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Every team 7 ship VS NaruHina

To the clique that argued with me in the saltiest of ways, I dedicate to you my first ever anti nh post. I hope you think twice about telling people to kill themselves over your self insert and stop being a pimple on society’s ass.

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Will you look at that. 👆THIS 👆is how Kit acts in love, THIS is his, “I’m in love with you, I care deeply for you, you mean the world to me”, face. There’s love in his eyes, sweetness, tenderness, emotion.

And NOT whatever 👇THIS👇 is:

Also, I should add, in Pompeii, there was a bloody avalanche, of really hot smoke and fire, coming towards Milo (played by Kit) and Cassia, and this weird panicky panting he has going on in the scene with Dandelion, is nowhere be seen there.

He should be panting and panicking like that, in Pompeii, since him and Cassia are about to die, but nope, he looks at Cassia sweetly and with love, to comfort her, to reassure her, EXACTLY LIKE he did with Sansa, when he gave her that sweet forehead kiss, and instead, with Dandelion, he has this weird reaction while he’s naked in bed with her, while he is INSIDE her. Let that sink in, he is INSIDE her. 

Love is in the eyes, and not in the, heavy “I’m about to have a panic attack” panting/breathing, nor in the blank/agitated eyes/stares.

He’s with one of the most beautiful women in westeros, but D&D/the director told Kit to act as if he’s about to have a panic attack, as if he’s thinking, “fuck fuck fuck I don’t want to do this, but I have to, but I don’t want to, but I have to, okay Jon you can do it, no you can’t, no no no, you can do it, you have to, come on, for the 7 Kingdoms, for the North, for Bran, Arya, for Sansa, *shuts his eyes and starts kissing her aggressively* fml”

I honestly would be SO disappointed, if I were a Jondelion shipper, like, wth…?

I’m not a Jondelion shipper and was expecting this big romantic love scene, like a slow built up, kisses, I was expecting her to kiss his scars (I suppose they’re saving that for Jonsa 😏), I was expecting him to give her the Lord’s kiss (I guess they’re also saving, that, for Jonsa 😏), I was expecting something similar to Missandei’s and Greyworm’s love scene, but nope, what D&D delivered was a 36s sex scene, with a creepy voice over by Bran, Jon’s little bother (cousin), and Jon staring at dany as if he were staring at the void and almost having a panic attack. I am not kidding you, I was like damn, that was anticlimactic & short af, one of the worst, weirdest love scenes I’ve ever watched, like, even I was disappointed, cause you know, just like everybody, I wanted more of that a$%? 😅🤗🙈😂😂

Never have I ever, until now, been convinced my ship is 100% coming/happening, by watching one of the charachers (Jon) that I ship with another character (Sansa), have sex with another character (Dandelion), with which I don’t ship him/her with. Their “love scene”, literally confirmed Jon has no feelings for her.

That’s a first for me, which says, well, a lot 🙃 There’s a first time for everything, I guess 🤗🙈🤣

Y'all keep faith, and keep calm, 

#JonsaIsComing in Season 8.

Scarlet Envy (m) | Prologue

Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Soulmate!Reader
Genre: angst / eventual smut 
Word Count: 763
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is one of the most powerful vampires in Aether. He holds the literal keys to the world and never in a million years, would you have imagined to find him bloodied and barely conscious in a back alley. 
Author’s Note: This is only a prelude, so no interaction with Jungkook yet, but it’s definitely coming. Please look forward to Part 1, along with my upcoming fwb!Jimin scenario. In the meantime, check out my drabble featuring Alien!Hoseok. Enjoy!

Scarlet Envy directory

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Going to bed is Luna’s least favourite activity in the day. Right after getting up in the morning, doing that nearly sucks as much. The only thing Luna looks forward to in the evenings are her Grandma’s bedtime stories, they make going to bed bearable. The legends of the battles during the Great Witch Wars of Hecate or other defining magical events excite her. Especially when she imagines that she will be just as powerful as the warriors back then when she gets older.

Tonight, her grandma is on time as always, sitting by her bedside while Luna is nestled into her sheets deeply and her favourite plushie is tucked right into her side. Expectantly, the little girl stares at the older woman, waiting for her to start her tale for the evening.

“Luna, has anyone ever told you about soulmates?”, her grandmother asks unexpectedly.

