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how do you think a first date with shawn would be

I honestly think a first date with Shawn would be very simple (but in a good way). To Shawn it isn’t about doing something major or crazy, it’s all about how it feels to him, how he feels about you and if it feels good, there’s no need to do something over the top. If it feels good and right, it’ll just come easily, out of the blue. You would fall in love with each other while watching a movie or going for a walk or getting ice cream together. It didn’t have to be anything else for him, he just wanted to spend time with you.  

I think Shawn would take you for dinner, something classic and simple that would give you guys the chance to talk and get to know each other better. It wouldn’t necessarily be somewhere really fancy, it would be a really cool place with a cosy vibe, as long as the food is still really good. He’d ask you if there was something special you wanted, if you were up for sushi or burgers or whatever. And if you didn’t know either, he would turn to Geoff for help.

He would pick you up in his jeep, looking handsome as hell but also very casual. A pair of black jeans, a dark t-shirt and a cool jacket over, nothing out of the ordinary really, but when Shawn wore it, it takes away your breath anyway. He’d jump out of the car to open the door for you and when you got in, he’d tell you how lovely you looked tonight and send you one of those smiles that just melts everything inside you.

You would go to dinner and it would be super sweet and super low key, but it would be the best time ever. You guys would talk about whatever came in to mind, deep stuff, silly stuff, whatever. He would tell you about his favourite John Mayer song and why – it according to him – was the best song in the world and you would just look at how passionate he became. He would tell you about his friends and his family and share funny and rather embarrassing stories about them, but you would love every second of it, because it made you feel closer to him. You’d also catch on to just how much he misses them. You would tell him about everyday struggles you had, or how the studying to your exams was melting your brain or the little fight with your siblings, and he would listen carefully to your words, he’d even try to cheer you up and give you some advice. He would joke around with you, because he felt comfortable with you and you would tease him back. Actually, the two of you would more or less always be laughing most of the time.  

The hours in the restaurant would fly by so quickly that Shawn would ask you, if you wanted to go for a walk and you would agree in half a second. You would walk outside in the light breeze – if you were freezing, he’d give you his jacket – and you would just continue to talk, because it was so easy and it felt so right sharing and opening up to him. While walking, your arms would brush slightly against each other’s and it would make you blush every time. You would steal little glimpses of him smiling and biting his lip and you’d hope it was because of you. Shawn would grab your hand and interlace your fingers for the rest of the walk. Shawn and you would talk about all your favourites; favourite movies, favourite songs, favourite places, favourite colours, favourite memories. You would share so much with him, you actually felt a little vulnerable, but he would share so much of him as well, that it made it alright. The two of you could talk all night if you had the time, but you had school/work tomorrow and Shawn wanted you to get your sleep so you were well rested.

He would drive you home and follow you to the door, now he wouldn’t kiss you yet (because if he didn’t kiss you, he’d have another reason to see you again), but he’d plant a tender kiss on your cheek. When you had made it inside and had taken a shower so you could go to bed, you would get a text from Shawn saying he’d had the best time tonight and if you’d let him, he would like to take you out again. If you were really lucky, you might even wake up to a text saying: Couldn’t stop thinking about you last night. Have a good day, text me when you can.


Let me tell you about the best night of my life.
I stood in the freezing ass cold for an hour to be in the front of the line to make my way to the meet and greet asap. I met Will Ospreay; he was so extremely polite and his accent of course is wonderful. Cody is extremely handsome. He looks fake. He was also very very sweet. And then my boys, so so so so nice to me. This is how it went:
They asked my name so they could sign the photo and I said “I gotta say thank you to you guys, 2 weeks ago I tweeted you both about how I’m suffering from depression and how you guys make me laugh and put me in such a great mood…”
Nick: “aww, yes I remember you!”
Matt: “we’re very happy we can help you out. And you’re very welcome.”
Me: I really appreciate you guys reaching out to me. It meant a lot. Yea just every time Nick trips over the second rope I lose it. Really, thanks for doing what you do. It always makes me so happy.“
Both: No hey, thank you so much for watching and supporting us. Come on around let’s get you these belts
*slap superkick party title on my shoulder*
Nick: this ones slightly more heavy
*slap roh tag title on my other shoulder*
*takes pictures, Bucks proceed to thank me literally 10 times in a row*
I tweet my picture to them after the show, and thank them again and tell them they made me laugh again and Nick says: nice meeting you!!

I needed this day so damn bad and mostly I typed all this to keep it in my memory but holy crap, I’m so grateful.

Imagine attending a wedding with Chris.

“I can’t believe you’re attending my wedding with Captain America.” Luca, your best friend giggled excitedly as you helped her with her makeup. You smiled and shook your head, mostly because you couldn’t believe it either. “I take things are going well then?”

“We’re attending a wedding together,” you said and you realized it was the first time you’d actually admitted it to yourself. “It’s going amazing,” you told her then smiled. “I don’t think I’ve been so happy in a long time. Chris is…He’s kind of the perfect man.”

“He will be perfect if he quits smoking,” Luca murmured under her breath and you rolled your eyes. “I’m sorry but it’s true,” she held her hands up in surrender. “You’re only turning a blind eye to that bad habit because he’s Chris Evans, any other guy would’ve been kicked out to the curb already.”

“For your information, he quit the day after our first date.” You defended your boyfriend of almost a year now. “I just didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be jealous of my now perfect relationship with the perfect man.”

“Oh haha,” she bit sarcastically but she couldn’t help her smile. “Can we be serious here for a second?” She asked, pushing your hand away from her face. “I’m really happy for you, babe,” she said and you smiled. “You deserve to be with the perfect man after your string of imperfect ones. I cannot wait for the day I get to do all this crazy maid of honor stuff for you while you sit and wait to meet Chris at the alter.”

“Me neither,” you smiled then said, “but today is not that day. Today is your day and I’m your maid of honor so stop talking and let me finish your makeup,” you scolded playfully and she laughed, closing her eyes so you could finish applying her eyeshadow.

“Hey Y/N.” Olivia, Luca’s cousin and another one of her bridesmaids poked her head into the room and your hand lowered as you looked up; Luca turned to the door as well. “Chris just arrived, do you want me to finish up so you can go see him?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m almost don-” you were cut off by Luca.

“Go see him, you doofus.” She instructed as she yanked the makeup brush from your hand. “You’ve done enough for me and this wedding, it’s time you go and enjoy it. I’ll see you when it’s time to walk down the aisle, that one I’m going to need you there for.”

“I love you,” you hugged her.

