also louis deserves it just as much

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top 10 favorite fics?

This has been sitting in my inbox for a hot minute, honestly, because this is a super difficult question. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer! I want to preface by saying that I’ve read a ridiculous amount of fic in this fandom, and I’ve loved so much of it, and there are plenty of fics that I would die for that aren’t on this list. also i’m constantly reading and finding new universes to love, so this list could change any day? but here goes, my top 10 favorite (at this very moment in time) hl fics:

10. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (334k)

What can I say? Is this fic overhyped? Maybe. Is it ridiculously long? Sure. Is it nothing but pure fluff? Yeah, you’re right. Would I die for it? Absolutely. I find myself revisiting this universe over and over again, and that’s saying something for a fic this massive. I just love how fun the relationship is, so whenever I’m feeling blue and need to get away from anything angst, this is one of my go-to’s.

9. let it shine under the morning star, orphaned (22k)

This is one of the first fics I ever read twice (I’m not normally a fan of re-reading fics) and I still go back to it from time to time just to experience the amazing aesthetic this fic has. It’s set during the Belle Époque, one of my favorite historical eras in terms of the arts, and the imagery is just beautiful. Read this while listening to some Chopin or John Field; it’s totally lovely.

8. the impossible now by stylinsoncity (54k)

Oh, god. This fic is incredible. There are a lot of really great original plots out there, and there are a lot of good time-travel/universe swapping fics, but this one takes the cake. The angst and the conflict resolve are super well done, and this is one of those fics you just can’t stop reading even for a second. I remember staying up one night reading it all in one go, yelling at Kelli the entire time. I think I’m due to revisit this one myself!

7. You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope (81k)

The Barcelona Fic™!!!! I read this pretty early on when I became a 1d fan and it’s stuck with me as one of the most fun and adventurous fics I’ve ever read. The entire idea of a whirlwind romance while traveling abroad is an automatic set-up for fun times (as well as a little angst) but the best part of this fic is the slow burn. If you haven’t read this one, you absolutely must.

6. Black with Autumn Rain by whimsicule (93k)

If you’re looking for originality, look no further tbh. Listen, I’m a huge horror/sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, and I’m obsessed with anything different, so obviously there’s some bias going on here, and I recognize that this fic may not be for everyone. However, it feels like this fic was written for me. This is one of those fics where the romance takes a bit of a back seat to the actual story, which is something I love, and the actual story is what keeps you hooked. On top of that, fucking phenomenal writing. Read this one when it’s raining, preferably with the lights off.

5. 210 Days by cherrystreet (16k)

Listen. Are you listening? Okay, good. This fic changed me. This was the first of Shelly’s fics that I ever read, and I couldn’t stop screaming about it for weeks. Shelly is, quite honestly, the queen of hurt and comfort. Did I cry while reading this? Of course. But I finished this fic feeling so content, hopeful even, for Harry and Louis, and for how strong their love is in this universe. I got hooked on the writing right away, but even more than that, I got introduced to Shelly’s incredible ability to write about the pain of the real world while highlighting all of the good things that happen as well. This fic is a huge gift; it brought me comfort during a really shitty time in my life, it made some of my friendships stronger, and it introduced me to one of my favorite people in this fandom. Anyway, the writing in this is totally poetic, so if you want to know what it feels like to be adored, read Harry’s letters to Louis in this fic and get back to me.

4. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows (31k)

It’s crazy to me that this fic is number 4 on this list instead of number 1, because the first time I read this fic I ranted and raved about it for a ridiculously long time. The first time I tried to read this, I couldn’t get into it. Fortunately, I tried again after a few weeks and when I did get into it, I got into it. I adore the characterization in this fic. The writing is, of course, totally on point. “You’re just obsessed with fluff,” you might say. Well you’d be right, but that doesn’t change the fact that whoknows has a gift for writing a fun, playful romance.

3. Here in the Afterglow by fondleeds (89k)

Ah, here’s where I really get emotional. When lysha posted this, I had already read her first work, which I adored, so I was really excited for a well-done historical au (I’m a hoe for historical au if that isn’t obvious, btw). But nothing could have prepared me for this fic. Not only are all of the historical details totally spot on (the MUSIC IN THIS IS.. INCREDIBLE!!!), but the story itself handles the coming out “trope” with such incredible finesse and care, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is so much LGBT+ history in this fic, and it’s treated with the respect it deserves, which is something I really haven’t ever seen in any other fic before. When I finished it, I just had this immense feeling of thankfulness for the pioneers of LGBT+ rights, which is not something you’d necessarily expect to get from a fic?? Anyways I’m rambling but I really can’t emphasize enough how wonderful and important to me this fic is. You absolutely must listen to 70′s rock while reading this, btw.

