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A Darkiplier Theory

Sthis is my first “markiplier” based theory!! Anyways this is basically what i think Darkiplier is like and i’m drawing a lot of my ideas from A Date With Markiplier and from Mark’s February Charity Livestream where he talked about Darkiplier. Oh and if you haven’t seen either A Date With Markiplier or his February Charity Livestream go watch it so you know what i’m talking about! 

First thing before i talk about my view of Darkiplier i’m just going to first bring up some certain things i found interesting in the Darkiplier route. So to start off Mark takes you to the theater to see a play and you have two options you get to pick from either “Romance” or “Horror” now when i choose Horror for the first time and i saw the name “The Dark Mark” i knew that it might be Darkiplier ahead. So you and Mark sit down and as usual he offers you popcorn but he immediately says that the play is starting. The camera pans back to see if Mark is still there and he isn’t. Now i’m going to stop here for a second why would Mark be gone? Mark said that him and Dark are separate people so Dark possessing Mark isn’t an option my only guess is that Dark took him before you looked back. Back to the Darkiplier route, after you turn back the screen starts to become all glitchy which is very unsettling. Then you are greeted by Darkiplier. He says to you “Did you miss me? I missed you very much.” I’m going to stop again, why would Dark miss us? It might be because we haven’t seen him in a long time. Well to save me time i’m actually going to quote everything Dark says in the Horror option. And if i put certain words in bold and that means you should focus on it.

“Did you miss me? I missed you…..very much. I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again, I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked. And then he had the gall to not invite me on his little adventure with you. No more…never again. I’ve been waiting patiently, he promised me he would let me in again. I’m tired of giving people a choice. But i suppose i can give you one last option. Take you’re pick anything of four different choices more than he could ever give you. And let’s see how far down this rabbit hole really goes. So take your pick, show me what you got. And maybe….we can have a good date after all.” 

So that’s it for the Horror option and i also wanted to add this but after he says no more never again he then says “it’s my turn now.” Anyways now it’s time to focus on the bold stuff. Now Dark says that he was pushed away, replaced and mocked. What i think that means is because if you guys know Mark rarely brings Dark out so that could fit the i’ve been pushed aside part. Now with the replaced part i could think that maybe Mark puts other characters for example Warfstache over Dark. Now my next guess is kind of stretching it but maybe Dark is referring to Antisepticeye? Because at the beginning of this year Jack was bringing out Anti a few times so that shifted our attention to him. And if you didn’t watch Jack’s Pax Opening video Anti appears. And Anti says a lot of similar stuff that Dark has said. Like “Did you miss me?” Now in that video Anti says “You thought i was gone, not worrying about anything. You all thought i was gone, but i’ve been here this entire time! Keeping eye on things. You stopped paying attention! Well i hope you’re happy. You found someone new. Threw me inside! Someone to replace me!” Now i want you to notice that Jack uploaded this video on March 8th 2017. While A Date with Markiplier came out on Valentine’s Day. So maybe Anti is referring to Dark. Now what i find weird is that they both say that they are replaced and once again what i think is that they are being replaced by each other. But time to focus more on the rest of the stuff Dark says. Now Dark then says that he’s mocked, i can understand why he says this. Mark always makes fun of Dark calling him an emo. Now moving on more Dark says that Mark didn’t invite him on this date with us. And that it will never happen again. Now apparently Mark did have intentions of inviting Dark but then he decided against it. Which may have crushed Dark. Now when Dark says it won’t happen ever again that’s where i got stuck how would Dark make sure that doesn’t happen? Kill Mark? Dark later goes on to say that he has been waiting patiently for us and that Mark had promised that Dark can come along. Maybe Dark has feelings for us and that he wants to be with us? Now i’m going to continue and quote all of Freedom. 

“Good choice…But why do we have to choose in life? If dinner is what you want then i can provide. And i can take you wherever you’d like to go. I can especially take you to places you DON’T want to go. It’s exciting.. Knowing that there are endless possibilities waiting for you. I CAN GIVE YOU ANYTHING. I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us..THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME. So…Now that we are here together…We can really get to know each other. You just need to let me in….It’s as simple as that..You’re never EVER going to escape me… Not now.”  

So let’s start with Dark giving us dinner. He says that he can provide us with dinner what i think that means is that since Mark fucked up by misplacing his wallet maybe Dark is saying that he can provide dinner and pay for it. Now he says that he can take us wherever we want and that he can also take us to place we don’t want to be. Now that i don’t understand him taking us anywhere i understand but still. And i don’t know what he means when he says that he can take us to places we don’t want to go. Maybe Darkiplier’s Sex Chamber? Lol.. Now when Dark screams i can give you anything. Personally i think he’s just trying to get to us like ordering us to stay with him. Now with the next thing Dark says he wants personal time with us a lot. And then we follow that up with him saying there’s nothing us or Mark can do to stop him. With that line i’m getting Antisepticeye vibes again. Because Anti would say the same exact thing i believe he said something similar in Say Goodbye. With Dark saying you need to let me in and that we will never ever escape him. What i think that means is that if he can make sure that Mark is gone Dark can have us forever. 

Now to the final part of the Darkiplier Route which i will cover both the Left option and the Right option. Now with both Mark and Dark speaking i will make this easier for you the bold text is Dark speaking while the regular text is Mark. 

