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Anonymous said: Could you pretty please do a part2 to ‘getting caught’ with something like the winchesters are out but since the readers grounded she can’t leave and they come back to see her making out with Crowley and her defence is that she was grounded so that meant she couldn’t leave the bunker which she didn’t or something like that please? If you don’t mind and aren’t busy but it’s fine if not

A/N: Aww, of course I don’t mind! I might be busy but it’s well worth it to receive the feedback that you guys give me. I hope you like it! I’ve also just moved and I won’t have internet until Friday, so I might not be able to post stuff or anything until then ‘cause right now I’m at McDonald’s.

Part One

Word count: 1,334

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: swearing, some slightly heated kissing.


This was officially the worst grounding you’d ever had. Not only were you not to hunt for two months, but you also weren’t allowed to get out of the bunker at all. You knew your dad, and partially your uncle, was only doing that because he loved you. But it was so frustrating to have both of them breathing down your neck for every second of the day, making sure that you wouldn’t sneak into Crowley’s cell again.

It wasn’t until the fifth day that you were finally allowed a bit of freedom, since your dad and uncle were going out for a hunt. After helping them load their things into the Impala, which was conveniently stored in the garage, you gave them a short hug, followed by the usual blank look that you had put on for the last few days.

“Oh, c’mon, (Y/N), we’re leaving and you’re still doing that?” Dean complained, raising his hands up. You continued to stare at him, absolutely silent. “Okay, have it your way, but what I said still stands. We’re doing this for your own good.”

“You don’t know that,” you mumbled quietly, but your dad was already shutting the door of the car.

“Don’t be so hard on your dad, kiddo,” Sam said, giving you a soft smile. “You know he just wants to keep you safe.”

“I know that, Uncle Sam,” you said, crossing your arms, “but I can make my own decisions! I’m an adult, for god’s sake!”

“And in his mind you will always be his little girl,” Sam nodded, reading your thoughts. “But, (Y/N), this is Crowley we’re taking about.”

“I know,” you sighed, “but he really was different, he wouldn’t hurt me. Crowley—”

“Sam! Are you coming or not?” Dean yelled, looking out of the window.

“Stay safe, (Y/N),” Sam said, giving you one last hug before opening the passenger’s door and sliding inside. You stepped to the side as Dean started the engine, sending your dad and uncle half-hearted wave before they were completely out of your sight.

You moved to close the garage door, groaning with frustration. Maybe one day they would understand that you could take care of yourself, even when you were around with the King of Hell. After closing the door, you made your way to your room, ready to flop down on the bed and state at the mercilessly boring, white ceiling, when you heard it.

“(Y/N)?” It was low, almost like a whisper, but most definitely Crowley’s. With a bit of hesitation, you changed your course, standing right outside the archives room. “(Y/N)?”

Your hand lingered on the knob of the door for a second, but then, with more confidence, you pushed it open. The room was dark, and the dust that Sam had been trying to clean up made you want to sneeze. You strolled to the end, cringing as you moved the shelves to the side.

With one finally push, you shoved the metal completely off, leaving you to stare at a dark room. Your hand reached for where you knew the light switch was, and a yellowish glow appeared, making you squint for a second since your eyes had adjusted to the lack of light.

In the middle of the room was Crowley, tied up to the chair as usual. He had a look of wonder in his face, as well as surprise, but his eyes were warmed and filled with something you couldn’t place. You took slow strides towards him, and by the time you stopped in front of the table there was a smile on both of your faces.

“I didn’t think you would actually come,” he grinned, the strong accent that you loved rolling off his tongue.

“Dad and Sam went on a hunt,” you shrugged, using every ounce of internal strength to withhold yourself from hopping into his arms.

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble, love,” Crowley said, although you knew that he wasn’t, since he never liked the fact that you hunted in the first place.

“It’s only for two months,” you shrugged, “but hey, it kind of was my fault too.”

“You don’t regret it, do you?”

Crowley seemed anxious (and was that sad?) as he waited for your answer. Instead of replying, though, you made your way around the table, stopping when you were less than a foot away. You held his gaze as you crouched down a little bit so that you would be in eye level with him.

“Not one second of it,” you whispered, the next moment finding your lips on his as to wipe his smug smirk off.

You put your arms around his neck at the same that you practically fell on his lap. Feeling Crowley’s hands tighten around your waist, bringing you closer to him, made you deepen the kiss, biting his bottom lip as a request to let you wander his mouth. The noise the King of Hell made at this only succeeded to get you even more desperate for his touch.