2. It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does by roaroftheninth (51k)

Am I a fake for making this my #2 even though I only first read it a few days ago? Maybe. This fic, just recently completed, is another absolutely original fic that stands out from anything I’ve ever read. The thing about this fic is, the romance (like BWAR) is secondary. This is more a story about a soldier, who has to deal with the loss and pain he was left with after WWII, and his struggle to accept his own self-worth and happiness. Everything about the story itself is just flawless: the writing, the characterization, the plot, the imagery, the dialogue, the vocabulary itself - all of it is fantastic. I know the MCD tag scares people (it definitely scares me too!) but I promise it’s survivable, and the ending is happy! Given, if you like cookie-cutter fic with a predictable plot with all smiles and no tears, this fic isn’t for you. Then again, real life probably isn’t for you. If you want to read something real, something powerful and thought-provoking, read this. (Also, bonus points to this fic for SLOWWWW burn, an amazing tension-release, and a beautiful ending).

1. Tug-of-War by cherrystreet (63k)

You knew I couldn’t make a fic rec without having cherrystreet on here twice, right? The reality is, all of Shelly’s fics should be in my top 10, because I love them all, but there is no universe that compares to TOW. As always, her writing and characterization are on point. It’s obvious how much Shelly cares for this universe in the details of this fic, and it’s obvious how much she loves Louis and Harry in the way she carefully handles their fragile hearts in this particularly angst-driven story. Like the previous recommendation, this fic perfectly captures the pain of the real world, while still emphasizing that things can get better, that if you don’t give up, or even if you have already given up, you can change things for yourself just by believing that you deserve it. This fic is, naturally, littered with hardships and addresses real human sorrow, but it’s also full of love and hope, and lots of laughter. I’ve read it multiple times, and every time I’m left smiling and a little more in love with hl than I was before, so if you’re waiting to read this one or you haven’t done it yet because you’re afraid of the angst, I promise it won’t hurt you.

Sorry this was so long and so extra, but Top 10 is truly an outrageously difficult question! And like… it could change by tomorrow, for all I know! Anyways I hope you enjoy these if you haven’t read them yet, and even if you have read them maybe try giving some of them another go! All of these universes are too wonderful not to enjoy multiple times.

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Hi, I know you think that H and L broke up, I don't know if you already said why you believe that but if not can you ? I thought about it, but I think that we would have witnessed it in their behavior. Last year a lot of bad things happened to L, like BG and his mother being really ill, so I think that if they broke up during this time too, Louis would have been wrecked bc of everything happening at once... I don't think that H would want to break up with L in such a hard period of his life...

I am not convinced either way, whether Harry and Louis broke up or are together.

I hope they’re still together. I believe they still care about each other a great deal, and always will.

I, personally, can’t trust one tweet, an IG post, a piece of clothing, or a bee tattoo. I think the evidence is too circumstantial for me.

I haven’t seen them publicly interact for more than 17 months. Harry has strenuously avoided the topic of Larry and does not mention Louis’s name at all (I think this is understandable, and I don’t fault Harry).

I am not an industry insider. I don’t have insider information. I don’t know anything about the Azoffs or Full Stop Management except what is reported publicly. I know they have planned Harry’s solo launch to the tiniest detail, and it’s been coordinated and brilliant.

Are they doing anything for Louis or for the band? I don’t know.

If I learned anything last year, it was that information they don’t want to have leaked, does not leak. If Jay’s illness could be kept a secret for so long, then we really don’t know the most fundamental things. That’s why I distrust cyber hacks and exclusive reports. I think all “leaked” information, whether to blind sites or stalkers, has a PR purpose.

What I wonder, though, is why Harry and Louis are still so bound together. They are often papped within hours of each other, often to prove they’re not together. Why is this necessary? If they’re not together, why even waste the money and time to do this?

Why are they both affiliated with Sony– the parent company of Syco, that so harshly closeted them? Why were Niall and Liam let go, but not Louis or Harry?

I also know that in times of need, they’re there for each other. Harry came to Louis’s X-Factor performance. There is photographic evidence (later deleted) that he was at the after-party too.

I sometimes think about the kind of people Harry and Louis are, and the women whom they supposedly date.

They’re both incredibly smart, funny, curious people who love to learn, love to write music. The main reason they fell in love was because they just “got” each other. They can finish each other’s sentences because they are curious and smart in the same way. They learned about music in parallel. They both love entertaining people, both are charming. And their personalities complement each other. Louis is assured and protective, Harry is humorous and quirky, and they’re both very kind.

And then to see them date people who seem hungry for fame, who don’t show any signs of appreciation for Harry and Louis’s personalities or gifts is really.. dispiriting. And completely incongruent to what I see with my own eyes. I just don’t get how I’m supposed to believe that.

I understand that celebrities sometimes like arm candy, a pretty companion. I just don’t think that’s Harry or Louis, at all. It would really disappoint me.

Love and friendship endure even if the public doesn’t see it. I hope they’re still together, but I also know that sometimes love is hard.

No amount of wishing on my part changes their reality. But whomever they love, I hope they have the most happiness, because they’ve been through so much and both deserve sweet love.