“Shoot him. Shoot him now. Please. You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody. Shoot Him. He needs to die. He is Dark, he is bad. What are you talking about why are you even debating this? Shoot him now he is Dark, I’m Mark. Don’t listen to him he’s a liar. He’s a liar, he’s weird, he’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all. He’s weird. He does bad things to good people.”

Now i’m going to do the Left option first to finish up the Darkiplier stuff then i will go on to the Right option.

“You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay. Oh man. I’m so sorry, are you okay? You had to kill somebody….I feel so bad. But hey, it’s okay. We’re here now. We can continue the date with some ice cream. It’s going to be alright. Just relax. We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And um, get to know each other. Really, personally. Go ahead. Oops. Looks like you made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together. FOREVER.” 

Now onto the Right option. 

“You made the right call. Come here. Oh man i’m so sorry about that. You literally had to kill somebody, but luckily you’re taking it in stride. So let’s get back to the date. Relax with some nice ice cream. There you are. Oh! sit sit! Let’s just relax and enjoy our ice cream together. And get to know each other again. As.. man and you.. Go ahead! Go on. Anyway. It’s been a bit of a crazy date, i know. But i still want to get to know you. Soo maybe we can go out again sometime? You never know what kind of trouble we’ll get into next time, I mean if you had to kill somebody, who knows what you’re going to do next time. Soo let’s give it a try huh? Maybe? I’m worth it.”

And that was the right option. Now there is a difference between the two options and its the way they speak. Darkiplier at first is really reassuring to you and then how he says he really wants to know you personally. While with Mark he is his normal goofy self. Now that was A Date with Markiplier. Now i’m going to talk about his personality.

If you watched Mark’s February Charity Livestream you will know that Mark said that Darkiplier is a Social Manipulate what that means is that Dark basically leads you in to gain his trust and then he will use that against you. Mark also says that Darkiplier is a completely separate person from Markiplier. But similar to Warfstache he doesn’t obey the laws of physics. What that means is that both Dark and Warfstache live in different worlds but start to bleed into Mark’s world. Although Dark is separate from Mark, Dark admires everything Mark has done like all of his accomplishments. Mark basically describes Dark as a person using Mark as a human suit and using that suit good. 

Well this was super long but it was worth it so have a photo of Darkiplier 

Sizzy scene breakdown of Season 2 Episode 12, "You Are Not Your Own."

I know this is late and I apologize for that. The first thing that I want to bring up is that I’m going to try to break down all the Sizzy scenes that we get for the rest of Season 2 and hopefully if I have time in the future, I’ll do the same with Season 3. In this breakdown, I’m going to stop in between the dialogue or quotes and give my reaction to that particular part in the scene I’m discussing.

Please note: I would also like to bring out and for you to notice that when Izzy is in all her scenes with Simon, she is wearing red. When it comes to wardrobe on TV, the color red usually gets a callback to romance/romantic feelings and even romantic love. Just think about that as I do my best to break down all of the Sizzy scenes from this episode. If anyone wants to watch the Sizzy scenes from this episode here’s the link: 

I will say that the Jade Wolf scene wasn’t included so here’s another link to that: 

Here’s a link to my other Sizzy breakdown from Season 2 Episode 7, “How Are Thou Fallen”:

Isabelle: “Simon, I got your message about Raphael. Are you okay?” Simon: “Yeah. Yeah. Living the Daylighter dream!” I just think it’s so cute that Isabelle always wonders if Simon is okay. She recognizes that Simon can’t always handle himself because he’s human. Sure, Simon is a Vampire/Downworlder but he’s more human than Vampire and the reasons why I say that is because he’s still trying to adapt as a Vampire and he’s the only Vampire that can walk out in the sun without the sun having to fry his whole body which makes him an outcast to the Vampire clan. Anyway, moving on.

Simon: “What?” Isabelle: “You got a tan. Looks nice.” Simon: “It does?” Isabelle: (laughs) 

Okay. That is definitely some low-key flirting between the two of them. Izzy is definitely checking Simon out and she definitely likes what she sees! If you look closely, Simon blushes when Isabelle compliments him on his appearance. I don’t think Simon is aware of his feelings for Izzy just yet but he will, believe me he will eventually. Notice how Isabelle at that point isn’t focused on the mission initially. She is focused on Simon and his well-being. The most important aspect of love to me is the caring of someone else’s well-being especially if it’s unconditional love. After all, you can’t have a relationship/connection with someone else if they’re dead. Let’s move on.

Izzy: “Back to Raphael. How can I help?” Simon: “So… I heard you guys were kind of seeing each other and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing that thing you’re really good at. You know, making a man bend to your every will. Look, if you don’t wanna get involved, I’ll find someone I get it.” Isabelle: “No, No. It’s not that.” This part of the conversation is just to show how well Simon knows Izzy and he knows her well enough. Next.

