also luffy is all


Modern Day Parody: Tsundere Ace

its so dramatic isn’t it great?

my pencil….is BROKEN

(pssst click on the pictures for my horrible comments)


So I spent the day cleaning and rearranging my merch (and maybe come to the conclusion that I have too much) OTL 

After a whole adventure of trying to fit those glass doors on the cabinet I already had (up yours IKEA) I somehow managed to get them on (even tho one of the doors is hanging a bit lower than the other and I can’t get it right ><) Setup will probably change again after a con I’m going to next month. Mainly bc I need my brother’s help (who’s coming over before the con) to take down Arya’s tank so I can move it and use the big wall to finally put up all my posters (of which I also have way too many…) And then it’ll probably change once more after I get back from Japan 2 months later lmao But yeah, this is already a lot better =v= I’m also gonna need to buy more cork boards to put up all my keychains bc they’re getting crowded… Anyway, close ups of keychains are under a cut bc fuck you tumblr and your photo set limit >> 

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