“Save those three words for Chris,” she hugged you back.

Olivia took over for you and you left the bride’s prep room and headed out into the reception hall. You found Chris by the bar with Kai, the best man and one of your oldest friends, chatting and drinking beer. The guys heard your heels coming their way and they glanced in your direction, talking and laughing amongst themselves as they turned away. You counted to three in your head and silence fell among them as you saw both men by the bar dart their gazes back onto you, letting it wash over you from head to toe. Chris choked on his beer when you smiled and gave him a flirty little wave of your fingers, and you silently thanked God that your best friend wasn’t one of those girls who wanted her bridesmaids’ dresses to be uglier than hers.

“Maid of honor,” Kai nodded at you.

“Best man,” you nodded back.

“You look beautiful,” Kai complimented.

“I think that’s my line, man,” Chris chuckled.

“And I think that’s my cue,” Kai chuckled then left.

“Well, what do you think?” You held your arms open and gracefully shimmied, showing off your dress to Chris who laughed and nodded his head in approval. “And you look very handsome also.” You grabbed him by his tie and drew yourself closer towards him until your body was flushed against his.

“Hi beautiful.” He smiled down at you because even at 5'7’’ with 4’’ heels you were still slightly shorter than him; you loved that because what girl in her right mind didn’t want a gorgeous guy towering over them?

“Hey Captain,” you smiled then kissed him tenderly as he placed his hands on your waist. “Thank you for coming,” you told him when you broke the kiss. “I know you like to shy away from the limelight but I really appreciate you being here with me.”

“I would go to Times Square on New Years Eve if it meant spending time with you.” He chuckled then kissed your hair and you felt yourself blush. “So how’s Bridezilla doing?” He joked and you laughed. “I’m surprised she’s letting you out here to see me considering the wedding’s about to start.”

“She’s surprisingly a lot calmer on her wedding day,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“That’s ‘cause you’re a wonderful friend who’s made sure everything’s gone to plan,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Seriously, Y/N, you look absolutely breathtaking. I can’t even-” he shook his head, pretending to be at a loss for words. “Forget the bride, all eyes will be on you.”

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” you warned him playfully.

“Right,” he chuckled and pretended to zip his lips.
• • • • • • • •
After the wedding ceremony- which was everything Luca had wanted since the two of you were kids- the reception began. You followed Luca around for a bit, helping her with her dress as she made her way around the reception hall greeting friends and family. It was only after she noticed Chris being crowded by a group of very single and slightly drunk ladies that she called Olivia to take over, sending you back to him to enjoy the rest of the wedding as a couple.

“Clear out, ladies.” You instructed as you pushed through them to get to Chris; you saw him let out a breath of relief. “He’s taken,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and he did the same to you. “So move it or lose it. You told them and they groaned but did as you said because they were all well aware of how catty you could be if you wanted to.

“Thank God,” he rested his head against yours. “I was so close to hiding in the bathroom until you were done with your maid of honor duties.” He admitted and you pouted, giving him sympathetic eyes. “No, I’m so glad I’m here though because this is a huge step in the right direction for our relationship. I’m really proud to be here as your boyfriend, Y/N. And if being here with you means having to deal with them- then bring them back because I can do it all day,” he quote a famous line from his Captain America movies and winked.

“I love you,” you told him with a light chuckle.

“Not as much as I love you,” he told you then smiled.

You kissed him just as the band started to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. He broke the kiss with a wide smile on his face and beckoned his head towards the dance floor. You chuckled and nodded, letting him led you out there with the rest of the couples including the new bride and groom. Luca caught your eye as Chris pulled you into a slow dance position and you saw her wink, you bit back your smile as winked back.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

“Hey,” Chris began as the two of you swayed on the dance floor. “Do you remember the first time we met at that coffee shop and this song was playing in the background?” You nodded, smiling. “That was the first time I truly believed in love at first sight,” he said and you laughed. “Don’t laugh at me,” he chuckled. “I’m being serious.”

“I know you are,” you smiled. “And trust me, when I saw you it was love at first sight too 'cause you looked smoking as Captain America,” you teased him and he laughed. “I even liked you when you were the scrawny kid from Brooklyn, I have a weakness for blue eyes.”

“Oh, I know you do.” He grinned then spun you out then pulled you back in, causing you to giggle and causing every other girl in the room- except the bride- to envy your very situation with the most handsome man they’d ever laid eyes on.

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we’re 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am.

So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

“What do you think about this wedding?” You asked Chris. “It’s nice, isn’t it?” He nodded in agreement, scanning the room like you were. “It’s big but not so big that you don’t know everyone by name. I think I want something simple and sweet like this one day.”

“Are you trying to tell me something, sweetheart?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. “'Cause you know I’m crazy about you and that I will propose the second I feel like you’re ready for more. So don’t say anything you don’t mean,” he warned playfully.

“I won’t,” you chuckled. “But I can see this for us, can’t you?” You asked and he nodded with a sweet, adoring smile. “I know things are still a little early in our relationship to take that step but- it’s nice to think about.”

“No, I don’t think we’re that far off,” he disagreed. “Time is a concept, Y/N, so it doesn’t matter if we’ve only been dating for eleven months. If we know we love each other and we can see the rest of our lives together, are we really going to let time stop us from taking that leap?”

“You’re very wise for someone who’s only been alive for thirty-five years,” you said and he chuckled. “I know you’re right and it’s not the time that’s bothering me. There’s just a lot we haven’t talked about yet and we don’t even live together. What if when we move in you realize I’m an annoying person to live with and you fall out of love with me and want to break up?”

“That’s not possible.” He shook his head and you smiled which quickly turned into a fake scowl when he added. “You practically already live with me and I already know how annoying you can be to live with and I still love you.”

“You’re a jerk,” you pulled your hand out of his and playfully slapped his chest.

When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way (mmm…)
I know you will still love me the same

'Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen
And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory
I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe it’s all part of a plan
Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand

“Tell me something.” He said when he stopped laughing, taking your hand back into his. “Something you’ve never told me or anyone- and by anyone, I mean Luca as well- before. Anything, even a weird thought you were afraid people might judge you for.”

“Why?” You giggled.

“Think of it as a bonding exercise.”

“Fine,” you huffed then thought about something you’d never told anyone before. “Well- I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was six and it’s-” You saw him roll his eyes because you’d told him this before. “No,” you chuckled, “I didn’t tell you the full story. You just know that I wanted to, you don’t know why I wanted to.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “You write because it’s fun and you make people feel with your words. There’s nothing better than seeing someone cry or laugh because of what you’d written on the page, you told me that on our first date.”

