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last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

Day Eighty-One

-A pair of jocks came through my lane, eager to make their purchases of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. I can only hope that this was in preparation for a niche offshoot of chess boxing.

-A girl handed her grandmother a five-dollar bill to purchase something for her. After the purchase was made, the girl demanded her money back, as since the item was now bought, the grandmother has no need for it anymore. This has been the ultimate hustle and I am grateful to have been taking notes.

-After I asked a woman a question, she immediately became defensive. I am not sure if I went too far and overstepped the acceptable boundaries of cashier conversation. She stood there, suspicious wondering how I could ask such a question. I stood there, scanning, regretting asking how she was.

-A man called the store to ask permission to ride his hoverboard. He was denied, but I expect the kind of man who wishes to ride a hoverboard to do his shopping is not the kind of man to take no for an answer.

-A kid warned his mother not to eat her credit card. I did not see anything to cause this concern, but I trust he knows her better than I do.

-I was told by an elderly woman that she wished card readers would forcefully physically eject the cards onto the floor once they were done. I will now be paying a visit to the patent office.

-A college-aged man explained to me that the boxers he was purchasing were for emergencies. I understand him and appreciate his foresight.

-A woman’s shirt read “DICKS: Last Resort.” I cannot determine whether she is an overt abstinence-only Christian or an overt bisexual with a preference. Either way, I want this shirt.

-A sheriff came into the store with a serious look on his face. I was immediately filled with existential terror, anxiety, and nervous gas despite having never committed a crime in my life and also being white.

-Four college boys stumbled through my lane post-blaze. I know this as in the middle of his purchase, one stopped, blinked fervently, and loudly announced, “I just realized that there are four of us here!” They all laughed. One suggested investing in stocks. He handed me all of the cash in his wallet.

Normal//Supernatural One-Shot

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Jay (OC)

(Y/n) giggled as she walked out of the school. When she started high school, she expected it to suck, just like the movies. To her surprise, she loved it. Her day was always the same: Wake up, eat breakfast, have Sam and Dean drive her to school, go to her classes, get picked up by her brother, go home, do homework, eat dinner, study lore, and go to sleep after pestering her brothers to do the same. She didn’t mind the routine, but as of recently, that had changed.

Lately, (Y/n) had been telling her brothers that she had to stay after school. Every time they had asked her what she had been doing, she would have just responded with, “I’m part of a study group. We help each other with homework and sometimes, we even tutor lower classmen.” She had the brightest smile on her face, her dimples popping out. (Y/n) was always so convincing, and she was so compassionate, so they had believed her.


Jay laughed as he drove down to the road to the ice rink. Captain of the hockey team he was. He had full access to the ice, even after hours. He looked over at (Y/n). She had been singing some kind of classic rock song. Of course she knew it, she grew up around it. Jay had been the happiest he had ever been with her, and nothing would ever change that.

Soon enough, the couple had pulled up to the ice rink. Jay quickly got out and opened the door for the female sitting in the passenger seat with a wide smile.

(Y/n) wore a smirk as she grabbed his hand and got out of the car. “Always a gentleman,” she teased.

“Anything for my girl,” he grinned, kissing her cheek.

(Y/n) shook her head with a stupid smile. She started running. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” She shouted.

Jay chased after her quickly. Once he had caught up to her, he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around, causing the girl to squeal and laugh loud.


The two teenagers had stayed longer than they had expected. They of course lost track of time, being two teenagers in love. They had spent their time skating around the ice, and even playing hockey… Well, it was more… Jay teaching (Y/n) how to play hockey.

(Y/n) tried to hit the puck into the goal again, but Jay had blocked it… Of course he blocked it. He was meant to play hockey. He did all his life, and now, he’s getting scholarships.

“Jay,” the girl whined, “This is impossible. You’re a pro at this. I’ve only just learned how this works!”

Jay laughed and skated over to her. He took off the glove and padding, but kept the helmet on. He grabbed her face between his two hands. “I’m sorry, doll,” he teased. “I know I’m not being fair.” He chuckled as she smiled back at her.

“I know how you can make up for it,” she teased.

“Oh yeah?” he questioned. “How can I do that? I’d do anything for my girl.”

(Y/n) grabbed the helmet and took it off of his head. She giggled at his messy hair and ruffled it before leaning into kiss him.

“I’m more than okay with this,” he chuckled, kissing her back.


Sam and Dean had been getting worried.

“Where is she?” Dean exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Dean!” he shot back. “She isn’t answering her phone!”

“Oh, God,” Dean panicked, “Sammy, what if something happened to her? Our baby sister could be getting tortured right now!”

Sam looked like a light bulb had gone over his head. He ran to his laptop and started to furiously type.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked his brother.

“While we were busy panicking, I forgot that her phone has a GPS in it,” Sam stated. After harshly hitting the “enter” button, he started to scroll. “I have an address, let’s go.”

Dean grabbed the keys to Baby and they both ran to the garage.


After around ten minutes of driving, they pulled up to the rink. The brothers had grabbed their guns and ran to the door. Soon enough, they burst through the door. What they had seen shocked them.

What was there? Two teenagers, on a blanket, on the ice, naked.

Jay and (Y/n) had jumped when they heard the door open. They quickly scrambled to get their clothes on. Once they did, they were both red messes.

“Sam, Dean!” The girl exclaimed, “What are you doing here? I told you I was staying out late, like I always do!”

“It’s eleven at night!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re too young to be doing… This!”

Jay’s eyes were wide as he stuttered. “W-We were j-just–

“Save it Ken Doll!” Dean barked at the boy.

“(Y/n), let’s go,” Sam said, his voice stern, “We’re going home.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked down. She started walking towards her brother. She noticed Jay giving her a worried glance. “I’ll be fine,” she told him softly, “I’ll promise…”

Jay nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered back.

Jay nodded and walked over away from her to clean everything up, ignoring the harsh glare from Sam and Dean.


Soon enough, they Winchesters were in the Impala on their way home. The car ride was awkward and silent. (Y/n) knew that she was in a lot of trouble, so she didn’t say anything.


It wasn’t too long before they were back at the bunker. Dean slammed the door closed behind them. They all sat down.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dean asked.

“It’s not that big of a –” she started, but she was interrupted by her second oldest brother.

“Not that big of a deal?” Sam questioned. “We thought someone took you, only to find out that you were having sex with some kid we didn’t know?” Sam scoffed. “Were you guys even being safe?”

“Of course we were!” (Y/n) shot back. “What, you think I’m stupid?” She asked. “You guys are so hypocritical. Stop acting that you guys weren’t doing stuff like this at my age, at least Dean was, and anyways, you guys go out to bars all the time and sleep with women you don’t know! At least I knew this guy! We’ve been dating for half a year,” she ranted.

“You’re grounded!” Dean yelled at her. “We will not be disrespected by you, and you will not be seeing that boy anymore outside of school! No more, ‘study group’ or ‘tutoring’ either!”

“That’s not fair!” she yelled back.

“You know that we can’t have connections like this!” Sam told her. “If you want to be a hunter, you have to learn that.”

“Well maybe I don’t want to be a hunter anymore,” she huffed. “I started tutoring and study groups because it looks on college applications and people actually pay attention to me,” she confessed.

“We give you a lot of attention,” Sam claimed.

“Really?” She retorted. “Because if you did, you would’ve seen my Class President posters that I used for my campaign. You also would’ve see that the day that I won, I came home wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Student Body President!‘”

“Okay, we’re sorry that we didn’t notice, but you’re still grounded,” Dean said.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The girl asked.

“Get what?” Sam questioned back.

“I’m part of student council because it looks nice for colleges, I’m in study groups and I tutor for extra credit and because colleges love it. I want a normal job, a normal life. I want to earn my money, and I want to go to college. All this school stuff, Jay, and especially Jay are the things that make it possible for me to feel normal. They’re the closest thing I have to being normal until I graduate and leave Kansas, and you’re trying to take it away from me…” At this point, (Y/n) had tears in her eyes. Just as one fell, she sniffled and wiped it away before running to her room where she sobbed all night long.


