also let's talk about the night king and how he supposedly married one

Pairing:  Jefferson x reader, oc for the husband 
Request: Could you maybe do a Jefferson one during the first curse where you’re married to someone else in this realm but he keeps finding ways to run into you and talk? I think we need more Jefferson in the world ;) 
Warnings: EXTREMELY BRIEF Supernatural Reference, Wordy af 
Author Note: Jefferson is my husband and I’m so glad I get to write about him. Ever Since i tagged the last gifset as “hubby” a lot of these requests have come in, godbless you all. 

Not going to lie, I rambled a lot during this. I’ve kept the request but I then lost track and went into my own little dream land. I hope you guys like it, I really do hope this was worth the wait. If not oops, ‘least i had fun writing it. 


You sighed bringing Grace closer to you, reading a book to her as you awaited for her father's return - also your husband. Grace wasn’t your child through blood, but you saw her as your daughter. It was a rocky relationship at the start, too complicated to go into really. 

“The hunter pulled the angel in closely and softly pressed his lips against his loves, nobody could destroy this moment. No monster, No human, No witch. His brother leaned against his car-

“Mama, what is a car?” Grace asked curiously, leaning her head back to look up at your face. A smile pulled at your lips and shrugged,

“Something imaginary, Sweetheart, at least in this realm” 

“They sound strange” she pulled a face at the thought of the imaginary beast. 

“Perhaps someone is reading about trots, thinking how strange it is how we travel on a horse. Remember, something strange to us could be perfectly normal for another”

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ZELOS CONCEPT: Leo is in love and we can clearly see it during all the Zelos concept movie. But if you notice, there’s Hakyeon (N) between them. Hakyeon is Zelos, God of the personification of rivalry, zeal and jealousy. He always tries to separate Leo and the girl who appears in Dynamite music video.

There’s a history in Greek mythology of a king called Pirithous, Zeus son, he went to hell to kidnap Persephone, who was Hades wife. So the girl in Dynamite music video could be Persephone. Leo is going to marry her but Hakyeon can’t let it happen. You’re going to understand Pirithous history during the explanation.

But you might be wondering… How this marriage stuff started?

“VIXX 2016 Conception Art Film” is the key for all VIXX’s concept. You can see in that video a invitation signed by Zelos (Hakyeon). Maybe he is inviting all the other members to Leo’s wedding with Persephone, which happens on Dynamite music video.

Dynamite music video: Leo is the only one who has a glove in his hand, covering it, and Hakyeon has “The Eye” while the other members have nothing. 

Hakyeon and Leo always have been connected, Hakyeon wanted show to Leo that he was wrong about loving the girl. Zelos always tried to make him see the truth. “the eye” thing is real.

^Trying to connect with Leo.
And on the conception trailer we can see Leo walking towards a bath full of clocks, in Dynamite lyrics he says he doesn’t have much time, “I got one night”, I believe that Leo is Chronos, the personification of God of time. He went back in time to marry with Persephone and Hakyeon knew this all time.TN: The history of Leo turning back in time will be clarified in Hades explanation.

We have two theories for Hyuk! It is not so hard to understand! If Zelos sent the invitation and Hyuk received, Hyuk maybe spreads to the four corners that Leo would marry Persephone! And we also have another theory that Hyuk was in Leo’s plan the whole time, and all this things means that Hyuk could be Hermes! The messenger of Olympus that can move in different planes. And it can be very well explained in Zelos conception where Hyuk is immersed in books (messages). 

And also in the Dynamite music video; at times he seems to be upside down. Hyuk could be in Leo’s plan, due to Leo’s own issues.

There are two theories for that as well.

Hades is the God of the dead, the God of the underworld. In the new teaser of the new concept you can see all of them in a dark place, which might be the underworld. 

Ravi says in Dynamite, “all mine, her mind. Maybe I’m jealous.” This may represent Ravi himself as Hades and the discovery about who kidnapped Persephone - his wife. Hyuk as Hermes, may have delivered the invitation of Zelos to Hades, who sent Leo and all others to the underworld.

^That image is from the “art film” video, that girl can be Persephone.

The other theory.

In Pirithous story I mentioned at the beginning, Hades offered Persephone for three months to Pirithous, the role that Leo is representing, but as Cronos. And that’s where the whole thing falls apart. Apparently, Leo accepts the deal of Hades and in the last day of this deal, he tries to go back in time to stay with her because he’s in love and can not let her go. This makes even more sense if we consider the lyrics of Dynamite as I said above, Leo has “only one night.” The deal then was broken from the moment he stepped back in time, and it happened in that bath scene from the conception trailer, when he sinks in the water filled with clocks and those objects.

