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OK. That's it. I'm done. I've just unfollowed a person who's a great graphic maker, but also an IR shipper. I just couldn't take all the butthurt and denial anymore. If they reblog and support posts saying 'we won cause we got ichiruki stickers', then I really fear for their IQ. And that's just one of the many ridiculous anti-IH post/pro-IR posts I had to see on my dashboard. I simply can't stand such high levels of stupidity and ignorance anymore.

Yea its sad i had to unfollow several of em too.


OKAY I DID IT. *throws self out the window*

Now that my game is halfway finished, I went ahead and launched a Kickstarter.

My forever undying gratitude to anyone that helps back it or even spreads word of it.


You can see the kickstarter here:

Thank you~!!


BTS/EXO - I Need You/Monster Mashup

So we had this bbq today and this kid who’s the same age as my sister was here and I was totally lowkey shipping them the whole time because they were geeking out over Star Wars and stuff and then they were playing video games and she kicked his ass and basically it was like watching the gamer episode of miraculous irl.

They’re gonna get MARRIED.

my opinion on reposting gifs

you just don’t

“but they are easy to make! it’s no big deal” then make your own and don’t touch mine 


Ooookay so I might’ve just ordered myself some pearls and diamonds ahhahahahha.

I shall soon have a complete collection of SU gems!!

Silver Thaw, Chapter 1 - ‘The Mission’ is now posted on AO3.

Set during the Dark Days rebellion. A Capitol hunting guide and Panem Games Biathlon champion is enlisted to hunt down and capture a mysterious rebel troublemaker in the snowy mountains of District 13.

This story wouldn’t be half as good without the help of my wonderful betas @papofglencoe, @finduilasnumenesse and @titaniasfics. Thank you for your advice, encouragement, and your friendship! ILY! 😘

Not only is @papofglencoe a phenomenal author and dedicated beta, but she is also a talented banner-maker, too! She made this lovely one for me. ❤️          -image source: (x)

And Thank You to everyone who reads my story. It is complete except for final beta-review. I will post one chapter per week, on Fridays. I hope you enjoy Silver Thaw❄️


Yes, I miss dream.girl, the first version of lux… #throwbacktuesday 

No, I won’t be releasing it because I just payed through it and it is genuine 2012 tumblr meme documentation with a plot best explained by “I was a SuperWhoLock and she was a DanganOFFStuck”. (And the poster in the last photo is this)

It’s fun to see how much improvement I’ve done, though. 



Oh mapping… boring, boring, mapping… so many houses to be made! So many default sprites to replace! SO many interior sprites… shelves… chairs… CHAIRS! Chairs are the worst!

More recent progress:
-Mapping (still using many placeholder graphics, as you can see above)
-Day 2 event terminates properly, ready to begin on Day 3
-Continuing work on schedule implementation…
-Since keeping character schedule info in a spreadsheet is proving to not be an ideal format, I’m toying with the idea of writing a little Java program to hold it. I started writing it, but I don’t know if it’ll save enough headache to be worth the time spent. :|c Hmm.

More recent bug fixes:
-fixed positioning issue with Nikki during one cutscene
-fixed TWO inconsistencies with player_id variable
-split the saving method into two different ones so that I could tweak them without rendering saves unusable
-tweaked posing method to lock player in place properly while animation is playing so they don’t slide around, also shortened length of animation

Bugs I’m still working on:
-Very, very weird one during the intro where the player appears 1 square further along than they should like 3% of the time. Hard to debug because of its rarity and the fact that it happens at the end of a long cutscene…
-At some point, I screwed up the collision on some prairie animals, but not all. Probably just an oversight, but I need to figure out where it went wrong.

So, guys! Tomorrow (8/24) makes the second birthday I’ll spend with this blog (I’m turning 21)!

That being said, are there any changes to the blog you’d want to see, or anything special you guys want (like, preferences, gif imagines, etc.)?

Idk tbh if I was allowed to but I hope you guys don’t mind …
First try drawing some of the skele-ton of things I really wanted to once and I thought this was a great start!

Not much tbh just @heavenfell-au Sans and @huntertale-au Sans bc both are pretty amazing.
Like seriously. I adore them and their AUs/stories and makers.
Also thought that they might be a bit … Sassy. Whoops.

I HOPE I DIDN’T MESS UP TO BAD //inhales sharply
You guys are great!