also let me know if anything needs clarifying!

ruinsofmer  asked:

Hi! Okay so I was thinking about black holes and I was wondering if they're hot since they were suns? But I was also thinking that they might be cold because the whole nothing can escape thing (even heat I would imagine) but my thing is, if all that stuff is going in there.. then how is it's energy being converted because it can't just be destroyed right? (Sorry if this is all wrong I'm only in highschool)

Black holes are actually quite cold! Inside the event horizon the temperatures are (very probably) nearing absolute zero. (.000006 Kelvin to be more precise) Though black holes were stars at one point, that doesn’t really have anything to do with their “active” temperature.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t any heat around black holes; in fact directly outside the event horizon temperatures can reach hundreds of millions of degrees due to the particles being accelerated to speeds near the speed of light.

Also, don’t let anybody ever let you think that just because you’re in high school that you’re inherently wrong! (I’m only a senior myself)

I hope this answered your question, and please let me know if I need to clarify or correct anything! :)


OK, everyone, I think we have a final card!  Thanks to everyone who threw ideas my way!

Please let me know if anything on here needs clarifying or could be worded better.  Also, if any artists/photosetters/fanmixers/etc. could let me know if these kinds of prompts would work for non-writers, as well, I would greatly appreciate it.  ^_^

General Bingo rules for those who’d like to start planning:
…there are no rules?  IDEK.  Rows, columns, diagonals are all fair game.  All the tropes, all the AUs, all the things that start with ‘A,’ fill something for every prompt on the card, use an entire row in one prompt?  Seriously, go to town with it.  ^_^  I don’t have any prizes or anything planned, but if people wanted to volunteer to contribute fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, photosets, what-have-you as prizes, I’d be game to help orangize that, too.  Or we could just go the “if this prompts for Feuilly content, then we ALL win” route.  ^_~

Also, remember, this will be strictly opt-in, so if you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to.


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(answer asap would be good but if there are more important qs dont worry) so i stopped going to church in around 2010 because i got ill but also for other reasons (mostly lgbt+ related) but tonight i finally got to my (new) campus' affirming (lgbt+, disability, race, 'gender identities'(!!!)) church and i just. didn't really feel anything? i don't know if it was because i was so anxious or what but i just don't really know what to do. any advice / prayers would be great please. thank you.

Hey there! I’m excited that you visited a church after so long away! I know firsthand how hard it can be to get back into church after time away, especially when anxiety is a factor and you have to try out new churches.

It is absolutely okay that you didn’t feel anything at church – you weren’t doing anything “wrong” and it doesn’t necessarily mean the church won’t come to feel like home to you in time. I have a few segments to this answer.

1) Anxiety totally could have been part of it. I just started attending a new church a few weeks ago and that first Sunday there, I was super anxious. My anxiety and the newness of it all (their worship style is a bit different than what I’m used to) kept me from really being able to get into a mindset for worship, or getting to know the people there – even though from a more logical standpoint I could tell the people were really warm and friendly, the sermon was a great one, and so on. I went the next Sunday and my anxiety was a little lower and I had a really good experience from a spiritual standpoint as well as getting to know the people better. And this past Sunday was the first time (after quite a few weeks of attending the church) that I felt really at ease and ready to crack jokes with folks and have a good time after the service. Sometimes it just takes a while. 

2) The main purpose of church is not to “feel” something.

Of course it can be wonderful to have an emotional or even physical reaction to God during worship. The Spirit can move through our emotions, absolutely – those moments are real and beautiful and worth treasuring. But for some reason, a large part of our culture has come to believe that emotion is what church is all about, when it isn’t – it’s about worshiping God, and being transformed through your relationship with God to go out into Their world and bear good fruit. 

I don’t know if this current trend of focusing on emotion has to do with the attempt to get young folks to come by promising that they’ll “get” something unique and tangible out of church, but for whatever reason many churches seem to sell An Experience they can give you every single time you go. There are even some churches where the leaders spend the whole service doing everything they can to manipulate intense emotion in the worshippers, which is….exploitation, and not what is supposed to be going on during worship. The focus should be on God, and praising God in community, not on getting the congregation to “feel” a certain way.

There’s this idea in mainstream Christian culture that if you don’t feel anything – if you don’t feel God – during church then either 1) God wasn’t really there; 2) you’re doing something wrong, so the Spirit didn’t move in you; 3) or that church isn’t the right fit for you or is bad in some way.