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Like you, the bottom line for me is that they are happy and free to make their own choices in their personal and professional lives, whatever they may be. However, while I do think privacy is a priority for them, I think they would like to be able to go out together without worrying that someone might see them. Also, if Harry or Louis get nominated for a Grammy, I think they would want the other one there with them and not be stuck watching it on TV, similar to Louis watching H with Stevie.

I tend to agree with you. I think the important thing is, we don’t know. We don’t know what they want. If they want to be out, they deserve that right. If they don’t, they deserve that right as well. I am just here for them, as a fan, in any capacity I can be, to cheer them on and tell them how much I love them.

Because gosh, do I love them. 😍😍

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My roommate’s boyfriend is staying over so can I please sleep on your floor - Ziam please

Hello once again my beautiful anon. Thank you for another amazing prompt, all this writing is really helping me out.

Zayn knew he was going to get little to no sleep the minute Louis announced that Harry was coming home. Harry had spent the last six weeks in some exotic location for some archeological dig for school. Zayn didn’t know why someone would willingly fly halfway across the world to play in some dirt, but to each is own. Louis was miserable for those entire six weeks, more miserable than he usually was. Moaning and groaning about how he missed his boyfriend and how he kept missing his calls because of the time difference. It was aggravating and most nights Zayn had to console his friend while he pretended he wasn’t crying himself to sleep over everything. Now things were changing quickly. Harry’s flight was set to arrive that night and instead of going back home he was coming right to his and Louis’s flat. Louis muttered something about taking a long sabbatical from work to make up for lost time. Whatever he meant, Zayn didn’t really want a front row seat for it. He willed himself to fall asleep early, like as soon as Louis left for the airport early. He was a night owl, he got his best work done as the sun was about to rise. Now he was forcing himself to sleep before the sun was even fully set. Louis was going to owe him big time for this.

Miraculously Zayn actually fell asleep, sadly it didn’t last long. He checked his phone to see the time and was shocked to learn that it was only midnight. He tried to listen to see if Louis had returned from then airport with Harry. It was quiet in the flat, too quiet actually. Like all good things in Zayn’s life, the silence didn’t last very long. Sure enough he started to hear hushed voices followed by Harry’s loud laugh. He loved Louis, he really did, but tonight he hated that he shared a wall with his best mate. Luckily all that he was hearing from the room next door was laughter but the rational part of Zayn’s mind knew that probably wasn’t going to last much longer. He couldn’t blame Harry and Louis though, they just spent the last six weeks apart, the deserved their reunion time. Zayn just wished it wasn’t in his flat but then again Harry also had a flatmate that he more than likely didn’t want to disturb with being up all hours of the night. Now that he had a few moments of clear thinking Zayn realized he should’ve just crashed with Niall instead of being cooped up in his room all night. It was too late now and he was too tired to pack up a few things and make the trek across town.

Zayn tossed and turned a few times, trying to find a comfortable position. He repositioned his pillows so one was covering his ears at all time, just in case he heard anything. Nothing was working or helping him get back to sleep. He could put in his headphones and have the music drown out whatever noise was coming from the next room but the only way Zayn could fall asleep was with complete silence. Music was great to drown out the constant noise in his life during the day but at night he needed to hear a pin drop to actually fall asleep. It was useless. Nothing was helping or working. With a defeated sigh escaping his lips he stood up, grabbing his favorite blanket and made his way out his bedroom. He tip toed his way around the article of clothing thrown around he floor and Harry’s luggage resting against the couch. Yeah, he needed to get out of here and fast if he was going to get any sleep. One problem though. Where was he going to go? He and Louis weren’t the best of tenants, meaning a lot of his neighbors didn’t really like him.

The apartment next to theirs was Mr. Franklin who was a nice old man, a widower, kept to himself much. He must have an extra bedroom or couch for Zayn to crash on. Zayn stood outside his apartment door, his blanket draped around his shoulders as he scanned all the doors around him. Mr. Franklin was a nice man but his flat always had a fishy smell coming from it at all hours of the day. If he made the hallway smell as bad as it did he couldn’t imagine what his actual home smelt like. There went that option. Onto the next one. For the life of him Zayn couldn’t recall the names of anymore of his neighbors, maybe that’s why he and Louis were hated so much by everyone. The only reason he knew Mr. Franklin was because of his fishy smell, a real great way to remember people. Zayn was about to give up and just sleep up against the wall, at this point uncomfortable sleep was better than not sleeping at all. That was until he remembered that he and Louis had gotten a new neighbor recently. A young guy, Zayn had seen him downstairs doing laundry not too long ago. He was cute and he Zayn knew for a fact that he had a couch, Niall had helped him carry it up the stairs when he was moving it. Jackpot. It was a fall proof situation.

Swallowing his pride Zayn gripped his blanket tighter before knocking on his young neighbors door. Hoping and praying he was either still awake or could hear the knock. He shuffled back and forth from foot to foot as he waiting, stifling a yawn. He looked at his own front door and hoped Louis and Harry were enjoying themselves while he was miserable.


