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Love ur blog it's awesome can't get enough of the headcanons (might've slipped some in my fanfics 😉) can I ask you for some mikaani headcanons?

Oh my, I’m honored to hear that you’ve found some of these headcanons worthy to be your fanfics! Ah! Thank you!

  • Annie resents being shorter than Mikasa. She doesn’t like having to lean up even a little bit to kiss her, and she just generally doesn’t like being short. But she does enjoy the fact that Mikasa’s sweaters are just too long on her and that she looks super cute in them. This also gives her license to wear heels, which makes her feel powerful. She tells Mikasa all of these things. Overall, Mikasa thinks Annie’s beef with her height is adorable and precious and loves her all the more for it. 
  • They love to people watch together, pointing out ridiculous outfits and cute dogs and funny interactions. It’s one of their favorite pastimes. 
  • Mornings with them are comical as all get out. Mikasa is such a morning person and gets up with one alarm, humming to herself as she gets ready for the day, making coffee and breakfast before Annie’s first alarm even goes off. Annie needs like eight alarms and Mikasa to drag her out of bed, and then will only get moving once she has coffee. She’s a literal zombie and Mikasa is very lucky that she loves her otherwise she would not be able to get away with her general love of mornings around Annie. 
  • They’re very sarcastic with each other, sometimes borderline mean in a way that makes people who don’t know that they love each other question that they love each other. But that’s the thing; they know that they can be sarcastic because they know it’s all meant in jest; they pick at each other because they can. 
  • They love to cuddle when they’re alone. One always has an arm thrown around the other, or they’re holding hands, or their legs are intertwined. They’re always casually touching somehow, completely innocent yet adorably intimate. It’s precious. 

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(Newt Scamander x Reader) Submissive Dominator [SMUT]

Title : Submissive Dominator

Request : Yes - by @radicalmeghan -  request: newt being asked to be more dom in bed and is lowkey rlly good at it

Smut/Warning : Yeah duh - eating out, blowjob, slight dom/sub, jealous fucking lmao

Word Count :1,875

A/N : aaah finally I finished a request! I don’t think this fits the request, but yo this is a dom Newt. It’s really a new territory for me because I’ve always portrayed Newt as a sub. Anyway! Enjoy this one and requests are open for fbawtft, hp, etc. Send me asks about it.


“You’re mine aren’t you?”

“You’re going to get f-fucked tonight,”

“T-Think you c-can- Oh Merlin, no, no, not like this…”

Newt has been talking to himself in the bathroom, the moment the two of you entered your shared apartment after attending a ball held by the MACUSA. The ball was held to celebrate the capture of Gellert Grindelwald. The MACUSA doesn’t usually do this kind of thing, but you suppose it’s a grand achievement and worth celebrating.

You try to eavesdrop the conversation he’s having with himself, but it seems that he has put a charm in the bathroom so that you can’t hear anything he says but some muffled sounds.

“Newt?” you knock the bathroom door. “Are you okay in there?”

“Y-Yes [Name], I’m fine,” he replies.

You didn’t know what you did wrong, but he also seems to be more nervous than usual after the ball. He keeps squeezing your hand, he stuttered, and he bumped into several people. Newt kept saying he was alright after you asked though.

You decide to change from your formal dress to your nightgown. You walk to your bedroom as you think, ‘I suppose I can calm him down a little bit by doing something…’ You pick his favorite nightgown of yours, and put it on. Twirling in front of the closet mirror, you smile to yourself. ‘Newt is going to love this.’

As if on cue, the bathroom door creaks open, revealing Newt already undressed except for his trousers. Newt’s hair is messy, and his face is blushing red with beads of sweat on his face. The sweat also trickles down his bare chest, making you want to run your hands up his body.

He pauses when he looks at you, mouth slightly open. You giggle and say, “I think we’re thinking the same thing, love.”

He gulps, before throwing the bundle of his shirt on the side. Newt takes a few strides towards you, chin up, looking down at you. He then takes your chin in his hand, and kisses you roughly.

You squeal at the sudden touch, before melting into his arms. You grip his biceps, constantly squeezing it lightly, while he holds your waist, holding you firmly. The kisses aren’t like his usual kisses; it’s more demanding and needing. He’s about to push his tongue inside your mouth before you gently push him back, looking into his eyes, a little bit worried.

“Newt, darling? What’s wrong? What’s with the sudden-“

“You’re going to get fucked tonight,” he cuts you sternly.

You feel the heat in your core getting hotter as he says that sentence. But still, you’re wondering what’s with his sudden change of demeanor.

“I- W-Well, I will, but I want you to explain yourself first,” you challenge him.

He sighs and takes your hand, guiding you to lie down on your bed. You lie on your back, and he immediately goes on top of you, his hands on each side of your head, trapping you from escaping.

Newt looks at you with adoration, yet also with something he lacks before. Confidence.

“Do you think… That Abernathy can please you more? Hm?” he asks.

At the ball, even though you’re hand in hand with Newt all the time, you did drag him to socialize with other people. One of them being Abernathy. He teased the two of you by talking about some sensitive subject, which is about how Newt does it in bed. Newt’s face went beet red, and you replied with a laugh, saying that he satisfies you. “Although not the most dominant in bed,” you also added.

You didn’t realize that Newt listened intently when you flirted with Abernathy. “Oh really? I bet you prefer dominant men, no?” Abernathy asked. “Well, probably. Want to show me?” you reply. Abernathy just laughed, and you excused yourself, to talk to other people.

You raise an eyebrow. “Oh, so this is what this is all about? About me flirting with Abernathy? You know it’s all a joke, Newt.”

