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MALEC (and some other Shadowhunters pairings/friendship) headcanon

- Alec almost always wakes up earlier than Magnus. He’ll go for his run/exercise, came back with breakfast, shower, turn on the coffee machine before finally go and wake Magnus up. 

Magnus? at this time is still happily snuggling underneath his super comfy blanket and cuddling Alec’s pillow.

- One of Alec’s fav way to wake Magnus up is by lightly raking his stubble across Magnus’s bare shoulders and nuzzling/nibbling his neck.

- It’s not often that Magnus gets sick but on the rare occasion that he caught a cold/flu, he’ll be very dramatic about it.. absolutely believed that this must be it, the end is near.. Alec, I can see the light..~! 

He’ll demand to be spoiled rotten 

(which Alec, who really needs to learn to be more strict to his boyfriend, gladly do so)

- It’s also not often that Alec would get sick with normal flu/cold. 

As he’s so used to take care of himself, he will push himself harder and getting more and more grumpier as he tries to ignore that his head is killing him and his stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe. 

He will just keep on going if not for the fact that Magnus simply portal directly into the Shadowhunters meeting, casually grab and drag Alec back through the portal and back to the loft - totally ignoring any protest from the younger man (and other Clave members), magicked Alec into his comfiest boxer and threadbare t-shirt, ‘bullies’ Alec to get onto the bed and tuck him in. 

Magnus is a natural nurturer, okay~.. You can’t tell me he won’t enjoy spoiling and fussing over Alec especially when the latter is sick 

(Alec might complaint a lot but he loves it when Magnus fussing over him as he never had anyone that focused on taking care of him before)

- Soon, all Shadowhunters at the Institute know that whenever they have to report something unpleasant to Alec that would probably have them getting one or two arrows sticking from their backsides by the end of it; it is better for their health to make sure the High Warlock of Brooklyn is somewhere around

(preferably right next to their esteemed but also extremely scary future leader).

For only Magnus Bane could soothes down Alec Lightwood’s temper quickly (often with nothing more than just a soft sweet call of the other’s full name ‘Alexander~’ and a gentle brush of his hand against Alec’s)

- Same goes: Soon all Downworlders realize that sometimes the only way to get Magnus Bane’s help is if they could get Alec Lightwood to appeal on their behalf

(”Magnus? Why is there a neon pink werewolf crying outside the Institute, begging for me to talk to you to help him?” 

“Oh, that must be Ennis. I heard he was cursed by a witch for two-timing her. Just ignore him, darling~ Smacked his nose with a newspaper or something if he comes near you.”)

- Alec never mentioned anything because he doesn’t want Magnus to worry, but (especially when he was exhausted or not feeling well) he still has nightmares of that night when Valentine activated the Soul Sword. 

Sometimes it was of him running down endless hallway inside the Institute - desperately calling and searching for Magnus, occasionally catching a glimpse of his lover disappearing around darkened corners but somehow could never quite catch up to him. 

Sometimes though, the dream starts with the time when they were arguing about Izzy and Raphael and Alec could only watched helplessly as his dream self keeps on shouting at Magnus and didn’t seems to noticed that Valentine suddenly appearing behind his lover with a wicked grin on his face and the sword raised high above his head, ready to swing down. 

Alec usually jerks awake at this point.

- Magnus never mentioned anything but he always know whenever Alec is having a nightmare about that night - mainly because Alec will start mumbling Magnus’s name again and again while tossing and turning restlessly.. and also because Alec will be super touchy and super protective 

(he wouldn’t let Magnus out of his sight and insists on following him everywhere. Oh~ the look on Meliorn’s face when Alec puts on his ‘bitch face’ and refused to leave during the Downworlder’s meeting) for couple of days after.

- Jace never gives much thought about other men’s looks. Well, obviously he notes some guys are good looking and others not so much.. but it was more of a~ passing observation, nothing like how he would take notice of girls. 

Saying that however, there were times when he was still living with Magnus, he looked up and was taken aback by.. just how stunningly beautiful the warlock really is. 

