also look at ron

listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

like in the book, i wish harry hadn’t met up with ron and hermione before heading to the forest in dh2. because in the book, he couldn’t search for them. he was worried he would never be able to go to the forest if he saw them. he didn’t think he’d have the strength to turn away from the people he loved and walk to his death. it would’ve been more emotional and heartbreaking if, instead of meeting up with them, he saw them from a distance while under the invisibility cloak, then walked away.


“call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!”

I bet Iris and Barry have dressed up as Kim and Ron for Halloween, and I imagine that was before the characters became a couple on the show. When it happened, Iris was laughing (hesitantly) like ‘Nah, that’s just a TV show!’ while Barry was secretly hoping that it might happen to them too… 

  • Kraglin: Yondu, you're telling me you don't notice anything different about my hair?
  • Yondu: ...But, you have your same hair?
  • Kraglin: Yondu! I have bangs now!
  • Yondu: I've never known what bangs are, and I don't intend to learn!
Dragons and Dragon... Tamers

(I really wanted to write a Drarry ficlet for Halloween so here it is :) )


Harry spotted Malfoy mere seconds after entering the Hall that the Ministry was using for the Halloween party. Usually Malfoy’s hair was the beacon Harry was looking for but this time it was covered. By Malfoy’s costume. If one could call the purple and yellow dragon onesie a costume. 

Malfoy looked ridiculous in it. And oddly adorable. Ridiculous and adorable. Harry grinned. He just had to talk to Malfoy. There was no way Harry would not talk to Malfoy when the other was dressed in a onesie. And Malfoy was already talking to Hermione, Ron, Pansy, and Blaise. They were sort of friends these days so approaching Malfoy wouldn’t be weird.

Harry neared Malfoy from behind and when he was close enough, he flickered one of Malfoy’s yellow “horns”. Malfoy swatted his hand away and turned to him, a scowl on his face. It only made Harry grin wider.

“Nice horns, Malfoy. You decided to go literal with your name?”

“If you must know - I simply lost a bet to Pansy and Blaise. I would never be caught in this monstrosity otherwise!” Malfoy exclaimed and lifted his chin slightly. 

Harry couldn’t help it anymore - he laughed. Malfoy wasn’t pleased.

“And what are you supposed to be, Potter?”

Harry made a grand gesture to the whole of himself. “I’m a dragon ta-” the word got stuck in his throat. He was suddenly very aware of exactly what he was dressed up as and what Malfoy was dressed up as. He could feel his cheeks warm and he knew he was blushing. 

“A dragon what, Potter?” Malfoy hissed at him, eyes narrowed.

Harry attempted a pacifying smile and when that clearly failed, he made an awkward giggling sound before speaking again. “A dragon tamer.”

Harry braced himself for a violent reaction but it didn’t come. Instead, Malfoy’s eyes were averted and there was a pink tinge to his cheeks. It took Harry completely by surprise.

A moment later Malfoy spun around so fast, he hit Harry across the face with one of his “horns”. Apparently Malfoy did have a violent reaction, but it was directed at Pansy and Blaise, who looked pleased and amused.

And now that Harry noticed Pansy and Blaise, he noticed that Ron and Hermione also looked pleased and amused. And then he remembered who exactly gave him the costume idea in the first place.

'Star Wars' Obi-Wan Kenobi Film in the Works (Exclusive)

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Stephen Daldry is in early talks for the film, which would center on the Jedi Master who has been played by both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

Stephen Daldry is Star Wars’ new hope.

The Oscar-nominated director behind Billy Elliot and The Hours is in early talks to direct a Star Wars standalone movie centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sources say talks are at the earliest of stages and that the project has no script. If a deal makes, Daldry would oversee the development and writing with Lucasfilm brass. It’s not known at this stage if Ewan McGregor will reprise his role.

The Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone is one of several projects being developed by Lucasfilm and Disney that fall outside the trilogies telling the saga of the Skywalker family. A Han Solo movie is now in the final stages of shooting under new director Ron Howard and Lucasfilm is also looking at movies featuring Yoda and bounty hunter Boba Fett, among others.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, Kenobi was at first a desert-dwelling and war-weary hermit who later proved to be a wise and powerful warrior, brandishing a light saber. He was briefly a mentor to a young Luke before being cut down by Darth Vader, his former pupil. Alec Guinness played Kenobi, garnering him an Oscar nomination to boot.

The character got star treatment in the George Lucas-directed prequels which told the origin of Vader and his betrayal of Kenobi and the Jedis. McGregor has said he would be open to playing the character again. Sources stress, however, that since there is no script, no actor is attached.

Daldry hails from the theater world and made his feature debut with Billy Elliot, which netted him his first directing Oscar nomination. He followed that up with searing dramas The Hours and The Reader, which also netted him directing nominations.  

He most recently directed episodes of Netflix’s period drama The Crown, which put him into play in this Emmy season.

He is repped by CAA. (x)


kinda like the soundtrack to some dystopian horror game, one that’s haunting but in a super aesthetic way 

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