also lauren says like a lot

hamilton + marriage proposal headcanons


you had to know this one was coming next.


  • he does it in a public place of course
  • literally in the middle of the food court
  • it really wasnt safe to carry it in his pocket in the mall but. he did it anyway
  • he gets down on one knee
  • in the f o od court
  • and because of that you genuinely think hes just tying his shoe
  • who the fuck proposes in a food court surrounded by teenagers who might get wrong ideas and french fries
  • apparently alexander hamilton
  • so you’re looking around and waiting for him to finish 
  • and when you look back theres a box in his hand
  • and he… takes out a… folded up piece of paper…
  • ITS A POEM…….
  • and he READS IT OUT LOUD and its so CUTE but youre also SO EMBARRASSED because theres a part about how much he LOVES YOU IN BED
  • and after what felt like six hours he finally just says… “will you marry me?”
  • you hug him and pull him very close
  • (you mainly want him to shut up and for him to not talk about you in the nude in public anymore)
  • (he will ask you if it took too long. say yes. it was. he will then say “you know what else is long”)


  • this boy…
  • is so romantic…
  • he puts his heart into everything he does!!!
  • so he takes you to a little hillside in a park or in the countryside
  • and takes you for a picnic and everything is really nice
  • he packed all of your favourite foods and drinks and desserts and hes wearing a really nice white dress shirt and black pants
  • theres a little letter at the bottom of the basket he wants you to read
  • the dedication is really cute (”to the love of my life”)
  • but when you finish reading the letter… he is gone?
  • you are clearly very worried and you stand up and start looking around frantically 
  • and he is behind you and behind him is laf, alex, and herc
  • they’re all wearing…. matching outfits….
  • he starts s i n g ing and da nc ing
  • and when the song is finished he rushes over to you and gives you a big hug
  • and he keeps going
  • he gets down on one knee and has the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST GRIN ON HIS FRECKLED FACE 
  • and when he asks you to marry him
  • you’re probably blubbering and maybe crying because its so goddamn cute and hes so goddamn cute and hes like ”oh god did i do something wrong”
  • and you just shake your head and say yes, you do want to marry him
  • and the boys are in the background smiling, and sweating after all of the choreo they did
  • seriously. they’d been practicing for weeks.
  • (they said john even yelled at them once because he wanted it to be perfect)


  • if there’s. ANYONE who is going to ask you to marry him in a restaurant
  • it’s lafayette.
  • he takes you out to a really fancy dinner
  • and you both dress up really nice
  • and you get what you swear to god is the nicest food you’ve ever eaten
  • and you laugh and smile and talk throughout dinner
  • but he seems… somewhat…. nervous and awkward
  • and he’s normally this smooth talking guy
  • and its… very suspicious
  • and its even MORE suspicious when he says he forgot his wallet and that you have to pay
  • and you’re like “…. alright???? …. i geuss?????”
  • he apologizes a lot, more than he ever has before
  • and when the bill comes in the lil wallet holder folder thing made of leather
  • and you start rummaging through your wallet for the money
  • he looks very panicked that you actually are going to pay
  • and he’s like “no no y/n please look in the folder thing please”
  • and he snatches it before you can do anything and proposes in front of everyone!!!
  • (you see a few waitresses cry)
  • (he repeats over and over that he doesn’t actually want you to pay)
  • (kiss him. he deserves it. he was so scared.)


  • you are completely alone when he proposes.
  • he just… does it in your living room?
  • he steps out of the bedroom and he has a shirt in his hands
  • and he’s quietly like “y/n i made this for you can you try it on?”
  • and you take it and somehow wrestle it onto your body
  • you don’t even know whats on it. you just look at him and tell him it fits
  • and he’s like “go look in the mirror and tell me if you like it”
  • and when you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror it says “will you marry me?” in big sparkly pink font
  • when you go back out hes wearing… a MATCHING SHIRT…
  • and he’s already down on one knee and you approach him
  • and he hits you with the pick up line he said when you first met
  • and you BURST into laughter
  • once you’ve calmed down he’s like “in all seriousness y/n… will you marry me?”
  • and when you say yes, he j u mp s up and tackles you onto the couch
  • (like it actually slightly hurt a little bit) 
  • and he’s very apologetic
  • and to make it up to you he starts kissing you everywhere he can reach
  • (he made the shirt very revealing… for a reason)


  • its going to be big.
  • its going to be very big because she has to live up to her own high standards that she and everyone else has set for herself
  • so she takes you to a really busy tourist destination
  • that you’ve probably been to a million times
  • and you’re like “ok nice can we go now angelica”
  • and she’s like hang on… i’m waiting for something
  • and when you’re probably starting to get really annoyed because you’ve been there for the longest time
  • music starts playing that wasn’t playing before
  • and its your favourite love song
  • (whatever genre, whatever artist, your favourite song is playing)
  • and you’re like wow angelica this is really funny huh? its my favourite song
  • and she gulps, really loudly, and takes you by the hands
  • and peggy and eliza emerge from the crowd
  • and, for you, they sing the rest of your favourite love song with beautiful harmony and really cute and simple dance moves
  • and by the end everyone around you is clapping and you’re clapping but still you’re…. probably confused because… why did she serenade you in public
  • and angelica gets down on one knee
  • and she asks you to marry her in the most simple phrase
  • just straight up. “Will you marry me”
  • you stand up and nod
  • and when you say yes everyone EXPLODES
  • and everyone is cheering and clapping and she kisses you and you’re both laughing
  • (”was it good y/n” “yes angelica” “are you sure cuz if it wasn’t good then i can redo it” “angelica it was great” “are you satisfied” “ye s”)


