also me and everyone i know was born in 1995 or later

  • Meet Park Jimin. born on October 13, 1995, in Busan. He is the main vocalist and dancer of BTS. 

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  • Before becoming this celestial creature who inspires youth to pursue their dreams, he was a child with none but a will to become either a chef or a police officer. 

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  • His dream will come to shape when he sees a south Korean artist named Rain. At the time he would laugh if he heard that years later he will have to dance to one of his songs in front of the world.

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  • He falls in love at 8th grade with dancing. A love he will keep dear … a love that will change his path forever.

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  • He will work hard for his dream and get into Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but will later transfer to Korea Arts High School where he will meet one of the 6 guys that will share his destiny: Kim Taehyung (V). 

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  • None of them knew at the time how valuable one will become to the other, that they will share smiles and pains and call each other soulmates.

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  • Seasons pass and Jimin will audition to BigHit, Sweaty palms and shaky voice, this shy guy will sing … was someone that scared and timid made for the stage? People who didn’t know of his duality will mock even the idea of it.  After a poor start caused by stress, fear will fade when it’s time to dance along with the judges' hesitation: he was a raw diamond. 

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  • Jimin will get accepted into this small company, full of trainees with more experience and chances to debut than him. He said only later “as a trainee, I really didn’t know if I’d ever get to debut”. He used to be perceived as talented and showered with compliments by both his professors and parents in his hometown, arriving at Seoul. Negative thoughts will start to build up: “Why is everyone better than me? Do I have no talent? … Am I no good? Should I give up? Is this worth it”. Being a guy who hates losing he will ignore the hardship and just work harder.

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  • And indeed, hard work paid off. Jimin with only one year of training will join Big Hit’s first group: Bangtan Seonyondan. During BTS first year, he will have the chance to write a letter and read it to ARMYs. His face will carry his signature smile at first but word after word, memories of that harsh year will start to hit him … and tears will fall. He will say that he thought of giving up endless times and that he is thankful he did not.

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  • During BTS first years, they were hated and belittled by many. Jimin who though debuting was the hardest thing will come to laugh at his naive past self. He will recall what made him come through that harsh year: “hard work”. Even if he is known to be the boy who helps and supports every member, he is the kind who tries to solve his own problems … He blames no one but himself. 

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  • He didn’t know at the time that he was feeding a complex he kept from the past that will lead to a dangerous situation: He will start viewing himself as “fat” and be more self-conscious about his appearance than ever. And so … *sigh* … 

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  • he will start starving himself in a middle of a busy schedule where even sleep is a luxury, to shortly after fall into a big depression. Smiling during the day to cameras and …

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  •  wiping sweat and tears training with all his might for hours. 

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  • Jimin called having abs a “homework”. ARMYs loved his abs … but no one knew the price the poor boy paid for the screams of the crowd.

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  • Receiving hate from others is hard, yet imagine hating your own self? we can hide from people yet we can’t run away from our thoughts.
  • Jimin is also the kind to help everyone but solves his own problems. A workaholic who hates losing and get veeery stubborn. The members even said, he is the scariest when he gets angry. 

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  • But Jin couldn’t stand seeing Jimin in constant pain so he got him out of it. It took Seokjin time and effort but it was worth it as his junior started to eat regularly and accept that he too can have flaws. 

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  • All of this situation made Jimin grow not only as an artist but also as a person, to become idolized by many. People tend to think Jimin was naturally good at all he does. Jungkook’s words when he described JM will quickly tell you otherwise “He tries the hardest! He watches music videos all day long … When I watch him, he looks cool”

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  • He is the protégé of both BTS, the managers and the whole fandom so no one can refuse him a favor. 

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  • Have you ever thought why did Jimin not release any cover song alone? Most people learn from their mistakes but there are some that prefer to not allow any. As Jimin stated in both Bon Voyage S2 and BTS Wings concept book, he is still not pleased by his singing. 

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  • People mostly say “I like Jimin’s voice” when he worked so hard he wants to hear “Jimin sang well” because a good voice is something you are born with, singing well is something you learn and work hard to achieve. 

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  • There is no way we can change Jimin’s way of thinking, but maybe we can choose better words and simply stand by him the way Jin and the members did in the past.

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  • Jimin is like a moon reflecting all the light he gathers on us with a smile. Yet where we stand no matter what, we will never see his dark side. Neitherless, we still know it’s there. 

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  • You may probably already adore Jimin the singer, dancer, and performer but please don’t forget the one who needs more love: Jimin the human. 

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, I am happy destiny led him our way so we can open even better paths for not only Jimin but all BTS.
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By @mimibtsghost 

Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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The Band Members of Korn:  Jonathan Davis

* Middle name is Howsmon

* Born January 18, 1971  (45 years old)

* Has a sister and two half siblings.  His half brother Mark Chavez, is the former lead singer of the band Adema (their song “Giving In’ was pretty popular)

* His stepmom would make his life hell when he moved in to live with his dad.  She used to harass and torture him and would give him tea mixed with thai hot oil and jalapeno juice to drink when he was sick.  She was the inspiration for the song Kill You.

