also merry looks so good in his caps

evening in the Avengers Tower

“There. All done.”


“Ah, screw it.”

“Merry Christmas, wherever you are.”

*Sam knocks before entering the living room sadly, Matt, Foggy and Karen following*

“Merry Christmas Tony…are you drinking?”

“Tony switch it out for some cookies. Come on man you like these ones the best.”

“We have some homemade hot chocolate mix along with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and peppermint bits. I’ll make some for you two and you guys can decide what toppings you have.” 

“I also brought some Shepherd’s pie. It’s my mom’s family recipe. And it’s fresh and organic, so that’s a bonus.”

“And I got you two tsum tsums. The Iron Man is yours, Tony, and the Falcon one is yours, Sam. They’re really soft and I heard they’re cute along other good reviews. They’re also great cuddle buddies. Karen and Foggy helped me find them.” *gives the tsum tsums to their owners* “I can also do anything else you two need. I also plan on going out tonight on duty. I’ll contact you guys if I hear anything.” 

“Thanks, guys… Merry Christmas.”


somewhere in New York

*looks at his phone* “Tony…”


“Why do you have to make this so difficult…”

“I don’t know why are you being a prick about Hydra Cap. I miss Sam. Steve why can’t we go home?”

“Soon, Bucky. I promise this all will end soon.”


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