also look at my dumb cat


16 year old pan wanna-be punk loser. i cry in adam sandler movies ((fr tho have u ever seen click or big daddy? heart breaking af)). i like to act like idc but irl i care so much it’s weird lmao
pls validate my existence by sending me nice asks or just like being my friend or somethin.
my last 2 photos r one unedited pic bc i feel like im lying if i only post nice edited picture where i don’t look super dumb ((bc irl i always look super dumb tbh))?? idk, nd also one of me annoying my cat bc im rlly needy and annoying lol :///
im overly impressed by tol ppl in bands tbh
if u want my kik gotta ask off anon tbh srry lmao
tumblr: vampire-weekdayss
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So this ask has been sitting in my box for awhile, and I thought it’d be fun to do a little #ThrowbackThursday as well!! (if you’ve asked me about the artist program.. I’m working on a thing about that so, hold tight!)

Toast is a caticorn thing that I made when I was 16 as a ~fursona~ She’s also known as Jelly cat, since I often draw her in place of myself. ((notice that all characters that I relate to myself, have bread or jelly based pun names))

She started out really cool and complicated, a mix of cat face, squirrel tail, wings, unicorn horn, zebra stripes!

((look at this baby jelly art, so sweet))

 Now she’s a big dumb blob. (my favorite blob) The basic elements of her design have stayed the same… fluffy tail, unicorn horn, wings and paw fluffs, and that’s really all that matters. In color, she’s either Gray and teal–

Or a nice chocolaty brown, teal, and cream! Butt stripes optional. I tend to favor the chocolate these days.

THATS ALL FOR NOW! Happy Thursday!


these are horrible pics and idk why i’m putting them up but HEY MY BABE IS ON MY CLOTHES NOW and he’ll also be on screen in an hour
also i could wear this like a dress but idc because it’s comfy and breathable and I MAY VERY WELL WEAR THIS OUT BECAUSE FRICK FRACKLES