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Things Penny Dreadful NEVER ADDRESSED
  • Ethan never found out about Victor and Brona!Lily, there were so many moments where they could have been reunited !! WASTED
  • Lyle in Egypt they CLEARLY set that up some kind of Mummy storyline could be introduced in a season 4. I was really hoping for it.
  • Vanessa is the Egyptian goddess Amunet, another part of season 4 that would have been explained/tied into the Egypt storyline more I’m sure. (along with the scorpion which  was never really explained!!!)
  • Dracula vs the Devil, they never went further in explaining more about how they’re brothers and their relationship with God and each other. I would HAVE LOVED to see more about that. Them fighting over Vanessa. Plus more of the cast could have got the chance to play the Devil too!!
  • Catriona Hartdegen, they introduced a new character that I JUST STARTED to like in the season finale but we literally knew NOTHING about her. WHO WAS SHE?? VAMPIRE HUNTER?? TIME TRAVELER?? It would have been nice to explain a little bit more about the Thanatologist.
  • Dracula and Vanessa, he did say that they were past lovers and that he was searching century after century for her… that could have been interesting to see in flashbacks and know more about! Was he also in love with Amunet as well?? Ugh I’ll never know. :(
  • Hecate, I heard her backstory, felt really bad for her, she started to grow on me… and then… :/
  • Dorian Gray, I honestly thought at some point Lily or Justine would have seen his portrait and he’d have to take SOME kind of action to keep his secret.. but no. AGAIN another wasted opportunity and I would have loved to seen the show do more with. More with Dorian guarding his secret of immortality.
  • Jekyll and Hyde, just SO MUCH built up to it his character and his motives and backstory and ALL those monologues… aaaaaand then nothing. MAD.
  • Ethan and his father and Kaetenay, both his father storylines were wrapped up so quickly. They didn’t use Brian Cox enough, and I really enjoyed his scenes with Timothy Dalton.
  • Lilys storyline made out to be so epic…  then went no where.
  • Patti Lupone and Christian Camargo both had amazing scenes and are SUCH incredible actors and could have had so much more screen time in season 4.
  • Vanessa, deserved better...  she started the beginning of the season in bad place in this season and started to grow and enjoy life again.. just for it to end like that…
vilde and compulsory heterosexuality: a theory

‘lesbian vilde’ has been a hot topic of discussion lately in the fandom and it’s definitely something i’d noticed/thought about while watching the show the first time around but i figured i’d compile a list of reasons/textual evidence from the show that stuck out to me:

1. vilde’s preoccupation with the idea of noora being gay/having a girlfriend in the first season.

2. vilde seeming more hung up on the idea of william (’he’s the hottest guy in school everyone says so’) as opposed to actually being attracted to him on a deeper level. everything about how she talks about william seems very superficial and it always seemed to me that, by pursuing william so aggressively, vilde was trying to create/maintain a certain image rather than actually being into william as a person separate from him being one of the ‘cool older guys every girl wants to be with’.

3. this is just my interpretation, but i feel like vilde wasn’t actually all that crushed about finding out about william and noora. i think her pride was hurt more than anything and she was upset that noora was keeping such a big secret from her but it didn’t seem like she was heartbroken over william

4. vilde making out with eva at that party and seeming way more into it than any time we’ve seen her with a guy

5. vilde’s comments after making out with eva at that party

6. and this could just be me reaching but i’m going to include it anyhow - vilde’s  love of cats. yes it was a running joke that ~magnus loves pussy~ (the cat hooker thing and then the cat hooker and his friends group chat) in season 3 but it’s interesting that we’re explicitly told that vilde also loves cats in the finale. i mean, we know they love their metaphors (isak’s locker = the closet) so i wouldn’t put it past them to subvert what they’ve built up with magnus by then applying it to vilde too.

7. and this isn’t textual evidence but definitely worth noting - julie andem’s very pointed ‘no comment’ when asked about vilde being a lesbian in a recent interview.

i’ve thought a lot about season 4 (as we all have) and i don’t think vilde is going to be the main (my gut feeling says she’ll be the main in the final season).

what i do think is going to happen in season 4 (regardless of whether the main is sana or even or whoever) is that vilde will be forced to confront and work through the compulsory heterosexuality that has guided her actions for the previous 3 seasons. 

I think she and magnus will actually try dating but vilde will realize that, unlike william (who she knew never actually had feelings for her), magnus is actually into *her*. 

there are so many stories in real life and in fiction of people who haven’t come out yet (even to themselves) crushing on people who they believe are out of their league or who will never like them back because they’re a ‘safe’ option. 

i think that was a huge factor in the vilde/william story and i think that, in the new season, the vilde/magnus thing will be a turning point because suddenly vilde has this guy who’s attracted to her and likes her and she’s going to be forced to realize that - oh shit - she doesn’t feel the same way.

okay what fucks me up about call it what you want is the parallels to other taylor songs because it’s so beautifully done and metaphors in themselves. here are the ones i picked up straight away:

loves me like i’m brand new/it’s never too late to be brand new - innocent parallel // 1) the fact that taylor (purposefully or accidentally) references speak now makes me fucking die. 2) the fact that this is similar to innocent speaks volumes because it shows the maturity taylor has developed over the past couple of years. it also shows the fact that she can change if she needs to but doesn’t because this guy loves her so much. and now i’m crying.

my baby’s fit like a daydream/james dean daydream - style parallel // okay so this is so cute because i personally think that it shows that taylor never thought that this type of guy was real or true or attainable but she actually is in a relationship with someone like this and it’s beautiful.

all my flowers grew back as thorns/flowers we’d grown together died of thirst - clean parallel // let me cry for about 1000 years. okay so this is so beautifully sad because it’s referencing all of the hard work taylor had put into building a good relationship and life made her put up defences, but it’s also a good thing because she grew back, and stronger than ever.