“Yes, but I started writing for myself,” you told him. “I didn’t have a great time growing up, up until my twenties- I was the girl people turned to as an option. Other than Luca, I didn’t have many real friends and I sure as hell didn’t have any good boyfriends. Writing was an escape for me, a place where I could be someone other than myself and experience life and love the way I used to watch in movies. I figured if I could do it for myself, why couldn’t I do it for other people? Give the somewhere to run to, someone to be with in their darkest hours.”

That, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
Thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are (oh, oh)

“Whoever treated you as an option must have been out of their fucking minds because you’re amazing and everything you do is amazing,” he said and you smiled. “Screw those past people, especially those past boyfriends. Luca and I lucked out with you in our lives and you will always be our first choice, come hell or high water.”

“You’re amazing, you know that?” You asked Chris rhetorically and he shrugged nonchalantly. “I think I’m the one who lucked out in this relationship. You are the best guy I’ve dated and- I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life without you,” you admitted.

“The feeling is mutual, Y/N,” he smiled. “Because when I look at you, I finally see where the rest of my life is.” He dipped his head and met your lips for a tender kiss. “Just give me the word and I’ll give you the world,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours.

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, lo-ud

So, baby, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
But maybe we found love right where we are
Oh, baby, we found love right where we are
And we found love right where we are

“I’m ready whenever you are,” you whispered back.

“Good,” he smiled and drew back slightly, “because the ring was starting to burn a hole in my pocket.” Your lips fell apart and you stared at him in awe and disbelief. “Don’t worry,” he chuckled. “I wasn’t going to propose at your best friend’s wedding, I was going to wait till the hotel even though she was begging me to, said it’d make a great story.”

“Luca knew about this?” Your gaze darted to your best friend who was far too busy with her new husband to look your way.

“Who do you think went ring shopping with me?”

“Oh my God.” You chuckled, feeling your eyes well with tears of joy.

“Think you can keep it together until we get back to the hotel?” He teased.

“I will if you will,” you smiled and kissed him once more.


All of this are my personal thoughts, with no value to anybody, so feel free to ignore this post.

I don’t know why I’ve had this dream last night: I was walking the street when out of a door came Miguel Bosé in a bathrobe, all wet like directly from the shower, singing this song. I was mad at him and shout “I’ve had this damn song in my mind for all the week, I’ve just forget about it and you remind me it again!” but he was very sweet and took my hand and propose marriage. I said “this is absurd, I’m married and we are both gay!” and he said “it doesn’t matter”. This is really a silly dream, but with terrible consequences: I’m still obsessed with the song. I remember like 30 years ago my father came at home one day saying that he had just walk pass Miguel in the street and “he is so handsome in person, that I would consider kissing him”. We all are older, of course, and it amazes me how much he looks like my friend Marcelo now, who also was very handsome. We both were, and we did some things while going from bar to bar at night, using this fact, that we are not ashamed of or maybe we should. It was so long ago.

Miguel Bosé, Si tú no vuelves (2016 live version)


I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I know that David Bowie in 1975/1976 was really unhealthy in his diet and lifestyle, but he really suited the orange and blonde hair. He also looked very handsome and he was a complete music god. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that he was an adorable human with an amazing singing voice that is underrated. Why do I spend most of my life daydreaming about David Bowie? I don't know, but I enjoy it. Also, the "Ashes to Ashes" music video is an iconic masterpiece.

(A/N: just a little something I did while I was away one night at like 5am so please excuse the shitty-ness. No warnings. Enjoy if you read this awful piece of writing)

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For your MiB Au, I had a thought as to what kind of alien Shizamaki would be. Perhaps he came from the planet of the Mole People whose cities have been underground for so long that they are all blinded by any light. Also I dare you to try saying "Planet of the Mole People" with a straight face. I look forward to hearing if you can do it!

first of all, great new friend: I didnt make it. I started laughing the moment I googled mole images to scrap up a design for shimazaki. what the f uc k is a Planet of the Mole People what is th i s

then I came up with minegishi just to put both of them in the same place and 

I just

mole and plants

we did it reddit 

First Love

Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Genre: angst, romance, smut later on, angst
Warnings: nothing yet
Word count: 3731
Summary: “Don’t fall in love with someone like me… you’ll just be disappointed and leave…”

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Part 1/?

Since you moved to Korea about a year ago things have been rather different for you. For starters, because you were a filmmaker Big Hit noticed your work inspired by BTS and so they contacted you for an interview to work for them. I know exciting right? Well you ended up taking the offer and loved it. About a month in you met the boys and boy you nearly melted into a puddle that day but they were very welcoming. It’s been over half a year now working for the company so making friends wasn’t as bad as you thought. The unnies would help you in your korean since you weren’t exactly native speaker fluent but you were fluent enough. It was even better when Namjoon actually spoke to you in english here and there. He was trying to make you feel more comfortable since you started working there so you two became close friends.

It was around the time that their comeback was approaching making it very stressful and busy for them. Filming for the music video, getting the set ready, having to edit, etc. man it was a load on you.
“Oh, y/n do you think it’s possible to redo those two scenes this week and have editing finished by Monday?” Your sunbaenim asked knowing you were going to start editing today and thank the gods he asked today and not when you were halfway done.
“Ummmm yeah I think I can but i’ll have to stay here all week since it’s a lot of editing to do and filming again.” In all honesty you weren’t very thrilled to stay and do overtime but you got paid more and had no plans either way so you took the offer.
“Are you sure it’s not too much to ask? I know you’re one of our best editors and directors but don’t over do it.” Everyone in the company knew how hard you worked within the six months of being there just to go from editing to executive director and the head of the editing department but your sunbaenims were concerned about you since you were also the youngest there being only 20.
“Yeah it’s okay i’ll just go home and pack some stuff to stay over the night.” giving him a smile to reassure him he nodded and smiled back leaving the room.

