also literary genius!

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you are such an amazing writer!!! man, sometimes I look at this blog & it just blows my mind that you're like?? a normal person who watches movies and has a job and all that and yet YOURE ALSO LIKE A LITERARY GENIUS

Oh my god nonny this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me *cuddles message close* thank you so, so much for this I can’t even

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If you haven't already, you should read Lolita . Its uncomfortable recommending a book so infamously disturbing (even to a true crime blogger) due to the cultural and historical context of being romanticized by some as a validation of pedophilia. Just saying its misuderstood or whatever is stupid because you've probably gotten asks saying ted bundy was "misunderstood" but its worth a read. (get the annotated edition if you do)

Lolita is one of my favourite books.

Vladimir Nabokov is a fantastic author - he fills his books with fantastic puns and turns of phrases. It is thought provoking and has psychological depth. It isn’t just about pedophilia, which is what most people assume it’s about, thus being misunderstood. There’s a much deeper meaning. Nabokov attempts to make the point that ignoring the suffering of others is as bad as causing the suffering. Humbert Humbert ignores the suffering of Lolita, whom he is abusing, to satisfy his own desire and Nabokov wants to show how manipulative and cunning he is by making the reader almost believe that what is taking place is a love affair, as opposed to pedophilia. As an author he elicits a feeling from the reader that one would not expect given the nature of the book - empathy, and the reason we feel such emotions is because of how manipulative the character is. Just look at how many people romanticise the book. It’s safe to say he succeeded.

Definitely worth a read, and I often feel when people say the book is solely about pedophilia and therefore vile and voyeuristic that they missed the entire point. It is vile and voyeuristic, yes, but it is also literary genius.