windows boarded up after the storm/sky turned black like a perfect storm - clean parallel // another clean parallel that kills me inside. this one shows that even though taylor purged the horrible shit from her life, she was left empty and alone and broken and that fucking hurts, but this guy comes along and helps her :’))).

you don’t need to save me/romeo save me - love story parallel // this parallel oh fuck. it’s showing taylor’s growth and ability to recognise that she doesn’t need someone to be happy but it’s always nice and it makes her feel loved to have someone who loves her that much aww.

my castle crumbled overnight/i could build a castle out of all the bricks they through at me - new romantics parallel // OkaY SO this line shows that even though taylor was laughing off these harsh words and shit people said, they still affected her in such a deep way that it hurt her. it also could mean that those bricks were so unstable because they weren’t ‘true’ and it fell down because of that. IT ALSO COULD MEAN that this guy was able to get through this castle/façade that she built because she didn’t want to get hurt, and i’m still crying.

just say yes/yes - love story parallel // oh god. this shows that taylor has found that guy who makes her feel like she’s living in a fairytale but it’s real and right and true.

these are all i could find right now but FUCK ME UP TAYLOR SWIFT. @taylorswift

Top Ten Fic Recs

Tagged by  @callioope and @justkeeponthegrass thanks guys!

This says top ten fic recs and I was like ‘I guess I can limit myself to ten’ and now having started going through them I’m like ‘ahahahahahahah NO’ so without further ado, split into three categories, here are thirty-nine of my favourite Rebelcaptain fic recs, listed in no particular order, because you see how easy it was for me to cut down the list I have, there’s no way I could chose between them. The only concession I could make was to keep it to one per author, but know that if one is on the list, all the rest of their stuff is amazing too! All the links are to AO3 and I’ve tagged the authors on Tumblr when I know their handle, but if you spot one of yours and I’ve not tagged you, let me know! :) Recs are below the cut because this is a LONG POST.

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JR taking a love out after a tiring day of work for her and giving her advice to never give up on her dream! (eng sub)

Honestly sometimes I am so thankful I have the privilege to be a fan of Kim Jonghyun. The way he treated this girl so delicately and kindly, built up her confidence and her some sold genuine advice is so heart warming. 

Best of luck to Soobin! (the love) she is so cute and you can tell she has a good heart just like JR said, I hope she gets her dream to be a stewardess. I also hope Jonghyun gets his dreams for Nu’est to succeed come true soon as well.

@taeminkki and I were talking before, she said she doesn’t even dream of giving up on her dreams ever again and I feel the same. If JR has been through so much why cant we? Despite being in this seedy corrupt kpop industry, he is still sososo PURE. If he can make it through all that, we as fans are so inspired by him it’s unreal. For me the reason I didn’t give up on University and went for my dream of doing an art degree, is all because of Kim Jonghyun. Even before pd101, he was an inspiration for so many.

I’m glad this video shows caring he is and how good his heart is.

I love doing love readings. That might be surprising, because many readers, especially those in the witchy/pagan/magical/whatever communities have a distaste for them (although the aversion to love readings is not limited to that group by any means).

But for me, love readings are my favourite kind to do. I do readings on upcoming relationships, readings on hypothetical relationships, on heartbreak and rejection. 

Like many, “How do they feel about me?” is probably the question I get asked most often, and I love answering it. 

Maybe that’s because I think it’s one of my strong points as a reader. I’m good at love readings. Things just seem clearer and more in focus for me when I’m reading on love and relationships. Doing love readings for others is what built up my confidence as a reader in those early days.

Maybe it’s just because I love love. I spent ten years working exclusively with a love goddess, and I’ve always a certain affinity for matters of the heart. I look at the entire world through shipper goggles.

I can’t say for sure, but I can say that I’m always happy to do a love reading.

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That being said, I also love reading for more spiritual purposes as well. 

One of the first spreads I ever made was to help a friend figure out her spiritual and magical path, and I’ve been doing readings on both for many people ever since then. 

Divination is a big part of my life, and my life is one that is spiritual and magical. So it makes sense that I would love the place where they intersect. 

This is an area I’m even trying to push myself further in, to find new ways and new depths I can explore to help others (and myself!) find their paths, or at least find their footing.

I’m excited when I can help new people, or when I can find new ways to reach out for others.

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Anyway, I’m curious about what particular areas y’all most enjoy reading for! I’m going to tag a few people I’m hoping will respond, but everyone please feel free to jump in with a reply or a new post about this if you’re willing to share!