* Knows how to play the piano, violin, bass, and clarinet apart from the bagpipes and drums.

* Knew Fieldy when they were kids because their dads were in a band together.  Fieldy ran Jon over with his bike.

* Would get picked on at school by peers and even teachers for wearing make up and dressing differently than everyone else. 

* “I went through a new romantic phase and I had the make-up, the frilly shirt, all that shit…I stuck out, I was this big dork, basically, and I suffered for it greatly.  I was picked on, called a faggot.  Just because I wore makeup and they didn’t know how to deal with it.”  

* “Everyone was telling me I’m gay, I’m gay and I didn’t know if I was.  So I tried to be with a guy and it was totally disgusting, but I had to find out.  Because everyone in the fucking world was telling me I was.  Even my own father was embarrassed of me.”

* He worked as a mortician’s assistant after graduating high school

* Working at the morgue is one of the main reasons why he doesn’t drive because many of the dead people he worked with were victims of car accidents.

* The band’s song “Pretty” is about a dead child that came in that had been raped and killed.

* In 1993 joined a band that named themselves Sex Art.  They’d only been together for four months when Munky and Head saw him performing.

* Was addicted to alcohol and drugs including meth.  Many of the songs from the first two albums were written while high on speed.

* His son Nathan was born in 1995.  You can hear him in the song A.D.I.D.A.S.

* For Follow the Leader, they spent over $27k on alcohol alone.

* Jonathan married Renee (Nathan’s mom) in a medieval themed wedding and divorced almost two years later.

* Jonathan sobered up before the end of 1998.

*Jon married Deven in 2004

* His son Pirate was born in 2005 and Zepplin in 2007.

* JDevil is Jonathan’s EDM alter ego

* Has a cameo in Queen of the Damned and also helped write the music and is the singing voice for Lestat in the movie.

Kim Hanbin x You


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It was very cold. Almost every spot you could see were covered by snow. You were filming for Running Man—your first variety show after a long hiatus. You were once invited to be a guest in this show and you had ankle injury during the filming.

Your manager had told you not to force yourself again this time and you could just refuse the invitation if you wanted to. But no, you insisted to attend the show’s filming set in a cold freezing winter day.

One of the show’s staff handed you a cup of hot tea to warm your body a little bit before the filming began. You thanked her in return and started to sip the tea bit by bit.

After you finished your drink, another staff called you to stand by in 2 minutes. The filming had started and you could hear Jaesuk’s voice echoed from the other side of the white curtain that you hid behind it. The other two guests—iKon’s Hanbin and SHINee’s Taemin—had introduced themselves minutes earlier, few more seconds until it was your turn to show up.

“But I heard earlier today that we have a special guest!” Kwangsoo yelled to the Running Man members and got some huge noises as responses.

“Don’t you think we’re special guests too?” It was Taemin who sounded a bit pathetic. “Hanbin and I are also guests here.”

Everybody was laughing at Taemin’s statement. Kwangsoo explained to him in a hurry and tried to changes what he was meant to say.

“I think what Kwangsoo was going to say is that this guest is his opposite gender that makes him so ecstatic!” Sukjin explained it for Kwangsoo.

“Wow!” Gary and Haha cried cheerfully.

“Let’s stop rambling and please welcome the long awaited Y/N!”

You walked in and bowed politely, smiling to everyone as they returned your smile with joyful welcome shouts and applause.

“Oh my goodness! Y/N! It’s been such a long time since the first time you came to the show, isn’t it?” Jaesuk asked you while you were walking towards the spot prepared for you.

“Yes, it’s been nine a year and three months.” You said, looking around.

“It’s suddenly become warmer after Y/N enters,” Jongkook clapped and received some disbelieve sigh from the members. “Didn’t the last time you were here you injured your ankle?”

“Oh well, unfortunately yes. But it only took a short time to recover so I was okay.” You explained before Jaesuk voiced his concern about you.

“Please be careful this time and don’t get hurt. We’re going to take a good care of you so the fans shouldn’t have to worry!”

You slightly bowed and thanked their concern before noticing that Hanbin was looking at you and you managed to smile back to him.

“So, today’s games are pretty easy. First of all, we’re all will be separated into two teams. Each one of you would have to collect some balls that has ‘R’ label on it and keep them as much as you can. The winner team who have the most ball will get to chase the loser team first.” Explained the director and every one of you nodded while Jihyo stepped forward to take the Red and Blue team member list.

“So the first team, Red Team, would have Jongkook, Kwangsoo, Haha, Y/N, and Hanbin as the members and the rest of us will be in Blue Team.” Said Jaesuk as he stood next to Taemin to complete the Blue Team’s member line.



You were in the middle of an amusement park with the rest of the Red Team when Jongkook said,  “How could we find some little balls inside the biggest park in town?”

“I think we have to walk separately and looking for it in different place to make it more efficient. And gather at a spot later to collect all the balls.” Hanbin suggested while he fixed his snapback.