Zayn’s head shot forward as the door opened. “Hi. You don’t know me but I need your couch.”

“Excuse me?” The man asked, rubbing at his eyes. It was obvious that Zayn had woken him up, his hair was askew, falling flat on his head. The dead give away? He was just standing there in a pair of boxer briefs.

“I need your couch,” he repeated like it was a statement he said daily. Zayn didn’t notice when this lad moved in but wow he was beautiful. Beautiful wasn’t an adjective he used often, especially to describe another guy, but it was the only one that truly fit.

“For?” He prompted him. He scratched at his bare stomach and blushed once he realized he was just standing around in his pants.

“My best friends boyfriend is staying over,” he sighed. “They haven’t seen each other in six weeks so they’re making up for lost time, if your catch my drift.”

“And why do you need my couch?” He asked, still confused.

“Or floor,” Zayn added. “My walls are thin and I love Lou but that’s a side of him I don’t really want to hear, you know?”

The bloke stood there, blinking a few times to wake himself up and try to understand Zayn’s request. He opened his mouth to speak again but closed it quickly. Maybe it was being woken up while he was in a deep sleep but this whole situation was bizarre.

“I was going to ask Mr. Franklin but his place smells like fish,” Zayn explained, letting out a laugh as he spoke. This was all a bit surreal, something you only saw in movies.

“It does!” The guy exclaimed in agreement. “I was always wondering where that smell came from when I first moved in. It’s ridiculous.”

“So, can I crash?” He asked again, purposely batting his eyelashes at the bloke. He was desperate at this point and really tired. “I’ll be out by morning, you won’t even notice I’m there. Promise.”

“Fine,” he eventually gave in with a defeated sigh, opening his door further for both of them to enter. “I assume the set up is the same as yours. Couch isn’t that comfortable.”

“It’s fine,” Zayn told him with a shrug. “Umm I-I never got what your name was.”

“Liam,” he introduced himself, offering his hand for Zayn to shake. “You’re Zayn, right?”

“That’s me,” he smiled, laying his blanket down on the couch. “Thanks again for letting me crash. I promise it’ll never happen again.”

“It’s fine,” Liam assured him. “Good night, Zayn.”

“Night Liam.”

Liam was right in saying the couch was uncomfortable but Zayn wasn’t going to complain. At this point he realized beggars couldn’t be choosers. He tossed and turned for a few minutes, trying to find a perfect position to sleep in. He was over exhausted by the time he actually did pass out. He didn’t need much anyway, he had his blanket and that was more than enough for him. He woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed and ready for the day ahead. He just hoped that Louis and Harry were considerate enough to let him back into his place to shower and get himself ready for the day ahead. Zayn checked the time on the cable box and saw that he was a quarter past eight, way too early for him to be awake on his day off. He let out a defeated sigh as he stood up and surveyed his surroundings. Liam’s set up wasn’t that different than his and Louis’s, maybe just a little bit cleaner. Finding the bathroom to relieve his bladder was no problem. As he washed his hands Zayn was trying to think of a way to repay Liam for his hospitality. He basically let a complete stranger crash at his place with few questions asked. There wasn’t many options for Zayn, the only logical one was to cook him breakfast or something to that effect. He maneuvered his way around the kitchen with no problem, everything seemed to be in a convenient place to find. There wasn’t much in the way of food but Zayn made do with what he could find.


Zayn smiled at the sound of Liam’s stunned voice when he entered the room. He spun around, keeping a watchful eye on the stove. “Morning.”

“Are you cooking?” Liam asked, rubbing at his eyes. He had put on joggers before entering the room, what a shame.

“Pancakes, you had enough things to make them,” Zayn explained. “Hope that’s okay. And there’s coffee in the pot for you too.”

“Thank you,” he replied, walking around the room effortlessly to make himself a cup of coffee. “You didn’t have to do any of this you know.”

“I know,” Zayn agreed, turning his attention back to the pancakes. He flipped over the few on the skillet, proud of himself that none had dropped or burnt, yet. “It’s the least I could do seeing you let me crash here last night.”

Liam leaned up against the counter closest to Zayn, sipping his coffee. “I told you last night, it’s no big deal. We’re neighbors, yeah. It’s a thing people do.”

“Yeah but I probably sounded like a crazy person,” he laughed. “Asking you to crash on your couch because my best mate was getting laid.”

“We’ve all been there,” Liam laughed along with him. “So pancakes?”

“You didn’t have a waffle maker,” Zayn joked, placing the now fully cooked cakes on a plate. He turned off the skillet and walked over to the tiny dinning table with his coffee in hand. “You like pancakes, right?”

“Mate, who doesn’t like pancakes,” Liam responded, sitting next to Zayn at the table. “No ones ever made me breakfast before. Besides me mum and nan.”

“Thanks for putting the pressure on a bloke,” Zayn grinned. “I’m not ace at cooking but I do know my way around a kitchen.”