Sam’s heart hurt. She wanted exactly what he wanted when he was younger. She grew up the way that he did. Her parents were absent from her life, she wanted to hunt but was never allowed to, and now she realized that hunting isn’t what she wanted. She had fallen in love and she was done for, she wanted that life.

“I am hypocritical… I wanted the same thing and I just tried to stop her from having it,” Sam stated in a sad tone. He rubbed his face in frustration. “I’m a terrible brother.”

Dean didn’t say anything. He just looked the the ground with sad eyes. To hear his baby sister cry was the worst thing ever. It made his heart wrench. “I’m going to bed,” he told Sam before heading to his room.

That night, it was hard for both of the brothers to sleep. It wasn’t until one in the morning that (Y/n)’s sobs stopped. They didn’t go in to talk to her. That would’ve made things worse, and that was the last thing they wanted. All they could do was wait for a later time to talk to her. It would be one hell of a wait.

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 6

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A/N: I literally just got done writing this, and I’m sorry since the ending isn’t that dramatic. I figured we could use a fluffy ending for this chapter.

*3rd person*

   After the boys got Y/n cleaned up, they slowly took her to a room next to Dean’s and laid her down on the bed. Sam grabbed the thick blanket folded up in the corner and placed it over.  She passed out from all the crying, so they boys figured she could rest for awhile before trying to take another shower.
   The boys felt awful after seeing Y/n like this. She was miserable. They wanted to find a way to help her cope with all this grief, but they knew she just needed time. Castiel stayed by Y/n’s bedside to help her heal, ever so gently carding his fingers through her hair. Dean went down to the armory to find a suitable gun for her. Dean thought he had a nice gun picked out for her until his eyes landed on beautifully engraved 9mm pistol. As soon as he saw it, he knew it was going to be a match. Sam got the all the lore set up for her in the Library. He was assuming she loved to read, since she worked at a Library. So he got out all of his favorite books over it, and plugged in his laptop. Ready to go over anything she wanted to know.

   It didn’t take long for Y/n to raise from her deep slumber. When she awoke, she saw all three boys standing over her. Giving her a start, she grabbed her chest and threw her head back. Calming herself down. Dean and Sam sat on her bed helping her breathe. Telling her that it was just them, and everything is ok.

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[a/n]: helllloooo!! decided i’d get one more thing out before classes start tomorrow :( i probably won’t post anything else until next weekend, but i’ll work on some writings do they’ll be ready to go by friday! if u have any requests send them my way (also any feedback would b nice) and i hope u like it!!!

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: fluff, college!au, frat boy!yoongi

word count: 367

summary: yoongi wakes up to you wearing his shirt and he just noticed how much he liked it. (and you)

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    so here’s a little headcanon because i haven’t done
    one in a while and this one’s a little more lighthearted. 

    so as mentioned in some of my previous ones jack was a total nerd, he also looked pretty goddamn horrible apprentice wise, no cheekbones, very bony, and a lot of achene.     but at the same time you can’t really blame the poor bloke, it was college, it was that time.   he went from baggy shirts and traditional clothing you’d find in the hot pandoran climate to the more formal dress shirts and tightly suited wear that you would find to be the dress code on helios.   it took a lot of getting used to.

    but my main point is he was super big on the engineering from the beginning.   science was his first choice for a long time until he broke his computer when he was younger ( and already on helios, studying, might i add ).    he began to rebuild it little by little till he made it into a supercomputer far more powerful than his old machine.   it was bulky and ineffective, looking much like a giant rectangle with a HD screen attached to it, but it was made with his own two hands.   he loved it.    he later turned that machine into his very first and very early prototype of a loader bot by simply adding on some limbs and giving the little thing a gun to act as a security robot with a little custom made AI.    didn’t work so well and ended up nearly shooting a man to death which of course enraged harold, whom would be weary of allowing john to peruse such a career.   but with gentle persuasion and seeing how quickly the boy could improve he was willing to give him a chance as long as he was left supervised.   needless to say, this was all a learning experience for him.    he would continue to develop his own AI and build upon his younger experimentation of his childhood ( no pun intended )

    when he was in school, cybernetics weren’t a super big thing.    yes, people had them seeing as the time had advanced enough technology, but most people had them for the sake of medical injuries or for their jobs, soldiers had implants and so did some people working with massive machines.    people didn’t cut off limbs purely for aesthetic reasons, it was seen as a bit of a stretch in the scientific field.   except he wanted to.   really, really badly.    it would make him look cool seeing as how it was the start of high school and he could be known as that one super genius kid that built his own limb and was unbeatable at an arm wrestle.   of course his surrogate father was VERY much against that so john was forced to listen to the ceo and that dream went down the gutter.   at least for the time being, clearly with his exoskeleton idea when he was handsome jack, somewhere inside of him he still had a burning passion to turn himself into a cybernetic menace, some things never do change. :) 

I look like a child.

I’m not. I’m 24 years young.

I still look like a child though.

I don’t wear makeup. I rarely put on anything other than a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. And my life literally revolves around video games. Seriously if I am not developing a game i’m usually playing one. Yes that means most all my t-shirts have something to do with a video game.

Here comes the story.

I met my best friend my freshman year of college when I was 18. As you can imagine i looked even younger back then. I usually got mistaken as his little brother. He liked to correct people by saying ‘she’s my sister.’

Fast forward to now. Now he has a girlfriend of 3 years. She is the sweetest thing on planet earth but also appreciates the irrational amount of trash talk that I can dish. She dishes back. But in like very impressive ways.

I was mistaken as their son today. She played along with this guy who walked up and started talking to them like they were parents. I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t say a word for 5 minutes while she talked about me like i’m her son. Eventually I couldn’t hold back my laugh anymore so I went to excuse myself.

It went exactly like this.

“I’m gonna grab some coffee. Yall want something?”

“No thanks son. Run along and get your drink.”

“Bitch! I am 2 years older than you. What the fuck you doing?”

Needless to say the one person there that was actually a parent was very confused.

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Sterek #23 - Things you said to yourself in the mirror.

“Looking good tonight, Stilinski!” Stiles grins and points to his reflection in the mirror, running another hand through his hair to give it one more slightly artsy touseled look. This new hair wax thing is really giving him the look. 

“Are you done in there? Some of us have to go to class!” Derek calls from outside the door. 

Stiles sticks his tongue out at the door– not that his roommate can see him, anyways. It’s like the college experience is wasted on Derek; all Stiles has ever seen him do is study, study, study. 

“What kind of class are you going to anyways at 9 PM, dude?”

“Astronomy,” Derek says. “We’re having a viewing party. There’s a meteor shower tonight. Which I don’t want to be late for and not get to help set up the telescopes, so hurry up.”

“Hey, perfection takes time,” Stiles calls out, turning back to his reflection and pointing finger guns at himself. He nods at his outfit– a slightly sheer gray t-shirt ripped artfully in a few places and tight black jeans. 

He exits the bathroom, expecting Derek to snort or make some comment about the ‘perfection’ line, but Derek just kind of stares at him. 

“What, is it too much?” Stiles asks. He scurries over to the full length mirror and turns around to check out his butt. The clerk at the store assured him that these jeans made him look “tantalizing,” whatever that means.

“I– ah– you– I don’t know.” Derek suddenly finds the floor incredibly fascinating. 

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So, I ended up going on the trip to Florida with my SD after all.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend. We stayed in a gorgeous Hilton Hotel right on the beach. I got my first ever spa treatments (a Swedish massage and deep sea full body scrub can work wonders). We also did a little shopping. I didn’t get much though. Mostly because the mall in town was pretty shitty and my SD hates shopping. But I picked him out some t-shirts from Hollister because he likes to feel young 😁, lol.

I received so many hateful stares from older women and some looks of amazement from some older men. Pretty amusing to say the least. It was a much needed escape from my reality. Coming back to college made me feel so sad. I miss being pampered 😔. But next semester’s tuition is paid so that’s all that matters.

He also mentioned planning another trip sometime. This time Costa Rica was an option, but I don’t have a passport so that was out. But I planning on getting one very soon. I gotta be prepared for these things!