He looked at the way Magnus bites his lips when concentrating on making some potion or the gleeful smug looks on the warlock’s face when he so effortlessly provides solution to whatever problems Shadowhunters is having that day or the graceful way his fingers dancing as he was doing magic or how he unconsciously pouts when they have to interrupt his date with Alec for some sudden Shadowhunting matters or how his eyes went soft and wide and his voice gets all gentle and sweet whenever Alec is around..

Jace looked at all that (and more) and thought to himself: It really is no wonder why Alec was so mesmerized by Magnus from the start.

- While Izzy is Alec’s go-to when he wants to do something’s nice/sexy for Magnus, believe it or not when they are arguing and Alec wants to make up with his boyfriend back; Clary is the one he trusted (read: bullies) to spy on Magnus’s mood/finds out how he could make things better.

- Izzy is Magnus’s shopping and gossip best friend. Clary is Magnus’s baking/cooking buddy. Simon is Magnus’s minion. Catarina is Magnus’s ‘big sister’. Raphael is Magnus’s go-to when he’s sulking about Alec and wants to hide from his boyfriend 

(Raphael may be the grumpiest vampire ever but Magnus knows Raphael adores him and could be count on to be on his side when Alec is being a dick)

- Alec loves peppering little kisses from the back of Magnus’s neck down the small of his back.

-It breaks Alec’s heart whenever Magnus looks so surprised each time Alec gives him a gift (it makes him more determined to show Magnus how precious and loved he truly is)

- Magnus made a rule that no matter how busy they are, they will have Date Night once every two weeks. 

Once, a horde of demons and the group of Shadowhunters hunting them, crashed into the expensive restaurant where Alec and Magnus was enjoying their romantic dinner and before anyone knows how it happened, leaders to both groups found themselves facing a fire ball and deadly sharp seraph blade mere inches from their faces. 

(“My boyfriend went through a lot of trouble planning our night out tonight. Are you sure you want to fight in here? Think very carefully before you answer.” 

The Shadowhunter and the demon gulped down nervously at the absolute livid look on the High Warlock’s face and his partner’s blank one (which somehow makes it more terrifying) and managed to squeaked “We’re sorry..” before hightailed it out of there). 

Everyone in Shadow World knows not to disturb the couple during the Power Couple’s Date Night after the incident.

- Alec really loves laying his head down on Magnus’s lap and falling asleep while Magnus playing with his hair.

- Sometimes Magnus will follow the Shadowhunters on their demon hunting and he and Alec will make it like a date (complete with hands holding and play-whispers and cheeks kisses and cutesy giggles - by this point, Jace is about to wonder how is this his life while Clary, Simon and Izzy tries to sneak a photo or two of the cute couple.). 

Magnus would happily cheers Alec on when he’s fighting and yes, Alec will show off in front of his boyfriend.

- Often Alec will walk up behind Magnus and wrap his arms around him to nuzzle the side of his neck and just breathes in deeply, taking in the other’s scent.

- Only Magnus could make Alec laughs.. like really one of those hearty deep belly laughter.

- Magnus does yoga.

- Jace makes fun of it coz it’s not a ‘real’ exercise/training and everyone can do it. Magnus challenged him to do just one full session with him. Result: Jace pulled several muscles and has to stay in bed for three days. 

- Alec likes helping Magnus paints his nails.. it’s strangely therapeutic.

- Most would be surprised to know this but  Alec actually enjoys being romantic and gentlemanly: surprising Magnus with candlelit dinner, bringing him random flowers bouquet for no special occasion, slow dancing on the rooftop with just the stars and moon as their witness, kissing the back of Magnus’s hand and every one of his fingertips (he loves the little hitched to Magnus’s breath when he does this).

- Magnus knows that Alec is subconsciously scared that their relationship will fail like his parents’s. Magnus is determined to show Alec that he has nothing to be scared of and that Magnus would never leave Alec nor will he hurts him like Maryse and Roberts did with each other.

- They have Madzie over at the loft sometimes and the sight of Magnus being so sweet and patient when teaching the little girl makes something inside Alec’s chest ache something good.

