also love henry's face in rage

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richie's favorite things about eddie?

oh myyyy

  • when it comes to looks, richie loves how short eddie is compared to him. he’ll lean his elbow on his shoulder or head, and eddie will yell at him. just how small he is basically?? like on many occasions richie will just pick eddie up and twirl him around 
  • he also finds it so entertaining how much rage there is in eddie’s small body. before henry went actual fucking nuts, eddie would stand up for himself and pretty much be in his face shouting at him. he’ll even sass him every now and then too, and richie LOVES his short, loudmouth boyfriend
  • he’s many times had to pick eddie up and run when he saw that henry was about to crack and beat him up
  • honestly the first thing to draw richie to eddie was his quick wit. finding someone who bickered with him and had almost the same kind of humor had richie forming heart eyes
  • he loves eddie’s courage so much. he hopes one day he’ll be as courageous as he is
  • he loves eddie’s freckles. he kissed them all one early morning when they woke up in eddie’s bed
  • the little wrinkles eddie forms around his eyes when he’s concentrating, and when he’s doing homework and his tongue sticks out sorta. richie is in love

richie loves his short, witty, loudmouth boyfriend !!!