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Super super late night rough sketch of an idea I got while watching Memoirs of a Geisha for the umpteenth time and looking through all of my reference photos of samurai and kimonos I have on my phone that I forgot I even had. Basically another AU I thought of where InuYasha is a rogue samurai who wanders into the district Kagome works as a geisha. They meet, sparks fly, the usual, but geisha are not allowed the freedom to love and live outside of their profession, and Inu has some sort of fucked past he’s running away from in the meantime and now I’m just rambling away someone stop me please—
This has probably already been done and I know there’s gotta be some historical inaccuracies but i really wanted to draw them like this.
So…. Enjoy ._.

First Holidays Together Headcanons

-First valentines day together as a mated couple and the Omega expresses their love with sappy heartfelt cards and making all the Alpha’s favorite foods. The Alpha expressing themselves by writing cheesy poems on post it’s and sticking them everywhere, also leaving teddy bears and other gifts where they know their Omega will find them and lots of lovely kisses

-An Omega mating with an Alpha that doesn’t know much about St. Patrick’s day and enjoying pinching them all day because they didn’t know they were supposed to wear green

-Painting eggs together on Easter and all the Omega’s eggs are so intricate and cute while the Alpha’s are all just one color or a murky brown color from being dipped in too many different colors

-The Omega hiding all the eggs for fun and being so incredibly amused when the Alpha’s hunting instincts kick in and they go searching around the house and yard like a small child

-4th of July and the Alpha being so excited about the fireworks and the Omega low-key dreading the frighteningly loud noises but enduring it to make their mate happy. Holding their Alpha’s hand tightly and staying tucked into their side through it all

-First Halloween as mates and the Alpha really wants to wear a cheesy couples costume and the Omega is just completely against the idea, so the Alpha keeps begging and bribing and “Oh my God did you just try using your Alpha voice to make me agree to dress up as a bottle of mustard?!”

-Going to a pumpkin patch together and the Omega picking out a small perfectly round pumpkin while their Alpha bounds through the rows of pumpkins like a puppy, searching for the biggest pumpkin they can find, while also low-key trying to impress their mate with how heavy of a pumpkin they can lift

-First thanksgiving as mates and spending it with the Alpha’s family. The Omega helping their mate’s Omega parent in the kitchen and being lovingly interrogated, “what do you love most about my child? Do they treat you well? Do you want children? How many? Etc.” and the Omega blushing and responding all quiet and shy but with such obvious affection in their voice, and the Alpha is quietly listening from the hallway with a red face and a goofy grin, being so happy about hearing the love and adoration in the Omega’s tone but also being so glad that the two most important Omegas in their life are getting along so well

-The Omega watching in awe as their Alpha clears three entire plates of thanksgiving dinner before deciding they are full…and then heating up leftovers just a couple hours later after eating half a pumpkin pie

-Decorating their first Christmas tree together and the Omega had insisted on getting a really tall tree but in order to decorate the upper half they have to sit on their Alpha’s shoulders. The Alpha blaring cheerful Christmas music and then tightly gripping the Omega’s legs before spinning in circles in front of the tree till the Omega is shrieking/laughing about how they are gonna fall

-Baking Christmas cookies in matching holiday aprons and the Omega being really into actually baking while the Alpha is more focused on trying to steer them under the mistletoe or “accidentally” smearing icing/dough on the Omega’s neck and face and then insisting on licking it all off…finally getting the Omega under the mistletoe and exchanging heated but sugary sweet kisses, the Omega not realizing that their Alpha had left very clear flour handprints on the ass of their jeans and then trying to figure out why their mate keeps smirking later on when they go to the store

-Watching Christmas movies and talking about how excited they are for future Christmases when they have children

-New Years Eve, watching movies and cuddling on the couch and the very sleepy Omega trying so hard to stay awake but they doze off and once the clock strikes midnight they wake up to a light kiss being placed on their lips and a whispered, “Happy new year, love” before they are carried upstairs and warmly snuggled into bed with their mate

Him: "Go F*ck Yourself, I'll smoke where I want." Me: "I'm sure you do...."

A kid at my college, after they passed the “smoking ban,” would smoke in the doorway of the dorm and stink up the lobby. He would also leave his butts everywhere…we sent him several notices and several times RAs had written him up but the administration wouldn’t do more than that. I even asked him polietly and he gave me a “Go fuck yourself, I’ll smoke where I want.” My window was right above the door and his smoke would come in my window and/or AC unit.

I took latex gloves (from the lab) and I would pick the butts up and put them in a pickle jar. Once the jar was full I poured the stale, nasty cigarette butts in his ground floor window right before an inspection. He didn’t have a roomate because nobody wanted to live with him since he stank so bad. I made it look like he chain smoked in his room at the window (which I’m sure he did anyway)
The adminstration levied him a $500 fine. He smoked in the approved section after that, which had a smoker’s friend butt catcher and was far away from the door to the dorm.

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I associate you with those really pretty, delicate flowers that grow in like... Small vines? With small flowers and tiny leaves everywhere..? Also evergreen forests and squirrels and (probably because of your icon..!) owls. Also old Norse tales/mythology, maybe thanks to g/t and that forest association.

Oh wow thank you!! This is beautiful!!!! Honestly this is like my aesthetic. Like, you don’t even know. Thank you so much????? <3

Counting magpies

After the new footage in ‘Parenthood’ I started wondering if the number of magpies we see in certain shots might be relevant. The One For Sorrow nursery rhyme suggests different outcomes for each number of magpies, so…

Let’s take a quick look at the rhyme and start counting. 

We get three magpies in most shots of Sherlock’s best man speech. Three for a girl or  three for a funeral, depending on which version of the rhyme you look at. We know from the trailers and other information we have been tormented with that Rosamund is a girl. We also know from the original Sherlock Holmes stories that Watson’s wife dies and he moves back in with Holmes. That’s a nice bit of foreshadowing. 

What about the new scene from Parenthood?

Five magpies. Five for silver or five for heaven. Many people have speculated that the baby will die, ‘five for heaven’ conforms to that reading - by the end of series four the baby will be in heaven. The question is how? I think the first line ‘five for silver’ might give us a clue. We saw Moriarty dancing to ‘The thieving magpie’ song and also use a magpie to seal his letters to Sherlock, he is the magpie and he’s also leaving his sign everywhere. Magpies are known for sealing shiny objects. Silver is shiny. Moriarty will steal (kill) the baby. 

… I’m going to spend the first three weeks of 2017 crying.

I’m tagging some people I saw speculating about magpies: @shaaghaayegh @teaandforeshadowing @piebsa @221b-sh @conan-doyles-carnations


The kids had fun making this small video on the day off school. Come on you Gunners!