I’d actually love to travel with him. We get along really well for the most part and he has a great personality. I finally feel like a real sugar baby. I’m only going up from here! Just be patient ladies, the right SD for you will come. Just keep shining. You’re a star ✨.
Quicksilver - Weconqueratdawn - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Something which happened when @theseavoices and I got talking one day, and accidentally collaborated on a genderfluid Will thing where I ended up writing this and she ended up making the most incredible art (nsfw) and I died a little. So I blame her for this. And Hugh Dancy for being so inexcusably pretty when young. This was so much fun to do there could easily be more in the future…. 

This is 50% ridiculously enamoured Hannibal and 50% the most explicit filth I’ve ever written - you have been warned. If you’ve seen me posting about writing 1000 words on one blow job - this is that fic.

Huge, huge thanks to @lordofthelesbians for putting up with me talking about nothing else for a week and to @wraithsonwingsposts for beta and cheerleading.


Rating: Explicit
Words: 7,574
Tags: genderfluid Will, happy confident Will, age difference, romance (yes really), panties/lingerie, blow jobs, face-fucking, utter filth
Summary: Hannibal AU where Will is a 19 year old, genderfluid student. Will meets Hannibal for a paper he’s writing. Hannibal has no chill whatsoever.

The last client of the day left punctually at six, leaving Hannibal ample time to arrange his notes and prepare for his evening appointment. He had decided to grant an interview to a student, a relatively rare occurrence. The request had come with an impressive letter of recommendation and had detailed an interesting proposal which Hannibal had been intrigued by.

Dear Dr Lecter,

I hope you will not mind my contacting you unsolicited. I am a psychology student at Johns Hopkins with a particular interest in criminal profiling and abnormal psychology. Recently I read your paper on social exclusion and if you could spare me a few minutes of your time I would like to ask you a few questions, particularly about your comments on the links between social exclusion and aggression. Also, if it would not be too much of an imposition, I would welcome your thoughts on a paper I am writing.

I enclose a letter of recommendation from my mentor, Dr Jack Crawford, and the proposal for my paper, which I hope you will find interesting reading.

I very much hope we can meet.

Sincerely yours,

Will Graham

When seven o'clock came, Hannibal crossed the room and opened the door to the waiting room.

He had expected to find a rather unremarkable-looking college student, perhaps in chinos and a button-down shirt. Instead, sitting with bare legs stretched out and hunched over to  read the book resting in her lap, was something else entirely. Hannibal caught his assumption that his visitor would be male - Will could easily be short for a number of girls’ names, particularly Germanic ones.

At the sound of the door opening, Will looked up and his eyes briefly flicked over Hannibal’s form in the doorway before he stood up. Distantly, Hannibal noted that it had been some time since he’d been this wrong-footed, and took a moment to appreciate that fact. Perhaps he had got into the bad habit of assuming he couldn’t be surprised anymore.

“Dr Lecter? I’m Will Graham.” Will extended his hand to shake Hannibal’s, his palm warm and soft and sure. “Thank you again for agreeing to meet with me.”

Instead of allowing himself to be thrown, Hannibal smiled and stepped back so Will could enter his office. “Please, come in.”

Will gathered up his belongings and crossed the threshold, and stood for a moment taking it in - the high ceiling, the alcoves, the mezzanine library, and the softly illuminated desk in the centre. As he did so Hannibal used the opportunity to study Will.

He was dressed simply but strikingly in a red checked shirt-dress and chunky black ankle boots, like he’d seen on hundreds of teenage girls. The sleeves were rolled up and he was holding a bulging rucksack and with an oversized khaki-coloured parka with a fake fur hood thrown over one arm. The bare legs and forearms on display were decidedly masculine, if young and slender. His hair was neither decidedly long or short. It just grazed his shoulders and when a stray curl fell across his face he tucked it behind his ear carelessly.

Overall the effect was stunning, the delicate beauty of his young face both enhanced and offset both by his clothing, his reddened lips and darkened lashes, and the artlessness of his movements.

Hannibal noted the impulse to offer to take his bag and coat, and determined that the time for frankness had arrived.

“Which are your preferred pronouns?”

Will turned to look at him. “People don’t usually ask me that.” Hannibal felt an assessing gaze pass over him, as if Will was the one interviewing him, then he said with a shrug. “I’m glad you did though. Whatever you feel comfortable with, I really don’t mind.”

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Dear Polished Stranger (From a Happy Working Mommy)

Dear Very Polished Stranger,

Let me tell you a secret … I am well aware that that my toddler is currently trying to drive a toy dump trunk into my cleavage while announcing, “Oh no! Truck stuck!” 

You are right, though, that I didn’t notice the 2 pens in my hair … yes, or that binder clip the toddler found in my shirt. I’m sure there was a reason it was in there. I had copy-edits this week … and am drafting … and had teleconferences with Hollywood … also a toddler, a teen, and a kid in college. It’s been a chaotic week, and I think it’s only Wednesday.  Honestly, though, we should be grateful that I’ve remembered to wear a shirt in the first place. I’m a little sleepy. 

I will admit that juggling work & kids hasn’t made me look particularly model-like. (Neither did the years pre-kids & career when I partied, incidentally. The black circles under my eyes aren’t actually NEW.) You know what my kids & work HAVE made me? HAPPY even when I’m as tired as I look.

Yep. I’m kinda old to have such a wee mammal, but no, I’m NOT his grandmother.  That teenager currently making faces at my toddler isn’t a teen dad. They’re both my kids. There’s a 3rd one at university (graduating after only 3 years with HIGHEST honours, btw.)

Yep. I can see why you think it’s a “little weird” to have a 21 year old, a teen, and toddler.  I was pretty close to my daughter’s age when I started this mom gig. 

No, it wasn’t an “oops.”  Motherhood has been on purpose every damn time, too. I FOUGHT for these kids. I don’t have a body that grows babies well. Only one of the 3 grew in my body, so when I say it was a choice, I mean it was a difficult, expensive, and utterly exhausting fight to have all 3 of these kids in my life.  I spent over $60k in legal fees for one of them. The hospital bills for one were in excess of $200k, and I didn’t know until afterwards if the insurance would cover it. Let’s not even start on the future tuition bills (do you know how expensive college is these days?), or the past clothes, lessons, and etc.  Then there’s weird things. Teen is getting a pilot’s license. Daughter needed to move to Guatemala (among other places) for a few months for school.

 It’s all my money though, and that’s what I choose to spend it on: being a mom. If it were your money, you could comment.  It’s not.  

Some people like designer clothes or shiny rocks on their fingers and ears… or cars … or who knows.  I don’t get some (most) of that, but I don’t care what they do with their lives and money bc it’s none of my business.  Me? I work to afford being a mom and to take trips. That’s my choice.

Some people hit an age where they stop wanting babies. I hear it will happen to me too, but … lately I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ll start fostering or adopting teens in a few years. That’s my current loose plan for the next adventure. I like being a mom.  I like working too. I’m doing fairly decent at both so far.  The eldest had scholarship for uni, and multiple fellowships for graduate school. The middle one is excelling in school and socially. The wee one overcame medical challenges. They’re all happy and want for absolutely nothing.  

While we’re chatting, I want to politely point out that if you suggest again that my rather intense toddler is “lucky” I adopted him, I may have to smack you. I’m trying not to resort to violence or cussing because it would set a a bad example.  Being a mom makes me a better person.  It might be a fair note to say that you’re lucky I adopted him. Without him here in my arms, I would be demonstrating my skills with words that aren’t toddler-safe. I do get what you meant, but he’s no luckier than my other two kids. It’s hurtful to say that. I didn’t “rescue” any of them. It’s not a social service to be a mama. It’s my calling in life. I’m the lucky one

I don’t judge you for your lack of kids. I promise you.  I’d rather people who don’t want to be parents opt out. It’s better for you and potential kids. It’s a respectable choice. It’s perfectly cool not to want this. I even understand why it seems odd to want it somedays, but I’d like you to think about your attitude toward those of us who DO want it. I’d like you to think about why you see no issue with YOUR choice, but think it’s okay to judge mine. 

