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Don’t Be Mad (Part 2)

Part 1


Y/D/N (Your daughters name)
Y/(2/3)D/N (Your second/third daughters name)

Joe always knew this day would come, ever since he and Y/N brought home they’re first bundle of joy sixteen years ago. He just thought it wouldn’t be this soon.

He had also sworn that he would only have two kids, hopefully a boy and a girl, but that went out the door after he married his best mates’ sister and welcomed their third baby girl into the world four years later.

“Dad, I’m going out. I’ll be back for dinner.” Y/D/N called out as she ran down the stairs and towards the front door.

“Out with Nick?” Joe asked looking up from his laptop as his daughter.

“Yes out with Nick. Love you see you later.” She said before slamming the door shut behind her.

A small laugh came from the kitchen, followed by two others that quickly stopped once Joe turned his head.

“Whats so funny?”

“She’s 16 Joe.” Y/N said glancing up from the food she was preparing.


“And she’s got a boyfriend.” Y/2D/N spoke up from her position at the worktop.

“I’m aware.” Joe said in a slightly annoyed tone as he shut his laptop and moved into the kitchen with the rest of his family. 

“She’s allowed Joe, just because you weren’t dating at 16 doesn’t mean she can’t. May I remind you that we met when I was 16.” Y/N halted her actions to look up at her husband, an eyebrow raising slightly. 

“We met when you were 16, we didn’t start dating until you were 20.”

“Actually I was 19 when we had that little ‘incident’.” She said with a smirk. 

“Ew mum! Quit!!” Their two younger daughters yelled out in unison, the youngest marching out of the room. 

Laughing slightly as she watched her daughter leave the room, Y/N brought her attention back to Joe, “Is that what you’re worried about?”

“No.” Joe said sternly looking into his wife’s eye but glanced away after realizing that she was right, as always. 

“You can talk to her you know, and Y/2D/N.” Y/N said looking over at her second daughter. 

“Um no” She said turning on the sink faucet.

“You don’t even know what we’re talking about.” Joe joked, earning an annoyed look from his daughter. 

“Yes I do and I’m too young for that.” 

“You’re not too young to learn.” Y/N corrected. 

“I’m 14 mum.”


“So I’m not having this conversation” Y/2D/N said as she followed the actions that her little sister did minutes ago. 

“If you’re concerned I think you should talk to her.” Y/N said moving her attention back to the food.

“Why do I have to do it?” Joe questioned.

“Because you’re her dad” 


“Joseph, just do it. The girls should feel like they can come to either of us for things not just me.” Y/N cut her husband off, making a fair point as she pointed her knife in his direction. 


A few days and passed since Y/N had told Joe to talk to Y/D/N and he thought it would be best to have a second, and third, input on this situation so he enlisted the help of his two new brother-in-laws.

“Hey Y/D/N, wait a sec.” Joe called out hearing the front door close and seeing his daughter start to climb the stairs to her room. 

“Yeah?” She said from her position on the stairs.

“C’mere, we wanna talk.” 

“We?” Y/D/N said confused as she walked into the living room to find her dad and two uncles sat on the couch. “Oh hey, didn’t know you guy were here” She said walking over to give them both hugs. 

“Just wanted to pop in and see how our favorite niece is doing” Conor said pulling away from her hug. 

“Is this going to be a weekly thing because I’m doing the same as I was last week.” Y/D/N said with a smile as she took a seat on the other section of the couch. “So whats up?”

“You know you can come to both your mother and I right, and even your uncles. For anything, questions, concerns, advice.” Joe asked calmly, trying to hide his nerves. 

“Yes, why do you ask?” She questioned her father before looking over at Jack and Conor. 

“Well, you’ve had a boyfriend for a while now and you’re growing up and your body is going through changes.” Joe hesitates with the end of his sentence as his daughters shifts. 

“Did mum tell you to do this?” She asks. 

“Maybe but I want you to know that you can talk to me as well” 

“Did she tell you two to come too?” Y/D/N asks her uncles who shake their heads.