“Yes, but you did say that- um, you prefer dominant men,” he says, almost losing his confident composure.

“Well… I don’t mind with submissive men, but I prefer dominant men better,” you say. He looks hurt for a second, before quickly going back with his act again.

“Then I’ll show you that I can be dominant too.”

Before you can say anything, he kisses you again, this time biting down your lower lip, then pushing his tongue inside your mouth. Your hands go to the back of his head, trying to deepen the kiss. But he objects. One by one, he removes your hands from his head, and pins them to the side of your head.

He breaks the kiss and whisper to your ear huskily, “You are going to stay in bed and do as I say.”

You shudder as his hot breath hits your ear, and you nod in understanding. He smirks, and proceeds to leave butterfly kisses from your earlobe down to your neck, and your collarbone. He sucks and bites a one spot on your neck, over and over until leaves a red mark. You moan and whimper at his touch, and you’re sure it’ll be purple tomorrow.

“[Name],” he says onto your skin.

You reply with a moan. “If you want to come, try not to make any sounds.”

He slides the nightgown from your shoulder, before tearing it into two and tossing it aside. You gasp; not expecting Newt to rip your nightgown, or even has the strength to do that. “We can use magic to patch it up,” Newts says quickly.

He swiftly leaves a wet trail, continuing from your neck, to your chest, barely brushing the nipple, down lower to your core, his hands freeing your wrists. He gives an experimental lick, and you arch your back, bucking up to his mouth. You’re about to moan before your own hand flies to your mouth, shutting yourself.

“Good girl.”

He trails a finger down your clit, his fingers brushing against the wet, sensitive folds. You desperately pants, holding in the sounds you’re making.

“So wet [Name]… All for me?” He presses a finger inside you, and you breathily answer, “Y-Yes! For you only…”

“Not for Abernathy?”

“N-No… All for you- Ah!” you scream out when he adds another finger.

“I’ll forgive you this time. But for this, I don’t want to hear any sounds, got it?”

You only nod as he starts pumping in and out of you, and with each thrust, his fingers goes deeper, to another angle, until it hits your g-spot. You gasp when his finger does, and he quickens the pace until you come onto his hands.

He brings his fingers to his lips, greedily licking them off clean. The sight turns you on again, even though your heat is still throbbing from the sensation. He gets out of bed, and hastily takes his trousers off, along with his boxers. His manhood stands in its glory, with precum leaking on top of it.

“Come,” he says, extending his hands towards you.

You stand and take his hand and he presses yours and his naked body together. His member is pushed up onto your stomach, and you can feel it twitch when it comes to contact with your skin.

“Feel it [Name]?”

He trails his fingers from your upper back, slowly down to your lower back.

“Feel it what you do to me?”

He squeezes your bum and you hum in response.

“I want you to pleasure me, but without your hands.”

He gives you a slap on your butt and says, “Now kneel.”

You kneel in front of him, and take his member in your mouth, your hands behind your back. You start to suck his head gently, slowly moving your head so it enters deeper. He lets out a long moan, continued by his hand going to the back of your head.


You suck him hard, and he cries out your name, not expecting the sudden movement. As you suck, you bob your head, and lick the tip of his member. It twitches in your mouth, and with one last long suck, he comes inside your mouth. You swallow everything, making sure none of them spills out of your mouth.

“Such a good girl. I should reward you for that, now. Should I?”

“I’d love you to, darling.”

“Alright. Lie down.”

You do as he says, and he goes on top of you, immediately positioning himself on your entrance.

“Newt! Stop!”

His eyes flashes worry, and he stops. “W-What? D-Did I do something w-wrong? Did- Did I hurt you?”

His confidence is fading, and you giggle, before kissing his nose.

“No, silly. Don’t forget the condom.”

“O-Oh, right.”

He takes out a condom out of the dresser, before ripping it with his teeth and putting it on his slightly raised cock. You notice, and give his manhood a slight stroke, making it fully erect again. Newt’s confidence comes back again, and he seems more assured now.

“Scream my name, love.”

He slams into you without a warning, and you gasp, and let out a throaty moan. He begins moving, slow at first, before escalating the pace faster. The headboard makes a sound every time he slams into you, banging with the wall. You’ll be sure to receive complaints from your neighbor, but you can care less.

He thrusts like there’s no tomorrow, all the while holding in his cum, making sure you savor the feeling fully. He wants to make sure that you see him and him only.

You on the other hand, feel so close to coming, as you see Newt pounding your insides, sucking the energy out of you.

“Newt!! Ah!! I- I-“

“That’s it love, let it all out. Come onto me.”

With a scream of his name, you come for the second time, coating his condom covered cock with your juices. He gives a few more thrusts before coming himself, filling the condom. He collapses on top of you, the sweat covered skin meeting yours.

The two of you breathe peacefully, until he lifts himself off you, to discard the condom. You scoot a little, making space for him to cuddle with you. He joins you under the bedcover.

“S-So, do tell me… How did I do…?”

“Hmmm, well… Newton… I’d have to say… It’s a secret!” you exclaim as you turn your body, your back facing him.

“W-What? [Name], tell me!”

“Oh shut up and cuddle me, Newt,” you say as you pull his hands to hug you.

He pouts and you peck him on the lips, whispering a brief goodnight, before drifting to sleep.

Before drifting to sleep though, you think to yourself that you do enjoy a dominant Newt. Very much so, despite his true nature. But you’re not going to tell him that. It would certainly stroke his ego even more. And you’ve been enjoying your role as the dominant one in bed.

It seems that it will take a few more practices to explore your interests even more.

