also looks like he's doing a shampoo commercial

I’ve had an emotional day and must sleep in a second, but first I need to share this.

A large chunk of my day was spent wandering the Humane Society, looking at animals and wanting to adopt them all. Which I could not. But I wanted to share this guy with you.

Besides dogs and cats, OHS also has horses and small animals. No horses today (good for the horses!), but a handful of small animals. Including this very handsome guy.

He is apparently a “lionhead” bunny mix, which is not something I even knew existed, but it’s beautiful. This picture doesn’t even properly do his “hair” justice. This guy looks like he stepped out of a 70s rock band. This was some shampoo commercial shit. It was GLORIOUS.

So yeah, “lion” bunny, right? And his name?


I hope whoever was naming the bunnies that day went home feeling satisfied at their job done exceptionally well.