“Nope just helping out your father.” Jack said with a small laugh. 

“Look dad, you don’t have to run through the whole birds and the bess thing again, I’ve heard it plenty of times and I understand okay. And besides Nick and I are good, his parents have also talked to him so I think we’ve got the whole safe sex thing on lock.”

Joe felt his mouth fall open as his daughters words. He had ran through what he was going to tell her for the past couple of days to make him sound more authoritative but no amount of preparation could’ve prepared him from what he had just heard. 

“Um,” Joe cleared his throat but was lost for words.

“I think what your dad is trying to say is that he’s glad you already know all of this and that you have heard it many times.” Conor stepped in. 

“Yeah but I guess our only question is have you, have you already experienced this?” Jack asked cautiously.

“Um…yes?” Y/D/N inflected her voice while tilting her head to the slide slightly. “Have you not talked to mum?”

“Yes, we have. Just wanted to make sure that you were good for myself.” Joe said quickly. 

“Alright, are we done now?” Y/D/N asked, standing up and walking back to the stairs after Joe nodded.

“You did what!?” Y/N yelled in a hush tone later that night as her, her two brother and Joe sat around the kitchen table. 

“What, you told me to talk to her and I needed backup because I didn’t know what I was doing.” Joe said defending himself.

“Their her uncles Joe. You two don’t need to know those things!” She said looking from Joe to her brothers. 

“Hey, its a good thing we were there because was getting very uncomfortable. So you’re welcome.” Conor told his younger sister.

“I didn’t ask.” She said narrowing her eyes are her older brother before moving her attention back to Joe. “I wanted you to handle this by yourself.”

“Why couldn’t you just tell me since you already knew apparently.” Joe rolled his eyes as he sat back in his chair. 

“Because, sometimes you need to be the one to ask the questions not me. And if I let that continue, neither of the girls would come to you. Although I’m not sure Y/D/N will want to after your response.” Y/N said. 

“We’ll to be completely honest, she was confused as to why Joe was asking. She thought you told him already.” Jack chimed in.

“Maybe Y/N, you should make sure you and your husband see eye to eye before you go and make secret plans to make him a better dad.” Conor said standing up from the table. 

“Yeah we’ll leave you two to it. See you later.” Jack said getting up following Conor to the front door. 

Joe let his head fall onto his open palms as he let out a deep breath. 

“Hey don’t worry, you’re a great dad. And besides, we’ve got two more. By the time Y/3D/N turns 16, you’ll be a pro.” Y/N said standing and kissing Joe on the cheek while rubbing his back. 

“Y/3D/N is most definitely not have sex at 16, I’ll make sure of that.” Joe said lifting his head. 

“Yeah, I’m sure you will macho man. See you in bed.” Y/N said walking away, leaving Joe by himself in the dimmed dining room.

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Had an interesting idea, what if SS is pregnant with Shaun(about 5-6 months in) while the Institute took her husband. What would the companion reactions be to first meeting her if I may ask? (p.s. I love your blog and hope you have a good day!(or night, depending when you read this)

(Thank you!)

Preston: It’s kind of humbling to be saved by a pregnant person. He’s very careful around them, constantly asking if they need any assistance

Curie: She’s researched all kinds of pregnancy and birthing procedures and medicine. She’s always fussing for them to eat more and drink more purified water.

Piper: The article she writes gains even more sympathy from Diamond City, she even pressure Mayor McDounough to give the poor pregnant Sole the Home Plate house for free.

Nick: He’s very sympathetic to the Sole. He’s also the one who makes them stay home when he feels a mission is to dangerous. “Absolutely not, you’re staying here and that’s final. As long as I’m alive no harm is going to come to either of you.”

Deacon: He and the Sole use their pregnancy to an advantage who they are undercover. Sole palsy the weak and helpless pregnant one, while Deacon is the loving caring father. It works to make look like they’re not a threat.

Maccready: The Sole hires him as an extra gun for protection of them and their child. Mac does his jobs to the nine, not wanting any harm to come to a parent and their baby.