The walk home wasn’t far from the studio though the cold air freezing your body up made it feel far. You approach the building to greet the man letting you in. “Ah y/n there was someone looking for you earlier.” he was the cutest ahjussi ever and he treated you so kindly you being a foreigner.
“Really? Who?”
“It was a tall handsome young man with blond hair? Pink hair? You kids and your crazy hair colors.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at his remark. It was Namjoon he was talking about so you head to the elevator and press the number 4 button. Namjoon was basically the only best friend you had since moving and he made you feel very comfortable to be around. He wasn’t just an idol in your eyes unlike how most fans viewed him that way. Yeah you liked BTS a lot before working with them but even then you only saw them as human beings who happened to make really catchy music.
When meeting them for the first time yeah you literally cried because they’re a group who holds a lot of meaning to your heart.
“Oh sunbae what are you doing here?” It was hard to recognize him wearing all black (almost everything he wears really) face covered with a mask and wearing sunglasses but his pinkish blond hair was all you needed to know it was him.
“Yahhh y/n you don’t need to be so formal just call me namjoon.”
Giggling at his request you did it on purpose sometimes knowing it bothered him so you spoke up, “ Okay Namjoon what are you doing here?”
“Oh yeah uhh the boys got you this…” He pulled out small bag with a light blue bow on it.
“What’s this for?” curious what was in he gave it to you and before opening it he cleared his throat.
“Well we know you’ve been working hard and we wanted to thank you for all the hard work and sleepless nights you’ve had for dealing with us… and uhh yeah open it.” There was excitement in his eyes when you opened the bag as if he was a child getting ice cream and you thought it was cute.
“Oh my god….” It was a group photo you being the center of it. It was taken on your first day on the job and you had a bad start messing up but in the end there was a picnic with the boys cheering you up. It was as if it happened yesterday making you smile.
“Do you like it? Oh god you don’t like it. I told them it would be stupid i’m s-”
“I love it… thank you.” tears started to form in your eyes and out of pure instinct you hugged him tightly and let out a soft cry.
As shocked as Namjoon was he returned the hug and man did his heart flutter.
“I also got you something too..” He pulled out of the hug not wanting to but had to.
“Wait what you did?” As you opened it there was a piece of paper folded nicely and then a locket. Opening it, it was a picture of when you guys visited home in LA recently looking at the other half was a selca of him making you laugh a little. You missed home…
“Yah~ why did you put yourself on the other half?” It was funny but very adorable.
“Well your best friend is always here for you.” He said with the biggest smile. There it was the smile that won everyone over. The dimples the were the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.
“Well i’m glad that I have this to remind myself who my best friend is. Do you want to come in I made some hot coco earlier.”
“You sure aren’t you busy? I don’t want to interupt your day.”
“Yes I don’t have to go back until like 3 and it’s 1:30.” He came over many times that everyone asked if you were dating but you said no and brushed it off. Of course he was handsome and very good looking yet also a sweetheart who was actually an amazing person that you wished people knew about him like you did but- no no no you didn’t like him stop.
“Sorry I didn’t have time to clean up the mess.” Looking at the mess you were too lazy to pick up for the past what two weeks now? Gross you thought to yourself.
“If you’ve seen the dorm then this is nothing compared to that. Plus I’ve been here so many times it doesn’t matter.” Well… he is right.

Watching her heat up the hot cocoa he made his way to her living room and noticed her bookshelf stocked with film books and movies. He loved watching her geek out over blockbuster films or when you would show him the difference in lens or shots and loved it most when you showed him projects you were working on. The work you made was beautiful with the stories you tell making viewers being moved. Looking up and down he saw a photo laying there with y/n and another man who looked a hell of a lot older than her.
“Y/n?” You hummed in response while stirring the drink.
“Who’s this?” holding up the photo you looked up and immediately froze. God why did you keep that picture? Bringing back awful memories making you feel emptiness you walk over grab the picture and burn it. Taking a deep breath you feel your hand shaking but try to keep calm.
“He’s nobody…. Do you want some cake too?” trying not to crack.
“Are you okay?” noticing your change in expressions “Did I do som-”
“It’s fine Joon…. It’s just nothing…”
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Just breath y/n just breath….
“Just…. Just drop it okay? I’ll tell you some other time Joon.”
He was concerned but knew not to push any further so he didn’t say anything else. Namjoon knew how difficult it was for you to express your feelings to anyone really but he noticed your efforts in trying to loosen up. He wanted to know more though and just wanted you to trust him, not that you didn’t but obviously there was more to know but your walls were too high up and too thick to break down due to your stubbornness. After eating something he helps pack some clothes and anything else you might need to finish your work.
“Hey i’m going to take a quick shower do you mind picking up a little?”
“Yeah sure.”
“DON’T break my stuff okay?”
“What I would never do such a thing! Now go take a shower stinky butt.” Yes it seems odd that he would stay while you shower but you reached that comfort level of friendship with him when you first invited him over. You kind of wish you had a picture of his reaction because it was priceless.
After showering you picked out your daily comfortable style that everyone loved not knowing why. It was literally the same thing you were probably the girl version of Jungkook with his white shirts jeans and timberlands. Picking out a black shirt that was lose and a pair of jeans that were high enough to cover your not so toned sides and picking out your favorite long black cardigan that the boys got you since you literally loved cardigans. Especially the long ones.
Walking out you saw Namjoon on the couch reading who knows what.
“Hey let’s go.” clearing your throat loud enough for him to hear.
“Oh okay.”
As you guys arrive the other members seemed to be showing up as well.
“Y/n!!!” Taehyung ran and picked you up to hug you and embarrassed you pat his back while spinning you.
“Yah! Put me down you know I hate being carried.” You did… You really hated it thinking you weighed too much for them so you ended up dropping weight though you still hated being picked up.
“But you’re so light!” he said pouting “Anyways… how’ve you been? Why do you have another backpack?”
“Oh i’m staying the night here to finish your video and this week we have to reshoot two scenes.”
“Yahh paboya Isn’t that too much work since our comeback is next week?” Yoongi was another good friend of yours since he understood you 100% emotionally.
“It’s okay sunbae I can get it done if I focus and not get distracted that’s why i’m staying here for four days.”
“Aw we wanted to go bowling Saturday but you’re working…” Jungkook was only two years older than you making you the maknae of the group. It boosted his ego tenfold really and you didn’t know why.
“We can go some other time oppa.” Also did I mention he loved it when you called him oppa? He loved it knowing that he actually was older than you unlike fans older than him would call him that and he hated it. You on the other hand found it hilarious.
“Yah she’s busy with work jungkook-a we shouldn’t even be going out since we have our comeback next week.” Jin and yoongi both scolded the younger one but you couldn’t help but smile.
“Yahhh it’s okay to go out without me and plus you should go out and have fun and relax you’ll be busy next week and for the next month and a half or so. It’s okay.”
“Are you sure? We’re concerned about you overworking yourself.” Jimin was always concerned about you over doing it with work.
“Listen short stuff i’m fine okay i’ll be fine once I finish this i’ll rest okay I promise.” The boys couldn’t help but laugh at you calling jimin short even though he was taller than you slightly.
“Yah! I’m taller than you and older!!!”
“Yeeees sunbaenim~~!!” As you walked into the building before he would start scolding you.
Namjoon stayed in the front talking to boys forgetting he had your stuff. The guys started to head inside for practice before yoongi pulled him to the side.
“Hey is y/n okay? She looks exhausted lately and thinner too. I don’t think she’s taking care of herself.” If anyone knew you it was Yoongi and Namjoon. They both worry you being the youngest taking in so much work and them also knowing what it feels like going through their own personal matters.
“I don’t know hyung… today she seemed off..” thinking about the picture he saw earlier today.
“Why what happened?” Lately yoongi noticed you staying later than usual working on projects that didn’t need to be done until another month. It certainly wasn’t invisible to the naked eye on how tired you looked for the past month and a half but every time a member insisted for you to rest, you’d ignore them and continue to work. It’s been getting worse and out of hand.
“There was a picture of her and what I assume her ex and when I asked her she became upset and burned it saying he was a nobody.”
“Namjoon… “ putting his hand on his shoulders to help him relax, “ Everyone knows you see her differently, I mean you make it pretty damn obvious and she is either really slow in catching on or she’s afraid to let someone in. She trusts you well us enough but she also shows you her trust towards you differently than towards me. There is obviously something holding her back but her overdoing it with work won’t help her and I know for a fact it’s to distract herself. Even PDnim noticed and is starting to get concerned. She trusts you more since one you’re the only fluent english speaker making her feel somewhat more relaxed. Try to talk to her.”
Taking in a deep breath he knew his hyung was right but it wasn’t easy talking to you being so damn stubborn. “Hyung trust me I’ve tried, she’s the most stubborn person i’ve ever met. Way more stubborn than you are and that says a lot but I’ve tried, I really really really have tried. I’m scared she’ll hurt herself.” He sure as hell wasn’t lying about that because every time someone got passed a stubborn wall, good luck getting through the next 50.
“Yah it’s okay we’ll talk more about this some other time okay?” Yoongi patted Namjoon back to walk in the building.