- And the sight of Alec - all tall and strong, being so gentle and soft with Madzie makes Magnus choked with some unexplained intense feelings that sometimes he has to excused himself lest he stars tearing up in front of them.

- Sometimes when both are overly tired from the pressure of outside responsibilities and the tension is running high, they have the biggest argument about the stupidest thing. 

the kind of argument that you don’t even know who was at fault, can’t even remember what started it in the first place.. all they care is to hurt the other party as only the most poisoned words could do. 

Alec will storm off. Magnus will drinks until he can’t see straight anymore.

- Both sides will stay stubborn, refusing to be the first to back down (and actually thinks that the other hates him now).

- It’s weird but it’ll end up with Jace went to talk to Magnus 

(“Magnus, listen. I love Alec, I’ll die for him you know that. But I’ll also be the first to admit that my boy is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to… heart related matters. You can’t expect him to get it instantly why you are angry with him. When he’s being a jerk, tell him. Just.. tell him what you need or want..“) 

and Raphael to Alec 

(”Lightwood, you know what you’re getting into when you decided to be with Magnus. He might be 400 years old warlock but that doesn’t mean he’s a matured adult in any way. His instinct when he feels hurt is to lash out first.. to draw that first blood. You want him, Lightwood? The more he pushes you away, the tighter you should hold on to him..”); 

with Simon as their errant boy to spy on both sides.

- Alec doesn’t like it when Magnus calls him ‘Alec’. He wants to always be Magnus’s ‘Alexander’.

- Alec found it’s easier to open up and confide in Magnus about anything that worrying him when they are in the big jacuzzi bathtub with hot bath running - Magnus holding him from behind, quiet and unassuming.

- Magnus found himself sharing about his insecurities and telling Alec of his painful past when they’re relaxing on the balcony couch at the end of the day with a glass of wine each and Alec just holding him close and safe.

- This may sounds weird but~ Alec thinks sulking!Magnus has the cutest pout on earth 

(Simon called him whipped. Jace could only just shake his head sadly. Alec thinks they’re just jealous coz his lover is prettier (and more badass) than theirs)

- Alec secretly writes letters for Magnus to read after he’s gone. Hundreds… thousands of them. 

The length ranges from multiple pages (of him pouring his heart out of how he never thought he would find this kind of happiness in his life, how he thought he would either die young and  alone killed in a fight somewhere or he will end up living dull, straight-laced life dictated by his parents.. he writes about how Magnus doesn’t realizes that he saved Alec.. he writes about how much hopelessly in love he is with Magnus. He writes about he wished he could give Magnus the world because Magnus deserves at least that much..) 

to simple silly notes (’Magnus~ I love you but baby, you just simply can’t carry a tune to save your life.’).  

He writes not just on sweet happy moments between them, 

but also of the sad (‘Baby, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry we didn’t get to you fast enough. I’m sorry you have to went through this alone. Catarina told us of your injuries and… how they hurt you. I.. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.. If you could hear me at all, it’s okay now.. Don’t be scared and open your eyes, baby.. I swear I won’t let anyone get to you again, okay? Please wake up, Magnus.. I don’t know how to go on without you.. I don’t even want to.. Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouilovey…’

and bitter ( ‘I’m not trying to control you or being petty and jealous. I just don’t trust him. I lack experience, yes. But I’m not stupid.. Can’t you trust me a little?’)

and frustrations (‘…sometimes.. I don’t know there is even an ‘us’.. are you better off without me? Will I hurt this much if I never met you?..’).

- Unknown to him, Magnus has his own set of ‘letters for my Alexander’ too.. Coz afterall, he is immortal but not invincible.

- Jace is actually the best cook out of all of them. His secret dream is to open an eatery where his family and friends could just hang out and everyone is just happy and safe and away from all these wars and demons and evil masterminds.

- Jace and Izzy gave the shovel talk to Magnus on ‘Don’t hurt Alec or else..

- While Raphael and surprisingly, Clary (with Simon hovering nervously in the background) were the ones that cornered Alec and gave him ‘you better treat Magnus right..’ talk.