  • the two of you are out for coffee and you both are having a good time
  • laughing and typing away at your laptops or doing work
  • and eliza excuses herself to go to the bathroom
  • and so you’re texting on your phone waiting for her to come back
  • when one of the baristas calls your name even though you didnt order another drink
  • but you go over and retrieve the cup that is apparently yours
  • and try to take a sip from it because like… free drink hell yeah
  • but theres…. nothing inside but this little hollow noise???
  • so with an eyebrow raised, you take off the lid, and there’s this… beautiful ring at the very bottom.
  • like, it probably shouldn’t be there because if someone got the wrong cup, they would not return it
  • you know the ring is for you and that it’s from eliza but you… can’t see her? 
  • even the barista seems confused?
  • and then she shyly emerges from the bathroom and is like “DO YOU LIKE IT Y/N” across the entire cafe
  • and you’re like… “yes eliza i love it”
  • and so she runs on over and takes the cup from your hands and pulls the ring out
  • and she doesnt get down on one knee but she does help you sit up on the counter top
  • and she’s like “you know what i love? you”
  • and then she proposes. and she’s blushy and really flushed and has the goofiest, sweetest smile suspended on her face and she talks about how helpless you make her feel 
  • and when you say yes, she does this lil dance and picks you up by the waist and spins you around
  • and then she realizes she can’t carry you because she is smol!!! so you climb down
  • and she slips the ring onto your finger and kisses you and she tastes like hot chocolate
  • and its… amazing


  • he just got back from a really long business trip
  • and hes been away for weeks
  • and when you go to pick him up at the airport
  • hes sweaty, and his hair is kind of flat, and he looks more exhausted than you’ve ever seen him
  • but he still looks so happy to see you
  • and when you guys are hugging, he whispers “what’d i miss” into your ear
  • (which is an ongoing joke between the two of you)
  • and you whisper “you missed me” in return
  • and you feel his smirk grow against your cheek
  • but when you finally pull away after about ten years of hugging
  • hes not smiling and he says, very seriously, “i never want to have to miss you that much ever again”
  • and he gets down on one knee and opens a small pocket of his suitcase
  • and pulls out a ring.
  • and he says this big long speech about how much he loves you
  • and how much he missed you
  • and every little thing about you he loves
  • (and backs it up with evidence)
  • eventually, he’s almost fallen asleep when he says, “will you marry me?”
  • and you get down so you’re level with him and you say “yes, thomas, i’ll marry you. now let’s go home”
  • (when he wakes up the next morning he double-checks to make sure you said yes)
  • (you say yes, you did say yes. “did you miss that thomas?”)


  • lets face it.
  • this man probably wouldn’t go out of his way to propose
  • he loves you, of course, but you know that
  • and he knows that very much
  • and he doesnt feel the need to prove it to you with some big declaration?
  • (”i bet hamilton would do something lame like serenade you or read a poem, pssh”)
  • so you’re most likely in your bed just cuddling
  • and when you begin to pull away to get water or get changed, he looks over and just goes
  • “marry me?”
  • and you fall back into bed and tell him that you’d love to.
  • (he doesnt have the ring yet)
  • (he promises he will take you shopping when he’s not working)
  • (he works a lot)
  • (it will take a very long time to get your ring)
  • (he also doesnt want to go out when hes sick cuz he doesnt wanna cough all over really expensive rings)
  • (he apologizes profusely)
  • (tell him you love him anyway)
  • (and kiss him)


  • he is very shy
  • and has been carrying around the ring for months.
  • literally. months.
  • (he’s afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (like, very afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (he doesn’t put himself out like this a lot)
  • and hes also been waiting for the perfect moment!!
  • so one day you’re in a bookstore you both like
  • and amidst the stacks of books and paper
  • he gets down one on knee and is biting his lip because hes so nervous…
  • but he does it anyway!!! because he loves you!!! and really wants to marry you!!!
  • he wants it more than anything in his life!!!
  • he has a really!!! really cute and cliche speech about how much he loves you
  • talks about how beautiful you are every ten words
  • explains to you that you are the best thing in his life and never wants to lose you!!! but stutters his way through it
  • wants to put the ring on your finger while hes kneeling and… kisses your ring finger oh gosh…
  • he may… stay on the ground……. ???
  • (he wants you to either meet him on the ground or pull him up)
  • (pull him up by the collar and kiss him. he will smile so wide after)
  • (he might ask you later if it was romantic enough. tell him yes.)

Look, Idc what people ship. Idc if you ship Mariah and Eliza, I don’t care if you ship Laurens and Alex, or whatever.

Like. Jamilton is my OTP, don’t get me wrong. But please remember that Alexander and Eliza were in love.

They loved one another, they were married and had lots of gremlins running around.

Don’t say that Eliza got in the way of Lams or that Alexander got in the way of Marliza, etc.

Hamliza is very important and very cute and ahh. Just respect one another’s pairings and the characters, it’s not hard.

(Also, I see a lot of posts that “introduce” new fans to the Hamilfam, “unless” they ship this or that. Let people ship whatever they want?? Don’t tell them to leave the family over their ships or that they “can’t”.

Let people ship Pheacker, let people ship Washette or Leggy or whatever people want. It’s not bad to have a ship.

Thank u.)

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I don't think Camila wanted to come out. She wants a solo pop career. Lauren was so heartbroken in 2015 and spotted having several breakdowns by fans. One with Camila coming out of a bathroom. 2015 is also when Camila's solo career started being. March/April/May was when something changed with Camren and all the girls. Remember how protective Normani, Dinah and Ally were of Lauren during all those interviews that summer. I think Roger or the label forced Camila to distance herself.

See that’s where I disagree - Camila has always been the one taking little risks when it came to Camren and her sexuality. The hand grabbing I posted about earlier is a perfect example, and there are others, the fact that she needs use gender neutral words or says stuff like “why do you assume it’s a boy?” - plus Camila never said a word against Camren, and I think it’s because she wouldn’t be able to keep a poker face and also because she simply doesn’t want to lie about it. I think the pressure that surrounded their relationship and also the extra attention that came with Reflection’s success, are what broke them at that time. It’s a lot to take in at such a young age and there was a lot at stakes for all the girls. I think both Lauren and Camila took the break up very hard and also had  o deal with new expectations from the label and mgmt - that’s why Lauren had a breakdown and that’s why Camila started having even more trouble with her anxiety.