“The way of a leader thinking is always different from normal people, right?” teased Haha tapping Hanbin’s back.

“Then I’ll go over there with Y/N Noona,” said Hanbin with a shy and awkward smile plastered on his face.

“Noona?” Jongkook shouted surprisingly. “Is he younger then you, Y/N?”

“I was born in 1995, actually…” You answered as you turned your face to Hanbin. “But I don’t know if you are younger.”

Kwangsoo and Haha rushed to Hanbin and put that shocking expression on their faces.

“How did you know if she was a noona?”

“Did you learn about her before coming here?”

“No, no!” Hanbin get stuttered. “I am Y/N Noona’s fan since her debut, so I just know that.”

“Wow! Y/N, you’re now meeting with your biggest fanboy.” Kwangsoo said that, tapping your shoulder.

“It suddenly looks like a fanmeet.” Jongkook laughed it off. “Do you also want to have her sign?”

Hanbin was just putting his shy face as the other Red Team’s members kept teasing him. You, in the other hand, a bit dumbfounded as Hanbin took your wrist and started leaving the other behind.

“If you took Y/N with you, then it’ll look like a dating show not Running Man,” Haha tried to stop Hanbin from dragging you away to the other filming set. “But since the fans would love it, I’ll let you.”

Jongkook, Kwangsoo, and Haha couldn’t stop their laugh while you and Hanbin walked away. You could see his face was burning red and he couldn’t turn his face to you because of his embarrassment.

“So, you’ve been listening to my songs?” You bravely asked Hanbin, trying to break the ice between you both when the camera started rolling. “What do you think about them as a songwriter yourself?”

Hanbin gave you that sweet and shy smile when he turned his face to your direction. “I like them all. Especially the winter special you just released.”

You managed yourself not to burst into a hard laughter because his face was that red and anyone there could just tell that he is so nervous. But you failed. You were about to cover your face with your palms when you saw Hanbin’s smiling to you.

“Oh! Is that a ball with ‘R’ sticker over there?!” You yelled to distract yourself from his smile. It was sweet, that kind of loving smile nobody gave you before.

“Oh, yes!” Hanbin stretched his arm to get the first ball you both had. “You have a pretty keen vision Noona. Now let’s collect as many as we can.”



The Blue Team won in collecting ‘R’ labeled ball, that means your team had to hide and make sure your nametag didn’t get ripped by other team’s members.

“Now you guys get it why is this show called Running Man.” Haha said following you and Hanbin’s step.

Kwangsoo and Jongkook were separating few minutes ago when Gary and Jihyo caught them and chased them. And fortunately, you three could get away faster than you thought, running away from the chaser team.

“We really have to run until it’s time for us to chase back,” said Haha again, now leading the way in the front. “Let’s hide in different place to—RUN!”

You weren’t ready to run when Haha yelled out to warn you that there was Sukjin who was running after you. So with that bad response of yours, Hanbin held your hand and dragged you away in no time.

Sukjin was chasing after you when Taemin joined him. Haha turned to left but Hanbin turned right as your hand still held by him. It was too fast that you almost lost your breath but Hanbin kept saying to hang on just a little bit more.

You guys were stopping inside the elevator and the door closed right before Taemin could hold it. You gasped, felt so tired that you thought you were going to faint right away.

“You should go after this and leave me here.” You laughed, telling Hanbin to go after the elevator door open.

“I’m not leaving anyone behind.” He said, squatting beside you and offered you a piggyback ride. “Come on, the elevator is stopping soon.”

You looked at the cameras that was filming the whole scene and get embarrassed. You hesitated for a moment but then decided to get help for yourself a little bit.

The rest of the 1st round passed with Hanbin carried you on his back safely. None of you both got caught. Until it was time for break during the game, everyone gathered in a same place and chatting to each other.

You sat down beside Hanbin and took him a glass of juice, he bowed a bit and thanked you.

“It was so helpful when you carried me. Thank you so much, Hanbin…”

He scratched his nape that wasn’t actually itchy, “it was nothing. I’m a leader myself and I need to take care of six persons in my group.” He smiled to you. “A girl wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

You smiled back. It was nice to meet a person like Hanbin.

“Well, can we exchange phone numbers in return?” Hanbin shyly asked, it made you laugh but you agreed anyway.


black-and-white-horror  asked:

have there been any crimes inspired by the movie Se7en (1995) or any seven deadly sins inspired murders?

I cannot think of any crimes inspired by Se7en although I could be wrong.  There are a ton of films that have inspired crimes and I enjoyed researching and making this list.  I grew up watching many violent films, and to me they were always just that…films.  So it always interested me when anyone would claim to have been inspired to murder or commit a crime after watching a movie.  Enjoy!
The Dark Knight - We all know about James Holmes and the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting.  However, this wasn’t the only case.  In 2009 a student in Indiana went to the bathroom to apply Joker-style makeup, and when she came back she tried to attack her teacher with a razor blade.  In 2010 a man in Wisconsin was sentenced to a year in jail after he broke into his cousin’s home and assaulted him (he was dressed as the Joker).  
Twilight - A young boy went around biting classmates; he bit about 10 in 1 month.  The boy’s dad said it was because of his love of “Twilight”.
A Clockwork Orange - Perhaps one of my personal favorite movies of all time inspired various crimes throughout Britain.  Some teen boys beat a tramp to death.  Another, dressed, like a droog, stabbed a younger boy.  A Dutch girl was gang-raped in Lancashire by a group while they sang “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Another man, John Ricketts dressed up as a droog and attacked a woman at an office party because “she was taking up too much time on the dance floor”.
Magnum Force - After seeing Magnum Force, William Andrews and Dale Selby Pierre committed murders that became known as the Hi-Fi murders, murdering 3 people.
The Deer Hunter - A man named Mickey Culpupper shot himself in he head while playing “Deer Hunter”.  Similar incidents occurred in the Phillippines, Finland, and Lebanon.
Natural Born Killers - This movie caused quite a bit of crime (a full list would probably be a mile long).  It is said that both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who carried out the Columbine High School massacre were very into the film.  Michael Carneal, responsible for the Heath High School shooting was also influenced by the film.  Perhaps the biggest “copycat” crime of all was that of 19 year old Sarah Edmondson and her 18 year old boyfriend Benjamin Darras, who went on a killing spree.  In Canada, 23 year old Jeremy Steinke (who now goes by Jackson may) and his 12 year old girlfriend killed her parents.  Also in Canada, Kimveer Gill carried out the Dawson College shooting, killing 1, injuring 19, and killing himself.
Dexter - The hit show inspired quite a few murders.  A British teen by the name of Steven Miles stabbed his girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas in the back of the head.  He then chopped up her body and put her parts into plastic bags.  Mark Howe of England killed his own mother.  In Canada, Mark Twitchell invited two men to his “movie studio” to be in his movie about a sword-wielding serial killer.  He murdered one of the men, the other escaped.  In Indiana, Andrew Conley who claims to have “felt like Dexter” strangled his 10 year old brother to death, afterwards putting a plastic bag over his head.  In California, Jessica Lopez strangled a woman saying it was as if “Dexter had spoken to me directly”.  In Sweden, a young girl plunged a knife into her stepfather and slit his throat.  In Norway, Håvard Nyfløt  claimed a taxi driver by the name of Shamrez Khan asked him to kidnap and torture a woman named Faiza Shraf for rejecting him.  Nyfløt felt Khan was a bad person who “fit the code like in the series”, so he dug him a shallow grave in the woods and planned to bludgeon Khan out there and cut him up.  He wanted Ashraf to witness him execute Khan, so he kidnapped her and put her in his trunk, bringing her out to the woods.  When he opened his trunk and tried to explain his plan to her, she tried to run away.  To stop her screaming he used an entire roll of duct tape on her, and tied a rope around her neck and put her back in his trunk.  When opening his trunk later, he discovered she had died, so he dumped her body in the grave he had made for Kahn.  
Queen of The Damned - Allan Menzies murdered his friend Thomas McKendrick, and he claims to have done it because a character in the movie told him to, promising to make him a vampire in his next life.  Menzies had watched the movie over 100 times.
Backdraft - I had never sent his movie, but it was made in 1991 and is an action film that is about a group of firefighters trying to catch a serial arsonist.  After seeing this movie, a man  really admired the firefighters and wanted to be just like them.  who was arrested for arson said he admired the firefighters in the movie and wanted to be just like them, saving people from burning buildings.  Instead, he lit a chair on fire in his girlfriend’s families home while everyone was asleep.  Strangely, he didn’t even put it out.  The family woke up, put it out themselves, and he was arrested for arson.  Luckily, nobody died.
The Town - The biggest “copycat” crime took place in New York, where a group of men committed a whopping 62 robberies.  The other 2 reported “copycat” crimes took place in Nebraska and Illinois.
First Blood - This 1982 action film portraying the damage of the Vietnam War on young American men.  The hero in the film, John Rambo, was played by Sylvester Stallone.  Apparently there were many police reports of men trying to imitate John Rambo, primarily in the Canadian Wilderness.  The worst case was of one man who was shot to death after a standoff with the police (he killed an officer). He was dressed in army fatigues and a red headband.
Nightmare on Elm Street - The biggest crime inspired by this movie was the one of spree killer Daniel Gonzalez.  In two days in London and Sussex, Gonzalez where he killed 4 and injured 2.  He was known as the “Freddy Krueger Killer”.  He was also influenced by Friday the 13th.  He ended up killing himself in his cell in 2007.  
Interview With the Vampire - A longterm couple named Daniel Sterling and Lista Stellwagen watched this movie together in 1994.  She woke up at 3 in the morning and found Daniel staring at her.  He told her “Tonight you’re going to die.  I’m going to kill you and drink your blood.”  She didn’t take him seriously and went back to sleep.  Later that day, Daniel stabbed her seven times and sucked the blood from her wounds.  Lisa survived.
Property X - While this movie hasn’t actually caused any murders, it has caused crime in the form of hardcore partying.  Mainly, just tons of kids partying and trying to reenact the movie’s portrayal of drugs and violence.  Incidents have been reported in Texas, Utah, and Florida. It’s said that Warner Brothers actually had to issue a statement telling kids to cut it out and that it’s just a movie.
The Collector - This old British film is said to have inspired the crimes of serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.
American Psycho - Not so surprisingly, this movie caused some brutal murders.  14 year old Mcihael Hernandez of Florida stabbed his middle school classmate to death.  He then admitted that he was attempting to model his behavior after the serial killers in American Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.  A 30 year old British Banker, Rurik Jutting, killed two Indonesian women in Hong Kong and kept their bodies in his fancy apartment.  
The Matrix - This is apparently a movie that Lee Body Malvo, known for his role int he D.C. Sniper Attacks, was obsessed with.  While he was in jail, he wrote “Free yourself of the Matrix” in his cell.
Saw - This movie really seemed to speak to the younger crowd.  In Tennessee, two 13 year old girls decided to play a little game after watching the movie.  They prank phone called a 52 year old woman by the name of Beverly Dickson.  They left her a voicemail saying one of their friends was in her home and it would be filled with toxic gas, and does she want to live or die?  Unfortunately, Dickson listened to their voicemail at perhaps the worst time.  She was at a funeral.  It caused her to suffer a stroke.  In Salt Lake City, a mother had turned in her own son and his friend, aged 14 and 15, after she heard them discussing their plan to to kidnap, torture, and murder.  The two had made an elaborate plan to set up games in the style of Jigsaw to teach people lessons.  On their list they had a police officer and two middle school girls.
Fight Club - Not so surprisingly, this film has inspired quite a few crimes.  The most well-known was the string of bombings in New York over Memorial Day Weekend in 2009.  They were linked to a guy named Kyle Shaw, who was a member of a local “Fight Club” himself.
Childs Play - It is said that the infamous case of the two young boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who murdered 2 year old James Bulger were influenced by Child’s Play 3.  It is also said that Australian Mass Murderer was obsessed with Chucky, the doll in the movies.
Money Train - This film had a scene in it where a thief robbed a subway toll booth, trapped the clerk, sprayed the booth with gasoline and set it on fire.  (In the actual movie, the clerk got away).  However, this isn’t how it happened in real life when 3 teens attempted it with a 50 year old clerk who suffered burns on over 75 percent of his body, dying in a hospital just 3 weeks later.  Strangely enough, there were 7 more more incidents over the following 3 weeks that utilized the same method.  
RoboCop 2 - Serial Killer Nathaniel White savored the violence portrayed in the movie.  He even killed a pregnant woman, Julianna Frank, in a manner identical to RoboCop.  He said “The first girl I killed was from a ‘RoboCop’ movie… I seen him cut somebody’s throat then take the knife and slit down the chest to the stomach and left the body in a certain position. With the first person I killed I did exactly what I saw in the movie.”
The Basketball Diaries - School shooter Barry Loukaitis entered his classroom in Washington in a black trenchcoat with pistols, ammunition, and a rifle.  He apparently said “This sure beats Algebra, doesn’t it?”  His shooting left 3 people dead.
Scream - This movie caused a frenzy.  A Belgian man by the name of Thierry Jaradin befriended a 15 year old girl named Alisson Cambier.  She was in his home, and after she rejected his advances, he went in the other room and put on the classic Scream costume.  He then stabbed her 30 times.  A woman named Gina Castillo was murdered by her own son and nephew.  The two boys needed money in order to go on a murder spree to reenact the story line of the first two films.  They needed money for the classic Scream costumes and the electronic voice boxes that they could not afford.
Taxi Driver- Ahh, Taxi Driver.  Another one of my favorite films.  After watching it, John Hinkley Jr. had blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality.  He claims he felt Robert DeNiro was talking to him.  He grew obsessed with Jodie Foster, who played a young prostitute in the movie.  He figured that in order to impress her and get her attention, he would have to murder the president.  He attacked President Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C., only wounding him.  He was found insane and sent to a hospital, where he continued to be obsessed with Jodie Foster.
Wedding Crashers - Who would think that such a silly movie would inspire anyone to do anything violent?  However, student Olga Louniakova, put Visine in a bottle (the wrong bottle) and poisoned her supervisor.  


Wu Yi Fan Kris for Trends Health November 2015

Born in the earliest year of the post-90s, this November you will already be 25 years old, how does this age feel to you?
A brand new stage of my life has just begun, young people are full of passion and dreams.

At 25 years old do you have any dreams which you may worry that others will say are unrealistic?
At any point in time one must not give up on their dreams and their initial hopes, or there would be no joy in life.

What is your current dream?
To do every task at hand well, have a life philosophy that “Tomorrow must be a step better than today” and think this way every day, and work hard.

People born in the 90s are the generation which has faced the harshest types of criticism all around, for example having labels such as “brainless”, “irresponsible”, “rebellious”, “internet generation”, what do you think of people born in the 90s? What do you think is the most outstanding characteristic post-90s trait that you possess?
As someone born in the 90s, I have to say that the post-90s are a new and brave generation. There’s nothing bad about being mischievous when you’re young, even if you are a little rebellious during the process. But because I’m the first of the 90s, there’s some difference in thinking with others born post-1995. It is understood that youths frequent the internet, the internet has changed the lives of people. There are good and bad points, but the internet just gives people access to information, and all the wrong cannot be entirely blamed on it. Speaking from personal experience, through the internet I can perhaps gain a large amount of followers, but these followers can disappear overnight too, it’s very fair, there will never only be positive things forever, and the negative things will also not be all that there is. The most outstanding post-90s characteristic I have? Dare to do things and bear the responsibility.

What do you have to say to the 30 year old you 5 years from now? What’s your 25th birthday wish?
Don’t forget my initial intentions. Don’t let age be an obstacle for myself to progress, at any time I must have the courage to break through. Don’t be afraid of being older, look forward to and cherish the coming of every part in life. Birthday wish: For family and friends to be happy, hope that everyone will be able to find their dream.

Do your current results meet your expectations? Are there any that are unexpected?
That’s not the case, there are many parts that are actually unexpected, including being an artiste. Entering the entertainment industry could be said to be the most unexpected thing to happen in my life so far, so I particularly hope that I’m able to improve myself even further, present even better works, so as to make all the support [I’ve received] worthwhile.

Do you feel that you’re not satisfied with anything at the moment, or rather, right now which parts are you not satisfied with?
I constantly maintain a contented attitude, which is why right now I’ve benefited a lot from it. If I have to say something I’m not satisfied is, is the lack of quality rest. As an elderly homebody, sleep is one of the few hobbies I have, so I hope that my team will be able to give me a little more sleep time.

Although you’re merely 25 years old, yet you have encountered rich life experiences: Migrating to Vancouver at 10, going back to Guangzhou for third year of middle school at 15, and then returning to Canada to continue schooling, getting a high school education in Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School etc. Why did you suddenly return to China in your third year of middle school? And then return to Canada very soon after?
At that time my mother needed to return to China for work, I was still young and my mother had to work in China for quite a long period of time, and she would definitely not feel at ease leaving me in Canada alone. I returned to Guangzhou for a year and half and fell in love with basketball, which was my first aspiration in my life. By chance I was recruited into a Guangzhou Sports School, and started to play in semi-professional basketball competitions, and once the results were quite good.

So why did you give that up?
The first reason was because later on my mother had to go back to Canada for work, the second reason was because after doing a bone test I found out that I could only grow to 188cm and could not reach 190cm.

Why did you have to reach 190cm?
190cm was something me and my mother had bet on, if the bone test showed that I could grow up to 190cm, my mother would agree to let me stay in Guangzhou to pursue a professional basketball career, if not, I would follow her back to Canada. My mother had her own concerns, the job of a basketballer was very tough, competition season would be even more intense, there was reason behind her concerns. So it was an agreement, and the results showed that my mother won, but in the very end I didn’t grow up to 190cm, not even 188cm, I stopped at 187cm, hahaha.

Are you the type who concedes defeat willingly?
There was more or less some unhappiness, there are moments where one is rebellious in their lifetime, thinking about how much time and effort my mother has invested into taking care of me and letting me have an education overseas, I do not wish to let her down too. At 15 years old I was roughly the same height as I am now, so many years have passed yet I only grew a couple of centimeters, I was a kid who had an early growth spurt. I had thought that I still had several years left and could reach 190cm easily, who knew the final result was like this.

At 10 years old you still didn’t know much, and suddenly had to experience a complete change in lifestyle, during that time what was the most difficult challenge you faced in Canada?
When I was 10 I already had a group of good friends I was able to have fun with in Guangzhou. Leaving was the hardest thing. Language difficulties, along with my extremely introverted personality at that time, made it very hard to make friends in Canada. A lot of people didn’t know that when I was overseas (in Canada) I also kept on transferring schools non-stop, going back and forth roughly four, five different middle schools. In Canada we kept on renting houses, when the rental lease was up we had to move to another house. In Canada, the law was that a student’s school must be within a certain distance from their residence. Therefore every time we changed address, I was unable to continue studying at the previous school, so just as I was getting used to an area I would have to face another change, continuously transferring schools. I also did not like taking the initiative to start conversations with others. I would constantly walk around the school by myself. It was especially pitiful during lunch break as everyone would have their own friends but no one would be willing to eat at the same table with a stranger.

You were (Guangzhou) No. 7 middle school’s basketball captain, and participated in the Chinese Youth NBA tournament which your team won first place in the southern region, so is basketball your favourite hobby?
Yes totally. Right now I’m still continuing, whenever I’m free I’ll meet with friends to have a couple of rounds of 3x3 street basketball matches.