As I said, the Spirit can move through our emotions – but They move in so many other ways, too. God is present in stillness, in grief, heck, even in boredom. If you leave church feeling bored or disappointed, or intellectually stimulated but not sure if you “got something” spiritual from the worship, you still went to church, you still worshipped, and God still was and is there. 

3) Many aspects of faith are often slow processes.

To pursue the previous comment that even if you were bored / “eh” during worship you were still worshipping and God was still there, sometimes the fruits of that worship take time to be noticed.

You might go to church every Sunday for weeks and, while there, feel like it’s not doing what you hoped or expected it would; and then say one Sunday you have to miss church and you realize that that hour of worship does indeed mean something big for your relationship with God / the Body of Christ. 

God often works like water on stone, in small but constant increments that we don’t recognize for ages – and then we finally look behind us and see what They were building in our lives all along. 

4) And finally, it could be this church isn’t the right fit for you, though I’d put this consideration off for a few weeks.

The community we worship best with, and what puts us in a worshipful mood, varies for all of us. I don’t think you’ll know for sure unless you go at least a few more times. Don’t base whether it’s the right church on first reactions or solely on emotional reactions. (Unless those reactions are ones of alarm, major red flags, of course – e.g. something seems really Bad with the church, such as bigotry that makes you feel unsafe.)

If you do decide this isn’t the church for you, see if there are any other affirming ones in the area and when you’re ready to try another church, go check a new one out. 

I recommend going to this church again at least three more times. That way you can figure out if the anxiety + not being sure what to do is the root of your trouble, and see if getting more familiar with the church helps.

Your visits can be spread out over a few months, if going three weeks in a row is too exhausting. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. 

Your three or so “test” visits don’t need to all be worship services – if the church has various kinds of events, maybe go to the ones that sound most interesting / least overwhelming to you. 

You could also ask the pastor if you could meet with them to talk about the church. They’re often really friendly and can help you figure out what you need to feel at home in their church. And meeting with the pastor doesn’t mean you’re obliged to go back to the church – they won’t be mad or anything if y’all meet and then you decide to go elsewhere, don’t worry!

Best of luck to you, anon! Let me know if I need to clarify anything I wrote, and feel free to update me on how things go. 

Steph’s Golden Girls 1.5k Challenge

Okay everyone! Challenge time it is! I’ve hit 1.5k and then some today!

Now, you know that I keep you guys informed about the craziness that is my life as a teacher and grad student. Until we reach June 29th the amount and intensity of my work is pretty insane!

That being said, this challenge is for ANY and ALL writers who need something a little different to work with! How about some Golden Girls quotes/one-liners?

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 If you can dig it too, continue below the cut for details:

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain all the differences between social anxiety and AvPD?

“Like SAD, the central fear of people with APD is rejection, ridicule and humiliation by others. However, people with APD have a broader range of symptoms, and the symptoms are more severe.” From

A lot of people with AvPD are either diagnosed with social anxiety also, were diagnosed with SAD when they were younger and received an avpd diagnosis later, or were misdiagnosed as only have social anxiety. The impulse to avoid people/situations/and behaviors is usually a lot more frequent and severe and avoidant behaviors happen a lot more often.

I have AvPD and social anxiety for example, but my social anxiety is less severe while my AvPD impairs my life a good bit. It can take a while to separate the 2 disorders tbh. But I’ve had SAD longer than I’ve had AvPD since that normally comes during adolescence. So I know that my social anxiety obviously gives me social anxiety in situations so I do avoid talking and bringing attention to myself, I always have. But while social anxiety disorder makes me feel uncomfortable in big groups of people or people I don’t know, I feel uncomfortable in small groups of people or basically around anyone except for my safe person. When I had just social anxiety, I’d be shy and have a lot of regret and irrational responses to messing up, but once I warmed up to you I usually was like 90% better. Now I basically never feel more than 80% safe (even around my safe person on a good day).

I hope I’m making sense here?? Basically, if I just had social anxiety I’d be a loooot better now cause the only time I experience anxiety in social situations that isn’t caused by AvPD is about my voice and appearance since I’m trans, and if I’m put on the spot without knowing what to say.

AvPD tho…I mean it’s a personality disorder so it never goes away, it can only become more manageable. I’m getting better about avoiding stuff, but I still refuse to go make food when other people are around, would rather avoid than talk to anyone, and I sometimes have impulses to avoid my partner/safe person. Let me know if you need anything clarified!!!