Here’s the deal: finger paint is messy. Motherhood, in general, is messy. Writing is oddly messy. All of it is a bit exhausting when combined. It’s also exceedingly fun–and it hurts no one.  

And if I’m okay with my choices and can afford them, why does it even matter to you? I’ll take the babies. You take the baubles. We’re both happier with this plan, and at the end, that’s what we ALL deserve in this world: happiness.


Happy Working Mom

PS I clean up pretty well, so feel free to come to one of my book events where I usually wear the clothes I don’t wear around the toddler. I’ll even cover some of the black circles under my eyes. Umm, no promises on the pens in my hair though. 

So I’m at a laundromat because my dryer at my apartment broke down. I loaded my clothes into the washer and took a seat. Next to me were two backpacks, one larger than the other, a duffle bag, and a lot more plastic bags lying around. Five minutes later, a man in flip flops too big for his feet, worn out jeans, and an olive t shirt walked up to the bags. They were evidently his belongings. He was sprinkled with salt and pepper facial hair and blushed cheeks. He’s a homeless man. He’s washing his clothes and this must be his whole wardrobe. I noticed college students to my left also washing their clothes. They disposed their bags right onto the floor. They got detergent powder all over the machines. They horsed around from the distance of my peripheral. I look back at the man from before. He’s standing by the dryers now and he soaking his socks or something in a bucket? Maybe it is bleach? But he dips it a few time and moved the bucket to his seat. He pulled out a piece of napkin and started wiping the spot the bucket was at before. He was cleaning up after himself with a piece of napkin. He was cleaning the floor that was already dirty before he was even there. He started folding his clothes. Neatly, slowly, timelessly. The damn college kids are now looking for a place to sit and the only seats available were between me and the man’s bags. They looked at it, looked at the man, made a weird look, and awkwardly decided to go scout for a seat somewhere else. He started picking up the bags and gathered all his belongings together. He wiped the chair he sat on. He carried his three bags outside. I don’t know why but as I watched him walk out, I continued to look at him throw the glass. He sat down on the curb, pulled out a book, a cheap pair of drug store reading glasses, and he read. He and his three bags, clean clothes, bucket of bleaching socks (?), and his book. He’s so humble, man. I want to talk to him. But I have trouble approaching people. So I am now writing about him and I don’t know why. I want to thank him and I don’t even know what for.


Lucky number 13.

I will spare you the details about my trip to London, how it involved a lot of 13’s (including my birthday 13/10)  and go straight into my experience about hearing, meeting and briefly talking to Mr. Spader.

As I sat two seats away from the actor behind Raymond “Red” Reddington, staring intensely at the person with black rimmed glasses, I found myself trying to decipher, every eccentricity, nuance, micro expression and body language for over an hour. It felt like observing a specimen without a magnifying glass. He vaguely reminded me of a college professor I once had: the open white shirt, a vast amount of visible shiny dark blonde chest hair pointing north, flawless tanned skin, comfortable half buttoned sweater underneath a brown sports jacket to weather the storm. He also had a watch like what my grandpa used to wear, wrapped around a slender wrist, paired off with burgundy red trousers, and shiny brown shoes. Despite my best efforts to look beneath the hood, I wasn’t able to. You won’t figure him out, no matter how hard you try.

I think even if you have a one on one with him – he will still be a mystery at the end of the conversation. With every answer given, I was stumped and delighted by his lengthy pauses and avoidance of eye contact with the crowd unless you asked the specific question. Was he remembering his previous answer to a similar posed question? Trying to pair it off with new thought/insight? Or was he merely thinking about the best way to skate around the topic long enough so his mind could conjure a proper/appropriate response? While apologizing for his “compulsive tendencies and not being able to answer absolutes”, he kept answering question after question, being generous enough with an extra 30 min of his time, despite the interviewer constant need to glance down at his watch and reminding James of the ticking clock. He decided to stay & I believe would have continued on had his son not been waiting for him at dinnertime.

He was as enigmatic as his counterpart, but that is where the similarities stop, safe for a few quirks & majestic way of speaking with arms, hands and legs (being an entertaining Luddite). This man showed his sensitivity. His heart shined through moistened eyes when spoken of fond memories ‘involving long lunches’ during movie breaks, lovely people he immerses himself with in his private/professional life and a true gentleman not afraid to be ‘this side’ of him, At All. He just doesn’t care about public image as he expressed during the interview. Honestly, for one who does not cater to the word ‘celebrity’ as it has been foreign to me for a long time, nor ‘obsess’ with meeting some fantasy in real life, baring in mind that most I did, were disappointing to say the least, this was quite different. I would not treat the queen any differently than my neighbor. Okay that is not entirely true, because I don’t care for the man next door, but I had no expectations about Spader as a person coming in, other than what I had seen & heard from other people. Somehow he still managed to exceed all that.

He is different and wears it like a second skin.

James Spader came over as someone on another level of humanity: kind, sincere, humble but confident, lover of life and love, funny, quirky and fond of everything that is condemned ‘unusual’. Basically a very gentle man with a very odd job, except that is not all there is to him, and no matter how close you get, he won’t show you the back of his tongue, and you will not get to know him like this. Nevertheless, you get a piece of the puzzle, and your mind just fills in the blanks for you. 

For me, the episode (6) screening and Q & A session were part of the experience of going to London & hanging out with new friends who share a love for shipping, and the show. I was not star-struck like the lovely lady next to me who was shivering like a leaf when he walked by in his signature fedora, trench coat & purple scarf. I didn’t feel the need to jump him or run away due to nerves (Bless your heart Ms. H, I had a few chuckles at your expense, thank god so did you.). My heart did not speed up when he talked on stage or met my eye in passing. My legs still worked properly after it all ended, despite an overblown bladder, and made a conscious decision to walk over to him while he lit his cigarette to unwind and briefly conversed with another (lizzington shipper) fan (despite his managers/assistant earlier protest in the auditorium about the tight schedule) My hand did not tremble when I lay it upon his shoulder to get his attention and waited in patience for acknowledgement. There were no magic or unicorns flying, despite the rainbow I saw on my way over to London – instead, I felt at ease. He truly had a positive, relaxed energy around him, a fact that surprised me given that he is not very keen on public speaking, and quite often is seen during a cigarette break.

However, when he turned around and I saw his greying stubble underneath his chin, caught a whiff of his clean scent, I finally got the chance to exchange words with him. I told him about the amount of miles I had travelled to hear him talk, and that it was well worth it; a smile and a polite “thank you” was given in proper response. I unconsciously noted that he was a little shorter than ‘expected’ though. The words tumbled out of my mouth without filter, shame or second thought and a giggle erupted from his whilst piercing green eyes bore into mine, our fedora rims in closer proximity than first: “Well I am only 5’10” his deep voice jovially declared, I smiled back: “I am only 5’3” after all the booted heels were my way of cheating (short people problems).

In That Moment and before his ‘manager’ almost dragged him away, while I was informing him about a lovely friend of mine from Amsterdam who could not make it, despite desire & absent of choice and extended greetings, he apologised to her and said that “he would feel guilty” if he didn’t sign my comic (regardless of the no signing/fan-time policy) after all, I came from far. My eyes lit up & a stupid grin spread over my face when the scribbled signature appeared on paper. 

In a span of no more than XX seconds, I saw what made him so swoon worthy to millions of women, something I was struggling to wrap my head around at first: I was utterly charmed by a handsome, witty, middle aged nobleman with an adorable paunch.

He is James ‘Todd’ Spader and the man is not legend or king, but he is one upstanding human being. To me, that is worth more than any title you could want to ‘label’ him with. In short: he is a very, very attractive man. I had my fan girl moment; feeling like a teen with a crush, despite being a grown woman, Interesting to say the least.  I guess it is the ‘Spader’ effect.

I don’t know what I would consider the highlight of my trip: meeting new friends, seeing James, exploring a city I love, the delightful food & wine we had afterwards or even the hotel company that made my night & my laughter lines deeper till 3 a.m. before I turned into a pumpkin again – I guess it was a combination of it all.