Isabelle: “It’s… When I got injured by that demon, Aldertree gave me some Yin Fen to regain my strength. But things got out of control… The reason I was seeing Raphael…” Simon: “Izzy, what is it?” Izzy: “I became addicted to Vampire venom.” Simon: “Oh. I I had had no idea. Are you-” Isabelle: (interrupts): “I’m- I’m okay. Actually, I’m… I’m great.” Simon: “Good. Okay. Good.” Isabelle: “Yeah.” Can I just say how in sync these two are with each other? Isabelle earlier asked Simon if he was okay and then Izzy tells Simon about her Vampire venom and Yin Fen addiction and the first thing that pops into Simon’s head after Izzy tells him this is if she’s okay and he’s happy to hear that she’s doing better and that she’s feeling great actually. Isabelle telling Simon about her Yin Fen addiction and Vampire venom addiction shows that she really trusts Simon. In order for any relationship to work out long-term especially a romantic one, trust and communication should be the top priorities to fulfill that purpose. Isabelle used both with Simon at this point in this scene. Not to mention, Simon is the third person to find out about her Yin Fen/Vampire venom addiction. (First was Alec and then Magnus.)

Simon: “‘Cause you know with my mom, it’s a lot of ups and downs. I’m guessing there’s not really a twelve-step program at the Institute for Shadowhunters. Um, I know a lot of really good groups.” Izzy: “Simon, I’m not a mundane. I don’t do groups, but I do fix Downworlder problems. Come on.” Simon: “No, uh I I’m good. I know that staying clean means staying away from Raphael.” Isabelle: “Who said anything about going near Raphael?” Izzy tilts her head and gives Simon this sort of flirty look after she asks: “Who said anything about going near Raphael?” Now breaking down this part of the conversation, Simon indirectly reveals that his mother was a drug addict. Anyways, Simon wants Izzy to go to group therapy sessions to help her refrain from Vampire venom/Yin Fen because Simon recognizes that just because Izzy is a Shadowhunter doesn’t mean she’s a god or that she’s invincible. Izzy doesn’t believe she’s a mundane so she wants to help Simon with his problems with Raphael. Simon adds so much texture to Isabelle’s character because he teaches her that even though she may be a shadowhunter, she is also human or mundane. Isn’t that what Maryse tells Isabelle after Isabelle tells her about her Yin Fen addiction in Episode 14 of Season 2 about putting too much pressure on Isabelle? That’s not a coincidence! And don’t answer my question, lol. Also, don’t forget that Maryse tells Isabelle to never give up on love and continue to fight for it but at that point, Izzy is still too emotional to think straight so she goes to Raphael due to the fact that they keep going back to each other but she makes the wrong decision because she has been going through a lot of stress lately. Isabelle didn’t go to Raphael initially because she genuinely liked him. She needed to satisfy her addiction and once you become addicted to something your body craves it and it needs it because your body has gotten so use to it and once you cut back, you can die a lot faster than just gradually killing yourself while being on the drug that you’re addicted to.

(Isabelle and Simon in Central Park.) Isabelle: “¡Hola Rosa! ¿Cómo estás? I brought you your favorite!” Rosa Santiago: “¡Graciás!” Simon: “Wait. So we’re giving a kind old woman tulips?” Isabelle: “Rosa, meet my friend Simon. Simon, meet Rosa Santiago.” Simon: (laughs nervously and grabs Izzy by her arm so they can talk privately): “Okay. Um, I’m all for creative anti-bullying tactics but please don’t tell me that we’re here to kidnap Raphael’s grandmother.” Isabelle: “Okay, first of all, she’s not his grandmother, she’s his sister. And no one is kidnapping anyone, okay, relax.” Rosa: “Who are you again?” Izzy: “I’m Raphael’s friend Isabelle, we came to visit you during bingo night.” Simon: “Wait, seriously Raphael plays bingo with her?” Izzy: “And he makes tomales for her every Sunday.” Rosa: “Such an attractive couple! How long you two been married?” (Both Simon and Izzy chuckle) Isabelle: “No, we’re just friends.” Rosa: “Big mistake. He’s a catch!” Simon’s face after Rosa says he’s a catch is priceless because he’s doing that to tease Isabelle. Okay if you haven’t figured it out yet, spoiler alert: Izzy and Simon get married in the future so Rosa basically foreshadowed what’s to come for Sizzy! Rosa Santiago maybe the biggest shipper on the show and is definitely the voice of the Sizzy fandom. Who would’ve thought that a Santiago would ship Sizzy romantically? When Rosa tells Isabelle that it’s wrong to view Simon as just her friend, Izzy gets this realization on her face where she is starting to realize that she has romantic feelings for Simon.

Isabelle: “Okay Romeo give me your cellphone, it’s time to send Raphael a message that if he can get to you then you get to-” Simon: “See, see um, yeah, my heart kinda goes out to the guy right now, you know?” Izzy: “Simon, save your sweet side for someone who cares, sit down.” Ironically for them, Simon will be saving his sweet side for Isabelle because she is the one that cares about it, she’s also aware that he has it because she mentions it and it’s very interesting that the writers of the show have her saying this. Simon: (to Isabelle): “Noted. Uh, Rosa can I take a picture with you?” (Rosa chuckles and nods) Simon: (chuckles) “Okay.” Isabelle: “Alright. Say cheese!”