Liam gave him a judgmental side eye as he poured syrup on his food before taking a bite. He chewed and kept looking over a Zayn. He nodded as he took a sip of his coffee. “Okay.”

“Okay what?”

“You’re officially allowed to come over every morning and cook for me,” Liam concluded.

Zayn surveyed Liam’s expression for a few seconds, wondering if the boy was lying. He looked honest and sincere. Actually he looked beautiful, better than he did the night before. His hair was still askew, softly disheveled on top of his head. But now he looked refreshed, a good nights sleep under his belt. Zayn didn’t even dare looked in a mirror while he was in the bathroom, didn’t want to see what kind of mess he looked like after he woke up.

“I’m joking,” Liam’s voice knocked Zayn out of his haze. “Unless you want to of course.”

“Oh, I want to,” he blurted out. Zayn could feel the blush creeping up his neck and cheeks, how embarrassing. “I-I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that if you ever want me to cook again I wouldn’t say no.”

Liam laughed and squeezed Zayn’s hand quickly as a reassurance. “I understood. I mean I wouldn’t argue with you if you wanted to just pop by whenever you felt like it.”

“Yeah?” Zayn asked a little shocked, blush still evident on his face. “I’d like that actually.”

“Good,” Liam concluded, sitting further back in his seat, placing his hands behind his head. “So we’ve come to an agreement. You cook for me and I flirt with you horribly.”

Zayn raised his eyebrow at the statement, trying to contain the flutter in his stomach at Liam’s words. It did sound like a pretty good deal if he was being honest. Getting to spend an insurmountable amount of time with a guy he was interested in getting to know, sounded like a winning solution. “Deal.”

Summer Holidays fic rec

Since I have three months off to spend my time at home I use the best of it to read the amazing works our fandom gives to us (i’m so productive). 

So no need to say that I will be updating this weekly (i hope) and just hope this will be somehow useful and interesting to someone. 

Complete fic rec page

Escape by Anonymous 146k

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

My notes: I’m just leaving this here as a reminder to tell you to read it again because honestly everyone knows this is the fic of the year. If you haven’t then you’re weird.. it’s like fluff, funny, good smut and drama free (with all the shit it has been going on in our fandom who needs more drama?!) So *Ellie Gouldin’s voice* what are you waiting fooooor? (I’m the worse I apologize)

Pull me under by zarah5 140k

AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

My notes: probably a lot of you have read this before but I’m always late to these things. Yet I rec this 100% it’s cute and who doesn’t like pinning and a faking relationship au?

These constant stars by Anonymous 31k

Louis’ career has nowhere to go but up. He’s living at the height of New York City on the precipice of an epic promotion. Life is good and only getting better. And then one day, things turn disastrous.

This is a story about life, death, and punk rockers turned guardian angels.

My notes: okay this one is an exclamation point for me. It begins amazingly, the plot intrigues me and punk harry is on top (pun may not be intended)… I just don’t think the development is that good however it is cute and you can read it quickly and feel light weighted. 

Falling for your hallelujah by whiskeyinthejar 19k

There’s a homeless boy who’s made his new place outside Louis’s work. Louis, in unexpected generosity, offers him a cup of coffee and a sprinkle doughnut.
No one really expected it to become a Thing.

(In which Louis works in a cafe, Harry has no home, and it’s freezing cold but no one cares).

My notes: i don’t know why I have a thing for homeless au’s but I do and this one is so heart warming and the best cup of tea ever.

You’re the one that I want by spacecakesandmilkshakes 15k

Harry had always been Louis’ best friend and…well…his baby, until one day he realized that his baby was all grown up.

My notes: I don’t know, everyone has a thing for best friends falling in love so.

Your Silhouette Over Me by chipir 6k

The one where Louis went out one night after work, wanting to get laid, and then ended up meeting a bartender named Harry Styles.

My notes: This is really hot okay

Frosbite by ywanie 16k 

Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he’s feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it’s surely because of his addiction, right?


My notes: this is quite funny honestly.

Why don’t we go there by starsaligned 19k 

Louis sends a text message to a wrong number by accident. They keep texting each other from there.

My notes: this is so cute and so easy to read since is a little numbers au plus phone sex.

Holding on to you (series) by hazandboo_write 11k 

harry’s cute and curly and blind, louis’s not, they meet at a wedding, and then out for yogurt.

harry’s still blind, louis’ still not, they’re both still super cute, and it’s time for their first date, so. yeah, that happens. 

My notes: cute, cute, cute, sooo cute

Satan’s got a new headscarf by larryscafe 9k 

Basically they hate each other and Louis rides Harry.

My notes: okay i’d never thought i would like this much such a small fic but it’s so well written, funny and clever, the smut is hot and i love the end.

Some Things Take Root by navigator, quitter 50k 

AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage.

My notes: Fake relationship au started being my new favourite. It’s expected that it’s the same writer as Speaking of Marvels (that if you have’t read it yet erm go check it out tbh). it sounds smart if i can say it and i like the fact it’s clear that Louis isn’t really interested in Harry in the beginning so there’s a big development. 

bring out feelings in me i never show by tomorrows 24k 

Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving.

