also look! i actually improved

drew my pink lemonade gal from my ot3 au

incase udk what it is its from here and here

i lowkey rly like her colour scheme bc its just blues n purples both pastels SO I JUST

sebbi got that favouritism going


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

been reading Treading Water and it inspired me to draw merdanny (。•́‿•̀。) would you guys want to see this colored? 


A redraw of the very first post i posted on this blog! There’s a 4 month difference, and i think i improved??? At least I hope I did.

Also yes I know I forgot her pin but shhhhh

anonymous asked:

!! how have you improved so quickly? you must be working so hard :o do you have any advice for someone also looking to improve?

Because of my depression, I actually don’t work nearly as hard as i would like tbh haha. I make up for this by always being highly observant of things whenever I do draw. I try to think of all the angles of what im drawing while I’m working and I’m quick to encourage myself to pursue directions in my pieces that I like (if I draw a line i think is really good I’ll try to follow that instead of what i’ve done in the past, same with coloring!) I think one of the biggest problems I used to have in the past regarding improvement was that I would get frustrated with my art too quickly. Nowadays I remind myself that lots of times things won’t look good to me because I haven’t drawn it that way before! It’s good to be critical of your fundamentals (things like proportions or color and lighting theory and like obviously if things line up on a face properly or not) but a lot of things go beyond that! Refining your art beyond a basic understanding of fundamentals is an entire journey in itself, don’t shy away from opportunities to break your own mold. Draw the thing that you see as difficult to draw and accept your mistakes while you’re learning.

Tbh tho I also do a lot of studies off of landscape photos while I’m not doing so hot with my personal art. It makes me really focus on how to view shape and lighting and how a lot of things aren’t the way it seems in the context of everything.

I think everybody has their own way of learning and improving and it’s really important to find a good balance for yourself with being harsh with your critiques to yourself at some times and lenient at other times. You don’t want to discourage yourself! But you also don’t want to become complacent!

Honestly, I have a lot to say about improvement lol but I don’t want to dump it all here rn.


Well, 2016 was sort of a doozy, wasn’t it. Shout out to those three months I drew nothing but screenshots for my TRC video, and the continuing trend that I apparently draw nothing during the month of November every year. However, on the upside I somehow managed to pass 10,000 followers this year which is just unreal! So thanks a ton to everyone who’s liked, followed, reblogged, or talked to me this year! Here’s to hoping 2017 will treat us all better!


Happy AkaFuri day, everyone ! 4 hours late in my timezone, is this really okay…? hahaha ///

Here is a sort of personal challenge. Drawing a doujinshi and actually finish it. Of course, I’m just a beginner and I don’t know anything about composition, I’ve never drawn manga before (or it was a complete fail)… So I don’t try doing complicated backgrounds, using screentones… I’m just doing the basic things, and I don’t want to spend too much time on it.
This is the first part of a cheesy short story, and I really hope I’ll finish it. I’ll try to upload a part each week. Enjoy ! Happy AkaFuri day again ♥

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 (end)

silly kisses!

plantophile-purplefusiontrash  asked:

Is it possible for you to draw dennis or Yuri in a flower crown(I'm obsessed with flower crowns)also your art is beautiful and unique so carry on being amazing and drawing so much beautiful art

I gotchu I gotchu… I actually wanted to draw Dennis as well but flower crowns are a little harder than I thought and I got real carried away with this one, so I did the one. I hope you like it!

And thank you so much..! That’s so nice of you to say ;v;