However, you knew that this was going too far, or at least as far as you wanted it to go with Crowley tied to a chair. Well, that didn’t actually sound too bad-no, you weren’t gonna do that. You ran your hands through his hair one last time before pushing away from him. You rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes and caching your breath.

You snuggled against Crowley, burrowing your head in the crook of his neck. One of his hands was tracing patterns along the bottom of your back, making you feel more relaxed than you had in the past week.

“Well, kitten, that definitely was better than expected,” Crowley smirked, making you playfully scoff and pull back.

“Better than expected, huh?” You echoed, coking your left eyebrow. “I’ll show you ‘better than expected.’”

With that, your lips were on his again, the light scuff of Crowley’s beard brushing your cheeks. But before you could get as far as before, you heard the familiar cussing that made you spring apart.

“Shit,” you whispered, your eyes connecting with the bewildered ones of your dad and uncle. You felt Crowley’s fingers touch yours in a fleeting way, leaving you with a bit of comfort.

What. The. Hell.“ Dean spat, his features contrasting into a scowl. ”(Y/N), unless you want to be in more trouble than you already are I would recommend you to step away from Crowley.“

You flinched at his cold tone, but did not move apart from that.

"Dad, you only grounded me from going outside,” you grumbled, trying to sound confident but only ending up looking at the floor.

“Well, it was implied that you couldn’t see this son of a bitch either!” Dean finally yelled, breaking his cool tone. “I come back because I thought I forgotten something, and I just have to find this don’t I? Sweetheart, I swear I love you, but goddamn it, you have no idea what you’re doing!”

“Do you really think that, Dad?!” You exclaimed, also giving in into your Winchester temper. “Why can’t you just stop to consider that maybe I LOVE CROWLEY AND HE MAKES ME HAPPY?!”

There was a tight silence in the room in which you had enough time to realize what you had said. Your shaky hands flew to your mouth, stifling the gasp that you let out. You couldn’t look at Crowley, so you concentrated instead on the look of surprise on your uncle’s face, but you couldn’t stop your eyes from slipping past him and to your dad.

He looked as if he was trying to decide whether to act angry or just plain furious. His mouth was set on a firm, grim line, the bottom of his forehead wrinkled by his frown.

“If it counts for anything,” you heard Crowley say, a small smile definitely playing on his mouth, “I love you too, kitten.”

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My VidCon 2014 Schedule

Hi everyone!

VidCon is here and I wanted to share with you some of my plans for while I’m in Anaheim. I’ve gone to VidCon a few times now, and I have always had so much fun. Here’s (TENTATIVELY - SUBJECT TO CHANGE, CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES) some of what I’m doing at VidCon 2014 - note: if you want to make sure you can get in, come to these things EARLY. I don’t want any of you missing out!

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So The Steampunk World’s Fair was AMAZING. I went with my incredible friend BakerStreetIrregularNC-17 (I’m on the left and she’s on the right)

Got there only just in time for the photo op on Friday so no time for full costume/makeup. It was slightly intimidating as a first event going form videos on the internet to BAM they’re right in front of you, I also wasn’t expecting them to be so tall,( I mean I know Bunny and David are six-foot-everything but Sam was also taller than us) and wow they were so sweet <3 Sam asked how we were, Bunny said we looked great and David called my hat ‘smart’( or it might have been 'sharp’ I was a bit unfocused at the time) :3 Thankfully we managed to save our fan-squeal until we were out of eye-shot (but probably not ear-shot)

We got to do full makeup/outfits on Saturday. As 'Scraps’ and 'Birdie’ we enjoyed vendors, the SPG panel where Bakerstreet got to ask a question, and the concert that evening. You know a band is worth it when even waiting in line for the show is fun, we got to talk to a lot of other fans (a rare thing for us due to the lack of fanmily members in our area) and join in the sing along both before and during the performance (a week later and I still don’t think my voice has fully recovered)

 And then Sunday, tired and with remnants of paint still on our faces we got our pictures signed by Bunny David Sam and Steve and I got them all to sign my autograph book and it basically made my life :)

Definitely going back next year

First photo is of course by the lovely TrekkieBeth (

Second photo belongs to BakerStreet who can be found here (

Guys, take a few deep breaths.

Besides the fact that this schedule change might be misinformation,

There’s also a very good chance we’ll get an explanation on Friday at the SDCC panel. It seems to me like they’ve put a lot of work into the Korra-related events this year, so they they care at least a little. Maybe they’re just changing the timeslot? Maybe they’re doing as dongbufeng predicted and moving the show to Nicktoons? (which I don’t have so that would actually be a horrible thing but hey look an Internet)

Point is, they probably will NOT be canceling the show. They have already paid for production. Animation is expensive, so why would they toss that money away?