Summary: AvPD and SAD are very similar and can be comorbid, but AvPD is lifelong and affects your personality. AvPD also can make you feel more comfortable around only one or a few people, or in larger groups. AvPD is also typically more severe and with more symptoms.

A week for ItaShi  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

[banner image is courtesy of the lovely @intheendlessbluewine and her amazing art]

From October 9 - October 15, celebrate the relationship between Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha from the Naruto series with your art, writing, gifs/graphics, songs, translations, etc! Feel free to be as creative as you want with the prompts ^^ And remember to use the tag #shiitaweek so we can see everyone’s creations!

Themes~ the theme for each day is split into two separate prompts that can be interpreted on their own or combined, however you’d like :P

Day 1: Confession // First Date
Day 2: Dreams // Training
Day 3: Partnership // Family
Day 4: Trust // Habits
Day 5: Hardship // Touch
Day 6: AU // Celebration
Day 7: Promise // Farewell

A few things to remember:

  • Please don’t repost any work that is not your own, or anything without the original creator’s permission! 
  • Tag anything NSFW 
  • The overlying theme is a romantic one, but platonic shiita is great, too! Any works that focus solely on their friendship are more than welcome!
  • Above all, have fun! :D

Please reblog this post to spread the word and get as many people to participate, and make shiita week an incredible event!  (◠‿◠✿)

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! I've just read the Marasi thing, and since english is not my first language, I don't know what is "ace"... and the other thing. Can you explain please? c: Also, I love your blog!!

hi there!! “Ace” is short for “asexual”, which is usually used to describe someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction.

Is the other thing “bi” or “aro”? “Bi” is usually short for “bisexual”, meaning someone who experiences attraction to two or more genders, and “aro” is short for “aromantic”, meaning someone doesn’t experience romantic attraction. 

It can get a little confusing. If you need anything clarified let me know!! and thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my blog!! 

hidden-heathen-deactivated20160  asked:

oh wow u have a really well organized blog :o i saw that ur an intj, do u have any advice on figuring out what ur type is because im stuck in between intj and infp

*chuckles with embarrassment* Yes, I can hardly control my organizational urges. ^///^;

Besides reading many of the different profiles there are, deeply thinking about yourself and experimenting with what you do and how you take everything in to see which type applies the most to you, here are some points that helped me figure out whether I was INTJ or INFP. I wish I had quicker solutions for you, but there is so much to consider when these two types can be so similar!

Sometimes telling apart INTJs from INFPs can be very difficult. There are some very artistic and emotion-driven INTJs that look like INFPs and some very reserved and determined INFPs that look like INTJs. Apparently people of both of these types usually are very able to emulate the other’s default and/or stereotypical behaviors at will and become pretty much indistinguishable as types. Maybe something like this is the kind of overlap that you’re experiencing?

On one hand you’d have a seemingly INFP who’s actually more of an INTJ (whose primary four functions are Ni Te Fi Se) determined to explore, develop and manifest their artistic, compassionate and philosophical side. However, this might only or much more fully be accessed and acknowledged if it’s in accordance with their greater vision (Ni) and what they deem logical (Te) (measuring pros and cons and finding it justified and/or worthwhile).  Meanwhile, an INFP may be more naturally inclined to this regardless of its usefulness.

On the other hand you’d have a seemingly INTJ who’s actually more of an INFP (whose primary four functions are Fi Ne Si Te) having a deep and strong conviction to get themselves through a set of tasks they don’t personally find appealing for the sake of what they feel is right (Fi) and won’t let it go until they know they’ve done their part among all the implications they see (Ne) and are at peace with it. Meanwhile, an INTJ may be more likely to be satisfied being task and goal oriented so long as it’s mentally stimulating and/or leads to a greater and worthy end.

So rather than looking only at the personality profile manifested in the person, we should also look into the why and the how it’s done to tell apart INTJ from INFP.

Also, for reference, here are some behaviors that can be found more often in one type than the other:

INTJs are more likely to have a face that looks like this >:[ while processing. (“I’m not angry, I’m just thinking.”)
INFPs are more likely to have a face that looks more like this :I or this :T. (“It’s just… I don’t know.”)