So…once again people are twitching saying Lauren has proved for the millionth time her and Camila aren’t anything and never were. Okay this “like” would definitely convince anyone who hasn’t seen these two on a red carpet or behind the scenes when they think too much is going on for anyone to pay attention to them. The 2016 BBMA in May and the AMA red carpet in November (which was 2 days after Lauren came out) are all the proof I need to know that there is waaaaaay more to their relationship than what they say is going on. Not to mention the tumblr reblogs they post are basically a dialogue between two people. Oh and the timing of their emotions and moods. They both speak of missing someone or needing someone or feeling loved at the same time. Are we supposed to ignore that. Also, Lauren always seems to go extra hard when the indirects between them become more obvious… Check the history of her Camren comments. Her denial always seems to follow a strong Camren movement. For me its like she’s trying to misdirect us to protect the cover and privacy of their relationship. And Mila does it too. Her over use of “boy” in interviews. Like when you’re straight you don’t have to always emphasize that you’re dates are with boys…😂 like come on. And the fact that she talks about wanting and needing a boyfriend so much, is such a turn off to guys. I’ve asked both my brothers how they feel about women who are super vocal about wanting a boyfriend and they both said it makes a girl seem desperate and it flies a red flag for most guys to run in the other direction. It’s like Mila purposely talks about boys too much to keep them away. Then she hops on tumblr the day Lauren goes out of town for damn near a month and she reblogs all kinds of emo shit but then throws a girl and guy up in the mix to throw us off. Maybe my delusions ARE getting the best of me or maybe there is more to all of this than what they want us to bdelusionalI have seen too many moments between them with both my eyes to not believe in Camren. Plus I remember JayZ and Beyonce denying their relationship even after photos of them emerged. And they dated for years and even got married before they admitted to being together publically. Beyonce once said the reason why she denied their relationship even though people knew they were together was because it protected the sanctity of their love and it also made people not ask about their relationship status…sound familiar? I know I’ll be called crazy and delusional for this post. But I’m used to it. I’ve shipped a lot of people in the past and when they truly moved I was happy for them and even shipped some of their new partners. So if Camren ever come out and say they are in love with someone else, I’ll be prepared to move on. Until that day…I’m f*cking #teamcamren😏 (AMA) (BBMA) PS: another Munchkin also said Lauren could have just liked the first tweet and then saw the photo of her and Mila and unliked the tweet. Also a possibility. 😘 (don’t know if you want to be tagged but you know who you are 😏)

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You are really good putting each one of them with the sentences that could be said by them, lol. How would define their personalities??

Hmm. That’s a tough one, honestly.

I would say Dinah and Camila are the goofy ones, obviously. If something were to go wrong, the finger would be pointed at them.

But also Camila is a tiny dramatic and extra lil pup that Dinah is like, violently protective over, despite the fact she leads her into a lot of questionable situations. Dinah just loves goofing around and having fun and not caring about other people’s opinions much.

Lauren, in my opinion, definitely has no filter and sometimes speaks without thinking. i.e; “girls who do themselves”.

Normani is the self proclaimed ‘leader’ of the group, who is always tired of everyone’s shit and always lets it be known. She’s not one to hold her tongue.

And Ally, sweet, baby Ally, is the mother hen. always trying to look after her four girls and trying to protect them from anything remotely evil. Although she has times where she gets annoyed with her girls’ shit as well.

I hope you liked this answer lmao.


John Laurens x Reader 

Note: Hey guys so I only have 3 requests left and I’m going to try and get them done before my exams start so if you have requests send them in an I’ll get try my hardest to get them done soon! Also I apologize for the shitty ending, I’m horrible at endings I know

Request: Sorry this is a lot but 415, 445, 446, and 451 with John after they get into a fight and end up confessing how they both like each other angrily and they kiss

Prompts: 415. “What did you say?”, 445. “Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”, 446. "I shouldn’t be in love with you!” and 451. "I can’t be in love with you!”

Word Count: 809

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

When you agreed to come hang out with the boys today, they swore that John wouldn’t be here. You’ve been avoiding him for weeks, ever since you realized your feelings for him.

You made the mistake of admitting your feelings to Alex and now you realize the mistake you made as he stands with Alex, Herc and Lafayette. 

Ever since you realized you’re in love with him you’ve been trying to convince yourself that he’s not right for you, that he could never love you back. You’ve picked out his annoying traits and focused on them in the hopes that your feelings go away.

“Hey Y/N you made it!” Alex says as you approach the group, a wide smile on his face. You try your best to return the smile but it falters when you make eye contact with John. 

“Yeah, hey guys” you tear your eyes away from him and look up into the smiling faces of Herc and Lafayette. “So what’s the plan for today?” 

“We figured we’d just so hang out in the park”

The day starts out pretty good, you manage to avoid John most of the time by sticking close to Lafayette. You notice John giving you strange looks throughout the day but you choose to ignore them and focus on having fun with the guys instead.

When Alex, Lafayette and Herc run off to go and play with a bunch of dogs you feel the sudden panic in your stomach as you realize you’ve been left alone with him. 

“Are you avoiding me?” he asks, your back is to him and you dont dare turn around. 

“What makes you think that?” you ask quietly. 

“Oh you know just the fact that you won’t look at me for more than 5 seconds and that you haven’t said a word to me all day” he points out. 

You take a deep breath and turn to face him, he stares at you with a raised eyebrow and his hands stuffed in his pockets. 

“Have I done something to upset you?” his tone is clearly annoyed and if you’re honest with yourself you’re glad he’s annoyed at you, maybe that way he’ll be rude and you’ll get over him. 

“Why does everything have to be about you? Maybe I just wanted to hang out with Alex, Laf and Herc today” You point out and almost cringe at the offended look on his face when you say the words. 

