also maggie hugging him at the end

My Thoughts on 2x20

I heard this ep was supposed to be James Olsen centric.
Fingers crossed…
Whoo! Here we go!
If my TV cuts out I will cry.
I love the intro.
in the recap!!!
Dammit! Yawnel.
This looks shady.
Go James!
Casual brunch.
She likes NSYNC!
I love them!!!
They love each other!!!
Holy crap!!
Or Katie.
She looks amazing.
They’re playing romantic music.
The hug!!!!!!
That’s gay…
Somebody hug him.
This is bad music…
Oh my.
This is bad.
Go James.
A real hero tbh.
Can’t wait till my queen Cat Grant comes back.
I hope she’s in the promo.
And J'onn!!
Ugh. Mayo.
Why couldn’t they have just said Supergirl?
Is that the only fancy restaurant in National City?
She’s the best.
Why do people say Lena’s evil?
She’s so pure.
*Gasp* bad guys!
Don’t you just love of when MAIN characters get screentime
This is the part!
With the boy!
I’m so happy!
So. Pure.
The head thing!!!!
I’m criygn.
Hope we get some Sanvers.
How bout that dog?
In case you didn’t know, I’m stalling because there’s a commercial.
im dying.
She’s amazing.
I love this ep.
So far…
Go James!
I’ve said that so many times already and I don’t care.
He’s whistling super friend.
His dart gun!
That belt…
Don’t give up!
Wait, this seems shady.
Don’t give up yet…
I love this!!!
I love Marcus.
James would be like, the cool uncle.
Civil rights lesson!
James is getting a back story too!
He’s such a dad and I love it.
Marcus has lines!!!
This episode is the gift that keeps on giving!
Uh oh.
This seems shady…
He’s teaching photography!
Poor kid.
And she has food!
Oh no.
This is bad.
He clearly can’t control this.
This is awful.
The shirt rip!!!
Good idea?
Oh. This is bad.
Oh no.
Is this what they meant in the tweet?!
About “where we’re going there may not even be a catco”
*GASP* maybe that’s why Cat’s coming back!!!
In other news,
My phone keeps trying to autocorrect Catco to Costco.
Oh. The cell.
Oh man.
I love this show.
I’m here for more of James and J'onn bonding.
ANOTHER back story!!
I feel like the episode is almost over, but I’m only 36 minutes in.
Oh no.
Riverdale looks dramatic.
As usual.
Somebody punch her.
Not Kara, Rhea.
I love him.
That’s terrible.
Hug. This. Child.
Hug. James. Too.
I’m actually crying.
By new friend he means Clark.
Hug. Please.
Go Marcus!
He’s their GUARDIAN!!!!!!!
I love Winn.
Have I mentioned that?
This is wholesome!
All of them?
That was not the plan.
Oh fuck.
Rhea!!! Wtf!!!!
I have an idea,
Throw aluminum into the portal!
Oh shit.
This is bad.
Also, I love James.
Oh fuck.
How does Lena not recognize “Mike”
Are they bringing Cat?
Is that the portal?
Otr maybe Mgann?
Oh no.
Kara is his family!
This is not good.
Oh no.
Oh fuck.
That escalated QUICKLY.
they hugged!
He’s gonna shoot.
She stabbed him.
He’s gonna shoot
That was a waste of what, 45 seconds.
There are more of him?
This is not good.
New Daxam?!
Somebody help her!
Well, that happened.
That was not a good ending.
But a good promo…

I Hate You (Jack Gilinsky Imagine for xomolo97 )

I knocked my knuckles on the big wooden door of the Gilinsky’s house. I waited outside for less than a minute before my best friend’s girlfriend opened the door. She gave me her usual glare and stepped out of the way so I could get in.
“Nice to see you too, Laura.” I said sarcastically. I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me, that’s the way things went. The only reason why was probably because she didn’t like that Jack and I were best friends. I guess she didn’t like other girls hanging around with him. It’s not like we were going to get together or anything. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even think of me as a girl. I slipped off my shoes and walked into the TV room just to the left of the front hallway. Jack was sitting on the couch with the basketball game on.

“Hey Jack.” I said casually as I sat myself down beside him. He paused the game quickly and gave me a hug.
“Hey Maggie, what’s up?”
“Not much really. I haven’t done anything yet today.” He nodded his head in agreement and turned around quickly to look for something.
“Honestly, I’m so happy you’re here. She’s driving me crazy. I don’t think she can get anymore annoying.” His tone was at a harsh whisper. I stifled a laugh and realized he was talking about Laura. I brought my knees up and under me to look at the hallway as well.
“If you don’t like her, why don’t you just break up with her? You shouldn’t be leading her on.”
“I do like her though! It’s just her attitude really sucks. She gets really emotional even if I just hint at breaking up.” He had a horrified expression on his face that made me want to giggle.
“I might even be in love someone else too and I just don’t want to do that to her.” I went to ask him who but Laura walked back in.
“Hey baby.” She purred as she sat herself down across his lap. She nuzzled into his neck and he turned towards me.
He mouthed “help” at me with that same horrified expression from before. I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud. She pulled back from Jack and frowned at me.
“What’s wrong with you?” Her tone unimpressed.
“Nothing, Nothing. Just go back to what you were doing.” I clenched my fists to stop from laughing any further. She placed her arms around his neck and pressed her mouth to his. A little annoyed, I went back to watching the game. Her legs straddled him, and he made no motion to stop her. Whatever happened to breaking up with her? I peered back at them in the corner of my eye. They were full on making out on the couch right next to me. Could they get any friendlier? My blood started to boil from jealousy. I cleared my throat quickly.
“I’m going to go get a drink.” I got up off the couch and made my way over to the kitchen. I opened the fridge then closed it, suddenly no longer thirsty. My hands gripped the counter to steady myself. I was shaking like a leaf. Every time I closed my eyes to blink I saw them together. I had never gotten like this before. Maybe I actually did have feelings for Jack? Deep down they must have always been there. I had known Jack for way too long for them to not be.
I spun around as I heard steps behind me.
“Hey, could you not find the drinks? Hehe.” He laughed lightly until he saw my expression. He rushed up to me.
“Maggie, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” I nodded my head slowly and looked down.
“It’s her.” He probably barely heard me, I said it so quietly. His strong arms wrapped around my small frame.
“Was all that really necessary? You two were practically eating each other’s faces off.” I said into his chest. He held me back a little from him.
“I’m so sorry, that must have been sooo awkward.” I pushed him a little. He faked getting pushed back hard, just for my benefit.
“I hate you so much. You’re such an idiot.” I smiled at him and he wrapped his arm around my waist, surprising me a little.
“Shut up, you know you love me.” My eyes looked up at the eyes that were already looking right at me.
“I know that I already love you.”
He laughed a little at his words before realizing what he’d said. He froze quickly and looked away from me.
“Really?” I asked shocked. He let go of me and brought his hand to the back of his neck. He was facing away from me but slowly nodded his head.
“Jack, I like you that way too.” He spun around at my words and took a step closer. My eyes locked up with his desire filled ones. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. His mouth came closer to mine. Just when I thought they were going to touch, I heard,
“I knew it! You jerk, i trusted you Jack!” He tripped backwards a little at the harshness of her words.
“Laura, I’m so sorry. This is the first time, I would never purposely do that to you. You don’t deserve it.” She just laughed at him.
“Well that didn’t stop you! We’re overJack.” And before he could say anything to defend himself she had already left.
“This is kinda awkward but, do you maybe want to go out with me sometime Maggie?”
“I’m sorry Jack, but I don’t want to be any bodies sloppy seconds. Maybe another time?” His face fell and I immediately felt bad. I wanted to take thing slow though. So without another word I hugged Jack goodbye silently and walked out of there as fast as I could. When I looked back just before turning the corner, I saw him at the window. A small frown spread across his face.

A/N : I feel like that was a sad ending. Maybe they should have gotten together? That was also really long!

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