@forscryingoutloud @grimoire-of-geekery @shelbymelissa @swampseer @upyrica @goneintheriver @msbrujacarolina @thegodthief @benegesserit

give me lena and kara as the anti clark and lex. let them bond over being adopted, over feeling like an outcast and not having many friends when they were kids. let lena struggle under the dark shadow that her mother and brother have cast, but also have kara to depend on and help her though. let kara embrace lena completely, and trust her with her secret because she knows what an amazing person lena is and how much it would mean for her to entrust her with something like that - a luthor and a super, working together. give me kara defending lena to j’onn, to alex, to james, to clark, because she knows that just because you share a name with someone doesn’t mean you are anything alike. let kara and lena be the ultimate allies, both heroes in their own right. kara as supergirl, and lena for standing up to her family and daring to believe in a better world. let them show clark what could have been, if he and lex had set aside their secrets and lies and embraced each other instead. give me an unbreakable friendship built on mutual trust, love, and support. 

anonymous asked:

can u perhaps give me ur thoughts on fans' theory about juvia being gray's second choice. i've seen loads of posts saying that gray had feelings for lucy but stepped down bc he saw her chemistry with natsu. but i don't think that's the case, gray was attracted to lucy bc of her looks. juvia on the other hand, i am confindently positive that he is attracted to her as a whole; her personalities, her looks, her everything and her in general. juvia was never his second choice, juvia IS his choice.

Well, I have to applaud you, anon. You pretty much nailed it, and I agree with you. I’ve said this before, but Gray has always been portrayed as a normal guy who finds attractive girls attractive. If Lucy was his first choice, then what is Erza, or Virgo, or the cute waitresses at the guild? Because he clearly had an attraction to all of them and has shown at least as much “interest” in them, as he has canonically shown in Lucy. 

Gray seemed to have a crush on Erza when she entered the guild, he called Virgo cute, and he was blushing over the waitresses new uniforms when they came back from the Tower of Heaven. Lucy is a beautiful girl, so I’m sure Gray thought so, too.  

Mashima basically showed us Gray is just a character who finds attractive girls attractive. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I also feel like this headcanon is simply built off of fans love for Lucy. So, if Lucy is your favorite girl, the more guys who like her, the merrier. She still gets her choice of guy, but doesn’t it feel good to have lots of characters interested in Lucy? Doesn’t that show how awesome she is? And I get that feeling. As a Juvia fan, I loved that Lyon loved her. It was nice and fun when that actual love triangle was in play. But, the difference is, that love triangle was supported by the manga. While the Natsu, Lucy, and Gray one doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

To say Gray decided he couldn’t go for Lucy, because of Natsu’s feelings? Shounen is not that subtle. Mashima would have shown us Gray having such a revelation. Even a slight one would have sufficed. But we have NEVER seen Gray take notice of Natsu’s relationship with Lucy. Not once. Likewise, and even more importantly, we have never seen Gray fall in love with Lucy. So, you can have the headcanon, but it’s not supported by one piece of manga evidence, and that’s a fact. 

Mashima has only ever shown Gray to have romantic development with one girl. That girl was Juvia. That IS supported with manga evidence. A LOT of it. And the above headcanon is trying to undermine the importance of that fact. 

Imagine if people started saying Lucy was a second choice for Natsu because Lisanna died? If she hadn’t, he’d have probably ended up with her, because their relationship seemed very similar to his and Lucy’s before she got swept off to Edolas. And even Gildarts seemed to think she was a big deal to him. 

But, as a Nalu shipper, I don’t think that’s true, because Lisanna came back, and that didn’t alter or harm Natsu’s relationship with Lucy, and if anything, Lisanna encouraged Lucy to stick close to Natsu. 

But, saying that Lucy was Natsu’s second choice is just as undermining as saying Juvia was Gray’s. And there’s no doubt, it would piss people off royally. Especially if such a theory was tagged as nalu. 

IMO, Gray is a very strong-willed character. If he had wanted to pursue Lucy, I honestly see nothing to stop him from doing so. Many of us are still not even sure of Natsu’s feelings, but Gray knew? All that time ago? Without Mashima showing us he knew, and showing us him making that conscious decision to back off of Lucy? Please.

IMO Gray never pursued Lucy for the same reasons he never seemed to have any previous romantic relationships. Because his feelings never progressed to that point until Juvia, thanks to the development he had with her, and because of the type of person she is. She was overt in her feelings. She showed him care, and understanding, and patience, and most importantly, she helped heal him through the pain and guilt and fear that has been holding him back from embracing anyone the way he’s prepared to embrace Juvia. 

And we know the above is a fact, because we’ve been taken through that development step-by-step. Mashima took the time to show it to us, because it was important. He showed us Gray growing past things, and opening up because of Juvia. 

So, how could he have liked Lucy to the extent of needing to “back off for Natsu’s sake” when he was too closed off at that point to have those kinds of serious feelings for anyone? And not one shred of manga evidence proves otherwise. 

He LOVES Juvia. And the manga has shown us he’s never been in love before, until Juvia., because she is the only one Mashima has shown us Gray falling in love with. She was the one who made the ice mage feel WARM. She’s the one who’s NOT a friend. She was the one he died for on more than one occasion. She’s the first person he thought of when speaking of what he wanted to do when the war was over. And she’s the one he promised an answer to. 

So, it would be nice if people stopped trying desperately to undermine Gray’s feelings and development with Juvia. The manga doesn’t support those Natsu x Lucy x Gray headcanons. It’s as simple as that. 