You were so focused on you work that you hadn’t realized Namjoon still had your stuff until he walked in.
“Oh you had my stuff. Sorry i was working I forgot about it.”
“Do you need anything? Food? Anything?”
“No i’m okay i’ll call you or yoongi sunbae if i do.” you smiled before you went back to work.
He left the room and went to the practice room and the rest of the day was just work.

After a long night the boys left back to their places and Namjoon told the boys he would stay to check up on you. He knocked on the door before entering only to find you sleeping. You looked so peaceful and even though there was some drool he couldn’t help but let out a slight laugh.
“Man you really need to let yourself rest.” There was a box of tissues across the table so he grabbed a few to clean you up causing you to move slightly making him become cautious trying not to wake you up but he failed when trying to put a blanket over you.
“Hmmm….Joon?” your voice was scratchy and your eyes were squinted trying to figure out what was going on.
“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to wake you up. Are you okay?”
“Mmm I’m okay just tired….. What time is it?”
“It’s almost 11 why?” Rubbing your eyes you take a big sigh and get up leaving him looking at you confused. It’s been about 8 hours of working but technically 5 since you fell asleep.
“Let’s go to the convenient store I’m hungry.” Half awake and half asleep walking out with your bag. You didn’t even care how you looked with your messy hair and squinted eyes.
“I can order take out if you want? And go to a cafe and get you coffee.” Watching you always eat ramen noodles when working annoyed him and everytime he offered you always said,
“No it’s okay joon, it’s close by so I don’t have to walk that far.” There it was, the same sentence making him feel bad. Before he knew it you were already outside going towards the elevator so he caught up. Nope he wasn’t letting you eat another sad bowl of ramen again so he pulled you the opposite way to who knows where.
“Yah~ what are you doing the store is that way.” Still trying to wake up but not trying to get out of his grip you being too tired.
“Y/n you need to eat a real meal okay not cheap ramen.” Without arguing you let him drag you around.
“Ajumma can we have a spicy bulgogi with the dumpling stew!”
“Ahhhh Namjoon Ah!! Yes coming right up!” This was your and Namjoon’s favorite place to eat on your days off. After waiting for a while the food came out and it smelled so good you were kind of glad he dragged you here. It took a while for you to convince the ajumah and namjoon that you could eat spicy food and they doubted you but you told them that you were mexican and when they gave you the “spiciest” they had boy were they dumbfounded after you finished barely breaking a sweat. You were sniffling but you weren’t dying that you needed milk. You may be a foreigner but you could do spicy food all day every day.

After the meal you thanked the ajumma again. It was already 1:30 into the day and you had to get to work but nope he decided to drag you some more.
“Joon i have work to do now isn’t the time~” whining hoping he would comply but didn’t.
“Come on y/n you need a break you can go back after the sun rises. Please come on we haven’t hung out in forever since we’ve been busy with work~ pleeeeeease.”
“OKAY OKAY OKAY FINE just…. Please stop whining please.” You said burrowing your face into your hand. This boy just didn’t know how to give up didn’t he. Both of you sitting down on a bench looking at the view you couldn’t help but rest your head on his shoulder. He was warm and it felt comfortable you wish- No y/n no stop he’s just a friend.
“Hey y/n… can I ask you something?” You looked up at him with a slight smile.
“You technically already did.”
“You know what I mean.”
“Yeah what’s up?” Curious to what the boy had to say you sat up and faced him.
“Do you believe in love?” You didn’t expect for such a bold question making you freeze. It was a tough and soft subject for you to talk about and you thought you should tell him how you felt. It was only fair to him.
“S-sorry i shouln-”
“I do…” looking forward at the river. He seemed shocked that you responded since you normally pushed the subject away. It felt unfair that you had to keep a secret from him because of your fears. So little by little you started to let him in to see if he was worthy of your trust.
“I believe in what I fear the most. I believe that it exists yet I don’t know how it feels. It’s scary for me to fall in love so I run away when I feel it approaching me and end up hurting those I love.” He looked at you while you stared out in front of you motionless. It was a bold question to ask but he had to.
“Do you feel it approaching you?” Nervous for your answer he mentally prepared himself for rejection.
“I do…. But this time, I don’t feel scared. I mean I’m terrified but I have to face it at some point. I can love someone but…. I don’t know how to be in love with someone.” She wanted him to know so badly why she was so fucked up but she was scared he’d leave her. She knew he was a caring person and she knows how he feels but she wants him to tell her when he feels ready and although it’s unsure of what she’ll do, y/n doesn’t want to hurt someone who doesn’t deserve her burden. It’s scares the living hell out of her that she’ll crumble down so hard that nobody would want to put her back together and that’s why she pushes the thought of being “in love” away.
“Y/n…. you know I’m here for you right? You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t ready.” You looked at him and gave him a genuine smile.  Reaching out to place your hand on his face he took in the warmth of you palm and closed his eyes.
“I’m never going to be 100% ready to tell you Joon. I just don’t want you or any of the boys to see me at my worst. It’s not something to be seen knowing people can walk away. Don’t fall in love with me…. You’ll just be disappointed and leave…” But it was too late for him not to. He’d fallen so hard for you that you were a delicate feather to him and he held you so gently thinking you’d break apart at any moment. He didn’t care anymore whether you push him away because he mentally prepared himself to break those walls you’ve built. Or so he thought….

