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I’m getting more and more into reality-bending horror and just weird horror in general, and of course what better way to try these things out than drawing @therealjacksepticeye and Anti with them in mind. And this is a side of Anti’s alter-ego-ness that I feel like is underrepresented: the fact that he’s not supposed to be there. We are really welcoming of him as a character, but with time he’s started to feel right, yknow? I wanna break out of that a bit. So here that comes.

before anyone gets any ideas i just want you all to know that i am not at all fashionable in real life. i’m the wears-the-same-pair-of-pants-for-a-week type of person. i just watch a lot of project runway 

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God I always forget about that thumb kiss in The Truth and idk why because it gives me SO MANY EMOTIONS

I feel like you either love The Thumb Kiss or you hate it. I know some people get all cringe-y, but I adore it. Give me all the intimacy. I can’t get enough of those little gestures that speak to all of the tender moments we never got to see.

You remember that little thumb war in the hospital at the end of Tithonus? 

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I think, because Mulder will forever be a big brother and Scully was always someone’s little sister, after they’d finished with Twenty Questions and I Spy, they used to pass those really awful, seemingly unending early morning hours of stakeouts with thumb wars. Scully always cheated and used her nails because her hands were so much smaller and she would complain that Mulder had an unfair advantage with those long pianist’s fingers. 

Once, during a particularly feisty match, she accidentally dug her nails in too hard and actually drew blood. Mulder pouted and bitched about it until she finally rolled her eyes and offered to kiss it if it would shut him up. He held his hand up right in front of Scully’s face, obstinate, expecting her to bat him away. But he swallowed when she grabbed his hand and brought it closer, pressing her lips to the pad of his thumb. “All better?” Scully asked, and whatever smartass comment about the medicinal properties of healing kisses he’d been formulating died on Mulder’s tongue as his mouth went completely dry. He found himself staring at where his finger still rested on the plumpest part of her lower lip. The air, twice as thick as it had been a few moments before, also seemed to have been depleted of all its oxygen, leaving him light-headed. It wouldn’t have taken much effort at all to ease his hand around the back of her neck and tangle his fingers in her hair, bridging those last few inches for a kiss. And the way Scully’s eyes were searching his face, kept darting back down to his mouth, he was pretty sure she was giving him the green light.

But a door slamming nearby caused them to jump apart, and their suspect chose that exact moment to flea the house they’d been surveilling. Next time, he thought, as they both threw open the doors and gave chase, and wondered how many next times he’d get before their luck finally ran out.

forever, endlessly [m]

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pairing: yoongi/reader
genre: soulmate au!!!!!!! fluff!!!!! fluffy smut!!! bad writing!!!!!!
length: 3.9k
notes: this is a thank u to my sweet followers for continuing to follow me etc. etc. and also a celebration of the comeback! i really love u all and even though i’m not good at longer stories i hope that this is okay i just wanted to post something :( i hope to post some more stuff soon :( also the smut is like the last 1.5k words so if u want just the sfw stuff you can stop before the last section! 

Your mother never had a mark.

When you were young, you didn’t understand why. You had a mark, your strange twisting line on the inside of your left forearm. Your best friend Seulgi had a mark. Your uncle and aunt had marks, twin ones on their palms that met when they held hands.

“Where is your soul mark?” you asked one night, curled into her warmth as she read your favorite story to you, her fingers carding through your hair.

“I don’t need this, sweet pea,” she said, tapping her blank arm, “because I have you, and you’re all I need.” Her smile was soft, and kind, and you stared at her with big eyes.

“When will I meet my soulmate?” you whispered, tugging your quilt closer to you. You tried to imagine the meeting: the summer sun beaming down in the middle of a park as he approaches, flowers everywhere, the wind rustling his hair. Would he have black hair? Brown? What color would his eyes be? What would his voice sound like?

“I don’t know, honey, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you do.” She leaned down, then, to kiss your forehead, and walked to turn off the light.

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night,” you replied, voice small. With the dim light of the moon pouring in your window, you thought about your soulmate until you slipped into sleep.

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requests for southern raymond (@grenadinekisses) and shenid (@s3tok41b4)!! i put so much effort into these lol,, if i get more requests i might have to tone it down a bit for time’s sake. but nevertheless these were so fun to do,,,

and if you can’t already tell, im trying my best to experiment with different brush presets