“Wow. Trying to cut me out of my own group of friends? That’s cold Y/N” he says, the venom clear in his voice. 

“Yeah well tough luck John, not everyone want’s to be with you all the time” you spit. 

He clenches his fist and takes a breath. 

“I wish Alex didn’t invite you today, I’ve had a shitty week and really needed a fun day with my friends and instead I get this” he says 

“God, you’re so annoying! I wish you would just leave if you’re having such a terrible time” You tell him, turning away from and running a hand through your hair in frustration.

I’m annoying? Have you met you? You are so- you know what fuck it” he says as he grabs your face with both hands and slams his lips to yours.

You freeze in place as he kisses you, not sure what to do. Finally, you slide your hands up into his hair and kiss him back. When the two of you finally pull apart you both take a step back and stare at each other.

“What was that?” You ask, eyes still wide in shock.

“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!” He exclaims, looking just as shocked as you feel.

“Not your fault? You kissed me! Whose fault could it be?” you yell at him.

As you stare at him there are millions of thoughts running through your head. You’ve been in love with him for so long but there’s no way that you could possibly be anything with him is there? He’s annoying and frustrating and there is no way that kiss meant to him what it mean to you.

He runs his hands through his hair, pulling it out of the ponytail he usually keeps it in “I shouldn’t be in love with you!” he exclaims.

“What did you say?” you ask, needing to make sure you heard him right.

“I said I shouldn’t be in love with you but I am! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Well I can’t be in love with you!”  

“What? You’re in love with me?” He asks. “What about all of those things you just said? And the ignoring me thing?” 

“I didn’t think you’d share my feelings so I was trying to get rid of mine!” you explain. 

He chuckles softly and presses his lips to yours again. “You’re crazy” 

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okay, your writing hamilton now and im ready to follow you into a new fandom, any recs i should start with?

I wasn’t looking into Hamilton until quite recently before I came back, so l’m sorry if this list doesn’t seem complete or if I forgot anyone y’all really love. Keep in mind that I was gone for quite a long time, and I wasn’t actively involved for quite a while even before I left. When I checked out of tumblr Hamilton was just starting to gain steam, and it hadn’t really caught a fanfiction community on tumblr yet. So, my recommendations mainly come from things I’ve read recently, since I came back and in the weeks leading up to that. If anyone has any to add, please let me know because I love recommendations too. (Shoutout to Jan over on @smollittlebean because she’s recommended a lot to me in recent days.) That in mind, here are some of my favorite Hamilton fanfiction blogs so far:

  • @americanrevelation - Everything Hamilton on her masterlist is also in my likes… suffice to say a blog I visit a lot. Just finishing up a great Thomas Jefferson fic that I can highly recommend. Check out the rest of her masterlist too though. Everything on it is quality.
  • @til-the-world-turns-upside-down - Soulmate AUs are my weakness, as pretty much anyone who has ever been on my blog knows. Check this one out, because it is adorable. Perfectly sums up Hamilton’s George Washington on the first try. Also, check out the masterlist, working on a soulmate au series for Thomas Jefferson.
  • @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou - This is one those you read on a bad day, and you just can’t stop smiling. Also, masterlist. So much John Laurens and so much fluff, it makes me happy; read through if you’re looking for a smile.
  • @wrotemywayoutimagines - Almost cried reading this yesterday. Quality masterlist. I’m still reading my way through all of it, but I absolutely love everything on it. Lots of smiles, quite a few tears, but all of it amazing.
  • @secretschuylersister - I related to this a lot, namely because as a broke college student I live off nacho Lunchables (and pizza rolls). Masterlist here. Her blog says requests are always open too, which is cool.
  • @c-jacksonn - This will make you cry a lot, like a lot a lot. Like I have proven I don’t have a heart, and even I cried. So, read that first, then read something else so you can cope with how emotionally drained you will become.
  • @gratitudejoyandsorrow - Of Loyalty and Duty is pretty much Jan’s favorite AU, and quickly becoming one of mine. So, check that series out. I’m a fan of quite a few of her other imagines too.
  • @daveeddiggsit - Lafayette Soulmate AU has to be one of my favorite combination of words that has left my mouth in a long time. As the blog implies, lots of Daveed Diggs. You can never have too much Daveed, and I love it.
  • @imagineham - I was up at 2 A.M. talking to Jan, about Daveed obviously, and found this, which was funny because it was 2 A.M. Only it started a spree reading pretty much the entire masterlist in one sitting. That was not healthy. Read the whole thing, but do it in sessions.
  • @tempfixeliza - This is actually awesome, like amazing. So is everything else I read, but the piano just gets to me. (Also occasionally reblogs stuff about Psych and it makes me happy knowing I’m not alone in my love for that show, but that’s not related to this). 
  • @diggs4life - If you’re looking for smut and/or Daveed Diggs this is where to go… and I realize after typing that that those two things are practically synonyms, and you could say that about almost any Daveed blog, but y’all know what I mean. 

That’s a good list to start with. I know this isn’t a complete list of all the amazing Hamilton writers on tumblr. I’ll keep this same post and update it as I read from more blogs. If any of y’all notice that I missed a blog you love please send it my way. Like I said, I love recommendations too! 

A quick thank you to my followers: I know I was gone a while. Quite a lot of people left, but y’all are absolutely amazing. This blog’s numbers took a pretty big hit when I left, but it’s almost back to it’s former glory already. That is so much more than I could have ever asked for.
Almost back to 10k followers already; thank y’all so much! 

Quick sidenote: If there are any authors on this list who don’t wish to be included let me know, and I’ll remove your links. This is just a recommendation of your blogs, but I understand if some people aren’t comfortable being posted like this. 


Note: This is unedited, because I have to go watch handball now. It is also sort of short, but I wanted it that way. I hope you like it. 