Boys+egos x Chubby! Reader

So my girl Rip got some anon bs sent to her about how the boys and their egos/dark characters wouldn’t like “fat chicks” and it made me angry enough to write this?

A/N: I romanticize the egos but I don’t make them stop being killers? It’s a classic ‘bad boys with a soft spot’ trope. Sue me. Also I didn’t write every ego because that’s soooo many.

- he loves??? Everyone?? So much???
- Like he loves his friends and his family and Chica and his subcribers
- And obvi he loves you and every curve and roll and stretch mark
- But like, it’s not just about how fucking beautiful you are, he also loves your laugh and smile and personality
- You’re still a person your weight isn’t what matters to him

- Probably will torture/kill someone if they look at you wrong
- Judge-y look? dead
- Lust-y look? Super dead
- Wants every single bit of you to himself
- Loves seeing you in clothes that show off your body (but only when you wear them for him)

- His dream date with you is going to different dessert places with you and then killing people while you sample different cakes and ice creams
- Loves making you laugh and smile
- Literally doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t like you just because of your weight
- Wilf:“but you’re amazing?” 

- He’s blind but he still knows what you look like and loves you and your body
- He really loves holding you and cuddling you
- Whispers in your ears a lot

- Almost cries when you tell him that people are sometimes assholes to you because of the way you look
- it frustrates the fuck out of him because people shouldn’t be so shallow and stupid
- But also he just really loves you a lot
- He’s a good green bean
- Gives amazing hugs
- Shuts down any and all hate regarding you and his subs create a defense squad for you because they love you too.
- all around good boy

- If someones a jerk to you he’ll fuck up their computer and phone for weeks
- Constantly spamming them to quit being a dick
- He makes you feel really safe and loved and adored tbh
- forehead kisses for days
- loves to give you hugs from behind
- like he’ll sneak up on you just to hug you
- and then he’ll hiss at anyone who gets close to you
- like a cat

- As long as you’re happy he’s happy
- he absolutely loves you and wound’t change anything about you
- tall boi is an A+ boyfriend
- y’all are always doing super cute things #smilealways
- he likes to keep your relationship private but lowkey loves it when the team posts cute pics of you two in their instagram stories

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why do you ship hidge? ive never heard of it as a ship and im curious


They are both absolute nerds and have canonically worked on tech stuff together like the nerds that they are. Seriously, Pidge ranks as the most intelligent paladin with Hunk right behind her, she is a computer genius and a super smart hacker while Hunk is an engineer who knows his fair share in the subject of technology too. In s1e10, the two have literally created software together that translates the Galra language to English more efficiently if not automatically, and had an adorable nerd conversation in s3e6.

Just look at them staring in awe at some badass technology together???? They’re such huge nerds????????

Do you enjoy ships with size differences? Well hidge is the ship for you. Beautiful tall person and adorable small person, which makes all the hugs the best! This ship also has the ultimate hand size difference:

Iconic scene in which two characters majestically float in the air while holding each other? This ship also has that!

Emotional scene in which two characters cry before separating for dangerous missions because they care about each other so much despite one of them not being much of a crier in the first place? CHECK

A ship that has support from both characters’ voice actors? ALSO CHECK

They have also defended each other multiple times in battle. They have used their lions’ bodies to protect each other from attacks in s1e8 and s3e1, and let’s not forget the beautiful scene from s3e6 where Hunk went for one of Lotor’s generals with his bare hands to defend Pidge????

And they’ve all seen how seriously tough those generals are.

Let me remind you that, when they all had some free time in s2e5, Pidge had the choice to hang out anywhere she wanted. And of all places, where did she choose to go? To go chill with Hunk, of course! Nothing like hanging out with your fellow nerd friend for some nice company.

AND let’s remember their similarity in color scheme and elements! Green and yellow are neighbors on the color wheel and are commonly used together in art for a fun lively vibe. They’re guardian spirits of the land and forest, and compared to fire/water and sky, they go together. Earth supports plant life and helps it thrive, and plant life makes it so that earth isn’t all dry and lifeless. Hunk and Pidge are close in specialty, color scheme, and elements.

Co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery also described Hunk and Pidge as “two sides of the same coin” while Bex Taylor-Klaus said that “they work well together“ because of their mutual understanding of each other.

Oh, and remember Hunk and Pidge going on that mission together in season 4 and Hunk body slamming that one dude for Pidge? And being nerds again in Pidge’s little genius squad?

And last but not least, in the VR game, Pidge literally told Hunk “You’re the best, Hunk!” while he was using his lion to hold up a giant rock.

This is all I can think of off the top of my head but I highly recommend this ship if ur into nerd ships with beautiful size differences 👌👀

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I love your header image (the movie group picture) so much! The subtle sheith in it is killing me, what with Shiro being in Keith's space. If Keith didn't bend his left knee up like that his leg would be right on top of Shiro's. It's just so oddly intimate

i love it too!! we don’t get a whole lot of official art, but I really like this one a lot :,D lmao I love when shiro and keith can just sit anywhere but they’re still squished together

they’re pretty much sitting the same way in that one comic. Shiro why do you keep practically sitting on top of him lmao?? when it comes to each other neither of them have any concept of personal space


Keith and Shiro both being really comfortable in each other’s space–especially given how careful about boundaries Keith is–is just so adorable. But ya, the movie one is definitely one of my favorites!! And I mean, if you look at everyone else–they all seem to be really getting into it, but like, they’re definitely louder and more expressive about it? You can see Keith’s nice and cozy and Shiro looks really happy but it’s definitely more subtle? Which does make it feel more intimate in comparison.