- Alec tried to bake a cake for Magnus for their anniversary and Clary (and by proxy, Simon) offered to help him (well, Izzy offered first but since Alec loves his boyfriend and doesn’t want to poisoned him, he refuses her - much to her indignation). 

The result? Well~.. lets just say when Magnus came home that evening and saw the condition of his former kitchen, he only have this to say:

“Alexander, I have never been more thankful for my magic than i am at this moment.. You know~ people been strangled for much less, sweetheart~”

- When Alec is in his clingy mode, Magnus can expect his boyfriend to randomly plastering himself to Magnus at any time of the day and refused to let go - making Magnus having to drag him everywhere like a limpet at his side/behind

(”Ok. So Mr Hunt.. you want me to summon a demon.. is there any particular one? Or are you just being curious here?” 

“Uh.. Mr Bane? Um.. There’s.. I mean, are you aware there’s a really tall guy clinging to your back?” 

“Hmm? Oh. Don’t worry bout him. This is my boyfriend. Isn’t he just gorgeous~?”

“Uh.. yeah.. I’m kinda uncomfortable to have other people here?” 

“Ah~.. Alexander darling.. do you mind waiting in another room? Mr Hunt here probably want me to summon a sex demoness and is feeling em-” 

“Tha..That’s actually not..”  

“-barrassed. So~” 

“No. Miiinneeee~~~” *snuggles closer

“Aww~ you’re so cute! gimme a kiss! I love you~” 

“I love you more~” 

“No~ I love you mos-” 

“Uh.. Mr Bane? Hello? I’m still her-” 

*kissing noise continues*)

- When Magnus in clingy mode, he refused to let Alec going out the door without giving him all the kisses they will miss when they are apart 

(”-and one kiss for when you miss me.” *kiss on Magnus’s nose* “And another coz you’re just so cute.” *kiss on Magnus’s cheek, causing him to giggle* “And here’s one when your lips feel lonely.” *a quick peck on Magnus’s lips* “And another coz your lips are so lovely” *a longer slower kiss on Magnus’s lips* “Here’s a kiss when you miss my voice” *kiss on Magnus’s earlobe* “And one for you to know you’ll be on my mind every single minute” *an affectionate wet kiss on Magnus’s forehead* “Here’s one to remind you that you belong to me” *a sharp short bite on the neck just below the Magnus’s ear causing him to gasp* “And here’s one because I belong to you too..” *soothes the bite with a little lick and a open-mouthed kiss on the reddened spot* “Here’s one for…” 

*door slammed opened and Jace stormed in* 

“For God’s sake Alec! We’re just gonna go meet your parents for dinner for like three hours TOP! That’s it! Seriously, guys~!”)

******** xxxx **********

So~ here’s my list of #Shadowhunters headcanons~! XD.. 

I have plenty more (friendship/couple) hc on #jimon #climon #sizzy #saphael #parabatai #magnus/maryse #lightwoodfamily #magnus/clary and of course #malec.. But I think this is long enough for now (this one is more malec focused..) ^^;;;

@magnusandalexander​ Anica~.. I am tagging you as I asked~.. hope you don’t mind :) 