(Simon and Isabelle at the Jade Wolf.) Simon: “How are things at the Institute?” Isabelle: “Everyone’s trying to recover. Alec is paranoid about pretty much everyone and uh (sighs) Jace is still spinning.” Simon: “About the soul sword attack?” Izzy: “That and finding out that he’s not really Valentine’s son.” Simon: “Wait. That means- That means that Jace isn’t Clary’s brother.” You can tell by Izzy’s face that she regrets telling Simon it but isn’t it interesting that Isabelle tells the secret to Simon like a girlfriend should do and not like Clary who still has lingering feelings for Jace? Now, I don’t hate Clary’s relationship with Simon because it’s important to the overall story but I’m showing the reasons why their relationship is temporary. Clary SHOULD have told Simon the truth because that would have been the way for Clary to show Simon he has nothing to worry about with Jace and her relationship with him but Simon does have something to worry about especially after the events of the Seelie Court because Clary still has romantic feelings for Jace. I feel really bad for Simon because of that though. I mean you have romantic feelings for your best friend and after so many years that same best friend returns those feelings to you and then after a while of dating and getting intimate, you find out that those feelings you thought that they had for you are actually for someone else. That REALLY REALLY sucks. Isabelle (shocked): “Simon. I thought you knew.” Now, I really love that when Isabelle is in trouble, Simon tries to go and save her and Isabelle tries to do the same thing before she is restrained when two of the Vampires restrain Simon. 

(Sizzy walking in the rain.) Izzy: “So, should I call you Daylighter? Sir Daylighter?” Simon: “Um, I think um 'your Lordship Daylighter,’ I like that best.” (They both laugh) Izzy: “The meetings you told me about, the ones your mom goes to…” Simon: “I’ll send you all the info.” Isabelle: “Hey, don’t worry about Jace not being Clary’s brother. Rosa’s right. You’re a catch.” We have Simon blushing when Isabelle says this. Isabelle telling Simon that he’s a catch is definitely flirting and that is about as much as flirting you could get out of someone without going too far. I just want to also say that I’ve never seen Isabelle smile at anyone the way that she does to Simon and it doesn’t take much for either of them to be comfortable around each other and for one to crack a joke while the other laughs. When Izzy agrees with Rosa that Simon is a catch, Isabelle is starting to embrace her feelings for Simon.

Well, that’s the end of my breakdown for the Sizzy scenes for this episode and for the record, I don’t hate Clary’s relationship with Simon or Isabelle’s relationship with Raphael, I’m just telling you what the show has shown us and why I think that those relationships are temporary. Oh, Sizzy is endgame no question! You would have to not be paying attention to them as you watch the show for you to not see it!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged my lasted fic, Nesting!! I love you all!

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I’m not usually into angry sex, but I’ve been eye fucking my husband quite hatefully the past few days. He’s sensitive, though, so I decided to take it out on Dean, instead. Dry humping is my favorite kink, though. It seeps into a lot of my fics. *sigh*

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Spunky Reader for the win!!! Thanks, my dear!

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Those shorts should be illegal!

No no no no no. Don’t make them illegal, then we’ll see them even less than we already do!!! MAKE THEM MANDATORY!!!

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Cyber Love | Swanchester AU: Emma and Henry have been living their new cursed lives in New York for six months. Henry grows worried about his mom’s love life. Without her knowing, he creates a dating profile for her. When she gets matched with Dean Winchester, Henry sets up a face-to-face date for the pair.

“Macaroni and cheese tonight, or pizza?” Emma asked, making sure the crosswalk was clear before they crossed the street. “I figured I could whip up a big pan of those big twisty noodles you like and bake it with some crumbs on top.”

She waited for a response, but none came.

“Or… we could pick up a pie from Royal Pizza and pig out in front of a movie.”

Silence. She could almost hear the imaginary crickets chirping.

“Or I can make some chimera for dinner. That’s one part lion, one part serpent, and one part goat,” she said facetiously, finally looking over her shoulder to face her son and see what had captivated his attention so fully.

Henry shook his head, his eyes still glued to the screen on his phone as he followed her. “I’m listening to you. Mac and cheese.”

Emma slowed down her pace, wrapping her arm around Henry as they continued down the sidewalk. She sighed. “Ya’know kid, we had an agreement when I got you that phone. That you wouldn’t spend all your free time on it and when someone’s speaking to you, you look up.”

“I know, mom,” he replied, finally looking up to meet her gaze. “But it’s a, uh… a project.”

“For school?” Henry hesitated; Emma knew what that meant. “What kind of project?”

He reluctantly handed his phone to his mother. “Before you get mad and yell at me, just hear me out. I’m worried about you, mom.”

“Worried about me?” Emma’s brow creased at her son’s words as they stopped in front of their apartment building’s gate. Finally, she looked down at the screen.

A picture of her.

A few months prior, the mother of one of Henry’s school friends was taking a photography class and asked the pair to volunteer as models. One of the pictures of just Emma was on her son’s phone screen. She scrolled down and began to read the description under the photo.

“Emma Swan. Age: 30 years old. Location: Manhattan, New York, United States. Seeking: Men – wait a minute. Is this a dating site?” Emma asked, shooting her head up toward her son. “Henry, why would you – do you know how dangerous it is to put private information out on the web? We went over this when you got your computer.”

“I know, mom! But you need a boyfriend. You haven’t dated anyone in years.

Emma sighed, shaking her head as she unlocked the gate and continued toward the building. “First of all, I don’t need a boyfriend. Second, it is neither your job nor your responsibility to worry about my love life. It is not another one of your clever operations that you –“ Henry cringed slightly; Emma groaned. “Oh, you’ve already given it a name, haven’t you?”

“Operation Swan Match,” he said proudly, following his mother as they walked up the stairs. “Come on, mom. You don’t even go out on dates any more. I thought something was going to happen with that Walsh guy when we first moved here, but you pushed him away. You didn’t even give him a chance.”