I also like how it’s framed. The pictures looks like you could just split it up into separate sections based on how it’s arranged. The garrison trio are all together but Keith is at Shiro’s side instead, because the dynamic Keith has with Shiro is just very different than his relationship with the others, so you visually see that distance. Shiro is also leaning into Keith’s space, and away from Allura. Again, it makes Keith and Shiro kind of look apart from everyone else. 

They also kind of have similar body language (if you look at how relaxed they are and the tilt of their shoulders) as opposed to Allura and Pidge, who are both sitting upright and really paying attention to the movie and have body language that kind of mirrors each other. Same with how Lance and Hunk are both really overreacting (though to different extremes) and you see them both with these very expressive faces and over the top poses, which makes them feel like they’re also in their own scene. So yeah, I like how you can see there are clear divisions in this poster even though they’re all together–and Shiro was meant to be with Keith. (Coran is off relaxing on his own though lmao)

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why girls loved goku so much


((well this is my opinion. probably other girls don’t like him for the same reasons?)) 

Anyway for me it’s very simple. 


look at dem muscles asdfasdf  like holly sh8t boy can bench press planets ok son  mmm 👀👌🔥💖

2. His hair is spiky and cute /// I could run my fingers all over them. I love boys with spiky wild hair 😚 . ((and he has cute thick boyish eyebrows)) K

3. He’s funny, energetic, kind, gentle, cool dude to be around with, but can also get down to business when he needs too. 

4. He’s a fucking farmer. I like farmer boys k. 

5. On top of being hot he’s just very cute looking and does a lot of cute things without knowing…. he’s those kind of guys who are so friken adorable you just want to kiss them in their cheek 

5. He’s a martial artist! I like guys who can do kung fu 😍

6. Kids love him and he’s good with kids/ looks adorable with them…

7. I love that he doesn’t like to give up and always tries defeat what ever challenge he is facing. 

8. He can be your good boy or he can be your bad boy 

9. He likes to travel / explore places/ is very adventurous -which is also what I like in a guy 

10. His smile is a ladies killer ok. 

There I’m done now lol.

MARS-Astrology and Sex pt.2

So now that you know how you and/or your significant other actually “do the deed”, it’s time to look at how you seduce, and no this is not where Venus comes in. This is actually when you’ll need to know your rising sign because the house your Mars is in describes your most effective seductive techniques. Also it describes your sex appeal outside of the bedroom whereas you Mars sign is all about the deed. Be sure to radiate your Best Traits when trying to seduce your crush. 

Mars 1st House

Mars in the first house is the Alpha in any pack. They seduce by competition, they love the idea of rivals and the thrill of the chase. In love or lust,they are brazen but completely unsubtle. 

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BTS Reactions - You’re much smaller than them

You pout as you reach up to your boyfriend’s face and try to pull him in for a kiss. When you struggle, you stomp your foot and complain about being so much smaller than him, insisting that he shrinks so that you can kiss him properly.

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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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Headcanon of what the boys would want in a s/o plz?

Sure thing, darling!


• Wants someone who can cook because lord knows he can’t

• Wants someone who has a sense of humor 

• And someone who likes cuddling

• Wants someone who does the right thing even in difficult situations

• But he’s also very forgiving of mistakes

• He wants someone who’s forgiving and kind


Honestly doesn’t care

• He feels like he’ll know when he knows

• But if he had to pick he’d want someone that balances him out

• So basically, someone who’s patient and thoughtful

• Someone who makes good choices and has a strong sense of morality

• I feel like he’d end up with someone who’s kind of shy


Tim wants someone who’s intelligent

• I feel like he’d also prefer someone who’s a bit more reserved or shy

• He’d end up with a bookworm

• I think he’d want someone who’s kind and generous

• Someone who’s also good at looking at situations and making the most practical decisions

• But he wouldn’t like them any less for being more emotional

• Might actually find it adorable when his s/o gets super emotional over stuff


• Wants someone intelligent

• Acts like a huge snob about it, and whenever he’s asked he goes on about how he wants boundaries and someone refined and elegant

• But ends up with someone who’s a total dork and super cuddly

• Pretends to be annoyed but secretly loves the affection

• Ends up being super protective over them

• Over time grows to love all the hugs and random displays of affection.

• Realizes that clumsiness and cuddliness don’t equate to unintelligence 

• He wants someone who will respect him, but will tell him if he’s wrong

• He just wants someone loyal

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Romanced companions react to a sole who fusses over them like a mom (Like fixing their hair and all that good fish)

This is a cute ask, I love it!

Cait: “Sole, cut yer shit.” As much as Cait loved Sole, this was the one thing that Sole did that she could absolutely not stand.

Curie: “Oh, mon amour is there something wrong?” Whenever Sole would do this, Curie would begin fixing herself up as well.

Danse: It was just another thing to love about Sole. However, it embarrassed him whenever they would get all finicky in front of others. “Sole, please…”

Deacon: Every time Sole does this, he makes the exact same comment. “Hm, your shirt is a mess. Maybe you should take it off.”

Hancock: He loves it when they do this, he thinks it adorable. “Look at you, always wanting to make sure I look my best.” 

MacCready: He would fuss over Duncan constantly, so it’s kind of nice being fussed over for once. “Do I look alright?” 

Nick: He appreciates it, but he always teases Sole about it. “Wait, is there something on my face? Or is there not enough of my face?”

Piper: While Piper does think it’s a cute habit, she also finds it a bit annoying. “Blue, please. I look fine.”

Preston: In all honesty, Preston fusses over them too. Unlike Sole however, he enjoys being fussed over. “Always looking out for me.”