Cait: “Wait you’re… Pregnant? Oh shite…” She actually feels kind of bad for them and the baby, having to be born like this in such a shitty world.

Strong: Being a super mutant, they don’t reproduce like humans do, there is almost a child like innocence when he asks them why their belly is so big and round.

Danse: He’s cautious enough with the Sole to the point where it’s almost condescending. “I’m just trying to be careful, no one should have to birth a child in this world.”

Hancock: He avoids the pregnant Sole as much as he can. Not because he doesn’t like them or babies, but he’s worried that being a ghoul might emit radiation to the sole and the unborn child. He’s just paranoid that he’ll mess it up somehow.

X6: He acts as more of a bodyguard than an escort. Keeping watch to protect them.

Codsworth: He constantly grabbing any extra blanket, food, or toys he can find for the upcoming arrival.

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I'm a massive fan of The Demon's Lexicon, and I was wondering about Nick's gender and sexuality. In the book, I believe the comparison was made that humans are demons were like earth and fire -- forgive me if I butchered that, I don't have the book on hand. But, knowing that, would it be logical to assume that gender isn't inherent to them? Obviously, they seem to have leans to particular genders, but how much of that is socialization and Nick's being raised in heteronormativity?

(Thank you for your most kind words about the Demon’s Lexicon! I am so glad you like it.)

Well, I will say first off that Nick in my mind definitely doesn’t *have* a human gender or sexuality of any sort.

Demons in my world have essentially predatory sexualities, and humans don’t. Their game plan is always ‘allure this person to have sex with me, so I can (basically) eat them.’ They are also very willing to allure people by acting like these people’s little children/lost relatives/pet cats who can do awesome tricks/pet dragons who can do awesome tricks.

Demons know about gender and sexuality (and family, and fashion, and everything else) through watching humans. Theirs is a parasite culture: they are always watching humans, looking for a way in to the human world. This creates a massively complicated situation right from the jump: we don’t even know how much humans are influenced by watching other humans, and how much is inherent. Let alone how anything that wasn’t human would be. 

If you look at the abyss, the abyss looks back at you. And maybe the abyss is having a feeling.

(Under the link… MUCH TALKING about representation, demonic sexytimes, Mae/Nick, Nick/Jamie, Max/Nick… WHO IS MAX? Read and find out!)

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Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction Take A Stand Chapter 10: Wilde and Wilde and Hopps

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge AKA Crewefox here with another chapter of Take A Stand. Wow you guys really liked the last chapter, thank you so much to all you fine folks who reviewed, faved and followed the last update. Ok so this chapter went a little off course, I wanted to show a political rally with a certain cameo of @helthehatter OC but I decided to focus on the Luna situation and how Nick and Judy are dealing with this bombshell. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…) link:

Chapter 10- Wilde and Wilde and Hopps.

Nick had finished escorting the brawling wombat to the cells and was whistling a tune as he walked over to the office coffee station at the edge of the offices where Clawhauser and Nala were chatting. “Hey Spots, Rocky.” Nick greeted with charm.

“You know I hate that nickname.” Nala huffed, holding a half eaten donut in her paw.

“You get used to it.” Clawhauser commented with a full mouth. “If he gives you a nickname it’s means you’re a friend.”

“See Spots gets it.” Nick smiled, pouring himself a mug of coffee, his brush wagging slightly.

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"Meeting the parents" zootopia fanfic #15

“Meeting the family.”

Nick held a strained grin, his eyes darting back to Judy, who had her arms crossed next to him while she stared down two middle aged bunnies: her father and mother. Her mother sat quietly at the other side of the table. Her face showed concern for her daughter and her husband, who was returning Judy’s glare with his arms crossed. One look and Nick could tell that she took after her father in mannerisms
Judy’s father had on a suit and tie, the color faded just like his whiskers. In his right paw he had on a golden wedding ring matching his wife’s. From what Nick heard from Judy, her father was the owner of a large farm and sold carrots to the bunnies in her hometown. He was also a prominent member in the community.In addition to being a hard-working, law-abiding bunny, he was a prominent member of their community. The fact that his daughter brought Nick, a creature who was in every way his opposite, triggered his current irritation and anger.

