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A week for ItaShi  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[banner image is courtesy of the lovely @intheendlessbluewine and her amazing art]

From October 9 - October 15, celebrate the relationship between Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha from the Naruto series with your art, writing, gifs/graphics, songs, translations, etc! Feel free to be as creative as you want with the prompts ^^ And remember to use the tag #shiitaweek so we can see everyone’s creations!

Themes~ the theme for each day is split into two separate prompts that can be interpreted on their own or combined, however you’d like :P

Day 1: Confession // First Date
Day 2: Dreams // Training
Day 3: Partnership // Family
Day 4: Trust // Habits
Day 5: Hardship // Touch
Day 6: AU // Celebration
Day 7: Promise // Farewell

A few things to remember:

  • Please don’t repost any work that is not your own, or anything without the original creator’s permission! 
  • Tag anything NSFW 
  • The overlying theme is a romantic one, but platonic shiita is great, too! Any works that focus solely on their friendship are more than welcome!
  • Above all, have fun! :D

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for the anon who wanted 9 product recommendations, here are 10 instead! i’ve included detailed descriptions of each product along with the price/where you can find it.
SINCE I’M TAKING THE TIME TO WRITE THIS FOR Y’ALL PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME THE SAME HAIR/BEAUTY/MAKEUP QUESTIONS OVER N OVER ^0^;; i love helping people out but it gets a little bit overwhelming when i receive the same few questions all the time. i hope this helps clear some of the questions i haven’t been able to get to and please let me know if you’d like anything clarified! (also inspired by redxbean‘s favorite beauty products post!!)

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Prompt: headcannon: this elitist asshole demon who wanted to get rid of dip to “keep our kind clean of human filth” starts a demon brawl with dipper and that. that is the thing that made alcor the dreambender a household name and put him on the “frequently summoned demon” list

I feel like I need to apologize in advance for all the Zalgo in this. (…let me know if anything needs clarifying/translated.)

Afardow the Prideful had more than earned their name and the right to keep it only theirs. Only the finest of sacrifices would do to tempt them from the Mindscape, only the most perfect of summons with the highest quality materials, and they were powerful enough to demand them.

Though they would eagerly accept the sacrifice of lesser demons to their glory. If a demon could be bound so easily, then they were unworthy to call themselves demon and deserved to be sacrificed to give power to the more worthy.

Other demons tended to avoid them with more care than they commonly put toward not meeting with each other. A basic precaution, since while most meetings of demons led to fights, it was a guarantee if they didn’t meet Afardow’s extremely high standards of demonkind – and it was the rare demon that could.

After the Transcendence, it took time for Afardow to hear the rumors of Alcor. Little surprise when they held themselves as being above gossip, and so few would dare approach them anyway.

But hear about him, they finally did, around eight years after the world changed irrevocably.

And they weren’t happy.

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