don't do it anymore. i don't do it, ji han doesn't do it, min ho and yoon woo don't do it either...
  • tae hyung:
  • tae hyung: ... we're actors.
  • tae hyung: our job is to literally dress up and pretend to be someone we're not.
  • hyung sik:
  • tae hyung:
  • yoon woo:
  • tae hyung:
  • min ho: ... shit, he's right...
  • ji han: *mutters* i'll dress up for halloween if it makes you happy, tae.