Request: 32 with John Laurens or hamilsquad.. please.. (I love your writing also. I look up to you)

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Wordcount: 813

Warnings: Unedited

Originally posted by skinnybirch

You were halfway through a history lesson, when you began to feel your head become heavy and foggy. It had been a rough night and besides studying hard for math tests later that day, your friends, Alexander, John, Lafayette and Hercules had suddenly come over and had occupied a lot of your time as they often did on the most inconvenient times. Especially when you had tests to study for. Needless to say, you had not gotten a lot of sleep that night as they had kept you awake for a really long time.

When you felt your eyelids begin to grow heavy and felt your head slip off of your hand, you felt a soft poke in your side. “Don’t fall asleep, love.” John whispered with a stupid grin on his face.

You simply stuck your tongue out at him in response. “It’s your fault, ass.” You mumbled in return. You pulled the sleeves of your hoddie over your fingers and rested your head against your hands. You tried to conceal a yawn, but did not manage too well.

“Well, you could have gone to bed, Y/N.” He points out with a small chuckle. Both of you looked up in surprise when you were being hushed by your middle-aged history teacher, who had apparently noticed the two of you talking instead of listening to what he was talking about.

Instead of actually paying attention to what your teacher was actually trying to teach, however; John started scribbling away on a paper instead. You wondered what he was doing, but once he handed it to you, you sort of understood and you honestly thought it was really silly.

“You look cute when you are tired.” You read and you were unable to stop the small snort that escaped your lips at that. However, you also felt a warm blush spread over your cheeks. Did he really think so? You were not sure if it was actually just to tease you, or if he actually meant it.

You simply wrote “Fuck you” on the back of it and sent it back to him. He mocked a hurt expression once he read it and you giggled softly.

It was no lie that the two of you were closer than you were with any of your other friends. Trying to deny that the two of you were in love with each other, was pretty impossible. Even if your mutual friends, especially Alexander kept telling both of you that the other actually liked you to, neither of you actually dared to believe that it was true.

However, you were pretty surprised when John reached over the table to hand you the next not. You were pretty surprised by what you read and you had to read it more than once to actually make sure that he had indeed written what you thought. “Do you like me? Check yes or no,” it said and it had 2 neatly drawn boxes under it with the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’ written underneath. You were really surprised by the note and had no idea what to answer.

You did not get much further than that before your history lesson came to an end. The two of you waited for everyone to leave and while you did, you checked the yes box. You knew that you had a lot to talk about after this, but for starters you simply handed him the not back once everyone had left.

He read the note and looked at you with a huge grin on his face. “Yes!” He almost yelled and you could not help the giggle that slipped through your lips. He could have probably been joking with the note, but you just somehow figured that he was not. He never seemed like the person who joked around with something like that.

He gently grabbed your hand and pulled you into a warm embrace. You softly ran your fingers through his long curls, looking at him with a smile. You held so  much love for the young man and for him to actually tell you that he felt the same way, was pretty insane to you.

“Y/N. I am going to kiss you now. I hope that’s okay?” He asked.

You found it really sweet that he wanted to make sure that this was actually what you wanted. And It truly was. So, you gave him a simple nod.

With that, he leaned down to kiss you. His lips where so soft and gentle against yours and you honestly felt like you had died and went to heaven. However, the kiss did not last long as you were interrupted by a few chuckles coming from the door. Of course Lafayette and Alexander had come back to watch the whole scenario play out.

“Please, keep going. Don’t mind us.” Alexander sassed.

And that you did.

to you, i thee wed (chapter one)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU. 


snaps to @panda013 and @sarahcada for helping me edit!

It begins as a joke one night when he sees a random online ad asking for young people ages eighteen to thirty five to send in an application to the Institute of Love, Marriage, and Relationships for experimental marital matchmaking. After all, who will take a joke of an application from a physics professor who recently moved back to France and hasn’t had a real relationship ever seriously?

(Hi, so my name is Adrien Agreste and I used to be a really famous teenage fashion model a long time ago, and this might surprise you, but I have never had the greatest track record with girls…)

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There have been quite some speculations around this first picture and scepticism if it’s really Camren in the picture.
So the first picture is the underwater picture where supposedly Camila and Lauren kiss and when you zoom in you can clearly see a mole next to the girl’s armpit. I circled it in the second picture and in the third picture is a picture of Lauren, where you can clearly see that she has a mole next to her armpit, which I also circled.
Lauren’s mole in the third picture looks a lot smaller but it looks like they are on the very spot.

I’m not saying it has to be Lauren in the underwater picture and you should make your own conclusions.

Every Lams Moment in Hamilton

Although Lams is never explicitly stated in Hamilton, (seriously, there could of been an awesome song about that! One day I hope for a Satisfied Duet!) there is a lot of symbolism and undertones that not everyone may see at first. Although I myself wish it was mentioned directly, this is all of the undertones that I managed to pick up on.

-In the opener, John says, “Me? I died for him.” That can signal love. Although, the quote would match Phillip too. But, it is notable that his hair is up, an indicator that he is playing Laurens.

-In “Alexander Hamilton”, When Hamilton is about to go to New York, Eliza hands him a coat, Angelica books, and John a bag. These are the three characters that he actually built a meaningful, possibly romantic, relationship with. What about Maria? You may say. But keep in mind, he was pretty much only in it for physical means. Was this intentional? No idea. But if it was, that would be really cool.

-Also, when they hand him the objects, he completely ignores Eliza and Angelica. But stares passionately into Lauren’s eyes.

-In “My Shot” he says, “Laurens, I like you a lot.” The two are also touchy throughout the song.

-When Laurens says, “You and I, do or die” he puts his arm around Alex as if it were directed at him.

-At one point, Hamilton says, “I am not throwing away my shot,” and points at Laurens. Laurens stares dumbstruck at him and Mulligan gives him a little side clap on the back thingie. (Wow I am so official. Little side clap on the back thingie is the official term for that dance move.)

-In “The Story of Tonight” they are also very touchy-feely, and leave the song with their arms around each other.

-They also share a affectionate side hug. Laf and Herc share a “wtf” look and then laugh. They know what’s up.