Okay okay okay so I don’t know if it’s good but feedback would be very helpful I hope you guys like it i’m hella nervous ~.~

First Love: Part 9

Title: First Love

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: No warnings this time. 

A/N: AGHHHHHHH I am becoming too attached to this story and I don’t want tit to end, don’t worry it isn’t ending soon but I have been writing a lot of parts in the last few days, so I for me it is close to the end. I hope you like this part :3 love you all, and-and thank you for the support. 

Part 8 / Part 10


Reader’s Perspective

You walked in the door of the studio with a coffee in hand. It was day two and today was the day of the Blood Sweat and Tears shoot.

You stepped in and look at the sets, gasping in awe at how big and detailed they were. The CEO really wasn’t kidding when he said how big this comeback was going to be.

You talked to the staff for a moment, as well as the producers before the morning meeting. You hadn’t seen any of the members yet but the wardrobe stylist said that their outfits were the best ones she has ever put together. You were worried. What if they were going to be hard to dance in?

The boys finally entered, some were dressed others were still in their street clothes. Yoongi looked at you and winked. Which made you smile. He seemed like he was in a much better mood today.

“I want you boys to practice the dance in room A8,” the producer points to a room on the other side of the big studio. “We will pull you as we need you, but the owner and manager both asked for you to continue to work on the choreography any chance you get. Is that clear y/n?”

“Yes, sir,” You nod as he continues to talk. You were going to be busy today. Between having them go over the dance all day and being on set making sure that they get the parts right while they film.

You walk into the room after the meeting and put down your bag. Today you had decided to wear a pair of black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knee area, an oversized flannel blue button down with a tank top underneath, and a black ball cap. Your hair, straightened, just in case you needed to pull it up. Yoongi said he liked when you dressed normally so you figured you would dress like this again. Secretly hoping to please him.

Jungkook was the first to enter. “Good morning Noona,” he smiled wide.

You turn to face him and bite your lip, “Uh, hey Kookie.” He was dressed in a silky deep red button down with a black jacket and pants. As he stepped closer you realized he also had blue contacts. “You look very handsome Kookie,” you smiled weakly.

If this is how they were all going to be dressed it was definitely going to be hard to focus. They were all already gorgeous without the contacts, makeup and outfits. Adding it all together made you blush a little.

“Thanks, Noona,” he smiled as he walked up to you. “Yoongi was right you really are cute when you blush,” he chuckles as you cover your face and look away.

You tried to clear your thoughts and focus but he spoke again. “Noona, you better be careful. Yoongi is going to be dressed similarly. If he sees you like this, he is going to tease you a lot.” Your eyes went wide.

You nod, “I know, I am trying not to let it show.”

He chuckles as Jin and Jimin enter the room. They were both dressed similar and you smiled a little and tried not to be as surprised. “We should probably work on the dance.”

They nodded and you turn on the music as they marked their dance. You had to admit. Seeing the looks and the dance together, the whole thing screamed sexy. It all tied in perfectly.

After an hour or so everyone else had shown up except for Yoongi. Which made you worry slightly. You wondered if anything has happened.

The boys were talking together and laughing as you sat in the corner taking a break. You kept glancing at the door whenever heard a noise.

Namjoon walked over to you and smiled, “Waiting for Yoongi huh?”

You blush and look down, “Uh, no I was just wondering why he hasn’t shown up is all.”

He smirked and sat next to you. “He should be here shortly. They needed to resize his outfit it was a little to snug for him to be dancing in. Don’t worry.”

You nod and look over at him, “Thanks, Namjoon.”

He chuckled and nodded at you, “Why don’t you come and talk with us instead of isolating yourself. We don’t bite.” He stands up and holds his hand out to you.

You nod and stand up, grabbing his hand and you both walk over and start talking to the group.

You had grown so close to all the boys and you felt like each one was like a brother to you. They worried about you, cheered you up. Helped you when you needed help.

When you were homesick they would always try to make you laugh. You started to realize you felt home when you were around them.

“Yoongi! It’s about time you showed up. You were starting to worry Y/n” Namjoon says, making you jump.

You looked at your feet for a moment. Too scared to look over at him.

You heard him laugh and come and stand next to you. “y/n, you really shouldn’t worry about me so much.”

You smiled weakly and glanced over at him, and you gawked. He was dressed in a sleek pair of black pants, a gold and black blazer and a silk white shirt that was only buttoned up half way. He looked so good, blush spreading across your face as you both looked at each other.

He smirked and grabbed your arm lightly and pulled you into him as he pressed his head against the side of yours, “Like what you see y/n?” He whispered into your ear.

You could feel his warm breath on your neck, you gulp nervously and nod, not able to say anything. You hear him chuckle and step back and start talking to Jin.

His hand slid down your arm and into your hand, squeezing it before he let go.

“Yoongi! Quit making y/n blush,” Hoseok chuckled.

“What! I was just teasing her is all,” Yoongi laughed and looked down at you.

You were embarrassed, you wanted to run out of the room. You can’t believe you gawked at him like that. He probably thought you were crazy.

“Still she looks really uncomfortable right now. Lay off a little,” Hoseok said, defending you.

“Okay okay, jeez,” Yoongi chuckles and throws his arms up in surrender.

You smile and laugh a little. “We should probably get back to work before they call you all to set. You start playing the music and they all start dancing once again.

You watched them practice over and over. Until they got called to set. You followed them into the studio and watched behind the cameras as they started to record the dancing segments.