“Happy MH Monday!!! I present Elle Eedee from Boo York Boo York!
Fun Fact: Elle’s robot torso, lower arms and lower legs first came to life for a later edition Create A Monster add-on pack that got dropped. The parts were so gore-geous they just had to be brought to unlife somewhere so I design a futuristic robot girl to join our cast of Ghouls and Mansters in the Boo York boovie! Designing Elle with all the sparkly metallics was so fun! Once we got to the 3D model the necklace just wasn’t working so I changed her belt to be a larger more statement piece and made it silver so it stood out more. Her satellite headpiece was changed to wrap around her ponytail, which made it stay on better and to a metallic blue to stand out better against her purple hued hair. She lost her bracelet, but she really didn’t need it, the shimmer in her skin made her sparkle on her own! I love her cape it’s so pretty and the print turned out so nice! As I was working on her face design I made her iris’ into the photo shutter style, all the rest of her was so unique she needed that special something in her eyes as well! And my absolute favorite part is her speaker-like ears and that her earrings are like earphone jacks and plug in! I also love that we have a steampunk robot and a futuristic robot in the line! Not every robot is built the same!” - Garrett Sander

Saving Hope (S3-5x12 things I loved (99% Lintz)

-Dr Maggie Lin - her personality is just - who wouldn’t fall in love with her? 

-Dr Sydney Katz - the way she just stands up for her beliefs and values. 

- how Lintz met, how Dr Katz was so intense for Maggie. The contrast between these two characters which come together at the end to be much more similar than we first thought. 

- the progression of both characters in their attitudes both in work and in self. Especially Maggie since we’ve watched her grow since S1 and goodness she was adorable but impulsive and always had a took what she wanted attitude. So, so different from how she is with Sydney. It’s like ripping open a present vs taking off each layer making sure not to rip the wrapping of a Christmas present. 

- Dr Katz’s glasses 

- Maggie’s hair length from S1 - S5. I just can’t deal. It’s gorgeous and well her personality shifts to match it too. Well I guess that’s the point. Maturation. But really she’s beautiful. And she has grown to be such a great doctor

- The friendship between Alex and Maggie. Also between Zach and Maggie. That progressive love for each other that grew so significantly throughout the series. 

- The Leave/Stay theme of Lintz. They are basically built off this theme, (kinda like Julia Taylor Ross said in her interview they’re a ‘will they won’t they’ couple). 

- The  ‘I love you’ from Sydney that probably Maggie was not expecting at all. I wasn’t expecting it and I think that’s what makes it so real so raw. That even when they’re in conflicts, dilemmas, arguing-ish, that Sydney doesn’t ‘want to be with her any less’, that Sydney loves her. And well you know what they say, if you love them, let them go. And that’s what Sydney did. She couldn’t be the reason for Maggie giving up something that she loved and regretting it. She wanted Maggie to be happy. 

- Because the thing is Sydney knows how important their careers are in each of their hearts. They value being a doctor almost over everything and really nothing triumphs the essence their job gives them and what they can give to others. Their whole life, it was building up to this point - this pinnacle of where their endless studying, love for being a doctor brings them to the best. They didn’t really have anything else that they wholeheartedly loved. Maggie even says “I’ve got nothing to live for”. That is until they started really, creeping in into each other’s heart, lodging themselves there and staying there. Because for that period where Sydney was in Israel gone from Hope Zion and Maggie was finding someone to date, they were both in each other’s heart staying there subconsciously and slowing invading, but well, they probably did know it but didn’t acknowledge it, decided that it was impossible. 

- The respect this show has for differences, whether its with religion, culture, sexuality among many other things. 

- Little bit of Dawn: the unfolding of the tender hearted Dawn. That one scene where she attempts to get on everyone’s good side in order to get her chief of surgery role back and Zach told her to be her but kinder and she praised Maggie and the residents. That little proud smile and giddiness after Zach praises her was so cute. Also her scenes with Giselle shows just why she is such a wonderful doctor. Also that she says what she wants to say. Her dignified aura. 

-also Shahir

- From the beginning Maggie felt something for Sydney (‘from the moment I met you I always wondered what it would be like to be with you’) and her cautious walking and patience with Sydney was sorta her defence mechanism. So that it wouldn’t hurt as much if and when she did leave. (That conversation with Zach pretty much sums it up) Then he replies with “I think you’re in love”. Sigh. 

- The fact that during the little amounts of time Sydney spent with Hershel, she spent it talking about Maggie. Which also implies that she is very attentive with Maggie, well she is a doctor, but knowing her nose twitches when she fibs - let’s just say she pays a lot of attention on Maggie. 

- free falling 

- The feeling when Maggie passed her boards. I was so happy. Hard work pays off. 

- That Maggie was probably Sydney’s first. First for a lot of things. 

- Also “ you love her don’t you.” to Sydney and Sydney’s face when it all clicks.

- ‘(thought about you every day.’ ‘ I thought about you too’ Then that kiss, that makes Maggie feel like she was being strangled on the inside. That deep breath she tried to take afterwards was all too telling. She felt it way too much that she was finding it hard to breathe. Isn’t that just….sigh.  

- Sydney’s defence mechanism was leaving and not staying in touch. From what is seen in the series, in order to not hurt others or herself, she always is the one leaving. From leaving Maggie after the first kiss to be engaged to Herself, leaving to Israel, then leaving her girlfriend after finding out that Maggie really was the one, leaving so her family didn’t have to see her, leaving when Maggie got her job. So when she stays - it’s all too heartwarming, because for her that is her way of loving someone. 

