also leather pants

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in


Because this is legendary.

things i noticed during the great comet

so i saw the show on july 8th with ingrid michaelson as sonya and dave malloy as pierre, i was seated in the onstage banquettes, stage right, on the inside aisle, 2nd row. before i forget all of these little things i noticed and saw that you can’t get from the cast recording, i wanted to make a list. anyway, here are just a few of the things i got from my seat during the show.

- the lighting is truly remarkable. there are a ton of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling as well as those beautiful starburst chandeliers, and they lower or rise at various points in the show. the lights are all connected, even the lamps on the tables, and they flicker and dim and go wild all together. sitting on stage and seeing all of the lamps in the audience was an experience in itself
- during “no one else,” after the “and flying away like this” natasha was standing in the aisle a few rows behind me and andrey was standing right next to me. it’s snowing on him and she keeps singing and looking sadly at him, while he rifles through letters (presumably from her) and mouths to himself “i love her” and “i love you” and other things. it’s always been a beautiful song, but seeing them a few feet away, and the facial expressions…i cried
- fourth wall who? the entire cast sings a looot of the show directly at people, and there is so much more interaction (at least in my seat) than i could have dreamed. someone sat right next to us during the opera scene, watching through their opera glasses; i got handed a love letter during “letters”; they wink and make faces at you while singing or playing their instruments
- SPEAKING of interaction, during “the abduction” when anatole sings “wait! shut the door! first we have to sit down!” he looked around and then came to where i was sitting on the aisle and frantically gestured at me to move over, pushing until he had room, and then sat on the banquette. he looked around and sang “that’s the way…it’s a russian custom” and then looked back at me and just. stared. lucas steele’s eyes just looking right at me. i giggled for a few seconds, then gave him that “sup how you doin” head nod, and he paused for a second and then did it back. i was so aware that the entire audience was looking at me, and it was wild, people were laughing and he just kept smirking at me. finally he went “alright” and got up and carried on. my heart took a few measures to normalize
- THE CLUB SCENE. there is SO MUCH going on. the ensemble is dressed in like leather, fishnets, neon, sunglasses, and the whole “ohhhh ohhh ohhh, ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhhohhohohohohohoh” beginning part is just STROBE LIGHTS and it was WIIIIILD. i don’t know how they all move around during that scene without falling off anything. also marya is wearing leather pants and holding a riding crop
- after “pierre & andrey” nicholas belton goes back to the bolkonsky section of the stage and mary looks so happy to see him and goes to give him a hug and he just throws up his hands and pushes past her to sit and sulk, and she looks absolutely devastated
- dave malloy is an incredible pierre. he embodies the emotions and inner turmoil and conflict so beautifully. his “dust & ashes” was gorgeous
- during “sonya alone,” a single lightbulb comes down over sonya’s head, and it’s one of the most simple songs with the least amount of movement onstage and it was fantastic and ingrid michaelson sounded wonderful
- during “the duel” when it’s dolokhov’s turn to shoot, pierre just stands there with his arms outstretched and his head down, waiting for it. after the shot, everybody is still for several seconds and then pierre lifts his head and does that “wait…am i okay” thing and pats himself on the side and stomach like he’s checking for a wound, and then the song continues
- in “pierre & natasha” when pierre sings “she began to cry” denee benton moved away and bent over and started sobbing, and doesn’t stop throughout the next several lines and it was so very distressing and sad
- omg during “the opera” after the first part of the opera actually happens and the music gets faster again, before natasha sings “grotesque and amazing” the lights come up and she and sonya are in their box watching and sonya’s face was all scrunched up like she had just eaten something rotten while natasha was literally doing the :-O face, and everybody laughed

like a million other things happened that i love obviously but i can’t even remember all of them. moral of the story, i loved it and if you can see it, do.


When I started this I thought there weren’t enough photos of Marya, and I stand by that, but at the same time, there are going to be a lot of pictures in the bonus section -

But most of Marya’s costumes as actual Marya are the same skirt and blouse, with different blouses and shawls, a jacket matching the skirt from the Prologue to Moscow, then her Opera dress, The Cat Suit That Nearly Killed Me during The Duel pictured below, and I couldn’t seem to find a full photo, the same skirt and blouse but with yellow shawl during Sunday Morning and going to church. 

Her Letters/Balaga costume uses the same blouse, but also leather pants under the half-skirt.

And finally, another variation on her first costume, with a house sweater, and no jewelry because Sonya woke her up in the middle of the night and there is no time to look your best when you need to keep scoundrels out of your house and then yell at your god daughter.

More photos under the cut because there are a lot of them

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Touch Of Red

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rule-britannia  asked:

If you could see Joe in any outfit what would it be. (Birthday suit is not an answer)

Such a stylish handsome man  ❤️

@arysene ,,,,, why is everything that comes out of ur mouth an innuendo tf ,, , , but im serious , , ,, , WHEN WILL U EVER COME ACROSS A GUY THAT CARES ABT HIS EDUCATION THAT MUCH??? WHILE STILL RETAINING THE COOL FACTOR??? AND STILL BEING WITHIN THE AGE RANGE OF DATING?????


OKAY this is a fucking gem, if you haven’t already seen it YOU SHOULD. Aside from being a hilariously well-written monologue, Calista is cute af and pretty damn hot in those leather pants, also Rachel Dratch is brilliant and the makeup artist who did that is fucking amazing??!? 

Ugh a young Calista just does things to me this shouldn’t be legal also how good she still looks at 52 shouldn’t be legal either and GAWD she should just always wear leather because damn.


anonymous asked:

Forgive me if you've answered this before, but what are your top 3 Magnus outfits, and why?

this is a good question!! I’ve never answered before actually.

#1. Forever a tie between 1x01 and 1x13. I can never really pick; he looks amazing in 1x01 with that shirt unbuttoned and that blue streak, but…1x13 has The Jacket™ and not to mention that ring. I also adore those red nails. But basically between these two looks, he’s positively sinful.

#2. 1x04 !!! Again, it pretty much comes down to the jacket; whoever decided to add that snakeskin collar was inspired and it’s just such an elegant look for him. I also loved the ribbons/belt hanging off his jacket because when he moved, it swirled with him and it was just a really neat touch. Plus, bracelet! (And yes, I know, backwards belt, but he makes it work.)

#3. 1x12 aka Battle Magnus. I don’t know, do I have to say why here? Look at those fingerless gloves and the shoulder detailing on his jacket. But, I also really love what he’s wearing beneath. That waistcoat will be the death of me.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have to reorder this when Season 2 happens since I’m already eyeing some new outfits he’s wearing in the clips we’ve seen as it is. But definitely for Magnus, I think what always pulls everything together is the jackets. His jackets are so fucking good; every time he puts it over top of an already nice outfit, it just kicks everything up a notch.