Chozo Memories~ 💗
Samus’ personal childhood memories of the Chozo Tribe that found and raised her when she was just a little girl. 😊
I adore the memory of her playing leap frog with Old Bird! It is so precious!
And her little drawing on the Ruins Test is so adorable! I love how she drew herself smiling and I adore the way she drew the sun. 💕 Gotta wonder if she got grounded for drawing on the walls of what looked like a sacred monument lol. 😅 I can see Old Bird being like: guys chill she’s 3. In all fairness with all the hieroglyphs on the walls it would totally be reasonable for a little kid to think it was also okay for them to draw on the walls. 😆 Baby Sammy is precious! And while she did train really hard as a kid, these memories show that her childhood wasn’t just training 24/7 like some people seem to think. She does have happy memories of her time spent with the Chozo and that makes me happy. 💗


Taiki is a Japanese model and Noah is a Korean model and these two are known to be dating for quite a while. 

now all seriousness aside

i’ve been following these two for quite a while

my japanese is pretty limited scratch that i can barely decipher the characters but my korean is somewhat basic so i have a close idea on what noah’s saying so hey hey hey

i have always had numerous of thoughts whenever i see taiki and noah together: 

“how did they meet” “how did they get together” “why are they so cute wtf” 

i had always have this assumption that maybe they met through friends because taiki had worked with korean models or maybe they met while they were working iDK but one thing for sure

they are hella cute together

i went to backtrack the timeline once again

taiki started posting about noah around september 2015:

[left: taiki | right: noah] and taiki’s caption was “With #koreanidol hahaha #seoul #korea #koreanboy #idol”

noah also started posting about taiki around september 2015

[left: taiki | right: noah] in fact, this post is one of noah’s earlier posts, his caption being: “With my lovely #japanesemodel”




(p/s: anyone wants to talk about how cute they are hit me up)

Characters I’d love to see in Disney Descendants

Dory’s daughter - okay so I know Dory is a fish but lets pretend Dory is human for a second. Can you imagine her daughter having short term memory loss like her mum and interacting with the villain kids, I imagine her becoming friends with Gill because he’s the only one who kind of gets her. I can also see her being good friends with Harry and I think she and Harry would have a similar relationship to Dory and Hank.

Giselle’s son or daughter - randomly singing to call animals to help with the cleaning and it is just any random animals nearby like everyone is amazed by how neat and tidy their room is and is really confused when they see random woodland creatures coming in and out of their room. 

Kronk’s son - just being a loveable guy who cooks amazing food and gives awesome hugs. Everyone is kind of wary of him because he’s big and muscular like his dad but he’s just a big teddy bear. 

Hades son or daughter - having a really short temper and being just as sassy as her dad. I could totally see them being in a relationship with Harry Hook, kind of like Jade and Beck’s relationship in Victorious, I love the idea that they don’t always get along with Uma and Harry sometimes puts them on a time out like he did with Gill in descendants two.

The Queen of Hearts son or daughter - just being completely crazy but also completely adorable. Like all the villain kids are incredibly protective of them because they’re just like a big kid and you have to look out for them before they do something stupid but they also have a wicked temper. 

Rumplestiltskin’s son or daughter - let’s have a rumplestiltskin like Once Upon a Time and his descendant is just as badass, they know all about how to make deals and finding loopholes in things so they are always breaking the rules without breaking them. 

And finally Moana’s daughter - People call her Princess and she reminds them she’s the daughter of a chief not a princess. Having a descendant of Hei-Hei who is just as dumb. The ocean is their friend too! Mauii drops by to check in every now and again and tell the whole school stories of his awesome adventures and showing off his skills of shapeshifting (Shark head). 

I think I need to write some fanfiction :) Let me know your favourites. 

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My dearest, Have you watch the BTS Run ep 27 ? I found it really sweet that Taehyung moves closer to Jin's place at the last minutes of that episode 😍 I would like to know if there were any other occasion(s) where Taehyung did that too ? And please give your awesome analysis about it 😘 Thank you ❤️

Hey there lightaejin,

Yes dearest, I’ve watched it. Indeed he moves closer to Jin by the end of the video cause he knew the filming was almost over, I’ll go back to it soon. But first things first, how about I use your lovely ask to masterpost BTS Run ep.27!!! Yes? Yes! Yes!

1. HAHA Jungkook’s Hawaii look shirt: Got to love their sense of humor printing Kookie’s infamous pic on their shirts. To be honest I quite love that pic of Kookie, he looks adorable, healthy and just like a 20 year old Golden Baby. Protec!

2. Someone is in a mood: Poor V is in a constant bad mood for banter these days. Perhaps their hectic schedule is making him moody. We can notice that when any BTS video starts, of course he eventually gives in and starts to enjoy the banter.

3. The curse of Tae’gi: LOL I love when V and Suga coincidentally end up in the same group, Suga’s way to treat him is just hilarious. LOL Romeo and Juliet now! I feel Suga is MVP in everything these days.

4. Team Kim Seok Jin foreverrrrrr: I love Jin! RM’s reaction when he got stuck with the name Kim Seok Jin team! But Kookie loves his hyung and would follow him to the end of the universe. I love.

5. Jealous V vs Team Kim Seok Jin: He just cannot help, poor baby just doesn’t deal with sharing Jin very well. A smile for the camera and then possessive Tae.

6. Taejin clothes exchange: As masterposted earlier, I think it’s cause they had mentioned it was colder in the morning but hotter outside in the sun. Once they got inside I think Jin was feeling a little cold (Jin is always wearing comfy sweaters and cozy tops so I am pretty sure he is the type who feels cold easily) and we know Taehyung is a true gentleman when it comes to his Jinnie so he offered his hoodie and got Jin’s shirt on top of his own long sleeve tee. Basically he takes care of his Jinnie, bless him.