- How fast Maggie bounced back into her soul and body after her injury. Like her personality is just so - I dunno I think she just always willing to try, to be better. 

- Maggie with Bree as her kickass guardian angel. Just in general how much Maggie cares for her patients. Like the one time she had the patient with the drinking problem and she did all she could to help her. 

- But also on the other hand how heartwarming and cool Maggie was when she went over to the Shelby after the bomb explosion. She never really looked out for herself, she went straight to helping others, treating others, saving others. 

- ‘ I owed you’ then that longing heavy look as Sydney walks out of Hope Zion. And after that episode, Maggie was kinda all over the place. (Let’s just say which is an implication of her longing for Sydney, but knowing she won’t get to be with her - reinforced by her desperation to find someone - even with Zach.) 

- How Maggie wears her heart on her sleeves sometimes and when Sydney comes back in 410, she literally couldn’t take a proper breath. She looked so…lost. Because that brimming feeling of hope was building back inside her and she knows that she should keep a certain distance because Sydney always leaves. 

- how sad Sydney looked when she saw Maggie and Dey going to the Crab (i can’t remember the name) together. 

- I love watching Maggie and Sydney work in surgery together. Well I love watching everyone in surgery but Maggie especially. Just their dedication to medicine and to their patients. 

- Maggie’s shaking hands after Becca’s surgery tells a story. 

- The silent confirmation that if they find Martha’s ashes, that Lintz has a chance to be something. 

- ‘I don’t want an epic love affair with you Maggie, I just want you.” 

- ‘Stay’ then the eyebrow 

- ‘But seriously, we need a bigger bed’ then the little kiss. And hehehe domestic aren’t they. 

- How basically everyone teased Maggie about the ‘Dr Katz in the house’ and how utterly discombobulated Maggie was about what she was feeling when she had waited three years and ‘now it’s here’ 

- Maggie forgives quite quickly. She’s a very accepting person isn’t she. 

- ‘I chose you’ - and she meant every word

-5x12 Sydney isn’t one to keep in touch. When Maggie told her to call her after she lands in London. She gave a heavy ‘sure’ but she wasn’t going to call. I didn’t think she would. Because it hurts less to stay away completely than to have tidbits of an almost. 

- Just thinking of Sydney berating herself for not staying with Maggie. That this job was everything but so was the job offered to Maggie. Why was it she couldn’t be the one staying, why did Maggie have to be the one leaving with her. Maggie meant everything to her, so she stayed, above everything, above all the times she told herself that she will not find love because she’s gay and she’s an orthodox Jewish, she found something worth, someone worth everything, someone worth staying for. 

- the fact that Maggie never chased after Sydney after finding out that their first kiss that ‘threw her for a loop’ was more than just a kiss for Sydney. It held dire consequences and religion conflict. From there on, she was ever so patient with Sydney. That she never really chased after her. When Sydney was leaving to israel, she tried to do it so subtly but she couldn’t directly utter the words ‘stay’, not again, not after finding out she was leaving for someone else, or in their final episode where Sydney told her to not come with her to London. Those words rung in Maggie and she listened because isn’t that want was for the best. That’s what Sydney wanted. But deep down, well not even deep down, everyone could see it, she wanted to be with her, she wanted Sydney to tell her to leave with her. ‘well she was the one that told me to stay’ - Maggie’s brimming tears when she said that just did it for me. But yet again Sydney was leaving. (But that letter, it was basically a please come after me.)

- especially knowing the contents of the letter. A verse from the Book of Ruth. from the moment Sydney wrote that letter and placed it on the floor, I believed she wasn’t going to leave. That she was hoping, that Maggie would come after her. That Maggie loved her like Sydney loved her. She wasn’t going to go. Not anywhere without Maggie. 

- The kisses. I especially loved the ones in 511, the continuous pecks on Maggie’s cheeks was simply too adorable. 

- That little look back from Sydney when she first kissed Maggie. 

- From S3 upwards to S5 Maggie stays and Sydney leaves. Then in 512 Maggie leaves for Syd and Syd stays for Maggie. They both stayed for each other and leave with each other. 

- Dr Katz’s jokes in S5 

- ‘Syd’ 

- !RomanticMaggie 

- ‘my one is crossing the pond without me’ let me reiterate ‘my one’

- ‘I love you and I would give everything up to be with you.’ my heart. 

- ‘Don’t urge me to leave you. Where you go I will go. Where you lodge I will lodge. Where you die. I will die. And there I will be buried.’ 

- ‘you had me at Shalom’ 

- The airport - Can we breathe and just appreciate everything here. Departure of Lintz but the journey, oh goodness the Lintz journey was - I don’t know it’s etched into my heart like no other couple. (I love Shoot from POI truly) But this couple this couple was so real, so normal, so human and I just, it truly gives me hope. So goodbye and thank you for this wonderful creation, for Lintz, this representation and this emblem of hope. 

Happy endings and beginnings to everyone. 