The silence was finally broken by Judy’s mother. She wore a sunflower sun dress with matching earrings.

“N-Nick Wilde is it?” She asked him with a polite smile.Nick’s eyes moved to look at her, holding his strained grin.

“Yes, that’s my name.” He said with a chuckle.

“Um..well, Judy didn’t mention you were a…” She paused, feeling the atmosphere in the room grow more tense.”. Nick held his breath, his eyes darting at Judy.

A loud exhale of air from Judy’s father, which made Nick and her mother jump slightly. His brow furrowed at hearing the word, and he placed a paw over his face in disbelief. Judy’s jaw tightened, and Nick could tell that she was grinding her teeth.

Nick gulped, he needed to turn this around. “I…I never knew that she got her looks from her beautiful mother.” He smirked. “You two almost have the same eyes.”

Her mother seemed to relax, letting out a soft laugh. “Oh thank you..and what do you do, Mr. Wilde?”

“I…work alongside your daughter in the force.” He said, carefully not mentioning how.

A loud scoff from Judy’s father rang. “You mean a criminal working to catch other criminals?” He snarled in a gruff voice. Judy slammed her paws on the table.

“He is not that type of animal!” She stated loudly. Nick’s ears lowered when her father waved her words away.

“He is a fox!” Her father exclaimed. “We already know what his kind really are!”

Judy fumed. “You are not even giving him a chance; you don’t even know him!”

He slammed his fists on the table. “It seems I don’t know my daughter either, seeing as she decided to become mates with an animal outside of her own kind!”

“Hector!” Her mother spoke harshly, placing her paw on his shoulder. Judy hit the edge of the table, moving back to cross her arms. “That’s enough, for the both of you! And Hector, that is no way to act around a guest.”

Nick sunk from Judy’s father casting daggers on him. “Martha, you can’t be serious.” He said in a low voice.

“That’s enough.” She said, ending the conversation. She turned to Judy and cleared her throat.

“Please sweetie, tell us where you two met…” Judy’s father seemed to cringe from the word. Judy took a breath, giving a glance towards Nick who nodded feverishly. He did want to be on good terms with her parents. At least he knew that her mother seemed to like him a little.

Judy twiddled her fingers. “Umm, we met when I was on my first day.”

“Was he working with you?”

Judy pursed her lips. “Not at first.”

“I was working a con when I tripped her while she was walking by.” Nick said bluntly. Judy swiftly kicked him, making him jump in his seat. Her mother’s eyes went wide.

“Why would you do such a thing?” She asked.

Judy’s father snorted. “So my daughter is dating a thug..”

Judy opened her mouth but Nick spoke quickly. “I thought it would be funny because she looked stupid in her uniform and she wasn’t looking where she was going.”

Judy slapped a paw over her forehead while her mother and father were now internally judging him. Nick continued, much to the sheer shock of Judy, who wanted desperately to strangle him.

“At the time, I didn’t know she was a cop, and the next thing I knew is that she hit me with an elephant tranquilizer.” Nick saw the corners of her father’s lips slightly turn up while her mother covered her mouth holding back a smile.

“Your daughter is a real spitfire.” Nick said proudly. “You should see her take down rhinos..”

Her mother gasped. “Oh my! Rhinos?”

“Yes Ma'am.” He winked and tapped his chin. “I wonder where she got that strength from? She must have got it from some “bunny” who taught her everything she knows…“

He grinned mentally once he saw her father smirk as he responded.

“She must have got it from me.” Her father said. Judy cast her eyes on her parents, knowing exactly what Nick was doing.

“Will you be staying the night?” Her mother asked suddenly. Judy’s father went still, turning to his wife in surprise. Even after sharing a few laughs he still had doubts about the fox. Judy looked at her mother with hope in her eyes, grateful, that she was willing to trust her daughter’s judgement.

Nick let out a nervous laugh. “I don’t think I…”

Judy grabbed Nick’s paw, pulling him out of his chair. “He can bunk with me. Come on Nick.”

