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TELL, DON’T SHOW // s. mardon

i’m trying to tell you the story
of my undoing, but instead
i can only show you my hands

unfolding towards you, my
head thrown back & throat
bared, open mouth,

ribbons falling out in streams;
all i can show are my weak
wrists and steady eyes and

a thin voice telling you here,
here, you have me,
please listen

omg so I was just sitting in a cafe procrastinating working on my masters dissertation and I was fucking around in my documents idly rereading undergrad essays and in a RANDOM FOLDER inside another RANDOM FOLDER I found the beginnings of a REALLY GOOD S5 DEAN/CAS FIC

this in itself isn’t surprising because fanfiction is something that I have been known to write in my time, but I have NO RECOLLECTION of writing this 5-YEAR-OLD FANFICTION 

it is not ringing a SINGLE BELL

I can only assume that I wrote it, as it is on my computer, but I can’t be 100% sure. where did it come from? what does it want???

i really hope bioware can get their shit together (in terms of writing) before the next dragon age

Candid snaps of the latest celebrity power couple (this is one of the few I got today which didn’t have Falkor’s junk waving about in the throes of young love). Going to have to find out what Falkor’s boyfriend’s name is so I can come up with a cute namemash for them. ♡


I was tagged to do the 6 selfie challenge thing by elvenqueenthranduil (thank you beautiful!) I don’t think I’ve posted any of these before?

I’m tagging - kirksfatshirts stripperleepace bottomerik lostsgt wcnda obliviousswede barnevans and fqlcon (but obviously no pressure if anyone doesn’t want to do it)

Anonymous said: Mephistopheles baking cookies for a neighborhood potluck?

He bakes a set of chocolate chip and a set of oatmeal raisins and mixes them cookies together in the jar and watches as some people walk away happily and others walk away with a look of pure betrayal on their face.

anonim zapytał(a)::

Re "actor hate". How about those times when they sent hate to Christine laing and had pictures of her with a nozzle. I'm disappointed you guys never showed those receipts. Or them wishing Zelena dead, hating on Bex and wanting an unborn baby dead?

(This is in regards to our post being hijacked/butchered by aQ shipper, a belated reply since we’ve been busy with database backups and security after ridiculous 76hr nonstop hack-assault on our blog that resulted in 237 validation code SMS messages I’ve received. So, apologies.) 

Posting those receipts again would be beating the dead horse, dear friend. Because hypocrisy is strong in this fandom. I’m not sure who’s worse, c$-ers (or more precisely Hokers, and for the record–I still loathe this term they chose for themselves) who demonise Regina as means to invalidate/deny Swan Queen, or aQ-ers who “ship Regina with happiness” so blindly that they they whitewash every despicable thing that self-serving hypocrite who hides behinds ‘honour’ (and who’s ironically NOT making her happy, in fact he only brought her misery so far, no?) has done. Againfor the sole purpose of invalidating/denying Swan Queen, because femslash shippers are delusional and hetronormativity prevails? And then at one point we had something in-between, quasi-multishippers tearing Emma Swan limb from limb (in order to assert H00d’s superiority in that “making Regina happy” race) but then the show wrote him as this despicable adulterer who follows his d*ck, while Emma gave up her soul for Regina, so… they were effectively shut up. Small mercies, eh?

So as for actor hate you listed, which is a direct result of same shipping ridiculousness… I don’t know. Perhaps we should tag a known zealotey shipper currently known as @crown-arrow (which doesn’t work now, because she deleted that post and put us on block? Lol, how very mature! :) that butchered our post and maliciously twisted it out of context in order to misrepresent it as “hate sent to actor”, and ask her that question? Because you know, adults do not comment on other people’s opinions behind their backs (in the safety of their own peer group) because that’s something you grow over in a kindergarten? *laughs* So no, either way I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a reasonable answer. Because if someone uses “that’s bullshit” as means of constructive argumentation… well. That’d be yet another dead horse. 

This fandom, eh? :)