-In “Helpless” he is pretty much the best man at Eliza and Alex’s wedding. Laurens and Angelica walk down the aisle together, but they both aren’t thrilled. They both have an understanding.. hmm…

-During the kiss, he interjects.

-Laurens is also standing the closest to Angelica during “Satisfied" and doesn’t look entirely happy.

-It’s probably the alcohol, but Laurens and Hamilton are also very touchy during “The Story of Tonight Reprise”.

-Laurens makes sure to tell Hamilton that he will never see freedom again, but this is probably just friendship.

-He duels for Hamilton. The two have a LONG (for a platonic hug) meaningful hug there, too. (Although, e would of certainly dueled lee if Ham was on the other side of the county. Hamilton was there to add fuel to the fire.

-Hamilton is clearly devastated at Lauren’s death.

-He distracts himself from his grief by working Non-Stop.

-Throughout the entire show, Eliza usually comments on the coldness she feels from her husband. (“Let me inside your heart, that would be enough” or “If your wife could share a fraction of your time”) This could reference the fact that he shut off a part of his heart after Laurens left him. This is more of a long shot, but it could possibly speak to the idea that Laurens may of wanted Alex to get married, so that he would be “cured.” Believe me, Hamilton loved Eliza, but it took time.

-the first person he sees in the afterlife is Laurens. Not his son, not his MOTHER but Laurens.

-It’s also worth noting that Laurens’ last words are the first words that Alexander spoke to him, and Alexander’s last words are the first words that John spoke to him.

-The line, “My love take your time, I’ll see you on the other side, raise a glass to freedom.” Could be directed at both Laurens and Eliza. Hamilton could be expressing how in the afterlife he can express his love for Laurens without judgement. He is also probably commenting about how damn lucky he was to have Eliza in his life

Although these moments make it clear that they are very close, I still wish that it would of been made more apparent. For example, the Laurens-Hamilton relationship had more history behind it than the Angelica-Hamilton. The Angelica-Hamilton dynamic was also slightly fabricated for drama. If they were clearly romantically connected in the musical, it would of meant so much to the LGBT+ community. I know that it is impossible to confirm the relationship, (what are you going to do? Go back in time and ask them?) but there is a lot of evidence supporting it. Maybe we’ll see this relationship better developed in the movie that might be released.

smallinsaneone  asked:

Lams fic recs?


i’ve found a lot of new ones since my first/last rec, and i’m giving you everything i’ve got. let’s go.

first and foremost, one of the fics i mentioned in my last rec, in the place to be, wrapped up. BUT there’s a sequel that’s in the works, “more than anyone bargained for”. the sequel picks up three years after ITPTB left off and washington’s up for reelection. (spoiler alert) john’s father dies and so john goes to south carolina for the funeral. alex fucks up some shit while john is away, so he goes to SC with the intention of coming clean and apologizing but ends up proposing instead. the rest of the fic basically revolves around all the secrets that come out about alex and john’s pasts as they’re trying to plan the wedding. and holy shit. holy shit. this fic is DRAMATIC. there are so many secrets, so many giant things, but the reader doesn’t learn about any of it until someone in the fic finds out, or john or alex finds out that someone knows or something like that. it’s insane, the cliffhangers, the amount of stress this fic gives me, in a good way. it’s such a slippery slope of everything going to shit but i LOVE IT. i personally think it’s even better than the original, but you kinda gotta read ITPTB first in order for half of this to make sense.

“concrete jungle where opportunity awaits” is another lams college au, which i just started. pretty standard. fans of the (hhh)eoy universe would probably get a kick out of this since it’s almost the same thing.

“e=mc^2″ is one of the most creative plots and characterizations i’ve seen in fic. coffee shop au, technically, but alex is mute. v original and good, but a couple things to note. not for the easily triggered. there’s use of cigarettes, mentions of suicide, and probably a couple other things that aren’t in the tags that i can’t think of. also the author started doing alternate endings to the chapters. these have no relation to the events of the story and technically don’t have to be read, but they’re not as happy as the events in the actual chapters. those also have trigger warnings for blood, hospitals, and people being dicks, so far. it’s also something to be aware of if you’re gonna binge read it so it doesn’t get confusing. it starts around like chapter 3 or 4.

even though it’s the asker’s fic, i’m also recommending “eyes like broken christmas lights” because it’s another one of the most creative plots i’ve seen. college au technically, but with the ultimate heartbreaking plot twist that affects the entire rest of the story. so good. i want to wrap alex in blankets.

if you’re looking for cute cute and more cute, there’s the “finding their home” series. it’s your standard modern au of the revolutionary set living and adventuring in new york city. lots of adorable lams and also LOTS of very heartwarming friendship interactions that make my heart all fuzzy.

another fake dating au to add to the mix is “frankly, it’s a tad exhilarating”. john enlists his roommate alex to pretend to be his boyfriend to prove to his homophobic father that he’s actually gay. alex is super happy to help and also a coy little flirt. john’s feelings don’t stay fake for very long. pretty standard, lots of pining, so much pining, and it’s still in progress so things are heating up in more ways that one ;D

ham school musical”. a lams hsm au. john is troy. alex is gabriella. do i really need to say any more?

the “king’s college” series is yet another college au but it’s just a bunch of schmoopy adorable one-shots that are just cute schmoop because who can get enough of cute schmoopy lams?

can’t remember if i put this is my last one, but there’s also the “leg day” series which is nice. john has purple hair and works at the ice rink where alex practices. not a lot of major plot, and some might consider their laurens really out of character, but it’s written really well, i like it a lot.

there’s another really creative one called “skylark” which is supposedly going to involve lots of activism and nuclear weapons? it only has one chapter so far, but it’s by the same person who writes rochambeau so i’m really excited for it, it should be good. the first chapter is great too.

quite possibly the only canon era fic that’s going in here is the “there must be 50 ways to please your lover” series. no plot, just sex. very delicious.