During the duration of my stay I saw my bank account slowly declining, getting closer to 0 with each passing moment, and it couldn’t have made me happier. Another memory locked in a vault, another experience richer.

Life can be delightfully simple sometimes and I would love to do it all over.

A special thanks to Harriet for making me her plus one & Mary/James for the delightful company. You were a lovely bunch of people & hope will meet again.

For a small part of the interview/pictures and more story go to: 

Begin Again - Chapter 1

Selena’s POV:

“Mommy hurry up so we can go meet Mace!” Kaylie, my four year old daughter whined.

“Mommy will be done in a bit.” I said getting annoyed as I wrapped a piece of my hair around the curling wand. Kaylie huffed and walked out the bathroom, I’m guessing either to her room, my room, or downstairs.

Right now I was getting ready to go meet my friend Mason. Mason and I instantly became friends as soon as I moved to New York when I accidently spilled his coffee on his shirt and that’s also when I found out he and I were attending the same college saying, “I knew you looked familiar.” Turns out we had math together.

“Kaylie getting on your nerves?” Layne—my moms long time bestfriend asked as she appeared in the doorway.

“Yes.” I groaned. “For the past hour.” I continued.

“Maybe it would have been a good idea for you to get finished first.” Layne began. “Because now that Kaylie is done first—she’s ready to go.” Layne chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ll remember that next time.” I laughed as I wrapped the last piece of hair around the curling wand for a few seconds then let it fall loose along with the others. Once I was satisfied I sprayed hair spray around my full tight curls then combed my fingers through them making them fall a little.

I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time, making sure my make hasn’t smeared and there was no hair sticking out of place.

I walked into my room seeing Kaylie sitting on my bed reading her book, and Layne followed behind me while I walked over to the full length mirror checking my outfit. I wore a nude sleeveless top, with coral jeans and paired it with simple nude pumps.

“If you’re just meeting Mason, why are you getting so dressed up Selena?” Layne asked raising her eyebrow.

“Oh no reason.” I said letting it roll off my shoulder.

Truth was I still had little feelings for Mason. Our sophomore year of college we decided to take things to the next level, and he was one of the best relationships. He always treated me like a princess—and even better he was a great “father figure” to Kaylie, even though he wasn’t really her father. Kaylie knew Mason wasn’t her real father, but she didn’t care. Mason was the closest thing to a father she had.

I grabbed a black leather jacket that was on the back of a chair that was in the corner of my room and placed it on before I grabbed my purse making sure I had my phone the keys to the apartment—just in case Layne was sleep when Kaylie and I returned home.

“You still like Mason—don’t you?” Layne asked looking at me.

“Of course I do. We dated and he was the best ‘father’ to Kaylie.” I said using air quotes around father. “C’mon Kaylie, time to go.” I said.

Kaylie snapped her head up and her face lit up. “YAY MACE!” She yelled happily jumping off the bed. She walked over to me and I adjusted her little button up jacket making sure her outfit was okay. Kaylie was wearing her favorite Elmo shirt, with black leggings, and black combat boots along with a camouflage army jacket and her hair was also in curls. Let’s just say my daughter as an awesome style thanks to her mom.

“We might be a little late coming home Layne.” I said as Kaylie and I walked down the stairs with Layne trailing behind us.

“Well you got the key right?” She asked. I turned around and nodded my head. “Have fun—but not too much fun.” She chuckled.

“Ha-ha.” I faked laugh.

“Bye Auntie Layne.” Kaylie said and walked out the door and down the stairs.

“Kaylie sweetie, don’t go no further!” I yelled to my daughter who had already begun walking.

“Bye Layne. We should be home before midnight.” I said then walked down the steps following my daughter.

I grabbed my hand in hers and we walked down the sidewalks of New York—luckily it wasn’t busy like always. The night sky looked nice with the bright moon and the few stars we could see.

We were meeting Mason at the coffee shop I used to work at, which I had to quit—due to me leaving for Florida tomorrow. Again, luckily the coffee shop was only a ten minute walk.

“So are you excited to go to Florida and live with your Grandma Mandy, and Grandpa Brian?” I asked as we walked.

“Yeah, but I’m gonna miss Auntie Layne and Mace.” Kaylie said.

“I know hon. I’ll miss them too. But just think no more cold weather!” I chuckled, and Kaylie half heartily chuckled.

I stopped us from walking and bent down to her level looking in her brown eyes.

Those same eyes I fell for her dad’s.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” I asked.

“I—I’m just going to miss Mace.” She said. “He’s the closest thing I have to a daddy.” She said her head tilting down. “What if he forgets about me?”

“Oh baby, come here.” I said wrapping her into a hug. “No matter what Mason will never forget about you baby girl. He loves you so much okay.” I said into her hair.

I felt Kaylie nod her head and I pulled away. “Now let’s go meet Mason. Don’t wanna keep him waiting.” I chuckled.

Justin’s POV:

“MOM!” I yelled going into my mother’s home.

“BIEBER!” I heard two girls scream. Soon enough, my ten year old sister, Jazzy and her bestfriend Gracie—who happens to be the little sister of my ex—embraced me in a bear hug.

“Well hello to you too.” I chuckled wrapping both arms around the ten year olds.

“Oh, I thought I heard my son.” My mom—Pattie came walking in the living room. “Girls, let Justin breathe.” She chuckled.

“Sorry mom.” Both girls said.

“Now go into the kitchen, lunch is ready.”

“FOOD!” They squealed and ran into the kitchen.

“Hungry Justin?” My mom asked me.

“Of course.” I chuckled and followed my mom in to the kitchen.

I took a seat next to Gracie who was sitting in the middle so I was on her right and Jazzy was on her left. My mom placed a plate with a sandwich in front of me along with a glass of coke.

“So how is work coming along?” My mom asked.

“It’s good,” I began taking a bite from the sandwich then continued, “We raised over four hundred thousand dollars to build new schools.” I said.

“Ew Justin, it’s not nice to talk with your mouth open.” Jazzy remarked.

I just stuck my tongue out at her, only for her and Gracie both to return the same.

“You all act like five year olds.” My mom said shaking her head. “But anyways, that’s good to hear Justin.”

“Yeah I know. I’m glad that I can help out children around the world with their education, and over all help others around the world.” I smiled.

“So mom did you tell him?” Jazzy asked before placing the last piece of her sandwich in her mouth.

“Tell me what?” I asked curious, my eyebrow popping up.

“That my sister is moving back here.” Gracie said.

“Se—Selena is coming back?” I asked shocked.

“Well duh. What other sister do I have?” Gracie asked in a duh tone. “Other than Selena and Jazzy of course.” She added.

I couldn’t believe it. Selena was actually coming back, here to Florida after four and a half years? I wonder what has changed about her. And more importantly I wonder why she cut off all connection with me.

Apparently I’m the only person who never got to talk to her. Demi, her parents, Gracie, Jazzy and even my own mom talked to her once in a while over the past years. Even Tori did. 

“Justin, are you okay?” Jazzy asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah—I’m fine. When does she get here?” I asked clearing my throat.

“Tomorrow.” Gracie answered. “I can’t wait to see her and Kaylie.”

“Who is Kaylie?” I asked.

My mom shot Gracie a ‘why did you say that face’ and I saw Gracie’s face tense up and freeze.

“Hey Jazzy, why don’t we go upstairs and watch a movie.” Gracie said quickly.

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.” Jazzy added in also a little too quickly. Soon both girls jumped down from their seats and ran up the stairs to Jazzy’s room.

“Mom—who’s Kaylie?” I asked getting up from my seat.

“Oh honey, don’t you need to get home to Sasha? I bet she’s waiting for you.” My mom said ignoring my question. She walked over to me and literally began pushing me out of her house.

Why won’t she tell me?

Did Selena go lesbian or something?

“Wait,” I said turning around. “Lemme guess—Selena went lesbo and her girlfriend is named Kaylie, right?”


“Then who is she?” I asked getting frustrated now.

“No one sweetie. Just go home to your waiting girlfriend.” And that was the last thing my mom said before shutting the door in my face. I shook my head, shaking off my thoughts and got into my truck and drove home.