You noticed Yoongi looking at you, smirking occasionally when you and he made eye contact. Each time, you would blush and look away quickly. He looked so sexy on set, doing the dance, with that look on his face. It was making your heart ache. You really wanted to be more than friends but knew that he was not interested in you in that way.

Hours flew by in a blur as they wrapped up the dance parts, now recording the individual segments.

You yawn and lay down on a mat in the corner of the room you had practiced with the boys in. Closing your eyes and relaxing, enjoying doing nothing for the moment, you feel someone lay down next to you. You kept your eyes closed and breathed a sigh. “Hey Yoongi”

“How did you know it was me?” He props himself up on his side as you open your eyes and look at him.

“You are the only one that would just lay down next to me, the rest would probably just stand there and say my name.” You put your arms behind your head and look up at the ceiling.

He chuckles, “You are probably right.” He stares at you, as you both are quiet for a moment. “If you want to sleep I can leave.”

You smile a little, “It’s alright, you can stay.” You close your eyes again and start thinking about the tour when you feel him moving closer to you.

You put your arms back to your sides and opened your eyes, looking at him. He is staring down at you, his eyes roaming over your face. His expression was soft as a smile spread across his face when he saw you opened your eyes.

Both of you just stared at each other for a while, silence filling the room. You were worried he would be able to hear how fast your heart was beating.

He moved again, this time placing his head on your shoulder and went to put his arm around you, but stopped, looking up at you to see if it was alright. You nod and he slowly puts his arm around your waist and cuddles up next to you. He must be really tired, because not long after he did, you heard him snoring softly and you smiled, closing your own eyes, dozing off yourself.

You awoke to Hoseok poking your arm, you looked over at him, groggy as hell. You open your mouth to say something but he shushes you and points down. Yoongi was still asleep with his arm wrapped around you.

You blush and cover your face with your free hand and whispered, “I am sorry.”

He smiled a quirky smile. “Don’t be, he hasn’t slept almost at all, it’s nice to see him finally get some sleep.” He sits down next to you, cross-legged and looks at Yoongi then back at you. “I have never seen him sleep with another person, usually he won’t even sleep around the maknaes.”

You chuckle, “Well I mean, do you blame him. They are always playing around and pranking the others, I can see why.”

He laughs quietly, “Yeah I guess you are right.” He smiles and looks at Yoongi again, his smile widened seeing Yoongi with a smile on his face while he was asleep. “You really know how to make him the happiest y/n.”

“I don’t know about that Hoseok.” You look down at him, playing with Yoongi’s hair softly, twisting his dark locks around your finger.

“Believe me, we have been around him for a long time. The last few months have been his happiest. He….. uh… really likes you Y/n.”

Your heart flutters, hearing Hoseok’s words only made you feel like maybe there was a chance he did like you. You smile as you look at him, peacefully sleeping. You really wanted to be his, to do this all the time with him. To make him his happiest. It made you happy. “That’s good to know, I am glad I can make him happy. He deserves to be happy. He has been through a lot, he deserves the world.” You meant that too.

“He really does, he has worked so hard to get here, even if that means being miserable. He needs someone to make him happy, I am thrilled he found someone that can do that for him. I mean he is happy around us, but seeing him that way with someone else. It makes us happy too. He works the hardest out of any of us.” Hoseok continues to look at Yoongi for a moment longer. “We need to wake him, wardrobe wanted me to come grab him so he can get ready for his next scene. Think you can wake him, it is quite a feat? He is really cranky.”

You chuckle, “If I can make him happy, I think I can handle waking him up Hoseok.”

“Got it,” Hoseok smiles and stands up, turns and walks toward the door then stops. “Y/n,” he looks back at you.

“Yes?” You say as your look up at him, rubbing Yoongi’s arm as you get ready to wake him.

“Thank you for all you have done.” He looks down at Yoongi then back at you before he turns and leaves the room.

You blush a little, but look back down at Yoongi, and rubbed his arm a little harder shaking him slightly. “Yoongi, can you hear me?” You look at him as his face frowns a little. He shifts and pulls you closer and mumbles your name under his breath. You felt your cheeks go red.”Yoongi?” You put your hand on his shoulder and shake him a little harder.

He groans and opens his eyes, tilting his head up and sees you looking at him. His eyes widen when he realizes he had fallen asleep on you. “Shit, y/n I am sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep!” He rolls off you and sits up quickly.

You chuckle, “Don’t be sorry, it’s fine.”

He quickly smiles at you, “Did you fall asleep?”

You nod, “For a little, Hoseok came in and told me that wardrobe needed you. Guess it’s your turn.”

His smile slowly turned to a frown. “Oh, already.” He sighs and stands up, stretching his arms above his head before looking back down at you. “Can you do me a favour?”

You nod. “Sure what did you need?” you said and sat up, stretching your legs a little.

“Come with me to the shoot and watch. I want to see you.” He smiled his signature gummy smile back at you as he held out his hand.

“Sure.” You smile as you take his hand, standing up.

Both of you continue to hold hands until you exited the room. His hand pulling away from yours as you saw two of the makeup artist pass you both in the hall. Both stop and snicker at you before whispering as you walk passed both of them.

“I will see you in a few,” he said as he winks at you before stepping into the dressing room.

Your heart fluttered as you walked into the main studio, finding a chair off in the corner so you could watch as they recorded Yoongi’s parts as well as a few of the other boys.

He would glance over at you any chance he had. Smiling at you quickly before looking away.

Before you knew it they were getting ready to wrap. The last scene was all the boys sitting on a couch. Jimin was in the centre and Yoongi covered his eyes. The director yelled, “and cut! That is a wrap we are all done.”

Everyone cheered and you saw the boys jumping up and down. Talking to the bangtan bomb camera as they passed it.

Hoseok grabbed it and came over to you and pointed the camera at you, “Guys this is our choreographer y/n, she is the one who helped us look so sexy for the comeback.”

You laugh and cover your face, shaking your head. “Hoseok! Stop!” you say as you jump up and try to grab the camera from him.

He put it above his head. “Oh no y/n, we are not going to let you go without being recognized for your amazing job.” He smiled as Jin took the camera and pointed it back at you.

“y/n what do you have to say to Army’s about the choreography?” You roll your eyes, “The boys are so rude.” You all start laughing for a moment.

Jin clears his throat, “Seriously though y/n, say something to Army’s.” He points the camera at you again.

You bow, “Hello Army! I am y/n I hope you like the choreography. I did my best to make sure Bangtan looked good. Fighting!” You say before Hoseok jumps in.

