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We Didn’t Understand

(Patrick Hockstetter x Pregnant!Reader)

A/N: Another long one! Once again, sorry this took me so long! I was working on a few others at the same time. This request was very intriguing to me and I just had to give it a go. Hopefully you guys like it!


hi!! uhm first time making a request, could you please consider writing some Patrick x Reader where she’s pregnant and he found out precisely the last day of school, after he dies. Thanks :)

hi again!! I’m the anon who requested the weird Patrick x pregnant!Reader story a few days ago; what I mean was: he founds out she’s pregnant the last day of school BEFORE he goes down the sewer and dies. I was imaging the general idea like the reader being super happy because they’re gonna have a family and then super sad because Patrick’s gone. Hope this clarifies it and thank you for reading my request! 💖

Word Count: 4,098

Rating: SFW

Warnings: teenage pregnancy, Patrick’s solipsism, mention of Avery Hockstetter, implied character death, kind of gore (but nothing bad, I don’t think)

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Jealousy: Vic-centric

“13? ovo - @henrybcwer

13. Do you get jealous easily?

Patrick Hockstetter (Dark)

  • Patrick doesn’t like anyone to go near Vic.
  • He wraps his arm around his boyfriend’s waist and stares at passerbyers who might take Vic away.
  • He’s cynical and mean to anyone who compliments his bf, but he’s also cynical and mean to his bf so.

I wrote this fic idk it’s somewhere on my blog, it’s entirely about Vic breaking down because Patrick kills everyone he loves it’s really great I got 16 notes on it.

    • “Patrick, you need to stop, you’re too possessive of me. You can’t hurt people because they look at me.”
    • “So, you like it when they look at you? You’re such a slutty little bitch, Viccy. So whiny and greedy.”
    • “Patrick, stop it, you know I hate it when- a-ah-”
    • “Mm? What’s that, princess? Who do you belong to?”
    • “Mm…you…”
    • “That’s right. Don’t you tell me what to do, Viccy, or you’re gonna lose those pretty little lips.”
  • No one tells a God what to do, right?

Henry Bowers

  • Henry growls and tugs on Vic’s arm when he wants his attention.
  • He threatens others
  • Henry’ll beat up anyone who makes Vic smile too much, just cause he doesn’t wanna lose him.
  • Henry’s just really angry when he’s jealous.
    • “You’re gonna fuckin’ pay for what you said-”
    • “Henry, hey, don’t worry ab- JEEZUM-CROW, HANK, DON’T-”

Belch Huggins

  • Belch shows his dominance off by treating Vic like he’s a partial servant, making him dependant on him.
  • Vic wants a cigarette? He has to ask permission first, since Belch doesn’t smoke.
  • Vic wants to drink a little booze? Only if he’s gonna share with Belch.
  • Vic wants to shower? Not alone, he’s not gonna.
  • Vic wants to sit? Not unless he’s gonna sit in Belch’s lap.
    • “Reg, I can eat on my own.”
    • “But why would you when you’ve got me? Now open wide-”

Vic gets jealous rarely, and it’s only over Henry, but when he is jealous?


  • When Henry flirts with girls, he just glares and pouts and goes “I’m not angry” while ignoring him.
  • If you try to cuddle him after making him jealous, he’ll shove you away.
  • He’s like a girl in that way.
    • “Babe, what’re you even mad about?”
    • “You couldn’t stop looking at the waiter!”
    • “Because he was taking my order!”
    • “Yeah right, I know you like guys in suits! You’re gonna leave me for him!”
My thoughts- the beginning of my obsession vs now
  • Patrick Stump: heh this dudes kinda cute i guess i mean i really like the glasses
  • Pete Wentz: what is this emo thing--well he's kinda cute now
  • Joe Trohman: wow geez that is quite some Hair®
  • Brendon Urie: that hair needs to not do that thing also his forehead is bigger than mine
  • Ryan Ross: Gay® Emo©
  • Spencer Smith: who
  • Jon Walker: what
  • Gerard Way: this dude looks like he could kill me with one finger...i like it
  • Frank Iero: wow this dude does some pretty crazy stuff on stage he's kinda cute i guess damn
  • Mikey Way: what is this emo nerd
  • Ray Toro: Hair
  • V.S.
  • NOW
  • Patrick Stump: my actual precious child with a dozen lungs i love you so such also marry pete pls
  • Pete Wentz: this emo thing needs to be stopped but also marry pattycakes pls
  • Joe Trohman: my actual idol does not give two shits also great looking family also chill with the ever changing hairstyle
  • Andy Hurley: marry me pls
  • Brendon Urie: FOREHEAD MONSTER MAN does he squeeze his balls to hit those notes also what is with the frank sinatra tat beebo
  • Ryan Ross: my child please come out of the shadows and start a band or something pls i beg of you
  • Spencer Smith: i wonder what he is doing is he okay did he drink enough water today is he happy will he start a band with RyRo
  • Jon Walker: retURN
  • Gerard Way: fuck you and your stupid ideas but also fuck me also your wife this totally hot also i love you
  • Frank Iero: i love you can i call you daddy but not in a weird way marry me i love you and your short self bb
  • Mikey Way: you own my ass dude
  • Ray Toro: how is it possible to be so talented and have such grat hair like fr dude
Mr. March: "I'm just going to have to kill God"

This line struck me as peculiar tonight, perhaps because the aftermath of Mr. March’s actions punished those who sinned against God. So in a sense he became God himself. In order to “Kill God” one needs the antithesis, evil. And evil comes in no greater form than the Antichrist. So is Mr. March the predecessor of Tate? Is Michael finishing his great-great-so and so’s work by killing God, so that Mr. March, and his like, can find peace? Michael killing for infidelity, which just so resulted in his birth. Just like those murals painted on the Murder House walls, which ironically also came into being around the same time, as Hotel Cortez.

Also, why did the hair of Mrs. March (although resembling something like that of the Countess) remind me of an unholy abomination that Chad and Patrick had to withstand? A certain Constance Langdon?

With all this being said, is Dandy in fact related to the Langdon’s or Constance? After all, the Mott’s are natives of the Old Dominion…

And why does John look like he could be Johnny Thredson’s brother or Ben Harmon’s?