also little pb

  ♪ “All she ever does is study, oh and act like she’s the best thing on this god forsaken earth!”

Lucy was always the odd one out. Intelligent and not afraid to tell you so, she didn’t have many friends growing up. Misunderstood or just mean, no-one really knew. Either way, she seemed to like it better alone. She would always be engrossed in some kind of book; the girl could spend hours inspecting something that seemed so simple. One place she stood out was in her family, one that seemed a little too normal for Lucy. Classic suburban living, dad was an insurance agent, a mother engrossed in the towns social scene with an awkward brother who was obsessed with anything nerdy to finish off the family. Lucy loved her family to pieces, yet understood that she was better off dealing with most of her problems alone. Lucy is the youngest Morgan sibling, however thats the last time she’s ever come second to her brother- or anyone for that matter. She’s used to being exceptional, top of every class since kindergarten with a genius IQ and enough extracurriculars to guarantee her a perfect college application. But after stumbling into Beacon Hills more supernatural side Lucy discovers she may be more normal than she originally anticipated… at least compared to a freaking werewolf.

(set in season one, hypothetically at least)