another one that’s not for the easily triggered is “where it wasn’t supposed to be”. john is at the laundromat and the guy at the machine next to him, alex, is washing blood out of his clothes. turns out alex is in an abusive relationship, but john happens to work at a crisis center, so. updates pretty often. alex needs to be protected at all costs. i feel like this rec isn’t as exciting to read as the last one. oh well. we’re still going.

another short fic to throw at you, “you’ve got something i need”. john is a high school history teacher, and alex subs for him one day. told over social media and texts. a few ocs but it’s cute af. there’s only one chapter left to be posted though apparently.

a few excellent one-shots before i finish up. “take it, just don’t break it” aka 5 times john told alex to be gentle and one time he didn’t. way cuter than i anticipated???? the end kills me so much, it’s so great. i might just go back and read it again now that i’m talking about it.

don’t trust too much your bloom”. alex is a poetry nerd, john not so much. or maybe he is? there’s not that much plot, but i put this in here because i actually remember getting dizzy when i read this. like, in a good way. it was so sweet and adorable and fluffy, but it was also SO SENSUAL and hot and delicious and i can’t even explain it. it filled me with something.

my body ten thousand rings wrapped around you”. kind of an office au, but you don’t have to know the office to appreciate this, cuz i don’t and this was so good. i read it this morning cuz it was probably posted within the last day and oh my god it’s so good. alex has body image issues and is also in love with john but super oblivious to how john feels about him. same with john and how alex feels about him. but then things happen and it’s SO GOOD i couldn’t thin of words enough to put in the comments but it’s really really good. ugh. alex needs to be protected. again.

but the ultimate one shot is “evoking spirits”. written by the same person who writes (hhh)eoy, this is a reincarnation au where alex realizes who he is but john doesn’t, and alex is determined to “wake john up”. holy shit. i have no words of praise strong enough for this piece of writing. it’s nice and long, but none of it feels like fluff or unnecessary. the characterization is amazing, the writing is extraordinary, the sexual tension and the build, the ending. everything is so good. this is a must read imo.

AND FINALLY, even though this isn’t technically lams, i’m including it because it’s one of my faves. “the chat where it happens”. skype chat between the hamilsquad and eventually several other historical figures from the revolution, whether they were characters in the musical or not. no plot. pure crack. ridiculous as hell. meta as hell. updates often. lots of memes. anime talk that i don’t really understand. funny as FUCK, oh my GOD, the amount of times i laughed so hard i couldn’t breathe while reading this fic, i can’t even count. i’m putting this in because it’s the ultimate feel-good, side-splitting laughter fic in the hamilton fandom. HOWEVER, it’s elams, not lams. also jeffmads and lafucles as well as other couples, but jeffmads is featured a lot. if that really doesn’t float your boat, “marijuana squadjuana” and “ravioli ravioli give me the squadioli” are similar in terms of crack, lack of actual plot, and me crying because i’m laughing so much, AND they are lams.

PHEW. THAT’S IT. WE’RE DONE. thank you so much for sending me another ask, i kinda love putting recs together like this now. i had a lot of fun making this. as i said in the beginning, this plus my first rec is pretty much everything i’ve got, but don’t be afraid to send me more messages asking for recs, i’m sure i’ll find more soon. and as with my last rec, my ultimate recommendation is refreshing the alex/john tag on ao3 several times a day ^-^


Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act I)

Alexander Hamilton

  • there’s a fucking pause for applause when Ham comes out for the first time
  • like, it goes “what’s your name man? Alexander Hamilton………….(*insert continued wild applause here*)………….. my name is Alexander Hamilton”
  • during the “but his mother went quick” line, one of the dancers is lifted and carried away from Ham, like his mother being carried off by death :))))
  • “moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide”: a chair is placed center stage and one of the dancers climbs on and mimes hanging himself. it’s very powerful.
  • everyone is wearing white except for Burr, until Eliza comes and gives Alexander a colorful coat, thus making him stand out from the rest of the company (that fucking symbolism tho)
  • Angelica hands Ham a book, and if I remember correctly, Laurens hands him a rucksack

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miss-white-crayon  asked:

Hi Lauren and happy birthday!! I just wanted to say I drove through a town today omw home from my uncle's that reminded me of Sam. It was like, old timey but in an aesthetic kind of way and it also had a lot of modern touches and that's the kind of blend that I think makes up Sam and her life?? Just as soon as I started passing through I was like omg if this isn't Sam idk what is so I thought I'd share

Thank you so much!! And ooh, that town sounds REALLY cool and definitely a place that Sam (and myself, lbr) would adore. 

Camren in #7/27TourUK Summary

They first arrived at Dublin (which is not part of UK by the way) I just want to include them here. 

October 3 - Dublin Ireland

You all got so hyped upon seeing this. Lauren wearing the top, Camila the bottoms. And at the same day people. Way to feed your delusional mind right?

Yes, she did that. We all know that’s Camila’s iconic funny face since the very beginning of time. And now, that’s Lauren’s favorite funny face to pull. Want more receipts? Video

Here they were leaving their hotel the next day, apparently Lauren didn’t change her outfit. She took a shower or even just a bath right? 

Camila posted her charity tee, she was the one who designed it by the way. If you have time and want the shirt for yourself, go check her Instagram. Lauren also liked per post. This was not an accident.

Lauren sang If I we’re a boy during soundcheck in which, if there will be next time, we have to remind Camila that she can really blink while staring at Lauren the whole time. Video

October 5 & 6 - Glasgow

They arrived at Glasgow and rest day for the girls, but apparently it was not a very good day for Lauren. She received lots of hate from Twitter. 

This one is fake. Please don’t trust believe anything you’ve found in the internet. @CamilasSpotify verified it.

What can I say, we stan two lovely dorks. They were wearing some traditional Scottish hat from the audience.

October 7 - Manchester

Whole day timeline of the girls. Imagine your everyday life like this, it’s tiring right? So please stop with all your dramas and immature thinking.

