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Kuroko no Basuke Last Game Limited Edition Pamphlet Scans Part 3- Staff Illustrations (Part ½)

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Tony Stark is the type of person who would meticulously research corny dad jokes on the internet just so he can recite them to Peter during Superhero Outings and embarrass him.

Tiniest Miracles Evolving

A smol plant


黒子のバスケ J-WORLD Collection Ver. Special ‘16-'17

These are the menus for the latest KnB event in J-WORLD featuring the boys in their special attire. Certain dishes are only available for a given time frame.

Sales Period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 23 (Thursday)

  • Kuroko’s Lunchtime Special Basket
  • Akashi’s Tomato Pasta & Gratin-Stuffed Tomato Special Combo

Sales Period: February 24 (Friday) to March 17 (Friday)

  • Kagami’s Special Ginger Pork & Roast Beef Bowl (with American Hotdog)
  • 「It’s Horikita Mai-chan, not Horuichi Mako-chan!」 Katsu Sandwich & Grilled Hotdog Combo Plate
  • Murasakibara’s Purple Cabbage and Chicken, Maiubo Sandwich Wrap Special Plate

Sales Period: March 18 (Saturday) to April 9 (Sunday)

  • Kise’s Seafood Special Paella (with Onion Gratin Soup)
  • Midorima’s Crab Meat Over Tomato Cream Pasta

when will renjun’s vocal skill be acknowledged n appreciated more

Last Game Novel Translation? Yes or Meh?

So the novel version of Last Game came out yesterday. I took a quick skim at it and it’s literally the entire movie in book form, aka every single dialogue word for word and scene are in it. So basically it’s my spoilers post  with details x10. 

My question is, would you guys be interested in the English translation of it or not? Last Game follows roughly….eh….about 85% of the original manga and the scenes/dialogue are more or less the same as the manga as well. I’m not sure how many would be interested in it which is why I’d like to ask you guys first before I translate it because it would be a bit of work since it’s a novel. (School is in spring vacation right now so at work I’m mostly free). 

If you would like me to translate it please reply or leave an answer on this post or reblog with your answer. I’ll only translate it if there’s a decent amount of interest. I go back to work on Monday so I’ll see how the response is by then. Thank you!

And for those that missed it here’s a scan of the picture Fujimaki-sensei drew for the novel here!


concept for 3rd year seirin…. furihata becomes the captain and a really reliable point guard and riko juggles college and coaching seirin bc thats Her Team and kagami and kuroko are basically the same 

Fanart for @umisabaku‘s fic, The American Football Which Kuroko Plays, which combines some of my fav things – ES21 and KNB.  

Hiruma taking Kuroko under his wing was amazing. Worth the price of admission alone.  I hope they stay in touch tbh.  


Seunghyun: Hongki hyung may look like a kid in daily life, but he’s actually really mature. The longer you know him, the more you realize that he’s actually a really different hyung than what he looks like. (x)