My notes: Another fake relationship au where when they kiss my world falls apart.

take my hand (and lead me home) by Anonymous 13k 

AU in which every time a person falls in love with their soulmate, a red line, like a tally mark, appears on their wrists. When their love is requited, the tally mark turns black, and turns into a scar when the one they love dies. Harry with no tally marks falls for Louis with all of his tally marks scarred.

My notes: I’m so sad this one wasn’t longer. apparently who wrote it lost around 30k words and i just can imagine the good things it could have happened. it’s a different way to tell a story this one i suppose but i really liked it, the descriptions are so well done and it’s so cute. the plot is amazing i’m just sad it wasn’t more developed but still so worth the shot.

this unnatural path, it spans infinitely by radhomo 21k 

an au where Louis and Harry are on a trip with their university to nyc and the fall in love and fuck.

My notes: I don’t know how to feel about this one. i like the concept and the plot because i love uni au’s and trips to NYC i just think it all happened too quickly but not saying you might not like it.

Help! (I Need Somebody) by MiniMangaFan 2k 

Liam’s prank backfires spectacularly.

My notes: okay just have fun and a good laugh reading this 2k joke

Teacups by sincehewaseighteen 25k 

the au where louis works as peter pan at paris’ eurodisney while harry’s the mad-hatter who works at the teacup ride, and just so happens to be the annoyingly gorgeous man louis is in love with.

My notes: the plot is really interesting, they’re cute af and hey eurodisney au

In dreams by dolce_piccante 23k 

AU. When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face. 

My notes: it’s no rntm nor escape but hell yeah this is good and cute and just is worth the time reading it of course.

The death of july by whimsicule 117k

Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

My notes: finally read this one even though it took me so long. a lot of you know this fic already but either way i like to put here and give my opinion SO. do i rec it? yeah, if you like angst and marvel this is perfect for you. i personally do and it was a good time, not a complete waste. this is very well written and intelligent however (yup, there’s a but) the ending is a disappointment and a lot should have been explored in the plot. it had so much more potential that it was thrown away. i also feel like there’s a lack of larry interaction and i didn’t feel connected with louis’ character. at the end i was just very curious about ziall relationship. overall it’s a 7 out of 10 so not bad.

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1D Hiatus: Day 321

* Liam posts a 60-second snippet of his song on Instagram

* Liam’s sister Ruth has a cute Twitter conversation with fans about Liam

* Niall is in London, meets a fan

* Chloe Burcham posts a throwback picture with Harry and Liam on Instagram, taken exactly two years ago

* According to IMDb, Harry’s character in ‘Dunkirk’ is named Alex

* #1MonthOfThisTown trends on Twitter

It’s Oct 29th, 2016.

it just hit me again how blown away Steve would’ve been when we got JHO to number 1 in all those countries the day the single was released… and how insane it must’ve been for him to see and be a part of our powerful fandom. And then to witness PJHO and everything from then on.. man. We’re so awesome and I’m so happy we got to do this for Louis but also Steve. He deserves our love too.

anonymous asked:

I was going through your old tags and saw a gif of Niall and Louis at the vmas and you had written something about Niall saying "I told ya" and Louis going "yep" in response to Taylor having a dig at Harry. What was the dig? What did she do? Thanks!

This is the gif you mentioned, right?



Yessssssss. Everyone in this gif is fantastic. (Yes, even you, Richard Griffiths.) But yeah, Zayn and Paul deserve a shoutout for sure.

Also, what does Ben say? “What?”

“Throwing shade like the biggest California redwood in existence” is my new favorite simile.

Niall is telling Louis, “Oh My God, I fucking told ya.”… (Probably predicting Taylor would pull a damn stunt and dig at Harry.
Louis just goes, “Yep.”

What did she do?

She won the VMA award for IKYWT and said:

“I also wanna thank the person who inspired this song who knows exactly <dripping sarcasm> who he is because now I’ve got one of these <shows award> Shouts with forced enthusiasm: Thank you so much!”


Camera shows Harry. <what a manipulation of opinions, right?> She could’ve talked about Karlie or Diana A, her neighbor anyone.

But the camera shows Harry Styles.

Wanna know a thing? IKYWT was written even before they started their PR fauxmance. <insert sarcasm: So it’s MOST DEFINITELY inspired by H.S. >

Funny that.

And the ever gentleman Harry Styles claps and chews his gum, never ever dissing her. Never.

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Which parks and rec character do you think matches each 1d member the best?

I feel like it kind of varies between them as their own individual person and if they’re in a pairing, so assuming you mean just as their own person, I’m going to tackle this that way. Also, I now you didn’t necessarily ask why, but I kinda feel like these answers deserve a why so I am going to give one anyway.