INTJs are more likely to feel the need to change the systems around them and around people they care about to something better for them. (“The world has to be rearranged and improved for us, or else I’ll want it destroyed, or at least away from us!”)
INFPs are more likely to feel the need to reach into themselves and into the people they care about to make it better. (“I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Is there anything I can do to help you feel better?” *proceeds to practice divinely inspired soul healing*)

INTJs are more likely to have a communication style that is rash and cutting. (“Yes, but sadly, this isn’t the way things are. If you do X and Y, you’re going to get Z, not A. If you want to get A, you better do M, N and O or R and S, or something else, but definitely not X and Y, unless you want to deal with Z.”)
INFPs are more likely to have a communication style that flows and feels silky-smooth. (-insert words nobly threaded together that bounce, caress, glow, shimmer, nourish and lift with meaning-)

INTJs are more likely to give off an arrogance vibe. (“Humans…”)
INFPs are more likely to give off a dreamy vibe. (“Such a rotten yet beautiful world…”)

INTJs are more likely to not feel very comfortable with expressing sentimentalism unless they go through arduous training and/or mental preparation to do so. (“Omg, this is so sappy. I’m pretty sure I look ridiculous doing this. This isn’t for me. Is there another way around this, please? Well, here, take this I made for you, and now let’s change the topic.”)
INFPs are more likely to more readily validate sentimentalism and more freely express it to those they trust and love. (“Wait, I need you to know how special and wonderful you truly are to me…”*proceeds to graceful display of love*)

INTJs are more likely to find it harder to compromise and resent going out of their way for others. (“Either we help each other with what we need and want or we’re in each others’ way and wasting our time!”)
INFPs are more likely to have less trouble creating and maintaining common ground as long their deeper principles aren’t violated. (“We’re in this together, let’s make it ideal!”)

INTJs are more likely to hate feeling victimized by someone else’s wrongdoing as it makes them feel less powerful. (“You can savor this little victory now, but this isn’t over and I will so prove myself above this in the end.” *fueled by shame and anger, is aggressively driven to self-improvement*)
INFPs are more likely to be baffled that it was done in the first place. (“How could you?!”)

INTJs are more likely to dismiss and deny the things they care about when they’re inconvenient. (“Pfft, I don’t care; I have more important things to do anyway.” *some time later* “Why’s this thing still crossing my mind? It’s distracting and pointless. And I don’t care. I don’t. Maybe there’s something I need to understand about it so it can stop bugging me. Yes, maybe it’s just that.”)
INFPs are more likely to admit to and venerate them, as well as dwell in all their intrinsic qualities. (“I could get lost here forever…”)

INTJs are more likely to be read as cold and uncaring while they are actually being very loving. (“What?! Isn’t it blatantly obvious that I’ve been doing all this because of and for you???”)
INFPs are more likely to be patronized while they are actually being very firm and serious. (“The last thing I need right now is someone telling me I look adorable!”)

INTJs are more likely to smirk with amusement.
INFPs are more likely to smile warmly with affection.

And so on…

I realize this might not be enough to finally determine which type you are most like, so please feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to clarify, elaborate on, cover or discuss.

(If anyone else also wants to add anything to this, I’ll appreciate it!)

For more, there’s this post by stuff-infps-say,
Why INFPs Get Confused With Other Types: INTJs (and Vice Versa)

babaspooks  asked:

Hi Butterfly! I don't know if you've answered anything like this before (looked through a couple of your frequently asked questions though) but I wonder how spousal home arrangements work? For example, a daughter who is married off usually goes to live with the husband. But what if a house has several sons and they all get married, wouldn't it get crowded with so many families? Do they get castles of their own? thanks in advance!

You’re very welcome – and it depends on the wealth and property ownership of the family, not to mention their attitude towards younger sons. A wealthy and generous lord could set up “cadet houses” for his younger brothers/sons (in House Stark, that’s how House Karstark and the extinct House Greystark were founded; in House Lannister that’s where the Lannisters of Lannisport came from). He could also make a younger son lord of a smaller castle or holdfast (which could in time become a cadet house). We can see this right now in House Tyrell, where Garlan Tyrell (Mace’s second son) was granted Brightwater Keep (formerly belonging to House Florent, seized by the crown because the Florents supported Stannis), forming the cadet House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep.

Alternatively, if the family is poor or parsimonious, or if they’re rich but their castle is very large, the sons (and daughters, even) can just not ever move out. Yes, it does get crowded with so many families living in one place, and feuds and tension abound, but it’s not that uncommon. We can see this in House Frey (both castles of the Twins are filled with Freys), in House Lannister (the huge Casterly Rock is filled with multiple Lannister branches – including Genna and Emmon Frey, where he moved into her home), and I expect that whenever the Dunk and Egg story where they visit Winterfell comes out we’ll see a rather tense multiple family situation there.