Emma swallowed. Truth was, she had given him a chance. They’d gone out to lunch, but that’d been as far as it went. Something just didn’t feel right, and Emma had learned a long time ago to trust her gut. She cleared her throat. “I have certain standards, kid. And there’s no shame in that.”

Henry shook his head. “Just give this a shot. Look,” he took the phone from her and scrolled through the site, “I already found this guy who scored a 95% on the personality match. He’s from Kansas, but he travels a lot.”

He handed the phone back to Emma and she gave it a look. “Impala67? What a cheesy username,” she said with a scoff, unlocking their apartment door.

Henry chuckled. “Yours is YellowBug83.”

“Oh,” Emma said, embarrassed. She continued to scroll down his profile. “Dean Winchester. Thirty-five years old.”

“What do you think of his picture?”

Emma scrolled back up and looked at it closer. She shrugged. “He’s handsome, I’ll give him that. A little too blue steel for my taste, but still.”

“What’s blue steel?”

Emma chuckled. “It’s from a movie you’re too young to see yet.”

Henry grinned. “So you like him? Good! Because I already contacted him and he’ll be in town tomorrow with his brother to work on a job.”

“Henry! That’s incredibly dangerous and not to mention a mild form of identity theft. What if this guy is married or stores bodies in his freezer? I’m just not comfortable with the whole online thing.”

“That’s why you’re meeting him this weekend,” Henry said with a satisfied smile. “It’s dinner at that Ostria restaurant tomorrow. I’ve already made plans to spend the night at Tim’s, but I require updates to make sure that you’re safe.”

Emma exhaled deeply as she looked down at the phone screen, and then up at her son. “Fine. But if he turns out to be crazy, you’re grounded. Now, can we get started on dinner already? I’m starving.”


“So, this woman thinks her cat is possessed by a demon,” Sam started, reading through the paper in his hands as he took a sip of his coffee, “because she’s avoiding her, giving her mean glares, and making demonic hissing noises in the middle of the night. That’s the case? That’s why we’re in Manhattan?” he asked his brother, sitting in the seat across from him.

“Mm-hmm,” Dean replied, holding his burger in one hand and his phone in the other.

Sam shook his head, taking another bite of his salad. “Sounds like a regular cat to me. Besides, since when did we start exorcising pets?”

Dean didn’t reply. His phone beeped; the third time in five minutes.

“Dude, you are blowing up. Who is that?”

Dean shrugged. “Just, uh, ya’know, those alert thingys.”

“For what?” Sam asked, creasing his brow.

Throwing his phone on the table, Dean sighed. “Uh, ya’know. Monster stuff.” Sam nodded unconvinced, then reached across the table and snatched his phone. “Woah, hey, come on! No, give it back!”

“Wa-what?” Sam asked, acting innocent. “Why?”

“Because privacy… and stuff.”

“Oh, privacy,” Sam said with a chuckle. He looked down at the screen, his mouth falling. It was the last thing he ever imagined. “You’re on a dating site?”

Dean stayed quiet for a moment, his lips narrowed in a line. Finally, he rose his hands in surrender. “You know what, yeah. Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Sam scrolled through his profile, then laughed. “Nice screen name Dean. Impala67,” he said in a deep voice, mimicking his brother.

“Alright, give it back. Come on.”

Sam continued to look through the site. He clicked on the conversation he was in, “Emma, huh? There are quite a few messages here. They sound pretty serious.”

A defeated sigh left Dean’s lungs as he finally dropped trying to hide it from Sam. He smiled, “Yeah, check out her page.”

Sam opened up her profile. “Wow. She’s actually really pretty. And, well… normal.”

“What does that mean?” Dean asked, his brow furrowing.

“I guess I was just expecting, um… less clothes.”

Dean chuckled, which surprised Sam. Dean didn’t always take dating seriously; his outings with women usually ended when he either ran out of ones or drove off after a night in the sack. The older brother took another sip of his beer before he continued, “Well, that’s how it started. But then I got paired with yellowbug83 and we scored a 95% on the personality match.”

Sam scoffed. “Yeah but that doesn’t exactly count if you use fake information –“ Dean’s brow creased. “Wait, you actually used real answers for this thing? And not just answers that would pair you with as many loose and freaky women as possible?”

“No – but that’s not a bad idea. I should have thought about that.”

Sam shook his head, going back to the phone in his hand to scroll through the woman’s profile. “She actually seems really awesome. Maybe… too awesome?”

“Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad. It’s too good to be true for a woman like this to be available.”

Dean scoffed. “I’m sorry, is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded American female could be interested in someone like me?”

“You realize there’s no guarantee that Emma,” he used air quotes, “is even Emma. I mean, for all we know it could be some Canadian trucker or 70 year old witch disguised as a model look alike. She probably doesn’t even live –“ he looked back down at her profile, rereading where she was located. “Wait a minute, she lives in Manhattan. Emma is the demon cat, isn’t she? We detoured four hours so you could get laid?”

Dean cleared his throat, fidgeting in his seat a little. “I don’t know, uh - hopefully. I mean, we’re gonna go out to dinner tomorrow night at some fancy restaurant. Which reminds me, I need to get the fed suit out of the back and hang it up.”