“SASHA! I’M HOME!” I yelled through the quiet house. Soon I heard footsteps running down the steps and into my foyer and before I could say anything, my girlfriend jumped in my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist—luckily I had quick reflexes—and wrapped one arm around her waist and the other under her butt.

“Well hello to you too.” I chuckled.

Sasha leaned in giving me a peck then pulled away.

“I missed my Justy.” She pouted running her hands through my hair giving me another kiss.

“And I’ve miss you too.” I said chuckling against her lips. “So how was your day?” I asked her, while I was still holding her, but walking us to the living room.

“My day was good. I hung out with Lucy and Anna majority of the day so I wouldn’t be bored at home.” She said.

I sat down on the couch with her straddling me.

“So how was your day?” Sasha asked me running her hands through my hair then resting them on the back of my neck.

“It was good. We raised over four hundred thousand dollars for the new schools.” I told her smiling causing her to smile.

“What you do for those kids is amazing Justin.”

“I know. I’m sort of a good guy.” I said teasingly.

“You’re a very good guy.” Sasha said. “But not in bed.” She winked and then grinded her hips against my lower half.

“You are a very teasingly young lady Sasha.” I said.

“Mhmm,” She quietly moaned then continued, “What you gonna do about it?” She whispered in my ear then nibbled on my ear lobe.

“I think you need to be punished.” I said then stood up with her wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

I walked us up to our bedroom then slowly placed her on our bed on her back.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Sasha.” I said unbuttoning my belt then my pants, only for Sasha to get on her knees on the bed and she lifted her shirt over her head.

“You better show me how naughty I’ve been then.” She teased.


“Your food will be delivered soon sir.”

“Thank you.” I said to the man on the other line before hanging up.

“Who was that?” I heard a groggily voice from behind me.

I turned around seeing Sasha rubbing her eyes, just wearing my shirt that went a little past her butt.

“Just ordering us some Chinese take out, for dinner.” I said.

Sasha smiled walking over to me wrapping her arms around my neck and mines went to her waist.

“You look sexy in my clothes Ms. Sasha.” I said.

“Mhmm, good.” She smirked.

“Enjoy your afternoon nap?”

“Yeah what time is it anyway?” She asked

“Almost seven.” I chuckled. “You slept like forever.”

“You wore me out Justin.” She said causing me to chuckle.

“I told you, you would be punished.” I laughed.

“Ha-ha. You’re so funny.” She said sarcastically.

“Hey you’re the one that wanted round two, three, and four,” I said trailing off.

“Justin shut up!” She said hitting my chest the best she could.

“Just saying the truth babe.” I said reaching for a kiss and she gladly kissed back. Soon our tongues were fighting for dominance so I picked up Sasha by putting my hands on her inner thighs lifting her up on the kitchen counter.

Before anything could get out of hand, the door bell had rung causing me to groan.

“Why you groaning grumpy pants?” Sasha chuckled pulling away, and jumping down from the counter.

“Because I was enjoying every minute of that.” I mumbled.

“Yeah I can tell.” She winked.

I was confused at first, but she pointed down to my now fully erect boner.  

“Oops.” I chuckled.

“I’ll get the door, because I doubt that the delivery person wants to see that.” She chuckled walking to the door with me behind her.

“But you only have a shirt on babe.” I said coming up behind her just as she was about to open the door. “And I don’t want a low life guy hitting on my girl.” I said kissing her cheek.

Sasha moved to the side and I opened the door, and of course it was a guy delivering the food. But when I opened the door—the biggest shock expression came on my face.

It was Colton delivering the food.

“That’ll be $14.67.” He said without looking up.

I dug in my back pocket pulling out my wallet and getting out a ten and a five dollar bill.

Colton finally lifted up his head his eyes going wide and I felt a smirk tugging on my lips.

“Hi there Colton.” I said.

“Hi Bieber.” He snickered.

“Babe, what’s taking so long?” Sasha said coming up beside me wrapping her arm around my neck causing me to mentally groan. Didn’t I tell her I didn’t want any other guy looking at her half naked—especially now since its Colton. But I’m half happy because now he can see how hot my girlfriend is.

“See you got yourself a new toy?” Colton said handing me the food and I handed him the money. “What happened to Selena? She find out that your nerd-ness would rub off on her?”

“No, and what happened between Selena and I is none of your business. It’s been over five years since she dumped your ass for me. Now why can’t you get over that?” I said. Sasha chuckled walking away with the food and I halfway closed the door telling Colton to keep the change before shutting the door all the way.

Sasha and I walked in the living room sitting on the couch and we spread out the food before grabbing what we wanted. I sat leaning on the back of the couch while Sasha’s back was leaning against the arm of the couch with her legs propped up on me.

 “So who was that?” She asked putting noodles in her mouth.

“Colton.” I said and her eyes widened.

“Wait the same Colton that used to bully you in high school or whatever?” She said shocked and I nodded my head. “Ha—that’s why he has a dead beat job now.” She laughed which was contagious and caused me to laugh also.

“Yep. I guess karma is a bitch.” I laughed.

“So he’s the one that is the father of Tori’s baby?”

“Yep.” I said popping the ‘p’ before eating more of my chicken then eating more noodles. I was thinking—should I tell Sasha about Selena coming home tomorrow? I mean telling my previous girlfriend, about my ex-girlfriend coming, that couldn’t be good right? But I’ve told Sasha about my past with Selena and everything and she didn’t mind me talking about her.

“What are you thinking about?” Sasha asked in a sing-song voice causing me to snap out of my previous thoughts.

“Oh-nothing.” I said.

“Justin—don’t lie, I know when you’re lying because you can’t look anyone in the eyes.” She said a little more serious.

I sighed. “Selena is coming back to Florida tomorrow.” I said.

I looked up at Sasha’s face not being able to read her.

“So are you mad—upset?” I asked carefully.

“Why would I be mad or upset?” She asked chuckling.

“Because you’re my girlfriend and Selena’s my ex.” I said confused.

“Justin, for a smart guy you’re really dumb.” She laughed. “You’ve talked about Selena all the time with me and I don’t mind. I actually want to meet this Selena. The one that made my babe’s last year of high school the best.” She said.

Sasha put her food on the coffee table in front of us then crawled over to me straddling me inching closer to my face so our noses were touching.

“I love you.” Sasha smiled.

“I love you too.”

Selena’s POV:

After dinner, I decided it would be a great idea that Kaylie and I went back home to hang with Mason for a while. After about an hour of playing games, Kaylie got tired so Mason put her down to sleep in his room, while Mason and I sat on his couch drinking red wine. I currently had made myself comfortable—like by taking off my heels because first off my feet were hurting.

“So are you happy you’re leaving to go back home tomorrow?” Mason asked taking a sip of his wine.

“Ehh.” I said. “I mean I’m glad I’m going back to my roots, but I’ll miss it here.” I said taking a sip of my wine.

“Then you should stay.” Mason said simply—like it was easy.

“Mason,” I began sighing—we’ve already had this conversation like a billion times, “You know I would—but I think it’s best if Kaylie is around my parents, her grandparents and stuff more.” I said.

“Or are you really hoping you’d run into Justin?” Mason said cutting me off.

A little part of me knows Mason’s right. I do hope I’d run into Justin—just to see how he’s doing, but another part doesn’t want to, what if he’s mad at me for cutting off all ways of him contacting me or  because what if he realizes Kaylie is his; he’d be heartbroken I didn’t tell him he had a daughter.

“I don’t know.” I said a little quietly.

Mason set his wine down, then took mines out of my hand and placed both on the table in front of us. He put two fingers underneath my chin making me look up at him.

Next thing I knew our lips were in contact with each other and moving in sync.


“Thanks for walking me home, even though you didn’t have to.” I said to Mason as we walked up the steps to Layne’s front door.

It was 1:30 am, and I decided just to come home—even though Mason said I could just spend the night.

Mason held Kaylie on his hip—by the way she was still fast asleep. She actually hasn’t moved an inch. She’s a really heavy sleeper—like Justin; another thing they had in common.

I pulled out my keys and quietly opened the door telling Mason to come in quietly.

Once we were inside Mason and I walked up the stairs carefully and quietly being sure not to wake up Layne. We went to Kaylie’s room, and Mason lied her down carefully—and of course she didn’t move and inch. I took off her boots and pulled the covers over her body, giving her a kiss on her forehead, and Mason did the same.

After Kaylie was tucked in, Mason and I walked back down the stairs and I walked him to the door—leaning against the door frame while he was on the outside.

“So are you going to come stop by to say goodbye to us before we leave?” I asked.

“I’ll try my best. I’ll talk to my boss and see. But I can’t make promises.” He sighed.

“Well I hope you can make it—for Kaylie’s sake at least.” I said.

Mason just nodded his head and kissed my cheek before he walked away. I sighed and I turned around only to see a body standing in the hall doorway.

“Oh shit, Layne you scared the hell out of me!” I snapped placing my hand on my heart like I was having a heart attack.

“It’s almost two in the morning—I heard voices and I got up seeing Kaylie in bed, then came down here seeing you and Mason talking.” Layne said.

“Yeah we were just saying goodbye.” I said.

“What happened between you two before he dropped you off?” She asked.

“Nothing I should be getting to bed.” I said walking past Layne. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Got an early plane flight.” I said running up the stairs leaving Layne hanging.

I quickly changed into some sweats and a plain white t-shirt throwing my clothes in a bag—because that’s were they’ll be anyway.

I laid in bed thinking if moving back home with be a blessing or a curse.


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Here is Selena’s outfit with her “date” with Mason (just shirt and top) : outfit

So I saw one of my favorite former students this morning. At the hospital for my exam, she was the receptionist helping me fill out my paperwork. She asked if we knew each other. So I looked at her and then at the name ‘Kristi’ on her shirt, and I remembered exactly who she was and why she was one of my favorite students. Kristi and her friend Andrea had one of my English courses at the community college around 5-6 years ago. Nice pair of gals, around my age (late 20s at the time) and smart and outgoing. 

What was remarkable about Kristi and Andrea, though, was how they basically adopted one of the other girls in the class. There was a younger girl in the class, whose name was also Kristi, who was fresh out of high school. Kristi the Younger was a very bright young woman, but small and highly introverted. What was so amazing was how Kristi the Elder and Andrea immediately became pals with Younger Kristi and on the second day of class started sitting on either side of her. I wish my memory was good enough to give examples of specific incidents, but it was really kind of an over-the-semester progression. They’d ask Young Kristi for feedback and opinions on things. They’d prompt her during group discussions, and even got her to speak up during class discussions. And frequently they’d comment on how smart she was. It was kind of impressive just how much more confidence Kristi the Younger was showing by the end of the semester, both in her writing and in her interactions during class. (I remember getting the impression that the three of them hung out outside of class a bit too. Which was cool as well.) Though I haven’t taught in a few years now, I always placed a great deal of value on my older, non-traditional students and the ways that they can influence and even mentor the younger students—often without even realizing that’s what they’re doing. 