2x14: Random collection of thoughts
  • I loved the synchronisation of the opening and closing scenes of Jace and Sebastian. The opening scene is so eerie upon rewatch.
  • Sebastian ‘Woops, there’s Clary’ Verlac totally knew Clary was on her way.
  • Simon’s confidence in going against Jace already broke my wee heart before anything really heartbreaking went down. Like, ‘good for you, buddy. Enjoy it while it lasts’
  • What happened to the ‘Is it really a competition if I always win’ line?
  • For someone who gets his trivial wisdom from movies, Simon was pretty dumb for going near that tree.
  • ‘Use protection, and I don’t mean your gun!’ God, I hope she does not turn out to be some evil maniac.
  • The Malec handshake scene was adorable af.
  • Acting-wise I am sure Sarah Hyland would have pulled off playing the Seelie Queen, but since everyone know’s she’s with Dom, it would have been kind a weird to have her go like nowkiss.gif.
  • So who is she gonna play?!
  • I’ve seen some people complaining about a child playing the Queen, but I really loved it? Same thing happened with the angel Ithuriel, loads of people complained it should have been some drop dead gorgeous man, rather than an old guy. Angels and fairies are worlds apart from humans, and since the entire cast is already made up out of gorgeous people, I feel like yet another supermodel in a funky costume would not have done the job in showing that devide.
  • Also, Lola Flanery is insanely talented. She did a great job at being playful like a child, while wise as someone ancient.
  • The Other Side fit the kissing scene perfectly. And they timed it perfectly when Clary realised she hit the point of no return. I get it y’all wanted it for Malec, because it is a great song, but it’s a freaking break up song. Would y’all really want a scene that would fit the song? Like, super sad trouble in paradise? I doubt it, 
  • Add Lola Flanery to the list of ‘best schadenfreude face’. You know, the list that previously only had Alan Van Sprang on it from 2x11.
  • Random canon fact: Seelies also get blisters when wearing ballerinas. Check out the Queen’s handmaiden in the pink dress when the Queen joins the table.
  • I am so here for Raphael exposing Sebastian.
  • ‘The game isn’t for me’ I love how she sounds 50% bored, 50% entertained.
  • Isabelle looked drop dead gorge the whole episode. 
  • ‘No, mama. It’s mine’ Fuck me uuuuuppppp. Didn’t think anything other than Alberto’s wounded puppy face would hit me in the feels so bad.
  • R.I.P Climon and Rizzy. Welcome back, Clace. I can’t wait to see you, Sizzy.
  • Based on the promo, looks like poor Izzy is going to be in the position I have been way too many times: the one stuck in between a miscommunicating soon-to-be-couple.

So, comiXology is having a Vertigo sale, and I thought that I would chime in on it with some recommendations of my favorites.

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Kelley Jones, Charles Vess, Shawn McManus, Colleen Doran, P. Craig Russell, Jill Thompson, Marc Hempel, Michael Zulli and a host of others - This is still my favorite work from Neil Gaiman, and one of my favorite comics of all time. I’m sure I can’t say anything about this book that hasn’t been said before, so I’ll just say that it’s wonderful and I love it and you should read it. I’ve bought this series in five different formats so far, because I keep loaning the books out and never getting them back. At least the digital editions will be mine forever.

Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon - A tale of love and friendship … and religion and murder and betrayal and even a guy with a face that looks like an arse. Also it has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read.

Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Steven Bissette and John Totleben - Alan Moore’s run on this book was groundbreaking and redefined the character. I also recommend the later run by Mark Millar and Phil Hester.

Fables by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha - This book never failed to entertain me and I loved it when I encountered new literary characters through this series. Also, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha produce some of the best art of their careers together here.

Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Flex MentalloThe Invisibles and We3 by Grant Morrison, Chaz Truog, Richard Case, Frank Quitely and many others - Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and The Invisibles will blow your mind. We3 will break your heart. And Animal Man will make Buddy Baker one of your favorite characters. Read them all.

Astro City by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross - In my opinion, the best series about superheroes EVER. Kurt Busiek tells superhero stories here in ways you’ll never read anywhere else. Also, he consistently makes me care about his characters in every story, which is not an easy feat. I recommend this book to new comics readers all the time.

I’d love to write more about these series, but instead I’ll just recommend some more with a few words:

iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred - kooky stories involving a cute zombie gravedigger

The Losers by Andy Diggle and Jock - action and intrigue and awesome art

The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross - a must-read for literature majors

The Sheriff of Babylon by Tom King and Mitch Gerads - wartime crime drama in the middle east

American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque - a vampire story set throughout the history of the United States

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra - a man and his monkey are the last males on earth

Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson - journalism and politics in the near future and the writing is amazing

Clean Room by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt - Gail Simone at her darkest

Shade, the Changing Man by Peter Milligan, Chris Bachalo and many others - a Steve Ditko creation gets totally reinvented

Sandman Mystery Theatre by Matt Wagner, Steven Seagle and Guy Davis - excellent crime stories featuring Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman

Louis is smart, don’t forget it

I’m starting to get really, truly, genuinely offended by the way larry theories ignore how smart Louis really is, and instead casts him in the role of the poor oppressed prince fighting for his love. I see a different story with Louis, and in this case, he is the master of his own position in the industry: 

Let’s start all the way back with the “I met Harry in the toilet” story. Fandom narrative is: it’s true love instantly. Hi/Oops, all of that. Instead, lets look at this from the perspective of Louis, who is young, and who wants to break into the industry. He said ages ago that he knew Harry was going to be a star, so he asked for his autograph and got a picture. (Some of this story could be complete bullshit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video/audio where he said this, but let’s assume this is true. It works in his favor either way.) This is supposedly at the Manchester arena auditions. 

I have no reason to think otherwise – X Factor is a lot more complicated bts than they make it look on TV. The genuine singers go through at least two auditions with various producers before they get the invite to get on stage in front of the judges. This is Harry’s audition process - the real ground up story. Liam the first time, Niall probably, and Zayn. Louis, on the other hand, is a different story. In addition to holding pure voice auditions, they look for “characters”. X factor is a singing competition but it’s also a TV show and the producers need things to get people interested and talking, so they look for people with stand out personalities. Some of these people who can’t sing, or cant’ sing as well get plucked out from the regional auditions (if they’re there in the first place, I believe they do straight up casting calls with talent agents too) and get a guaranteed through-spot in order to build a television narrative out of it. If you were watching this year (2015), think Bupsi. Decent voice, huge personality, made it through to live shows at the expense of several people who had much better singing voices. This is Louis’ way in: we’ve all seen his stage audition with the judges and it wasn’t great, certainly not as good as other people that year. Or even as smooth as the other boys that year. So with this in mind, Louis makes it through to Bootcamp, and pours everything he has into making himself stand out as a personality as well as with his voice. (think of that clip of Zayn talking about how he can’t dance, and Louis behind him dancing with no inhibitions, nothing holding him back. He is laying it all on the line because he has no more guaranteed advancement, he’s all on his own. 

Then, he scrapes through, not as a solo artist but as part of a band of boys that he’s seen outpace him in the singing all weekend. He got through as a character, he’s going to be a character. We see this all the way through X Factor. From the way he’s introduced to the audience with the stingray sting, to the way he runs the fake game shows, sits front and center in most of the stair videos. And here’s the thing: he’s in a band with this boy he met at the manchester auditions, a boy who he believed has star power. So what does Louis do? He hitches himself to this curly-haired kid. I do think they were genuinely friends as well, but at the same time, Louis is trying to make himself memorable to make up for his singing. (it doesn’t matter what you think of his voice: he didn’t think he had a great voice, he’s talked about it a lot before. So he made up for it in personality.) 

And you know what? it worked. People loved the band. People loved Louis, people loved his friendships with the other boys, and people especially loved his friendship with Harry. 

Louis met this kid in a toilet, landed in a band with him, and turned that into roaring success. 

So, they kept it going. In the beginning “Larry Stylinson” was a fun thing. The band members used the portmanteau, it was a cute bromance, and everyone wanted in on it. they sat next to each other, they did interviews together, they lived together. There were articles, fun games, lots of jokes and innuendo. It worked beyond Louis’ wildest hopes. 

Until it didn’t work anymore – things turned from fun bromance into belief in a relationship. I think the transition started when they came to America (because we have weird ideas about touch that stem from our puritan roots as a country, but that’s a whole other long post), and it followed them everywhere else. What was fun, what raised Louis’ profile into one of the top two members of the band turned into something ugly when his girlfriend got harassed, when his family got harassed, when his friend, Harry Styles got harassed. 

For this next bit I’m going to assume that Louis still isn’t totally confident in his voice and in his potential post-1D career as a solo artist. 

So, instead of continuing on the path he was on, and working to be a memorable member of the band, he turned instead to working behind the scenes: to handling the business of 1D, the songwriting, the producing. Eventually branching out into talent spotting and development. Louis starts going back to X Factor more to mentor new acts. He allies himself with Simon (who IS a snake, there’s no denying that, but an incredibly successful one), who starts teaching him the ropes. 