7. Merch attack: Oh give me those plushies!!!

8. That RM signature scream: HAHA go to 5:56 but please turn the volume down!

9. Taejin’s son name defined: Taehyung will officially call their son Kimchi! HAHA LOL at Jin’s response “Last name KIM, first name CHI” to caps “perfect” and “satisfied” with hearts! buahahah. I guess their boy will be named Kim Kim Chi!

10. V-Hope feat Yoon’jin: we got the duos swapped and both Suga and Jin are eagle eyeing V-Hope in full banter mode. Taehyung is so cute in his little fast speed side walk to be next to Jin and leaving Sope to argue! Got to love these 2 duos! Can you imagine their double dates?!

11. Jealous V vs Nam’jin: Surely in a game where Nam’jin is a team we would see loads of Jealous V. As Jin freaks out about getting an answer right he grabs Namjoon by the wrist and celebrates with his team. But oh look at Taehyung’s face and body language, he looks at them, nervously fidgets his fingers and looks down, suddenly he looks rigid and very blue. He simply cannot with the Nam’jin push, poor boy.

12. Jin is too funny: look at him looking at Jin!

13. Jimin likes sour food: Kookie was so domestic about Jimin! Them Jikooks are all dying of feels out there! Kookie was very cute and lively, I love. I also adore when he teams up with Jin cause he enjoys himself more when his fave hyung is around.

14. Sope being Sope: What are they even doing? LOL Sope is priceless!

15. V is sexy: Suga cheers up V saying he is sexy and heart-eyed Jin just whispers “he is sexy”. Yeah Jin, we know he is sexy. And we know you think he is sexy.

16. Dat look: Just after his sexy performance, our Jinnie could not help but look at Taehyung like this.

17. Hypochondriac Suga: Suga really worries about high blood preasure and diabetes. We are the ones worried about heart attacks cause of his MVP cuteness.

17. Jealous V vs Nam’jin Part 2: Namjin interacts, Taehyung eagle eye them.

18. Doctor Sutrange: our MVP!

19. V vs Nam’jin Part 3: Namjin interacts, Taehyung eagle eye them again and again and again. The world might be falling apart around him, but his eyes will always find Jin.

20. Taehyung is ready to join Jin: As the filming approaches towards the end, an impatient V stands up and goes to Jin’s direction. 

Great BTS Run as usual and all the boys seem to have had a lot of fun! Taehyung was very tender and caring about Jin (as he always is) and wasn’t moody anymore in the end. The clothes swapping thing was so adorable and he was more controlled on his jelly moments! Jin could not control his fondness on the Kimchi moment and also when Taehyung did his cute sexy dance, like cute Jinnie heart eyes glowing. 

There have been several other occasions when we see both Taejin moving closer to each other when they think the camera is not filming anymore. Because they do not promo their relationship on camera, I guess its just their second nature to get back together once the filming is over. Even on airports, events and when their formation is not pre-defined, Taejin is always next to each other. Their need for each other’s company is absolutely lovely! 

Tks for the question.

Lots of love.

  • Lynx is incredibly observant. It might be because it’s a skill they’ve developed as a hacker, but it’s likely that they’ve just always been observant. They’re super quick at picking up on your habits or things you like. They’re also flexible in thought, by which I mean if you’re a person whos interests jump from place to place, Lynx is definitely a partner who can keep up with you!
  • They definitely use their hacking ability to do silly things to show how much they adore you. For example, maybe you check your phone and find out the wallpaper has been changed to a picture of them with a big love heart and ‘luv u’ on it. Or maybe you’ll find some of your files have extra ‘HAVE A GOOD DAY’ messages in them. Once or twice you get into trouble from someone else because some files are shared—Lynx is super apologetic when that happens. You can’t stay mad at them for too long because they meant well, okay?
  • Speaking of emotions, Lynx’s can be read clearly a majority of the time because of their anntennae/’ears’. You’re not sure if they’re aware of it, but oh god, they can definitely be used for evil. Whenever the two of you have an argument and you say something particularly biting, Lynx’s ears drop straight down and you know you’ve hurt them—it’s the worst feeling. On the bright side, the ‘ears’ are also super cute, for example, when Lynx perks up because they’ve heard something interesting, their ‘ear’s also perk up. Aaaaah! So cute!
  • Lynx looks ridiculously good in jumpsuits and they adore all and any custom print ones you get for them! They’re a really good present because somehow Lynx can never have enough. Bonus points if you find a jumpsuit that’s also good for utility—lots of pockets or places to hide gadgets and what not. Lynx digs it!
  • Lynx is a 1200% understanding sentient being. They’re with you for you. Lynx knows you’re an incredible person and they’re happy to be with you and have you in their life. If you’re having issues with your body image, they’ll do their best to try and make you see differently. If you’re ashamed of something you’ve done in the past, Lynx will remind you that you’ve changed over time—and you’ll continue to change. Your partner will see beyond what’s stopping you from seeing yourself as they see you. It’s empowering and very, very sweet.
  • If you’re a human, you’ll definitely have a few people here and there comment on your relationship with an omnic. While it bothers Lynx, they’re not the type to let it get to them. Again, they’re understanding, they can see why people would be so judgemental, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t irk them. As patient as Lynx is, if you decide to—I don’t know—punch someone in the face one day for a particularly nasty comment, Lynx has got your back and will support you.
  • Lynx is both very cuddly and independent. Basically, they’re down for whatever. They’ll use their powers of observation to figure out if attention is appropriate or not and they’ll generally get it right. Even if you’re not a person who likes cuddling or whatever, try it at least once. I guarantee you’ll like it. Some people like to make comments and be like ‘eww, omnics are all hard and would be uncomfortable’, but people don’t know shit, so don’t listen to them. Lynx is super comfortable and warm. Haters don’t know what they’re missing out on!
  • I promise you Lynx will help you become the best you can be, no matter what. You’ll always have that feeling of awe and appreciation whenever you look at them—also Lynx will always feel bashful when they catch you looking and it’s very loveable! 
Connor Murphy x Cheerleader!Reader hcs