“Woah, fancy restaurant? Suit? This sounds like a real date.”

“Yeah,” Dean replied, wondering where the confusion was. “You know, I do know how to go on a date, Sammy.” His brother only stared at him, a look of both shock and confusion rest on his face. Dean sighed. “Look, just give me the weekend. I want to at least meet her, okay? The world isn’t gonna end because the Winchesters took a night off.”

Coffee and a Friend

– A Hiddleswift Drabble –

Taylor inhales and leans back on the couch, looking over towards the kitchen. She watches as Tom prepares them each a cup of coffee, thinking to herself how if only every day was as simple as having coffee with a friend. A good friend. Or  a lover.  Or… a friend whom you occasionally have sex with. But not a ‘friend with benefits.’ It was different than that.

She sighs, but quietly enough so that he can’t hear her. None of those terms truly describe her current relationship with Tom.  They are somewhere in between friends and lovers, not seeing other people but also not discussing not seeing other people.  They just weren’t seeing other people. But they also weren’t officially seeing each other either. They were still figuring it all out, slowly, on their own time and in their own way.  They were both fine with that. And they are ignoring the press, the most important thing of all.

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pauliemcca-deactivated20170212  asked:

Hello :) I would like to show to my friends that McLennon is real, (I already asked some mclennon shippers) are you okay to prepare something (such as photos, facts, etc..) so I could show them it is a true story :) Pleaaaase :) !!!

Once upon a time John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They meet each other for the first time on the afternoon of 6th July 1957, at St Peter’s Church Hall, Woolton, Liverpool. 

John Lennon with his skiffle group, The Quarry Men - St Peter’s Church Fete

I think Paul might better explain what happened that day:

‘Ah yes, I remember it well.

I do, actually. My memory of meeting John for the first time is very clear. My mate Ivan Vaughan took me along to Woolton here and there were The Quarry Men, playing on a little platform.

I can still see John – checked shirt, slightly curly hair, singing Come Go With Me by The Del Vikings. He didn’t know all the words, so he was putting in stuff about penitentiaries – and making a good job of it.

I remember thinking ‘He looks good – I wouldn’t mind being in a group with him’.

A bit later we met up; I played him Twenty Flight Rock and he seemed pretty impressed – maybe because I DID know the words.

Then, as all you know, he asked me to join the group, and so we began our trip together. We wrote our first songs together, we grew up together and we lived our lives together.
And when we’d do it together, something special would happen. There’d be that little magic spark.

I still remember his beery old breath when I met him here that day. But I soon came to love that beery old breath. And I loved John. I always was and still am a great fan of John’s. We had a lot of fun together and I treasure all those beautiful memories.

 So I send you all in Woolton and Liddipool my best wishes today.

And thanks for remembering – there’s no way that when we met here we had any idea of what we’d be starting. But I’m very proud of what we did. And I’m very glad that I did it with John.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless all who sail in you.

Paul McCartney’
This is a message sent to St Peter’s Church by Paul McCartney.

Well, we can see that Paul says to love John’s beery old breath. And every time Paul has an opportunity to talk about his ‘beery old breath’, he does.
What sort of guy says he loves his friend’s beery breath?

” The last week in August [1957], Paul McCartney returned to Liverpool, tanned and noticeably slimmer. In addition to starting school, he came back to begin a relationship he seemed destined for: hooking up with John Lennon.”  (Bob Spitz, The Beatles)

Draw your own conclusions.

'The Quarry Men went to a party in Ford, a village on the outskirts of Liverpool… “John and Paul were inseparable that night, like Siamese twins,” says Charles Robert, who met them en route on the upper deck of a cherry red Ribble bus. “It was like the rest of us didn’t exist.” They spent most of the evening talking, conducting a whispery summit in one corner, Roberts recalls. […]“In the middle of the party they went out, ostensibly looking for a cigarette machine, and appeared some time after carrying a cocky-watchman’s lamp. The next morning, when it was time to leave, we couldn’t get out of the house because they had put cement stolen from the roadworks into the mortise lock so the front door wouldn’t open. And we had to escape through a window.” Source: Bob Spitz, The Beatles: The Biography, 2005

WTF? Mmm… LOL Well, anyway, this quote shows how John and Paul became inseparable. They were like part of each other now.

And it’s a summary about the Early Days.


Paris, 1961: A magical and mystery tour

John’s aunt gave him £100 (it was a lot of money at that time) to his 21st birthday. He decided to travel to Paris and took Paul along, despite having a girlfriend and many others friends. 
Years later, around 1974, when John was living with May Pang and Paul and Linda visited them, Linda asked if John missed England. He replied: ‘Frankly, I miss Paris’.

“John and I went on a trip for his twenty-first birthday…Anyway, one of John’s relatives gave him £100 for his birthday. A hundred smackers in your hand! Then it was a real windfall. None of us could believe it. To this day if you give me £100 I would be impressed. And I was his mate, enough said? ‘Let’s go on holiday.’ – ‘You mean me too? With the hundred quid? Great! I’m part of this windfall.’” Paul McCartney.



“In continuing rebellion against their new bespoke image, John habitually left his top button undone and his tie crooked; often before they went onstage, in an almost wifely - or motherly - gesture, Paul would stand him still and do up the button for him.” John Lennon : The Life ( Philip Norman )


And in the end…

June 4th, 1968 (EMI Studios): While The Beatles are in the middle of recording and mixing ‘Revolution 1’, Yoko Ono observes them in the adjoining room, recording her thoughts and feelings in a stream of consciousness.