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On July 22nd, I went to the Merriweather Post Pavilion for Warped Tour. It was a day I’d been looking forward to the most other than going to Vegas a few days later with my parents. The one band I wanted to see the most was The Summer Set. While walking around the outside of the venue, I ran into Pat and Kennedy from The Maine. I told them I’d seen them two years ago in Silver Spring, Maryland and remembered meeting Kennedy behind the venue. “I remember that. I was on my phone in the back parking lot.” Kennedy said. I got a picture with them and thanked them for their time. When the gates opened, I found their merch tent and got a ticket for their photo meet and greet. I had to buy a shirt to get it. I found the F'real truck where they would be signing and then Bandhappy to check in. I was taking Josh’s class that day. At the last minute, I took another. I saw Jess at the tent while I was in line. She was preparing to start her class. When I see a member of TSS, I like to say a quick hello. As a result of my quick hello to Jess, one of the guys at the check in table motioned me to come forward. “Are you taking Jess’ class?”
“I’m actually checking in for Josh Montgomery’s guitar class. Are there any more spots available for Jess’ class?” I wasn’t planning on taking Jess’ class but seeing as I was there already, I decided at the last minute to find out what I could learn from Jess.
“Yeah, there’s two spots left.”
“I’ll take one.” I handed the guy $30 and sat at one of the available stools.
During the class, we learned a basic beat. While I was in Vegas, I went to Guitar Center on South Las Vegas Boulevard and sat in the drum section practicing what Jess taught me. The next day my parents and I were looking at model homes seeing as my parents and I are moving to Nevada next summer. It cannot come fast enough. There was a drum set in one of the houses.  It was right behind that very drum set I mastered what Jess taught us in class. I can’t wait to tell her about it. She also told me she liked my hat. It was her signature edition Never Take It Off snapback.
During the class, I ended up overcoming a sensory issue I have when it comes to really loud environments. Due to Asperger’s syndrome and two other neurological and behavioral issues, I have a hard time dealing with certain, but not all loud environments. Nightclubs are an extremely good example of a loud environment that would easily cause a sensory issue. While Jess was playing the drums, there was a band playing. Needless to say, it was louder than I could usually handle. In those kinds of environments where the decibel level is higher than I can handle, my first reaction is to remove myself from the environment and go somewhere where the decibel level is at or below the level I can handle without issue. This time, I didn’t do that. I was really focused on learning from Jess that that reaction didn’t even come to mind.  However, when it came time for me to sit behind the drum set, I had a bit of a hard time focusing. I even made that known to Jess so I could have a few seconds to get to a focus point. That means closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths before doing what I need to be focusing on. Once I was at that point, I played the beat. After the class ended, I made it known to Jess that her class helped me overcome my sensory issue due to Aspergers. I also told her that I had been bullied recently because of my autism, which is basically what Aspergers is.
When I went to the signing I thanked Jess for helping me overcome a sensory issue during her Bandhappy class. I was the last person in the line. Brian, who was sitting right next to her, asked me about it and I explained to him what happened along with being bullied because of my autism. I said to him, “Having autism does not make me less of a human being. I don’t have to be fucking perfect, so fuck perfection!” Saying that caused brian to high five me and Josh to look at me with a shock reaction.
“Oh, hey Josh.” I said with a shit eating grin. I told him what I had just told Brian, and he high fived me too. I showed him my Montgomery College shirt and I actually gave him a Montgomery College shirt. I also gave him an “Ain’t nobody got time for that” shirt. I wonder if he’s worn them or kept them. I wore the shirt because I thought it’d be funny to walk around with Josh’s last name written in large white block letters across my chest.
At the photo meet and greet, I did something that caused me to end up feeling like a kid in the principal’s office. When I was in school, anytime I was in the principal’s office was never a good experience. I told Josh to his face, “Josh, I’m out to take TJ’s job one day,” TJ is The Summer Set’s sound engineer. I’m studying to be a sound engineer because of him. He lives two miles from me, and I really do want his job. “If and when I do, no more nannying for you.” That was in reference to a video where TJ talks about the things he has to do for Josh and Josh complains about being “sooooo tired” to the point where TJ has to carry him. While the pictures were being taken, I was mashed between Josh and John, and I told Josh, “I’m not cleaning up after you, I’m not bathing you either.”
After that, I instantly felt really bad about what I said. I went to the Bandhappy tent and waited for Josh’s guitar class. I couldn’t help but mull over how rude and disrespectful I was to him. Saying what I said to him seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be a really bad idea. I was instantly reminded of the first time I saw The Summer Set at Warped Tour 2010 and how I was so rude and disrespectful to Josh then. At that time, I was what I like to call stupid 17 and I hated Josh due to several automatic assumptions I made about him. It took me more than a year from that point to snap out of it. It turned out none of my assumptions were true.
Josh’s Bandhappy class took place on the band’s tour bus. It marked the second time I’d ever been on a band’s tour bus, both times it being The Summer Set’s tour bus. Josh’s class afforded me and the two other girls in the class, one of whom is a friend of mine, 30 minutes of relief from the heat. The bus was nice and cold. I also apologized to Josh for my rude remarks. I was forgiven.
During the class, I finally told Josh to his face after a long time of waiting that he’s “responsible for putting an electric guitar in my hands. Orianthi didn’t do that, you did.” Orianthi influenced my playing style and choice of guitar, but Josh was the one who put an electric guitar in my hands. Josh played a PRS acoustic for the class seeing as PRS Guirars was a sponsor of Bandhappy. PRS is my absolute favorite brand of guitars, but I like their electrics a lot better. I actually argued with Josh on Twitter over whose choice of guitars is better than whose. It was out of retaliation for something he did to me while being afforded the chance to hang out with him and John at Barnes and Noble before a show. He likes Fender while I like PRS. The argument consisted of me trying to convince him that PRS is better than Fender and him telling me that he’ll never touch a PRS. When he had that PRS in his lap, I said, “I need to let this sink for a second.” Then Josh was playing the guitar and singing. It was like an aspiring female rock musician’s version of this scene from Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit where they’re singing “Oh Happy Day”. I know that sounds very overreaching, but that’s what it was for me.
He taught us about playing songs in different keys and keeping songs simple. For a year, I neglected my acoustic guitar because I was so focused on mastering the Beat It and According to You solos. I actually made mention of my knowledge of those solos to Josh. At one point, gender gaps and anatomical differences were brought up. Here’s a prime example.
“You have boobs, I don’t.” Josh said to me.
“I feel really violated now.” I put my arm across my chest and sank into my seat. I jokingly thought in my head, “Good one, Josh. Way to pick on the most legal person out of the bunch.” I’m 21 and have been playing guitar since I was 8 years old.
At one point, Josh suggested that I check out the Nashville number system. I still have no understanding of how to use it.
At another point, Josh and I talked about the video where TJ carries him to the merch tent. I told him that I felt bad about what I said to him and then asked him the following.
“Has TJ ever had to bathe you?”
“Absolutely not. Do you honestly think I would let another grown man bathe me?”
“No. But Zach told me TJ actually did it once. I thought that video was an actual thing.
"Zach was messing with you. That video was a joke, a parody. I’m not a diva. In the days we were touring out of a van, I was the one changing flat tires outside in torrential snowstorms.”
If you’ve ever seen The School of Rock where there’s a little girl crying in the principal’s office and she’s saying, “I’ll be good, I swear!”, that was me minus the crying and the swearing I’ll be good part. I’d never felt so uncomfortable around Josh before. I’ve written stories with scenes involving that kind of discomfort, but to actually feel it was another story.
Before we got off the bus, I asked Josh the one thing I’d been dying to call him out on. Since the second time The Summer Set toured with All Time Low in the fall of 2012 up until that point, every time I tried to bring up my Twitter username to him, he’d cut me off and tell me that he knows what it is. And every time he made that claim, I had an absolute refusal to believe him, mainly because he has over 52,000 followers and doesn’t follow me. I’ve tweeted him more times than I can count, and the number of replies I’ve received from him outnumbers the number of times I’ve seen The Summer Set. I’ve seen them 10 times, with Warped Tour being the 10th time. Josh has replied to me 14 times. He also sees everything that’s tweeted to him. Even with that, I refused to believe him. When I finally asked him if he really knew it off the top of his head, he actually said it out loud.
“It’s TheSpiritRoom1. I have Twitter on my phone.” I figured the phone part a long time ago.
After the class, everyone got off the bus and Josh took pictures with us. It felt good to finally get another one with him. At around 4:30, I made my way the Kia VIP high rise tent to watch The Summer Set. I was able to get a wristband for access to the tent earlier in the day. I love watching TSS from the crowd, but watching them from the view I had was better. I got one of Josh’s guitar picks even though I was high up. During their set, Josh threw a guitar pick. It went over the heads of everyone in the crowd and landed in the dirt right below the VIP high rise. A girl below me saw it and picked it up. When I was absolutely sure that she didn’t want it and her friend didn’t want it, I got her attention and asked if I could have it. She was kind enough to give it to me. Once I got it, I put it in my pocket and carried on. I was rocking out and dancing and it just felt so good. It was my 10th time seeing The Summer Set, but it felt so good. Josh’s guitar pick currently sits in a clear plastic jar with all the other guitar picks I’ve gotten at shows and from the artists themselves.
After their set, I went to The Maine’s signing. Due to timing, I was unable to watch their set. While I was in line, Brent from Crown the Empire walked past the line and took the time to talk to people in the line. At first I didn’t know who he was.
“What’s your name?”
“I’m Brent. I play in Crown the Empire. What’s your name?”
“I’m Kristina. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” My inner fangirl caused me to ask for a picture with him. When I went home I googled what his last name is. Out of all the non-TSS musicians I had the opportunity of meeting that day, Brent Taddie is one of those who takes the fucking cake. I thought it was great that he took the time out of his day to go around and say hi to people. I like to do that to make someone’s day a bit brighter. Brent definitely made my day a lot brighter. Eric Halvorsen happened before him. I knew who he was, but I didn’t know if it was actually him. Once it was cemented that it was actually him, I asked him if it was really okay to call him Halvo.
“Yes, it is.”
“Okay. I just wanted to be sure.”
When it came time for me to meet The Maine, a lady standing next to John said, “Put your phone away.” I didn’t know who she was talking to seeing as I had my phone in my hand so I could show John a picture. It turned out she was talking to the girl next to me because she was taking pictures. I was given a program for them to sign and I placed it on the table.
“Hi John. How are you?”
“I’m good. How are you?”
“Peachy keen. John, I have a question I’ve been patiently waiting all day to ask you.”
“Lay it on me.”
I showed him the picture and asked, “Do you remember this picture being taken?”
“It’s a beautiful picture.”
“It was your idea.”
“Yeah, I remember taking that picture.”
“Okay, do you remember this?” The following was sung, “I said I wish I could meet Kennedy.” Kennedy, who was sitting right next to John, looked up at me.
In March of 2012, I rewrote the lyrics to “Loud Music” by Michelle Branch and made them about The Maine while sitting at a Joe’s Crab Shack. At a show on May 12th, 2012, which was the second and last time I saw or met The Maine before Warped Tour, I literally got John’s attention in the middle of the show and asked him in front of nearly 2,000 people if I could sing it. He told me to find him after the show and I could sing it to him then. I thanked him and he dedicated “Take Me Dancing” to me. After the show, I sang it to him and he thought it was awesome. The picture I asked John if he remembered taking it was taken right after and it was his idea. He wanted to take a picture that embodied what happened during the show and while I was singing my song. We were standing back to back in the picture and it looked like we were singing.
“I remember that, too.”
“That was two years ago. I’m 21 years old now.”
“Have you been behaving yourself?”
“Pretty much. I’m flying out to Vegas on Sunday.”
“Uh-oh. Stay away from Vegas.”
“I’m moving there with my parents next summer.”
“That makes it a bit more acceptable.” I can’t remember if Kennedy or John said that.
“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna drink.” I ended up drinking while in Vegas. It was too tempting. However, I did drink responsibly. That should count for something.
Garrett talked about alcohol and I told him that my medication limits my alcohol consumption to one drink. That’s all I have anyway. One more, and I’m going to have an issue. When I got to Jared, I told him that I liked his shirt. It was a Fender shirt, and we talked about guitars. I don’t remember what I talked about with Pat, but it must’ve been something interesting.
When I got home, I looked at the autographs from The Summer Set on my ticket stub and the autographs in my program from The Maine. I discovered John (O'Callaghan) write “21.” next to his signature. Why he did it remains a mystery, but I’m glad he did.
As I sit here and write about the crazy things I did at Warped, the wise words of my dad come to mind. This was said the day before Warped Tour.
“There’s two types of bullshit. There’s good bullshit, and there’s bad bullshit. Then there are two types of bullshit artists. There are good bullshit artists, and there are bad bullshit artists. Bullshit is an art. It is not a science and cannot be taught. A lot of the stuff you’ve done at shows like asking Josh about the possibility of hanging out takes a good bullshit artist.”