- Connor met you for the first time because you’re friends with Zoe and he had to drive you, Alana, and Zoe to the mall

- Connor really didn’t want to, but he had to

- His parents weren’t able to and he needed the car after, so here he was driving down the highway with 3 teenage girls laughing in the back seat

- Well Zoe was sitting shotgun, but she kept talking to the two girls behind him

- He was trying not to lash out, he wanted to though

- The laughter was like needles on a chalkboard to him

- Occasionally he’d look in the rearview mirror, he’d see your smile and kind of scoff

- But he doesn’t do it cause he’s like ew smiles

- He does it because he thinks you’re beautiful, but doesn’t want to accept that

- When you guys get to the mall, be breaks away from you quickly

- He spends most of his time in Hot Topic or the food court

- The only bad thing about Hot Topic is that some of the employees are dead set on talking to him

- That’s when he retreats to Chick Fil A to get a milkshake

- He sits alone and looks around at all the people

- Then you, Zoe, and Alana decided to ruin his good ole me time and sat near him

- Zoe and Alana went to get food and you kept glancing at Connor

- Not in a bad way, but you were interested in him and you thought he was a little cute whoops

- But Connor took it as you staring at him because he was a freak and weird

- “Take a picture, it will last longer” he barked at you

- you looked away quickly and your cheeks flushed

- after a few awkward moments, you moved to sit across from him

- “I didn’t mean to stare, well. I didn’t mean for you to take it in a bad way. I just wanna get to know you, that’s all. I don’t think you’re a freak”

- Connor nodded in response

- After that minute interaction, you started talking to him more and more

- and badabing badaboom, two months later you two started dating

- When you were nearing the end of your school year, the cheer captain came up to you and asked you to try out to be on the squad next year

- You were confused because you weren’t super athletic, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t excited

- Then, you grew worried because cheerleaders were seen as prissy and you knew how Connor felt about “popular” people

- But still, you hoped Connor would see past the standard stereotypes and support you

- At lunch, you asked him how he felt about cheerleaders, to test the waters

- “You know how u feel. Most of them are just stuck up girls who have no sense got others feelings.”

- “But have you ever actually talked to any of them?”, you retorted

- “No I haven’t. Why do you care?”

- you looked at him angrily, “I just don’t think you should judge people you don’t know. You didn’t like it when people did that to you.”

- Connor felt a flash of guilt, you were right

- “I’m going to try out.”, you said to him

- He was shocked, “Wait, what?”

- “They want me to, so I will. I would like your support on this.”

- Connors attitude took an 180, “Yeah, I’ll support you. I promise.”

- “Wait what?”

- Connor repeated himself

- You smiled brightly and gave him a big ole hug, “Thank you!”

- When it came time for you to try out, you were beyond nervous

- You had been practicing ever since you got asked, much to Connor’s dismay

- He wanted you to pay attention to him and do the things you two normally did when you hung out

- Ex: watch Twilight Zone, read poetry books, make out

- But now almost all your attention was on your routine

- But being near you was good enough for Connor

- When you actually tried out, Connor waited for you outside the gym

- He was nervous for you, not because he didn’t think you wouldn’t make it

- You were in there for like 20 minutes and that made him worried because you said it would only be like 10 minutes

- Then when you came out you had a beaming smile

- You gave him a massive hug

- He hugged back, “Did you make it?”

- “Well, I won’t know for sure for like a week but I think I did!”

- Connor was at an emotional crossover

- On one hand, he was happy and excited for you because you really wanted to be on the squad

- But he was also scared because he didn’t want you to be introduced to this new life and leave him behind

- When you got the results back, you were on cloud fricken 9

- Connor tried to mimic your happiness, but it was hard to

- You could see how sullen he looked after you told him the news

- But, you reassured him that you loved him and you weren’t ever going to leave him

- That settled him for a while

- Sometimes when you had to leave a date early by like 10 minutes, he felt like cheerleading would take over your life

- But he sucked it up and supported you every step of the way

- He even went to the first game you cheered at

- He clapped, while Zoe yelled, “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND”

- lol she had no fear in expressing how proud of you she is 

- ANYWHO after the game some of the cheerleaders wanted you to go to some party and you are like nah I wanna hang out with my boyfriend

- And Connor felt really happy

- He was so giddy because you wanted to be with him

- What??? Did??? He??? Do??? To??? Deserve??? You???