(I miss them already) 

Guys I love Farrah Moan

I know she wasn’t built for this competition but she’s so nice and beutiful and even if she whines it’s always cute. I couldn’t help but love her and I can’t see how anyone couldn’t like her.
I’m so sad for her because she and Valentina seemed like good buds on the show and she seemed so hurt over Val ignoring her after it was all done.
Also she looked AMAZING tonight. Plus when Nina and Shea were going at it she HAD HER BACK TURNED. Big mood.

A Love Lettter to Class

It is difficult to celebrate the first birthday of Class without acknowledging that it is over. No meta or gifset could ever really do justice to a whole show that, while small and often beautifully rough around the edges, touched our hearts and is intending to stay there even after it is long gone. If I have something in me that could come close to it, I probably already wrote it in my final meta for Class Appreciation Week at the beginning of the year.

So this is a love letter. Maybe I call it that because a thank you letter sounds too final. But it is full of thanks nonetheless.

Above all, Class, I adore your characters. I fell in love in an instant. Because how could I not get excited about Charlie, his awkwardness, his pain and love? How could I not be taken in by Ram, the way the cocky star footballer surface cracked, his trauma, his loyalty? How could I not adore April, with her eagerness, and kindness so vast that she could share a heart? And how could I not be head over heels when presented with a Tanya, her intelligence, her resourcefulness, the way this litte nerd craved a connection with her peers?

In time, in that way too short time, these four people only became more interesting. As loveable as Charlie is, as caring as he can be, his stubborness and the grey nature of his morality came ever closer to the forefront. Ram proved himself to be brave and giving, capable of reaching out eventually, but also quick to lash out. April taught us just how tough her kindness was and to not mistake it for being nice. And as smart as Tanya is, she saw reason to fight, in a situation that called for more than just being clever. They found friendship and love, pulled together and pulled apart, real, human, alive.

There are no words for Quill. There are too many words for Quill. I love her strength and how she is breaking apart beneath her pain, her loss, her captivity. I love her indifference, her sarcasm, her cruelty, and her abiding allegiance to those she considers her people. I love her rage against injustice, her perseverance against it, how she seeks freedom above all. I love the things she does not understand and the ones where she can offer wisdom. I love her merciless need for revenge. I love her gentleness, comradeship, protectiveness. I love her, for everything she is and can be.

Class, you are not only heartfelt and beautiful. You are moving and wise. And you are also wonderfully odd and disturbing. If Doctor Who is a show that is inherently built on the weird and the strength, then there could be nothing more conventional about the concept of Class. A ragtag band of teenagers solving mysteries and saving the world has been a staple good in the books I’ve read, tv shows I’ve watched and movies I’ve seen since I was a child. But Class, you always go just a step beyond what is necessary.

The violence of you is only ever one dimension of that, between headmasters being skinned alive to people being bloodly devoured by pretty pink flowers. I never thought I’d see a shadowy alien menace make love to their henchman in his evil lair of darkness. To this date, I’m still decidedly unsure if that’s something I ever wanted to think about. You clearly had no intention to ever, ever stop. “Why is everyone looking at me like that” was the most Class way to end a first series. And would have been such a Class way to start a second one.

While you are in my life, Class, you succeed where only so few have, to make me care about what happens between the lines, between the words. A scene is a world and your worlds are endless. They continue to invite me in. You made me explore heroism. You made me ponder divinity. You made me examine human connection, freedom, and pretty things with teeth. And so, so much more. You made me think, as much as you made me feel.

I love you, Class. Because you made me love you, in so many ways.

Today on twitter I was reminded of the absolute best Livia and Tiberius story I love that Tiberius would have the official record show that his mom made him pass a law I LOVE the idea of Livia keeping decades of Augustus’s letters to her for sentimental reasons but also using them against Tiberius when he’s failing to properly continue Augustus’s legacy

Wynonna Earp 2X12 Thoughts and Faves

Season One of Wynonna Earp brought me on such a rollicking good ride, enjoyable from beginning to end, that I was expecting good things from Season Two. I was confident we’d get good writing, storylines and humor, but I swear, on Friday night it’s like the season finale showed up and said “You think what came before was good?  Hold my whiskey.”  Everything was on point over the course of the final hour, from the emotions to the dialogue to the cinematography.  My heart was so full and my smile wide as the end credits rolled.  They gave us so much to love, and so much to think about over the hiatus.  Time to dig in to some of those thoughts, in no particular order (sorry, my brain couldn’t help it):

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I was watching “back to the moon” again and I’m still really amused by the potential that could arise if _actual_ jasper ever gets to meet the rubies.

I mean pls consider redemption jasper and her five ridiculous children

-jasper keeping the rubies around because yeah they’re small and kinda annoying but they’re totally in love with her and she doesn’t mind that at all

-Jasper telling the rubies war stories and they’re all too excited to listen ‘cause diamonds Jasper is just so cool

-Lapis and peridot teaching the rubies what “moorps” are and them immediately creating drawing and sculptures of jasper or her heroic doings.

-Jasper being totally moved by that because it’s about time someone built something to commemorate her greatness but also thats the cutest shit she’s ever seen.


