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If it weren’t for the fact that only one of us could become Miss Korea, do you think we could have been friends? If not for the same year, 1997… if we had competed in different years, would we still be at each other’s throat like this?

Favorite Female Driven Drama: Miss Korea


we take photos of what we’re most afraid to lose

wolfstar sharing a flat post hogwarts and spending their money on cigarettes and film for sirius’ camera

anonymous asked:

Originally sent as an UO but i was wondering do you prefer Light's end in the manga over the anime? I personally prefer the anime end mostly because im against the majority opinion that Light deserved to die disgracefully and in pain, but what are your thoughts?

Hello, anon! I’m glad you sent this again because I don’t actually /see/ the original UO in my inbox anywhere – thanks tumblr (??)

Personally I like the manga ending better, but it’s not because I think Light “deserved” to die disgracefully or in pain. To be perfectly honest, while I can understand why some do argue along those lines, that mentality honestly just makes me feel a little sick. I don’t think anyone “deserves” to suffer before they die regardless of what they did in life on principle. Obviously some of this comes down to personal experience in the medical field, but it’s just… insanely difficult to watch someone die in pain, and it does not make me feel good or that there’s any real justice in agony. Which is to say, yeah the manga ending of events actually kinda pain me to read because even though I do appreciate the role reversal in a thematic sense, I still feel awful for Light. 

But even with all that, the anime ending is just not likable to me personally because it came off thematically cheap due to the Lawlight pandering it featured. Yes, it did give Light a more dignified and quiet death that is much easier to watch, but for all of Light’s reflecting on his past as he makes his escape, it all just ends with him seeing a vision of L and looking remorseful. And that right there just ruins the whole thing for me. Of all the conclusions Light had to draw about his short life and all the people he hurt, like his dad, his mom, his sister – L is somehow the person who personifies his regrets? w h y. It just makes me mad because there’s just this giant build up to that scene where Light just quietly passes away on the stairs and the conclusion is something completely out of character and exists solely to pander. 

So yeah, even though the anime was kinder to Light, I still kinda hate it because it took away everything about Light’s death that was meaningful to me and replaced it with last minute yaoibait.