In your opinion, while playing basketball, are there any pointers or safety measures one needs to take heed of?
Before the match you definitely have to do stretches, you have to do stretching exercises which target the specific parts of the body. Once your body is thoroughly warmed up, you will not get injured easily. It is the easiest for basketballers to injure their angles, during the course of the match they have to continuously jump, and when they land it’s very easy to step on someone’s foot. It’s most dangerous for the ankles when the landing is unstable, so ankle warm-ups are the most important exercise which should not be left out.

Have you ever twisted your ankle?
Of course, the most serious time was when I twisted my bone, only after resting for almost a year did the doctor allow me onto the court again. The most important thing in basketball is the basic training, dribbling and shooting require continuous practice over and over again, more than ten thousand times.

Other than basketball do you have any sports hobbies?
Water sports and snowboarding, I’m very happy that Beijing will be hosting the Winter Olympics in the future. When I was young I picked up snowboarding in Canada, it is a very common sport over there. A sport which pretty much everyone does.

<Mr Six>, <Never Gone> and <L.O.R.D> are three of your works to be shown on the silver screen, please tell us what you think of Feng Xiaogang, Li Yifei, Fan Bingbing and Guo Jingming?
Feng Xiaogang: I address Director Feng as Mentor Xiaogang, Mentor Xiaogang really has the aura of a teacher, he really likes giving opportunities to juniors, giving new people many opportunities. At the start I was extremely nervous when shooting scenes with Mentor Xiaogang, and he could see that immediately, as well as Director Guan Hu too, I’d like to thank them for being patient enough with me, I’m a little kid in their eyes.

Li Yifei: We two have many common topics to talk about, and have both grown up overseas, I’ve always felt that we have a never-ending amount of things to talk about. We can also communicate in English, off-camera “Celestial being Jiejie” is actually a very down to earth and silly person.

Fan Bingbing: We have very few shared scenes in <L.O.R.D>, in total [our shared scenes] was finished in about a day or two. When we really got to know each other was during Zhejiang TV’s reality program <Challengers Union> filming. It was actually very fun filming a reality program, Fan Ye (Fan Bingbing) really did not hold back in the program, everyone can look forward to it.

Guo Jingming: Director Guo is very clear on what he wants, during breaks he can be very silly and interesting, but once the cameras are on he immediately becomes very strict. He has two different personalities at work and play. While working he has extremely high expectations, he has a set of standards for the cast and himself, if it’s not good enough he will request for it to be done again, until it is up to his standard, he’s very dedicated.

From these three completely different genres of films, which is the character you portrayed which has the personality the most different from yours?
Every role is very different from me. <Mr Six>’s Xiao Fei is a bad guy who’s rather ruthless; <Never Gone>’s Cheng Zheng has an outgoing personality while I am more introverted and don’t really express myself; <L.O.R.D> is a fantasy story with many fictional characters which don’t exist in real life, the lines are very powerful and definitely have to acted out in a more entertaining manner.

<Challengers Union> is the first reality program you’ve participated in, did you have fun?
In <Challengers Union> we took on the challenges of different jobs, one job per episode and a variety of jobs throughout, for the first season of 13 episodes there are 13 different jobs. For the first episode I took on the challenge of being a taxi driver, right now the show has already wrapped up recording, in total we took on the challenge of over ten jobs. While recording for the first episode we already picked a “punishment” - my car was not a normal taxi and many jokes were made from that.

So on camera did you reveal your personality, as if there were completely no cameras at all?
It was revealed, after watching the program you will realise that I’m a little crazy.

Recommend a movie, a book, a song and a place to travel to.
Movie <Comedy King>, book <Summer Trees in Paradise>, my new song which has yet to be released, and a place to travel to would be New York. The place that captivates me the most is New York, the fashion scene is flourishing, my favourite hip hop music, it has the richest hip hop culture in the world, and every two streets or so there will be a basketball court, it’s not just for show, you can actually see people on every basketball court. New York is a city that I really want to live in, it suits what I dream of in a city, thus I’m recommending it to everyone.

What’s your 11.11 Singles’ Day message?
I’m not single, I have Meigeni.

As you are your fans’ Male God, who is your Male God?
Basketballer Kobe Bryant, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCarprio, and fashion and music icon Pharrell Williams.

Why is your new family member called Rourou?
Rourou is a nickname my mother gave me when I was young. My mother said that when I was born I was chubby at that time, and my hands were especially large and thick, like meat.

Finally, a sentence to describe yourself?
I’ve always wanted to become a calm and steady Wu Yi Fan.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

I cannot tell you what a joy it is for my wife and myself that we are able to be in Ireland once again. This is a country we both so love visiting, not least because of the wonderful warmth of the Irish welcome, failte.