YOKO: After the initial embarrassment, then – um, now Paul is being very nice to me. He’s nice, and a – a very, um, str– on the level, straight sense. Like, um, whenever there’s something happening at Apple, he explains to me, as if I should know, [inaudible] and things like that. And also whenever there’s something like they need a light man or something like that, he asks me if I know of anybody in the art world, and things like that.
And like, um, I can see that he’s just now suddenly changing his attitude, like he’s being – he’s treating me with respect. Not because it’s me – but because I belong to John. I hope that’s what it is, because that would be nice. And I feel like he’s my younger brother or something like that. I’m sure that if he had been a woman or something, he would have been a great threat – because there’s something definitely very strong between John and Paul.
And, um – and probably among those three people of George and Ringo and Paul, Paul is the only one that I can sort of feel the vibration [from]. Like, sort of sense it, you know, that something is among that. ‘Cause Ringo and George, I just can’t communicate. I mean, I’m sure that George and – I’m really sure that they’re both very nice people, but that’s not the point… I think that’s because being, uh, [because of John, Paul, and me] being air signs, like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.

'As mild and oblique as the comment was [Paul’s “You took your lucky break and broke it in two” line from “Too Many People”], it seemed to cut John to the heart. On top of the questionnaire inside the McCartney album and the lawsuit, it was like the tipping point between a divorcing couple that turns love into savage, no-holds-barred hostility. Indeed, John’s wounded anger was more that of an ex-spouse than ex-colleague, reinforcing a suspicion already in Yoko’s mind that his feelings for Paul had been far more intense than the world at large ever guessed. From chance remarks he had made, she gathered there had even been a moment where - on the principle that bohemians should try everything - he had contemplated an affair with Paul, but had been deterred by Paul’s immovable heterosexuality. Nor, apparently, was Yoko the only one to have picked up on this. Around Apple, in her hearing, Paul would sometimes be called JOHN’S PRINCESS. She had also once heard a rehearsal tape with John’s voice calling out  “Paul … Paul … ” in a strangely subservient, pleading way. “I knew there was something going on there,” she remembers. “From his point of view, not from Paul’s. And he was so angry at Paul, I couldn’t help wondering what it was really about.”’ (Source: Philip Norman, John Lennon: The Life, 2008)

John’s princess… Moreover, listen to Lennon’s song called (Forgive me) My little flower princess.


Living in worlds apart

He used to say, ”everyone is on the McCartney bandwagon”. He wrote I’m Just a Jealous Guy, and he said that the song was about me. So I think it was just some kind of jealousy.’ -Paul McCartney

'I was feeling insecure
You might not love me any more’

'I was trying catch your eyes
Thought that you was trying to hide’

curiosity: Jealous Guy was composed around 1968.

Speaking about their solo career, did you see Ram’s back cover? There’s two beetles (beatles) copulating.


I close with the greatest proof of love that Paul did to John. Here Today. 

They loved each other, it’s unquestionable, believing in mclennon or no. Lennon and McCartney completed each other like a puzzle. It was nearly… magical and surreal.

“There was a deeper love there that neither of us could admit to.” (Paul McCartney, about his relationship with John)

anonymous asked:

what things have kaisoo confirmed that you only thought of before? please list 5 or 10. with feelings.

this is a really good question but 5-10? anon do u even know 5-10 things like that …I’ll try

so yeah this is going to be really unnecessarily long. I hope you fucking like READING ABOUT KAISOO because you like kaisoo and not bc you hate them and think they’re not real but still have to check kaisoo blogs and what kaisoo is doing and care a lot about what shippers think. if ur one of those people coming to this post….don’t get bitter just get better :)

DISCLAIMER: kaisoo~shipping~words~writing~speculation~still kaisoo~more words~possibly inaccurate quotes~opinions~facts~opinions!!!!!!~really disorganized~too long~not under a read more

so anyways. well, firstly from all the predebut pics we got it seemed like they were really close predebut. I mean, we got more kaisoo predebut pics than most of the other members by themselves. wtf is up with that. but ifans never really got to hear more. and the shippers just like languished in misery while all the other fans said they weren’t close even after the pic of ksoo lying on top of ji with a do not distribute warning but that’s another story…

but yeah eventually in an interview pcy brought up how they became close fast also brought up the really unexpected fact that ji was scared of ksoo at first ??? and once they cleared up the misunderstanding they became close really fast?? the implications are so…a lot but I got another ask on this topic so I won’t get into that here.

also another thing along the same line was ji helping ksoo with dancing predebut and them practicing together and then they literally…they went there in 2nd box and ksoo was always watching him HE WAS ALWAYS WATCHING HIM….I Felt That To Be True And It Was So. 

so in connection with that, just kaisoo in general being really close…I know we see things like that now and it’s kind of interesting how ppl who don’t like kaisoo have to be so deep in denial. but if you are an ifan and weren’t around until, let’s say, last year, the depth of it was even worse before that. first it was kaisoo was only a thing bc of arbitrage, then it was only a thing bc antg tmrw, then it was all fanservice, then s*kai* and su_do and every other ship was so much better apparently and kaisoo was sooo overrated. and ppl were clearly resentful kaisoo became really popular and had all the best most popular fics and best writers and artists. kind of like how exo became super popular w ifans extremely fast and other fandoms were bothered and had to insult exo and exo-ls for every damn thing. lol. both things still apply to the present.

but like…god forbid you thought kaisoo was closer or different than any other ship involving them in the universe. for like the longest time it was me and a few friends deeply discussing kaisoo in private chats, wondering what all their interactions meant. I mean, in my experience that I remember, ofc shippers got excited about moments and people clearly thought they were both really lovely and really suspicious, but I really don’t rmbr anyone explicitly saying hey they’re actually really close and their interactions are different than other ships, none of this can be interpreted as fanservice. you just couldn’t say that.