Harry: Leslie; she’s just super optimistic and passionate about what she does… sometimes a little too much. I definitely think this is something that Harry exemplifies, especially when he’s performing. He’s all over the place and always interacting with the crowd and you can tell he just genuinely loves what he’s doing. But also does things like almost walk into fire roughly 400 times a tour because he’s too busy dancing around and I just wanna strap the kid down and tell him to breath for a minute.

Louis: Tom; he’s one of the most sarcastic, if not the most sarcastic, character on the show. He also tends to waver between “I don’t give a shit” and “OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!”, which I think is something that is very apparent with Louis as well. It’s very easy to tell when he is genuinely enjoying something and when he’s not. In interviews, he could ramble on and on about the writing process for an album or charity events, but ask him about the new fragrance… you probably shouldn’t even bother.

Liam: Andy; he’s goofy and maybe not the brightest bulb in the closet, but you don’t even care because 99% of the time it’s so endearing and you can tell he means well. If it wasn’t for the fact that Parks and Recreation was created before One Direction, I would be convinced they based this character off Liam. His tweets aren’t always the easiest to read, his geography skills may be lacking, but you can’t deny that you wish you could just make him pocket-sized and take him everywhere with you whenever you need a little pick me up or a laugh.

Zayn: April; she’s deadpan, sarcastic, and has an exceptionally dry wit. She doesn’t express a great deal of excitement for her profession, but you can also tell that she wouldn’t want to be doing anything else and greatly appreciates the people she’s working with. Zayn can come off as being quiet and unexpressive, especially in interviews, but he loves the boys as if they were his own brothers.There are times where it looks like he’s just not having it, yet you know he is really enjoying doing what he loves. And personally, I find his dry wit to be one of my favorite things about him (not getting into it but all of the in-between talks during their filming in Orlando…. his little comments he slid in… so heart eye emoji).

Niall: Ron/Donna; this one was really hard because every time there is a Ron Swanson quote about food, I just instantly think of Niall. But there’s also more to Niall than his obsession with food. He’s a walking ray of sunshine and one of the most carefree people I have ever met. Ron is a lot more serious and intense than Niall is, which is why I also included Donna. She’s confident, and energetic, and enjoys a good party. There’s no denying that Niall is relatively confident in his own skin. He gives Harry a run for his money in the energetic portion when performing. And he can definitely appreciate a couple of pints.

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WTF ?!?! His first solo performance and it gets tainted by being in the XF , and by having all the stunts there?? God, he really doesnt get a single good thing. I hope this was like a final negotition to get Simon promo before Louis is finally free. If he was already complete free he would never agree with this. Not performing on Simon's show. Not having there that horrendous family. Nothing like that. He deserves so much better.

i agree… but lets just chill and wait and see. perhaps it IS the last thing he has to do… we just dont know. remember that everything makes sense AFTER it all happens lol… 

we also JUST got an article saying that none of the boys signed with syco… NONE. so thats hopeful for me even though there is this element of bullshit right now, the future still looks better.

but also… if this is solo louis lets not take that away from him. he deserves OUR support regardless of where hes performing

the options are limitless right now for me and my ugly shipping ways

  • polyamorous larry with an open relationship joining forces with briana to raise this baby
  • bisexual!louis calling up zayn to talk about this and they rekindle their friendship and that snowballs into finally acting on their feelings for each other
  • harry deciding to spend more time with louis because he loves babies and practically moves in to louis’ new place in LA despite the fact that he has his own place and he stays there so long that louis eventually just snaps and is like “either i start paying you and calling you the nanny or we start having sex and going on dates and i start calling you my boyfriend” and harold chooses the latter
  • sad pining!harry!!! he never said anything when louis was dating el because he didn’t want to break them up or cause trouble. then he didn’t say anything right after because louis deserved time to recover. but like now he feels like he definitely has no chance, so he finally just gets wasted and calls louis and leaves a voicemail like “i hope you’re happy, genuinely i do. you deserve it so much and you’re going to be a lovely father. i love you so much” and louis is just left wondering just what “i love you so much” means. [insert mutual pining and miscommunication til the baby brings them together]
  • fic about larry going on double dates with briana and female!oc while liam niall and zayn are left babysitting
  • polyamory
  • open relationships!!


anonymous asked:

Hi Ted, this is probably not the best time to ask something like this, I just want to know what you think because I find myself agreeing with your stances most of the time. You can reply whenever you want. I check your blog daily, so I'll know. I've been thinking, sorry if it sounds insensitive, i swear it's not on purpose, I remember that a few weeks ago an anon was asking you about timelines, the band coming back much later than everyone was expecting (the boys included), the coming out etc---

— I read the answer to that anon from you and I agreed, but now we know more than we did weeks ago. I know there are people in this fandom that think Harry and Louis want to stay closeted for business reasons, like many other celebrities, or that Harry wants to come out and Louis wants to stay closeted etc but I’m not one of those so I won’t dwell on that too much. I think that coming out as a couple is one of their goals and part of the rebranding process, just to make my stance clear —\

— what I wanted to ask you after this long introduction (sorry) was, do you think that they stopped making plans to deal with other priorities so maybe now not even they know how they’re going to do it and when? What are your opinions now after all that’s happened? Have you changed your mind on something fundamental? Thank you if you ever choose to answer my question. Whenever you do it, whether it’s sooner or later I’ll wait.\


Hi! Thank you both for your kindness and your patience, anon. I appreciate both very much. 