And sometimes if the family is very poor or very unsupportive, the younger sons are left to fend for themselves. Which is why many don’t marry, but join the Night’s Watch or Faith or Citadel, or become sworn swords/sellswords or hedge knights. (See Sandor Clegane; also see the Second Sons mercenary company.) Those that do marry may struggle to support their family… though if they’re very lucky they can marry an heiress and move into her home. (Which is why Brienne is such a catch, even though she doesn’t believe herself to be.) Or if they’re slightly less lucky, not an heiress but a girl whose father is willing to let him live in their castle, or even set up a holdfast for them as her dowry.

If you’re interested, I have some further discussion of this subject on this post where someone asked me what if the Starks had just lived normal lives. I also recommend GRRM’s answer on this topic. And if you need anything clarified, just let me know. :)



for the anon who wanted 9 product recommendations, here are 10 instead! i’ve included detailed descriptions of each product along with the price/where you can find it.
SINCE I’M TAKING THE TIME TO WRITE THIS FOR Y’ALL PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME THE SAME HAIR/BEAUTY/MAKEUP QUESTIONS OVER N OVER ^0^;; i love helping people out but it gets a little bit overwhelming when i receive the same few questions all the time. i hope this helps clear some of the questions i haven’t been able to get to and please let me know if you’d like anything clarified! (also inspired by redxbean‘s favorite beauty products post!!)

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anonymous asked:

you're beautiful! is there anyway you'd say how you make your scrubs? i'm kinda curious. O: this is a diff anon but honestly you are so radiant and heavenly. i'm jealous too. :X

Thank you, no need to be jealous though!! 

Aha I don’t measure and just sorta guesstimate how much of each ingredient I put but here are some of the stuff I do! They’re pretty simple but I’m bad at explaining things so yeah  (。≧◇≦)ノ

Oatmeal Face Wash

Literally just soak some oatmeal in your hands with water for about 2 minutes. Push on/squeeze the oats until the water gets foggy and rub all that good stuff on your face for about 5 minutes, water included. When you’re done, get a warm, wet rag to wipe all the oatmeal off. This is pretty messy though, so beware. You can do this while your taking bath so everywhere is all smooth and stuff aha just take care of making sure it doesn’t clog your drain

Honey Scrub

I really recommend using organic honey for this, but you can use whatever type you have available! Just take about a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of sugar and mix them together. Add in just a tiny bit of lemon juice and mix that in too. Rub it on your face for about 3 minutes, Sometimes I walk around for about ten minutes with it on before washing it off with warm water

Olive Oil Scrub

Get some olive oil and mix it with sugar. Make sure you have more sugar than olive oil because the oil kinda drowns the sugar a lil. Just that stuff on ya face for 3 min and wash it off with warm water. This also works pretty well as a lip scrub!! 

I hope that helped! Let me know if you need anything clarified!!  ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

bubbleglittersparkle-deactivate  asked:

I saw Jupiter Ascending and tbh the plot went over my head. Or the eugenics references did. I hate to ask but can you explain? I wanna understand but the only posts about JA I can see that talk about it besides yours are the "omg it's trash I <4 it" ones and I really wanna understand


[I apologize if this is jargon-heavy or incoherent, my brain is really mushy right now. If anything needs clarifying, please let me know! Also, if you want academic sources, hit me up.]

Ok first some history: eugenics, which is “is the belief and practice which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population” was a movement that rose to prominence, particularly in the UK, United States, and Canada in the late 19th century. The idea was that social ills were located in defects of breeding, and that to improve social outcomes like poverty and disability, certain people should be prevented from a) entering the country and b) reproducing. Eugenics was the guiding principle of North American immigration policy in the early 20th century. “Defectives” were not welcome, and there were all kinds of tests administered to prospective immigrants on arrival. Anyone deemed to have a low iq (and this could be as a result of, for example, facial features or skin tone, not speaking english) was turned away, along with their families.

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Hey guys!! To celebrate reaching 1,500 followers I decided to do a tumblr awards! This is how it’s going to go:

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Let me know if you have any questions, or if I need to clarify anything. Lots of love <3

Also, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to my best friend christmasmuffin  who made the gorgeous edit for me:)