- That night was just cuddles and sci-fi movies

- He was v proud of you

- NOW TO MORE BROAD HEADCANONS (does that make sense)

- Connor is like really jealous of the other cheerleaders

- Because they spend so much time with you

- And he also his very suspicious of the football players because he sees them all as sleazy

- When he’s around the football players and you (which is every seldom) he’s like physical in the sense that he’s holding your hand, or has an arm wrapped around your shoulders or waist

- Like a subtle way of being like back off they’re mine

- tbh he never saw the appeal of the cheerleader uniforms until he saw you in yours for the first time

- he immediately thought you looked smokin’

- he made sure what you knew that (if ya catch my drift lmao)

- Plus he also thought you just looked so adorable when you were cheering with the squad

- just looking like you were having the time of your life

- his heart just swelled with immense love

- he got very worried when you had to do any flips and stuff

- when he heard of it, he wouldn’t stop being paranoid that you’d get hurt

- he’d be on the edge of his seat when you were doing your routine

- when you succeed, he’d let out a breath and smile

- golly gee he loves you and is proud of you for doing what you love and not succumbing to the stereotypes

Dating Zhang Yixing Would Include

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In The Daytime

Originally posted by wendeer

  • Him being literally the sweetest man on the whole planet. He’d constantly be showering you with affection and love.
  • The warmest hugs will be with Yixing. Especially when he’s the big spoon, he’d hold you tightly against his chest and press light kisses against your forehead and cheeks.
  • Him dancing around the house randomly.
  • Him being so grateful to have you because you’re the one to remind him that he needs to take breaks, not to overwork himself and that he doesn’t owe anyone anything.
  • He’s literally so temperamental when it comes to sexual innuendos. He’s either going to play along with it, or play dumb just to mess with you.
  • Yixing would mainly flirt with you when he has a reason too. This could be if he’s trying to woo you, or the other members are flirting with you and he wants them to stop and get the hint it’s making him uncomfortable.
  • “What are you doing later {y/n}? We should have some fun of our own.”
  • “Ahh Chanyeol-ah, {y/n} will be too busy in bed with me.”
  • Him buying you random things while he’s away that he thinks you’ll like because he’s a sweetheart and just about everything makes him think of you.
  • Him sending you selcas and videos of himself while he’s away whenever he can because he wants you to know how much he loves and misses you.
  • Him video chatting you whenever he can.
  • Him sending you love letters in the post because he also likes being romantic in an old fashioned kind of way.
  • When he’s home though he’ll be the sweetest man ever.
  • Him cooking you dinner
  • And treating you to dates.
  • He’s all for PDA
  • Kisses and hand holding being at the top of the list
  • With a mix of getting more intimate in public places because he’s a risk taker.
  • The fans adoring you and him loving the fact that you can interact with them and love them as much as he does.
  • Everyone shipping you and him
  • Especially Suho
  • “I’ve always shipped Yixing with love, support and someone who can look after him well. I know you can do that for him {y/n} and I’m very grateful.”
  • Though watch out for Baekhyun, this seemingly harmless guy will try and snatch your man.
  • But the real threat is Baekhyun’s Grandma
  • When he’s home with you he’ll love to just sit and cuddle with you watching dramas and movies under the covers of a soft blanket.
  • Or literally just talking all day about everything and anything.
  • Him constantly wondering about the future.
  • “I think we should have two children, that way-”
  • “Yixing! We’re not even married yet, slow down.”
  • “People don’t have to get married to have children anymore, {y/n}. Times are changing.”
  • Him wanting to have dance battles and singing battles because he’s a child and loves messing around.
  • But he’s not always playful
  • Sometimes he gets stressed, or works too many hours.
  • This is where he’ll really appreciate your hugs and affection
  • He will especially love leaning his head on your chest as you both lie down somewhere comfortable
  • Not in a sexy way
  • But in a comforting way.
  • Him getting jealous when you fangirl over other groups and artists.
  • “Min Yoongi’s mixtape is so amazing! His lyrics are so deep! Did you hear his line ‘y’all get turned on by my tongue technology-”
  • “{y/n}, if you don’t shut up, I’ll make you with my tongue technology.”

At Nighttime

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  • Okay but if you can’t handle sweet Yixing in the daytime
  • Then god help you trying to handle hot Yixing in the bedroom
  • Dominance all the way
  • He’d like you underneath him, and he’d treasure the looks of pleasure crossing your face as he used all his strength to make you feel like you’re on top on the world
  • Sexy time would be very much about him making you feel amazing, he cares less about himself.
  • Kinky af
  • He’d be into you calling him Daddy
  • Or trying out whatever the hell you wanted to.
  • Him turning you on with his dark monster concept because he knows you’re into him being a bad boy.
  • But when he’s not being hot he’s going to be the cutest man ever
  • A literal teddy bear
  • Him being the being spoon because he loves the feeling of you in his arms
  • When you’re away he always feels like something’s missing
  • He hates feeling the cold side of the mattress
  • Which is why he always makes the the most of the time that he has with you.

Richard Cromwell (1626-1712) - Second Lord Protector. 

Lucky enough for us, Richard looks very little like his father! Looks aside, though, Richard was known in his lifetime for above all just being a really lovely guy (well, until the Royalist narratives started tearing him apart).

He had nine children with his wife, losing many of them over his lifetime and many in infancy; in his later life, in exile overseas, he wrote the most adorable letters to his daughters and was generally quite doting. 

When he was younger, his hobbies included hunting, gambling, and drinking/hanging out with Royalist neighbours, which Oliver was never overly happy about. Oliver’s letters also tell us some super cute things about Richard, including how excited he was to meet with his arranged fiancee, Dorothy, in the late 1640s, and how once they were married, they went cherry-picking together. 

Once Richard became Protector, as well - at only 32 years old - even rivals and other contemporaries in Parliament found it impossible to dislike him. They are recorded as saying such things as “I hope I shall never deserve his frown”, that “I never saw nor heard either fraud or guile in him”, and how he made a wonderful impression on the public. The words ‘sweetness’ and 'goodness’ were often applied to him in Parliament. His skill with public speaking and making powerful friends also impressed a lot of people, despite his reputation nowadays as being foolish and incompetent.

It sucks that since his death (at the ripe old age of 86, pretty good for the times) he has been either ignored or ridiculed. He’s super interesting and absolutely adorable.