also let me tell u another thing

people who go into the comments section in ken’s p4u2 showcase and say that he’s a horrible person and didn’t deserve a spot “because he’s the reason shinji’s dead”

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What are squid parties

friend let me tell u about squid parties
squid parties generally start when one squid approaches another squid in a turf war and starts doing the floppy thing (where u turn to a squid and a kid rly fast)
also involves a lot of spinning and jumping n anything that isn’t actually doing anything in the turf war 
if u got a cool team, more ppl will join in on the squid party fun and everyone will be booyah-ing each other and usually the end result is everybody just dicking around and flopping everywhere and writing/drawing things in the ground w ur ink (someone wrote WOOMY in one and i drew a bunch of dicks in another. this one person w a sloshr kept trying to censor my dicks but i was Not Having That) 
if ur really lucky EVERYONE on both ur team and the enemy team will squid party w u and its just a whole lot of Fun 
but theres always those sour sports that ruin the fun for everyone and splat everybody that tries to squid party