I feel like in general the kaisoo ifan community just??? idk. didn’t know and were hopeful but we really weren’t sure for the most part. I did see kaisoo analysis before cmb and people said I don’t think they do fanservice and they’re really close. they also got compared to yun_jae.

so to get to the damn point, cut to cmb era when some people who communicated w kfans and read korean kadi shipper blogs and the like actually brought over to tumblr about how kaisoo is actually considered to be the closest to each other in the group, if not the closest in general. all their interactions were regarded as genuine, bts. they didn’t do fanservice, ji spoke to him in banmal and that’s a big deal. kfans also know that it’s suspicious how popular they are and sm doesn’t promote them. basically all these things that I know a lot of ifans wondered about but didn’t know how to find out. to wrap this up, that basically lead to me and others writing analysis and things like that!

also sorry to jump around but in 2nd box, someone who speaks korean informed me that they didn’t just say “we became close fast” they said “we became really close really fast”. they emphasized that shit. I mean, disclaimer that I’m not korean and understand only basic k-pop korean, but my friend who was told me that the term “close” to describe relationships is used much more loosely there, like people in your work group of acquaintances are “close”. so they really did emphasize they meant more than that. or maybe they didn’t. idk these things. don’t take my word on it. correct me if I’m wrong even, that would be much appreciated.

okay…this isn’t smth I thought of personally, but it’s so wild and icb I’ve never seen anyone else point it out. maybe its because I made it up. idk. I don’t rmbr the url unfortunately, but back in 2013 there was a blog that put really cheesy embarrassing fake captions on kaisoo gifs and sometimes people believed them and they got really popular. um I don’t have these saved. if you want to look then ok. so during mama 2013 ksoo was injured during a perf and was a total champ about it while ji kept checking up on him and helped him off the stage and at the airport the next day. nice. that really did happen and people still don’t….ok enough about haters. anyways.

that gifmaker put subtitles on their album of the year speech, which ksoo was at the hospital for, where ji was saying stuff like how he’s too upset to accept the award bc ksoo got hurt. so embarrassing and cheesy right? people really believed that too….so cut to the same interview where pcy spilled the scalding T in like aug 2014. they were talking about getting album of the year at mama 2013 and ji literally….oh my god…said how he couldn’t feel fully happy bc ksoo got hurt. smth like that. he really……………he’s worse than the most extra fake subs I’m so gone icb he did that.

side note: people really fell for the fake subs but won’t acknowledge kaisoo stuff literally does all the time…maybe that says smth that for many people actions don’t speak louder than words? they need smth like HI IM KSOO JI HURT HIS LEG AND IT MADE ME FEEL HURT EMOTIONALLY IM HELPING HIM OUT WITH HIS CRUTCHES AND UP AND DOWN STAIRS AND I CARE ABOUT HIM THE MOST SO I’M HELPING THE MOST…idk just a thought maybe you don’t feel the same which is fine. what I just wrote is so ridiculous but I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean ppl still site a 2013 interview where ksoo and tao were like “no homo” to a ? everyone else answered thoughtfully about what they like in men as proof kaisoo isn’t real and ksoo is str8 as heck. on the same caliber as tao. yep.

also goddamn in the 2nd box when they pinky promised on not one but TWO (2) dates and talked about it like they plan these things all the time. ifans never get to hear about shit but someone out there knows this shit bc it happens. also when ksoo talked about playing billiards with the members and ji started talking about playing billiards w ksoo and ksoo’s like “don’t say anything more” ???????? they go out secretly. that’s all. why it gotta be a secret?? You Know Why.

also shout out 2 gabi @kyungsoosjigglynalgas for reminding me about the exo quiz thingy where they confirmed yet again that ksoo and ji stay in the dorms a lot, which is smth they’ve hinted at before but they kind of indirectly confirmed again. are they cuddling?? ignoring each other??? watching movies????? cooking?? Who Knows besides them (and saesangs maybe)

so um. that’s all I can think of for now.  my other thought I’m waiting for them to confirm bc it has to be true is ksoo helping ji with singing. I won’t hold my breath but….soon.

gosh so I hope instead of briefly talking about 5-10 moments you enjoyed these 4 (??) intensely described moments. um. im tired.  

way too soft a touch for you

SUMMARY: Dan and Phil come together and fall apart over and over again, and just can’t figure out the right way to love each other. Aka what happens when two kids start dating without technically labeling it “dating,” and then are still living together 6 years later somehow.
A/N: YOU GUYS. Wow. This was a lot to write. Lol honestly I just think that Dan & Phil’s relationship is a telling example of the modern tendency to avoid labels…and I needed to get all of my headcanon in words. Should be a fun read at least <3

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