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I was pretty socially awkward as a kid, which is a common thread among animators.  You have this need to connect to the rest of the world, but as soon as you do you feel totally awkward and abnormal.  And so to relate to the world, you sit and draw.
—  Pete Docter

Okay quick thing: Y’all know “melk” and “pellow” is an Elise thing and not a Laura thing right?

the signs as titles of religious books my mother owns
  • aries:The Merciful God of Prophecy: His Loving Plan for You in the End Times
  • taurus:The Lie: Evolution
  • gemini:Just Give Me Jesus
  • cancer:Warning! Revelation is About to be Fulfilled
  • leo:That Hideous Strength
  • virgo:God at Your Wits' End
  • libra:A Christian Perspective of Halloween
  • scorpio:The Long War Against God
  • sagittarius:Racing Towards Judgement
  • capricorn:Dinosaurs: Fearfully and Wonderfully Mafe
  • aquarius:I Love the Word Impossible
  • pisces:Tramp for the Lord

September’s rolling around and that means fall and im sO EXCITED FOR FALL 


  • mbf this trash potato 
  • rebagel this (no likes unless to bookmark pls) until Aug 31
  • have some sort of fandom blog 
  • im looking for a neat url, theme, posts, etc 
  • there’ll be a winner and two runner ups 


  •  you get a follow from yours truly B) 
  • a spot in my updates tab for the month woo 
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  •  probably a graphic/icon request it depends if i can find a replacement for photoshop that i will actually use oops sorry 
  • we get to be best buds and we can have sleepovers and pillow fights and stuff

werewolf au. just because.

I was gonna make marianne the werewolf because I liked the idea but no Bog would definitely be the werewolf, all sad and angsty over being a ~monster~.

I ran out of steam so. the chances of this ever getting finished are minimal. c’: