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The Pallettown Comparative List-  What is TL and What is PR

What is Cornholio TL, thwarted at every turn for Demon PR

  • Held hands ON CAMERA for a goofy picture at a press junket
  • Each wore jackets on separate occasions that are sorta similar in color and style
  • Went on ONE road/camping trip, where Cole irritated Komplete Jerk by feeling compelled to text someone else (hmmm I wonder who??)
  • KJ, in support, of Lili (as also did Crabmeat) said “feels good” about kissing Cole (guess Troll’s the kissing bandit, huh?)
  • Hung out/went to the gym when Lili was in LA with Beardo Casey
  • Slept over at the studio together (cause now both homeless??)??
  • Sat next to each other for a picture at a dinner, that was taken by Lili
  • Said “ILY”, platonically in a broadcast interview
  • KJ posted instagram pics of himself shirtless with other dudes, camping and sharing a bed with another dude, same dude took multiple shirtless pics of KJ, hanging out with hot babes
  • Odd shots of them standing next to one another
  • Cole’s dad wished KJ “Happy B’day”

What is SH totally gross PR/World’s Fanciest Errand Boy & Girl

  • Cole hangs on/around Lili all the fucking time (bonus points, he’s getting “really fed up with PR”)
  • Endless heart eye gazing
  • Literally enfolded her in his life, introducing ONLY her to his brother and closest friends
  • Are always spotted out together
  • Oggle each other’s bodies and then get embarrassed/have to stop the other when caught
  • Look like they’re in they in heat/mating season 24/7
  • Touch one another even when no cameras are on to impress the PR aspect
  • Are almost always seated on planes, away from the rest of the cast
  • Flirt wildly across social media
  • “Fuck Yes”
  • “Woo” followed by a shit eating smirk
  • Cole’s frequent hard-ons when near her at events
  • Even Dylan’s DOG follows Lili
  • Feet in lap at quickly deleted event
  • Giggly late night posts/teases
  • Giggly “seekrit” road trips/photo shoots
  • Stooge Lili pretending she’s Cole, cuz eevvvillll (i.e. exposing each other to interests, as couples do)
  • Seekrit shared ring
  • “I’m Whipped” as payback
  • Confirmation by everyone who has interviewed them together that they’re definitely a couple
  • Cole acting kinda territorial any time KJ or any other dude goes near Lili, off camera

Like this….

Sooooo much fucking PR….


I just want to sleep. I have read the same 16 page document three times and retained no information and made no meaningful edits.

It takes all my energy in the afternoon to do pick up, make dinner, play, baths, books, and bed. I’m exhausted, but stay up well into the morning hours.

I think about foster care. I think about the what ifs. I think about parenting and opportunities for the kids. I think about where we live- the two year lease now has 17 months left, which in foster care speak isn’t that long. The owner is a nutcase with a suspected drug problem, so not an idea situation, but the neighborhood is good and the schools are navigable. If adoption happens, will we move to the Midwest, back to family but also lily whiteness and an insufferable lack of diversity? Or do I take an international position and struggle with balancing an intense career track and motherhood? I think about the relationship the kids need to have with their biological family and worry about the effect of that on the kids. I wonder how I fill the void of an unknown father. I wonder if things go differently than I hope, how I prepare the kids.

Okay but can we talk ‘bout how McGonagall not only made special how arrangements for harry to be seeker & have a broomstick (lbr she didn’t ask Dumbledore she told him and he shrugged and was like ur my fav do what you want) but then she did exactly what she wanted which was to drop a small fricking fortune to buy harry THE COOLEST BESTEST FASTEST BROOMSTICK available


Happy Mother’s Day!