My mind hasn’t been changed in any fundamental way. Coming out I agree is a goal, both for personal and business reasons. I’ll tackle each separately, okay?

In terms of business, coming out will be great rebranding. Harry is showing with Another Man and Dunkirk that he wants to be taken seriously as an artist. They are all showing signs of that, but Harry’s first efforts outside of the band aren’t music related, which I find interesting on a human level. For the public, it may be too hard to go from poster boy for a boyband to whatever he wants music-wise, so this is a way for him to establish his personality outside of music first. I digress, sorry. But coming out won’t be a negative for Dunkirk: it will probably be a positive. Nolan doesn’t want any impression of Harry being cast as a publicity stunt, they’ve already been fighting that off in the press. Stunting with another Victoria’s Secret model would only make Harry’s image more shallow, which would only encourage the public’s doubt in Harry’s acting merit. Coming out, however, would make the public take a second look at who Harry is, in much better alignment with his own reality and with the professional profile he’s building with Dunkirk. As for Louis, he’s dipping his toe in now with EDM with a collab with a very successful artist (buy Just Hold On on iTunes) and we will likely see more where that came from. That crowd also needs to take Louis seriously as a person, not a boyband pin-up, and while I don’t know much about EDM’s reception of queer people, anything is better than what Simon would have them be. 

In terms of their personal desires….I still think their desire to be out has only increased with time. The last year and a half have been heartbreaking in so many ways, and they deserve this, completely. Moreover, continuing stunts would be no less exhausting than coming out. For Louis especially – I doubt he wants to be kicking his heels in LA when his family needs him in the UK. If they are able to come out, I firmly believe they want to. 

So the question becomes, are they able to come out? Lots of us were eyeing the MitAM date with interest. Nothing big has happened, but at that time I’m sure they didn’t want to risk doing anything in fear of what did indeed occur, Jay’s passing. My hope right now is that they are free, and giving the Tomlinsons some time over a quiet holiday, and end things in the new year. The stunts have been handled with kid gloves, not paraded around in this delicate time; that gives me hope. 

But we simply do not know what has been holding them back since March. We do not know. January is my litmus test: if they go through the farce of a ‘birthday,’ it will have been because they had to. If babygate doesn’t end before then, I will reevaluate what could be preventing them from doing so. But there are three weeks in January before that in which lots could happen, so I remain hopeful that will not be an issue. 

Thank you again anon. Feel free to return if you’d like me to clarify or expand on my reply. }


so yah i dont have any creativity or artistic talent so im just gonna ramble on about louis bc i really wanna get this out.

i’ve loved 1d since march of 2012 so it may not be a long time but it really is a LONG time for me and since the first time i watched that stupid fucking WMYB video i knew i was going to love the kid in the striped tshirt and i wasn’t wrong. i started watching video diaries and dumb behind the scenes factor stuff and it basically took me 2 days to be completely gone for louis. im trying not to sound sappy but its not gonna work so basically this kid makes me laugh when im feeling sad and his smile can bring a smile to my face and seeing where he came from and how hard he worked to get here and how fucking hard hes STILL working to become a better musician and a better person inspires me to better myself. i love his dumb hair and his stupid scruff and his silly tiny nose and his cute lil teeth and his big butt and pretty curves and the look on his face when he looks at harry makes me believe that someday i could look at someone that way. that i could find my soulmate and just KNOW the way he does.

im so god damn proud of louis and i hope im here every step of the way to see how much he succeeds and continues to take over the world with his boys and be a leader. i hope no one ever forgets him bc hes not the kind of person who deserves to be forgotten. he SHINES. 

happy birthday kiddo ily hope u live forever bc i can’t really deal with the alternative ha

also he has a thick cock ayyyy lmaooo

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That's why I love them going on James' show because even if he is poking at them for something or has to toe the party line you know that he loves them so much and he just exudes fondness for them and he loves their music. He also knows what the fans love and he gives it to us in spades every time. Good on ya James. I hope that you win your award. You deserve it.

It was even better today because he didn’t even have to bring up anything stupid like Louis clubbing or Haylor. He just got to talk to them and do a really fun but really stupid and really friend-like thing. It was so great.

I’m seeing people making excuses for what Lilo did and defending them (especially Louis) while also attacking Zayn?? for a HASHTAG that he immediately made it clear was NOT meant as shade??  The double standards in this fandom are unbelievable.   He looks actually HAPPY for the first time in months and all people want to do is tear him down.  

I still think this is a stunt but as usual I find myself hoping that maybe it’s not, and Zayn won’t have to return to this racist, entitled, ungrateful fandom.  He deserves so much better.