If you look on the opening trailer, you can see Ken on a throne, observing people around him. He’s wearing white clothes and looks a little worried about something. He looks exactly like a God!

On Hades-Fantasy new teaser, you can see Ken pointing a direction to Hakyeon, and it possibly means that Ken is Zeus and he is giving a reward to Hakyeon for the destroyed marriage on Dynamite music video. Do you remember that scene when all the members were destroying everything? Well, think about it.

^The mission.

^The reward.

On the same teaser, Hakyeon follows the direction that Ken pointed and that door possibly means an entrance to Elysium! Yeah, the new concept for VIXX’s new concert this month.
Elysium is the heaven, the opposite to hell and that’s the reward from Zeus to Zelos.

*Zelos is the retinue of Zeus, in other words, both were friends on Greek mythology and would make sense if it really happened.
Dynamite-Fantasy for Ken and N works as a friendship for some favors to both parts.

What about Hongbin? Well, Hongbin is Dionysus, the God of “parties”, grape harvest, wine etc. He also is the protector of dangerous and strange things. If you check Dynamite lyric, Hongbin says “bartender, one more drink, i need more” and “abracadabra, make this come true. Abracadabra, all mine. Abracadabra, make her mind go back”. Another thing related to time! And Dionysus is known for mind control! Following this steps, Hongbin has a bond with the girl on Dynamite music video who supposedly can be Persephone. 

^Drunk boy?

And what Fantasy could bring after all this theories about Dynamite?

On this new teaser, we can see Leo up some stairs to talk with Ravi (Hades), the person he betrayed when he went back in time to marry Persephone. After this, Leo isn’t wearing white clothes anymore.



He shows up wearing black with bandaged hand and closer to the banquet, the banquet we believe that was made for two people, for him and Hakyeon. 
Do you remember the “Pirithous story”? When he went to hell to kidnap Persephone, Hades made a deal with him, Hades offered a “diabolic banquet” and made him sit on “diabolic chairs”. So now, have you noticed the place that Ken is? x) a place full of chairs! And Hongbin?… the banquet!

You can see this in a better way on Leo’s part, with his eyes and the spikes (he finally showed the ‘eye’, because in Dynamite video he covered it up with a glove every time). There’s a strange sound too, looks like chains, which we can connect with the Pirithous thing! He was locked in hell on the original history.

To explain better all the Pirithous thing: He was a king who I mentioned on the beginning, and he went to hell to kidnap Persephone but he wasn’t alone. There’s Tesheus, his friend, and Theseus was the only that escaped from hell. Now, can you watch the new teaser again and see who was walking toward the door? Hakyeon, right? So, Hakyeon is representing Teseu, but as Zelos, and Leo is representing Pirithous, but as Cronus.

So now we have:
- Leo is locked inside the hell for having betrayed Ravi and for returned in time to marry the girl on the Dynamite music video, breaking the deal.
- Hakyeon is the only who left the underworld and find Elysium with the help of Ken, who is Zeus.

That’s what the teaser is focusing more than anything.

Ah, but what the hell is Jellyfish doing to have all this crazy theories?
Jellyfish is a genious!

The concept until now is about Leo. He fell in love with someone, but he knows it’s wrong. Hakyeon tried put an end on this and he made it, so now he is on Elysium as a reward from Ken. Ravi was Hades since ever and sent all the members to underworld after Dynamite, Hyuk is one of the most important things ‘cause he spreads the message of the situation and Hongbin was the person who was protecting the girl and possibly the person who was helping Leo as well.

So, ZELOS-DYNAMITE: the plan of Leo happening and that whole scenario is a return in time and Hakyeon invited all the members to destroy the marriage.
HADES-FANTASY: the Leo’s consequences for having betrayed Hades, the Hakyeon’s reward and possibly the judgment of the others members.
KRATOS-?: wait for it.

PS: on “art film”, we can see a lot of Gods! And one of them is Themis! Who is described as the “good conseul” and the personification of divine order.

That says a lot, right? x)

So now he have this too:

N — Zelos (God of rivalry, envy, dedication, emulation)
Ravi — Hades (God of death, king of underwood)
Leo — Cronos (God of time)
Hyuk — Hermes (Emissary and messenger of the gods)
Hongbin — Dionysus (God of party, wine and protector of dangerous and strange things).
Ken — Zeus (Father of gods, God of men).

Credits: SURUVIXX (my group of friends).
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