also luffy is all

>people who think Law genuinely manipulated Luffy

Need I remind you that you can’t really manipulate Luffy into doing anything? Luffy does whatever Luffy wants. You can’t control him. Even Law thinks he’s been leading Luffy along this entire time, and Robin has to remind him that you can’t make Luffy do anything. You can’t lead him into something he doesn’t want to be a part of. Luffy has willingly gone along with Law because he sees Law as a friend. He even refers to Law as someone who is “Like Jinbe” literally the moment he sees him at Punk Hazard, and no one questions his and Jinbe’s relationship.

okay so the sabo vs. fujitora scene this week was really good????

why cant they animate like that all the time????

((Oh god today has been a creativity high and that makes me so unbelievably happy honestly. Now then to see how much longer I stretch it out…))