“y/n is so good at dancing! She made us look sexy, don’t you agree Yoongi!” He says as he sees Yoongi walking over.

Yoongi smirks and does a peace sign as Jin points the camera at him. “Yes, she did an amazing job.” He smiled over at you, you could feel a blush across your cheeks.

Jin started to talk to the other members about your choreography, as Yoongi steps next to you and pulls you in for a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and whispering in your ear, “I am so happy you are staying with us for the tour.”

You hugged him back. Placing your hands on his back. “I am too, you guys are all my family and I love you all so much.”

He chuckles, “We love you too.”



Imagine Sebastian Stan being a huge fan of yours and Chris Evans introduce you to each other...

You’d been single now for about a year and half… you were getting bored of going home and just spending time with your loveable labrador. You didn’t feel as famous as you were. Your awards sat staring at you day in, day out and you still felt like a nobody. 

It was the night of the premiere of Captain America- Civil War. In the movie you played Tony Stark’s daughter. You’d gotten really close to Robert,Chris and Scarlett through the movie. Having friendships with them was amazing,but they were always going on about finding you a partner. You made other friend on the set of Civil War but you weren’t as close to them friends.

You arrived at the premiere and was greeted by a kiss on your cheek from Chris. Then Scarlett, Robert and Sebastian Stan joined you. You all stood posing for the photographers.

“Hey, Y/N and Sebastian- you two having some photos alone.” you heard a familiar voice yell. You looked straight at Chris to see him with a huge grin on his face. “Alright, calm down Chris”, Sebastian shouted back mocking him. 

Out of all of the cast, Sebastian Stan was the one you least spent time with as he was working on another project at the same time as Civil War and also you barely had any scenes with him.

“You alright y/n? You look absolutely stunning tonight.” Sebastian said as he wrapped his arm around you to gently hold your waist as the press snapped some pictures.

“Yeah I’m great thanks, you also look very handsome in your suit.” you responded looking up to him, as you were a half a foot shorter than him even in your heels. You heard whistles rising from the crowd of photographers- before you realised you two looked like a couple right now. You giggled to yourself.

“Y/N, you know inside right now I am fangirling so bad. I’m such a huge fan of yours. I am freaking out.” he mentioned before laughing at himself.

“Seriously?” you said in curiosity. “Why, thank you but honestly. I’m a nobody.” you laughed looking up at him again. His face dropped and his eyes squinted a little. “Y/N L/N, you are far from a nobody.” 

Before you knew it your lips met in unison- he kissed you so deeply and meaningfully like nobody had ever done before. The crowd at the premiere began cheering and clapping at the sight before them.

————Later that night————-

“Hey Chris! Thanks man.” Sebastian said as he walked over to him. Chris hugged Sebastian and patted his back realising what he was being thanked for.

“You two deserve each other, i know you’re going to be happy together.” Chris said to Sebastian before noticing you smiling behind him while holding your thumbs up.

Red carpet

Author: obriendylan-imagines 

Prompt: You’re Dylan’s date on the premiere of his new movie

Words: 758

Today was the premiere of Dylan’s new movie and, as always, he had asked you to be his date. You weren’t a fan of these events because of all the photographers, the interviews and the fake smiles, but you loved Dylan, and you supported him no matter what so you always went along with it.

“You ready babe?” Dylan asked from the living room

“Yeah” you answered picking up your jacket “How do I look?”

“Wow” he said with his eyes wide open “You look stunning!”

You smiled and walked closer to him “Thanks. You also look very handsome” you said putting his bow in the right place.

“Let’s go?” you nodded and gave him a little kiss.

When you arrived the venue was crazy. The red carpet was full of photographers and journalists and there were fans screaming everywhere. You stepped on the red carpet and Dylan noticed you were shaking a bit.

“Don’t be nervous” he said holding your hand “I won’t leave your side, ok?”

“Okay” you replied looking him in the eyes and holding his hand tigher.

First were the photos and then the interviews. Some lady told both of you where to stand and Dylan immediatley put his arm around your waist since he knew it would make you more comfortable. Then Dylan had to take his photos alone, which you were glad about because you were tired of having to smile. The interviews were next.

“Do you want to do the interviews with me?” Dylan whispered in your ear.

“If you don’t mind i’ll just wait for you. I’m feeling a bit tired and you’re the star of the movie so the questions will only be for you.”

“Okay” he said giving you a kiss on the cheek “I’ll be here in a second”

You nodded and watched him approach the first interview with his big smile. The interviews were going pretty well, most of the questions were about the movie and some of them kind of repetetive but Dylan always smiled and gave the best answer possible.

“So Dylan are you here alone?” an interviewer asked.

“Actually no. I came with my girfriend, (Y/N)” 

“Where is she then?”

Dylan pointed at you and smiled “She’s right there”

“Tell her to come here. I want to ask her some questions” you weren’t very surprised, you were often asked questions like ‘How does it feel to have such a sucessful boyfriend?’  or ‘How do you cope with the distance when Dylan is filming abroad?’ so when Dylan gestured for you to come closer, you did. He again put his arms around you.

“(Y/N), are you excited to see the movie?”

“Yeah, very. I think it has a very interesting storyline. Besides, Dylan has been talking about it non-stop, so it’s impossible not to be excited”

“And how do you feel about Dylan making out with other girls?” you were a bit taken aback by that question. There were inumerous rumours that Dylan was dating with other actresses and, altough you knew that wasn’t truth and that Dylan wouldn’t do that to you, it was still a sensitive question. You knew she was just trying to get a reaction out of you, as usual, so you tried your best not to give her what she wanted.

“Excuse me?” you said trying not to be rude.

“Sorry, sorry” the interviewer was a bit distressed “I meant in the movie, of course” yeah right you thought. but you still managed to put a fake smile on your face.

“Yeah, of course” you gave a fake giggle and looked at Dylan, who was also clearly bothered by the question. “It’s a bit weird seeing him making out with other girls on the screen but at the end of the day I know that’s his job and we fully trust each other so that’s never a problem”

“Yeah” Dylan agreed “We never had issues because of that. We know how to separate ours jobs from personal life”

“Okay. Thank you so much for your time” 

“Thank you” Both of you answered at the same time while walking towards the venue’s entrance.

“I’m sorry for what she asked. It was very impolite.” Dylan apologized when you were finally in a less crowded area.

“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. By now I should be used to these kinds of questions…” you shrugged “Let’s watch the movie?” you asked holding his hand 

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Dylan said giving you a kiss “I love you (Y/N)”

“I love you too Dylan”