As we have been reminded throughout this visit – and do forgive my attempt at coining a new Seanfhocal – Ní bhíonn strainseirí anseo ach carda nar aithíonn leat [There are no strangers here, only friends that you haven’t yet met]. For the ancient land of Ireland does have a remarkable tradition of cultural and spiritual creativity and it can be a powerful magic for some…

It is no surprise that it has inspired so many great writers, musicians and artists over the years.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the 150th anniversary of the birth of W. B. Yeats, there can be no more apt county to visit in Ireland than Sligo. This is where Yeats felt most at home; his “land of heart’s desire.” And it was places in Sligo – like the Dooney Rock, Knocknarea Mountain and the islands of Lough Gill – that prompted many of his most memorable poems.

Yeats’ poetry is widely studied in schools and universities throughout the United Kingdom. It is not a stretch to say that it is through Yeats’ work that many British people are first introduced to Ireland.

After all could you have a better guide than someone who, to quote from his citation for the Nobel Prize for literature, wrote “inspired poetry, which in a highly artistic form gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation”?

Ladies and gentlemen, relations between Britain and Ireland have changed hugely since my visits in 1995 and 2002. The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and its successors have transformed for the better the political and security landscape across these islands.

Only last month, my son, Harry, and I were with the President and Mrs Higgins, and Mr Flanagan, in Turkey as we paid our respects to the soldiers who fought and died in the Gallipoli campaign.

Even by the dreadful standards of the First World War, the death toll and suffering were horrific. However, the bravery of the troops on all sides was extraordinary. Amongst them were over ten thousand Irishmen – Connaught Rangers, Royal Dublin Fusiliers and Royal Munster Fusiliers and innumerable others fighting side by side. Tragically, over three and a half thousand Irish soldiers were killed and many more wounded at Gallipoli.

At the time, many Irish nationalists hoped that their participation in the First World War would bring together people of different traditions across these islands. Sadly, of course, it didn’t turn out that way. But a hundred years later, in remembering the scale of the suffering and sacrifice of that generation, we are at last finding common ground.

Working to end the conflict in Northern Ireland brought the two administrations in Dublin and London closely together.

My mother, The Queen’s, State Visit to Ireland four years ago and the President’s return state visit last year were further demonstrations of the historical change in our relationship.

The success of those visits is clear evidence of the maturity of our relations, which are now better than ever, based on mutual respect and friendly cooperation between two sovereign neighbours who share a huge amount in common.

We have shed our inhibitions about acknowledging the value that we bring to each other – as trading partners, as places to find work, as sporting rivals and as contributors to a lively exchange of ideas and culture that enriches everyone. After all, the Irish have made a unique and important contribution to Britain – a wonderful warmth of laughter, spontaneity and imagination.

Neither Ireland nor Britain enjoys such a deep and broad engagement with any other country. Our current, blessed era of friendship and cooperation is not, however, founded on pretending that the past did not happen. We all have regrets. As my mother said at Dublin Castle, “with the benefit of historical hindsight, we can all see things which we would wish had been done differently or not at all.”

I am only too deeply aware of the long history of suffering which Ireland has endured, not just in recent decades but over the course of its history. It is a history which, I know, has caused much pain and much resentment in a world of imperfect human beings where it is always too easy to over-generalize and to attribute blame.

At the end of the day, however, we should never forget that our acquaintance has been long; and we can turn that knowing into something new and creative. We need no longer be victims of our difficult history with each other. Without glossing over the pain of the past, we can, I believe, integrate our history and memory in order to reap their subtle harvest of possibility. Imagination, after all, is the mother of possibility. Let us, then, endeavour to become the subjects of our history and not its prisoners.

Ireland has had more than its fair share of turbulence and troubles. Those directly affected do not easily forget the pain. Recent years have shown us, though, that healing is possible even when the heartache continues.

In August 1979, my much-loved great uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was killed alongside his young grandson and my godson, Nicholas, and his friend, Paul Maxwell, and Nicholas’s grandmother, the Dowager Lady Brabourne.At the time I could not imagine how we would come to terms with the anguish of such a deep loss since, for me, Lord Mountbatten represented the grandfather I never had. So it seemed as if the foundations of all that we held dear in life had been torn apart irreparably.

Through this dreadful experience, though, I now understand in a profound way the agonies borne by so many others in these islands, of whatever faith, denomination or political tradition.

Despite the tragedy of August 1979, the memories that Lord Mountbatten’s family have of Classiebawn Castle and Mullaghmore, going right back to 1946, are of great happiness. I look forward to seeing, at last, the place that he and they so loved and to meeting its inhabitants.

Many of them showed the most extraordinary outpouring of compassion and support to both Lord Mountbatten’s and Paul Maxwell’s families in the aftermath of the bombing. Their loving kindness has done much to aid the healing process.

A number of us will also gather in St. Columba’s Church at Drumcliffe, “under bare Benbulben’s head,” for an ecumenical service of peace and reconciliation. The poet Yeats, who is of course buried at Drumcliffe, once wrote:

“And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow.”

As a grandfather now myself, I pray that his words can apply to all those who have been so hurt and scarred by the troubles of the past, so that all of us who inhabit these Atlantic islands may leave our grandchildren a legacy of lasting peace, forgiveness and friendship.

—  A very moving speech by Prince Charles while visiting Ireland today.