also me about lydia's screen time this season

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i love the 'look at me' parallel!!! there's also one in season 4, i forget the exact episode but it's when stydia are tied up in eichen house basement. lydia flashing back through all the memories in 6x09 had me nearly in tears lmao they've had such a nice slowburn (i'm tempted to go rewatch that episode now lmao). day 6 is times you wanted to yell at the screen over their slowburn bc they're so obviously in love. for me that was the whole of 3b, what about you? -stydia anon

literally could watch 6x09 all day. still can’t believe they dedicated so much time to Lydia reminiscing to stydia the way I do all the time lmao. OKAY SO TODAY… 3b was such a blessing I agree. literally after I saw tw set stydia up the way they did in 3b I was so giddy every time they were together from s4 onward. literally if they were just standing together hahah. but 5x16 I lost all control, couldn’t help but scream. also the 6x10 reunion as well.