Simon gets something out of this too. His empire is on the downslide. X Factor ratings are slipping, American Idol is slipping, X Factor american never really took off, his acts aren’t performing well save a small few (1D, Olly Murs. Little Mix are doing okay but nowhere near their potential, but then he’s never put much effort into them anyway.) And here’s Louis, this smart young man now in his 20s. Louis is looking to set himself up for a more stable career than that of performer, and Simon wants an injection of young talent and image into his empire. It works for both of them. Louis does more behind the scenes work for a few years, meets people, learns more about the business, then when he knows he has time to put into these things gets his label, his girl band. He’s actively working at a future as a music exec. He needs Simon’s favor, not to fight him, and since he’s not the horribly oppressed magic bean in love with his bandmate, why does he need to? 

The music business is full of dirty tactics. I spoke to an entertainment attorney a few weeks ago about career things, she flat out told me that she avoids music as much as she can because the industry is stuffed full of seedy people. But here’s the thing about Louis: he’s using it to his advantage, as always. He sees an opportunity with Simon. Maybe he’ll take over Syco when Simon retires or dies. Simon wants this, he wants to secure his own legacy in the business instead of going down with an aging empire. It’s mutually beneficial for them to be working together right now. 

This isn’t to say that Louis is going to end up being Simon 2.0; that also discounts how smart he is, if he’s going to just allow himself to be remade in Simon’s image. But he’s incredibly smart; he sees the opportunity to move up in the industry, to be a more stable part of it, to build a future for himself and for his family. For his kids. Freddie and any kids he may have later. It’s hard being a performer, very few can strike big and stay there forever. Bands come and go, singers come and go. The club of music execs and label heads is small and shrinking all the time as the Big Labels eat up independent ones. Louis is angling himself to be at the top of that pyramid. 

And here’s the thing about Bigwig Music Exec Louis Tomlinson: he knows what it’s like on the other side. Because he was there: he was a kid from a poorer background with no connections. He was in the X Factor contract which is incredibly exploitive in terms of what the band puts in and what they get out of it. (they’re a billion-dollar boyband. Individually they’ve seen a tiny fraction of the money they’ve brought in for the labels and promoters.) I want him to use that experience in the future. With his own label, with this new girlband he’s working with.

To say he’s just this guy who is blindingly in love and fighting to come out from under Evil Simon Cowell’s thumb completely ignores that he’s been working for years to put himself exactly where he is right now. That he’s been playing the game and playing it well

Louis is exactly where he wants to be. 

And I hope in 30 years we see Louis Tomlinson getting piles of lifetime achievement awards. 

In 2015, Zayn Malik abruptly quit One Direction, broke off a fairy-tale pop-star engagement and overdid the hair dye. Now, as he wraps up his long-simmering creative statement, the boy band outlier aims to prove that he has been his own man all along.

Zayn Malik is standing in a dimly lit studio, spliff hanging from his lips and whiskey tumbler in hand.

“My fans are giving me shit every day,” he says. “Like, ‘Where the f— is your music? You’ve been at it for months. Give us something.’ ” It’s around 9 p.m. the Monday after Thanksgiving, and the 22-year-old is indeed about to give up something, though not to his adoring public – they’ll have to wait for a solo album due early this spring on RCA. The four others here at Los Angeles’ Record Plant are part of Malik’s team, and even they seem surprised at how little the slinky, propulsive music he plays has to do with anything recorded byOne Direction, the band he abruptly left eight months ago, setting off a convulsion of online lament including accusations of treason and upsetting hashtags like #CuttingForZayn. In fact, the beat of shadowy, au courant R&B track “She” drives so hard that Malik, grooving intensely, sloshes liquor onto his arm. He quickly grabs a tissue and self-consciously dabs his wrist.

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Same for me

TITLE: Same for me


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU TOM. Architect Tom / Nerdy Tom

GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: Tom misses his opportunity of asking Marie out.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: i wrote this really quickly and i think there are a lot of mistakes which i will correct later. Also, this is for all the requests wanting dorky /nerdy tom. tell me what you think!

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