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Shy!Reader part 5

Request: Hello!!!! Okay first off I LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE your writing, it’s so good that I showed my bestie and she loves your writing too, ummm I have a request ummm could you please make a shy reader part 5, OMG I LOVE SHY READER! I need More! Thank you

Request: ITS FINALLY MONDAY OMG! Can you please write one where Dean teach the reader how to fight, because she has never been in a fight, because she always been the kind girl & shy girl. Maybe you can write a shy!reader 5, and have this request in it :)

Request: Shy!Reader part 5 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she can get mad and it’s just super funny??

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Part Four

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College Nozonicoeli pt4

:’D drown in nozonicoeli~ In which our fav trio goes on a vacation (prompted by @kuro-kelly)! Still Cr! Nozomi bc cr nozomi is love.

NozoNicoEli goes to a beach!

  • Nico gets really excited because she’s hella lucky to have two voluptuous girlfriends.
  • Our favourite shortie drags Nozomi out the entire day to shop for bikinis bc they both have to look good in front of Eli. (”I love Eli’s flustered expression~” “I love the way Eli stares at us” *smug* ) 
  • Nico’s proud that her chest isn’t that small anymore, Nozomi secretly admires Nico’s cute stature from afar as Nico tries on the different bikinis.
  • The big day is finally here. Nico is strangely nervous all of a sudden.
  • Eli grabs the sunscreen and says “Who wants the first rub?”
  • Nico isn’t sure why she’s blushing so hard and Nozomi answers for NIco when our shortie keeps quiet. “How about both at the same time?”
  • Nozomi undoes the straps and lies down on the mat on her front. Eli stares a little harder before reaching for the bottle.
  • Nico finally wakes up from the reverie when Eli squeezes the bottle and she turns away, blushing all the while. This isn’t like her and she doesn’t know why.

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