-cuddle piles

Truth or Consequences?

I’ve been thinking some more about epic boatsex ™ and the song Truth that accompanies it. Many other people, including @direwolf-kings-in-the-north and @lostlittlesatellites have analyzed this song beautifully, but here are some thoughts of a non-musician. 

At its simplest level, the title “Truth” could mean exactly what it says, right? We’re being shown the truth of a love story between two people who are falling for each other. But I don’t think it’s that straightforward. 

Here’s what Bran says:.

1. Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie (not even delving into that statement, but Bran says it)

2. Jon’s never been a bastard (so Jon’s persona has been a lie)

Implications (and they’re big ones):

1. Jon isn’t who he thinks he is

2. Daenerys doesn’t have the superior claim to the throne she thinks she has

So what “truth” is this song revealing?


Also, there’s something about “she loved him” and “he loved her” that doesn’t sit right with me (yes, I’d say this even if I wasn’t a jonsa shipper). It’s so on the nose, in terms of visually landing on Daenerys and Jon.

Bran’s narrative is ambiguous here, since Bran’s drawing conclusions about Lyanna and Rhaegar, not Daenerys and Jon (I’m assuming this is true because we don’t see Bran standing next to Jon and Daenerys’s bed).

First, the show really needs to do this much telling with respect to Jon and Daenerys falling in love? 

Second, wouldn’t this have been more effective if Jon and Daenerys shared a passionate kiss and drew back to look at each other? Had affection and heat in their eyes? Smiled at each other? You could insert “she loved him” and “he loved her” into Robb and Talisa’s sex scene, or Greyworm and Missandei’s scene, and I’d still be weirded out by a voice-over during such an intimate moment, but I’d roll with it. 

You know what could have been a better Jon/Daenerys moment for this line, but wasn’t? When they do pause to look at each other during sex. Why didn’t they have Bran’s voice-over then? I would have bought “she loved him” from Daenerys, frankly. She shoots heart eyes everywhere this scene, and especially in that cut. 

But can you imagine “he loved her” during Jon’s frantic, worried pause, when he scans her face? I can’t. What does it say about the progression of this scene that “he loved her” becomes less believable as the love-making continues?

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Rant About Nobuyuki's ES

First of all, I love Nobuyuki. He’s my favorite character, and I would kill for him, so this little rant comes more on behalf of the event’s plot than it does him.
But I would like to say that I do not like his ES.
At all.
I never like events that contain alcohol in them (though I am not against alcohol) because it leads to people making choices they may not make when sober.
In the country where I live, drinking just two glasses of wine renders you unable to consent to anything sexual. For this reason, I hate when characters drink and then make choices like that. To me it is a form of rape because the person may not consent if sober.
Of course Nobuyuki’s ES did not contain that, thankfully, but it did contain another form of deceit. A worse form in my opinion.

A little spoiler here, but Nobuyuki purposefully gets MC drunk.
After he’s been expecting her, he lets her into his room at an inn and gets her drinking. MC straight out says that she only wants one cup because she’ll be working later, but he disregards her. He keeps filling her cup over and over again, and even tells her to drink point blank when she has had too much already and can’t keep going.
After that, MC passes out from the alcohol-
And Nobuyuki’s allegedly undresses her. He strips her down to her under clothing (not touching her inappropriately) and lays next to her.
The next morning, MC has drank so much that she can’t remember the previous night. She wakes up with shock to find Nobuyuki next to her and she undressed.
Her mind goes the rational route: she slept with him.
She then runs out of the inn and crashes into her family. Nobuyuki has alerted her family to the fact that they’ve slept together (which they didn’t), and how he plans to marry her.
He never corrects MC on the fact that they didn’t do anything, instead he tells her she may now have a life within her. And he also states that he’ll “make an honest woman” out of her as if her reputation will be ruined for what (never) happened.
MC in shock, goes along with the marriage and leaves with him.
The ES ends, but it continues in his epilogue.
In his epilogue, Nobuyuki, point blank, admits to what he did. He states clearly that he got her drunk on purpose, made her think that her reputation was sullied, and “half-kidnapped her” because she met his standards on what Lady Sanada should be. He also admits that he did all of that for his blood line, but he did end up falling in love with her.
When MC confesses that she loves him, Nobuyuki is unsatisfied and expresses that he wants her to love him until she only thinks of him and can not bear to leave him (a little creepy, but I like yanderes).

So yeah, their entire marriage is built on deceit.
He purposefully went against her wishes of drinking, and made her believe she was sullied because they had slept together (when they never had).

Again, I love Nobuyuki. He’s my all time favorite character, I love how sweet he is, how possessive he is, and so on, but I don’t like his ES.
I don’t blame him necessarily for his actions, but I do find them a little…disturbing. Even with my love of yanderes, I still feel like it was a little…invasive.
But, what can we expect from an event containing alcohol mixed with seduction?

So, yeah, just a heads up if you haven’t read his story yet.
And remember that, once a person drinks alcohol, they can’t consent to anything sexual in most countries.
“Either you’re sober or the night is over” as my grandma used to say.