Her father stood up. “N-now wait a minute-!”

“Hector, leave her be.” Her mother started. “Besides, it’s not like they’re going to do anything…”

Judy slammed the door behind them. Her back hit the door, sinking down against it. “That could have gone a little better…” She muttered.

“I don’t know, your mom seems nice.” Nick replied, looking around her old bedroom. Living underground, the walls of her home and ceiling were dirt, but the floor was wood. Her furniture was white, and her bed was twin-sized with floral print on the blankets. Everything looked so simple. Judy made her way to the bed, collapsing face down on the mattress.

“Ugh!” She shouted, muffled by her bed. She turned her head. “My dad is the problem…and just because he thought I was dating a bunny. I knew he would react that way!”

Nick sat down at the edge, the bed creaked underneath them. “I think I can get him to like me, Whiskers.” He said confidently.

She sighed. “I don’t think he will ever like you, Nick….not that I care!” She punched her pillow before placing her chin on it. “He doesn’t believe in inter-species relationships, he keeps forgetting that things are changing in the animal kingdom.” She let out a frown. She really did love her father, and she wanted him to accept her relationship with Nick, yet she didn’t want to be enemies with her own dad. She sighed heavily.
She blinked once Nick placed his paws on her shoulders, resting his head on her back.

“Don’t worry about it right now, instead let’s worry about who’s going to sleep on the floor.”

Judy let out a smile. “Obviously you.” She let out a small gasp from the sensation of him running his paws down her shoulders to her sides. She felt him move his lips next to her ear, feeling his hot breath.

“Or we could…share?” He whispered. Judy let out a deep blush and moved herself onto her back, putting out her hand to distance herself and Nick in an attempt to avoid an obvious disaster.

“N-no, we can’t do that!” She replied in a hushed voice, worried that her parents might hear. Her hand was captured by his own, making their fingers interlock.

“Why not? It’s not like we haven’t done it before…” He said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

She rolled her eyes. “Nick, that was one time and you were unconscious.”

She was suddenly on her back, with her paws next to her head, his paws pinning them down. She felt her pulse quicken from him looming right over her. His eyes roamed
up and down her figure, making her shut her eyes tightly in embarrassment. “They’re going to walk in!” She warned.

“No they won’t.” He replied and pressed his lips against her cheek.

She jerked her head aside. “N-Nick! I’m serious!”

“Some bunny is playing hard to get~” he sang and pressed his lips back on her cheek, giving her playful pecks. She began to struggle against him, kicking her legs out and trying to throw him off.

“Nick!…Nick! Stop it! I will kick you!….Nick!”

He ran his lips down her neck. She pursed her lips together tightly, holding back a smile before unintentionally letting out a giggle. Nick wagged his tail happily and wrapped his arms around her small body, pulling her close to him. The way he held her, gentle yet strong, always made her feel safe in his arms. She put her paw on the back of his head, keeping his lips on her neck. If she could admit one weakness, it would be his butterfly kisses. She placed her other paw on his back, grabbing at his shirt. He pressed his muzzle against her shoulder, breathing in her sweet scent.

“I love you."he whispered huskily. Judy wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips lightly pressed up against his ear.

"I love you too.” She replied. She felt him smile against her and his embrace tightened. “Don’t ever let go…”

“Well I’m saying he is.”

The sound of the gruff voice made Nick and Judy separate from their embrace. They both jumped back making Judy hit the headboard of her bed while Nick fell off the mattress. He landed on his back with a loud thud. Judy turned to the source, finding her father thumping his foot rapidly, and holding a cold glare toward Nick. The fox let out a nervous grin, rubbing the back of his head.

Nick stood up, already thinking of an excuse. “I-uh!….your daughter made me!” . He said childishly, pointing an accusing finger in her direction. Her mouth hung open in disbelief. Later that night, Nick wasn’t allowed to sleep in the same room as Judy. Instead, he was left with the couch…that was half his size. It led to an uncomfortable night.


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