Camila rapping Look at Me Now by Chris Brown  during sound check and Lauren just being Lauren. Laughing and staring and can’t contain her happiness while looking at her Camila. This is a good video by the way. OT5 is alive. Video

Also, Lauren left the crowd in awe by embracing this flag proudly.

October 8 - Cardiff

Before Camila, Ally and Dinah started singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, Lauren can’t get enough of Camila that Mani nudged her to start a conversation with her. Whipped right? Video

October 9 & 10 - London

Rest day of the girls, Camila was spotted with fans and watched the debate after while Lauren was with friends. Also, Lauren blocked a Camren Shipper who won’t stop tagging her in sexual manips. WHY CAN’T SOME OF YOU BEHAVE AND ACT AS AN ADULT AND STOP TAGGING THEM WITH ALL SEXUAL CAMREN PICTURES?

Camila saw a fan using this and told her it’s cute. (She later then said she thought it’s her with the fan and not Lauren) I’m not so sure with that Camilita, it’s very obvious that you’re with Lauren. Video

London Sound Check. The girls were live at Capital FM’s Facebook. This was the time Mani kissed Lauren in the cheek. Video

M&G London, Lauren being Lauren and well, Camila being Camila.

October 11 - Nottingham

Lauren sang Can’t Feel My Face while Camila sang Don’t Let Me Down. Indirects? Maybe. Video

These two lovely ladies during Meet and Greet. 

October 12 - Birmingham

Camila announced her new song with Machine Gun Kelly entitled Bad Things. Immature people who obviously don’t know the whole truth pretty much created drama everywhere and was very quick to judge. About their parents, let them be. They’re just being parents. Stop harassing everyone!

The girls are obviously fine during sound check and yes, they really look tired. 

Camila was talking about the moon, how she love the moon, how beautiful the moon was, how she wants to personify the moon to be with her, to be her friend and so on. As you can see, Lauren was definitely smiling in the end. If you’re confused, Camila - Sun. Lauren - Moon. Video

Lauren with all the side glance she made for Camila was definitely on point. Not just once or twice but three times. Video

Next stop Barcelona Spain! 

P.S: Honestly, you can have your opinion about Camren and I can have mine. But please, don’t ever tell me that Camren is dead just because you based it to all of the drama that just happened recently. They are not their parents. And certainly the girls already knew about the song even before Camila announced it yesterday. So stop with all the hate. And let’s just enjoy our precious ship.


Nancy | 18 | Single | L

Heyaa people!! I’m obsessed with sports. I play basketball and football. Actually I’m the basketball’s team captain at school so yeah.. I also play drums and sing. If your fav movie is harry potter then you MUST message me!! I’m really into music. I love tøp, the nbhd, 5h, ed sheeran and the 1975. Oooh and I’m in love with Lauren Jauregui. I’m an outgoing person with a lot sense of humour (like my friends always say) and I like to meet new people soo it would be perfect if I’ll hear from you^^ 😁😁

Instagram: nafsikal
Tumblr: @itsmeclemren

A Stage Door Tattoo: The Leslie Odom Jr. Tattoo Saga as told by briana (not flan laurens)

I’ve told the Leslie tattoo saga to several different people who have asked to hear the story. It was suggested (by ronni) for me to make a master post on tumblr with pictures and details for all those interested. I thank you for being invested in my life and for adoring Leslie Odom Jr. as much as I do. I hope you enjoy!

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Promise ( Laurens X Reader ) – Happy Trails to Ant and Carleigh!

Yo! So, before we get into this, I wanna apologize to people who request. I’m such an asshole. I take too long and never ever follow the queue, so some of you guys wait two weeks and others wait three months. I’m truly madly deeply sorry. I just like giving you fic as quick as possible, so I don’t stay too long without posting, and that makes me go for whichever prompt my imagination tells me to and I’m not always inspired for the ones on the top of the queue. Truly, I’m so so so sorry.

Secondly, yeah, I was working on a Laf request until like two days ago (I still am and I can tell you it’s gonna be really sorta short, sorry for that), but then I realized something. Anthony Ramos. Nov, 20. *purses lips so won’t start sobbing compulsively* Don’t get me wrong. I am the hugest Anthony stan you’ll ever see and I am so very happy for him. I mean, the guy’s a star. He’s such an inspiration for me and many other kids out there and I’m sure that whatever he does next (he’s hinted he’ll be working on his music AND has been casted on a Netflix series) will blow us all away (too soon). Also, yo, Jordan Fisher!!! I love him!! I seem to adore everyone who puts on the Laurens/Philip costumes including Jose Ramos (especially him he’s my fav along with Ant and I’m not sorry), Thayne Jasperson (cracker boy, I know, I know, but have you ever seen him on Greg’s snap) and Andrew Chappele (I LOVE HIM) and I’m not even sorry.

Anyways. Because of Ant’s leaving, I wanted to do something Laurens-related. Yep, I know I already do lots of Laurens-related stuff, but I couldn’t help it. This idea also gave me a huge help, because I’d just done something on History and was feeling very very Hamiltime-ish. I’m not gonna put the full request here because it’s a huge spoiler, Nonnie says: “Can you do one when reader and Laurens have a thing going on, but he leaves for war.”

Well, anon, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy it yeah you’re gonna die inside!

Word Count: 2.775 (can you believe I actually wrote this amount of words in like two school days when I had to save battery and had a gazillion things to do ‘cause I can’t I felt so inspired it was like being struck by a fucking lightning)

Warnings: war related-stuff, straight Laurens, I think a lil swearing but I’m not entirely sure.

Setting: Hamiltime, during the war

Real quick sidenote: I didn’t have the time to find out how long exactly things took to be done like travelling and mail and shit at Hamiltime, so there’s that. That’s also why the letters are incomplete, not having dates or adresses. Sorry.

Originally posted by youforfeitallrights

You ran your hand through his curls. His black, shiny and silk-soft curls. Much like everything else when it came to him, they were simply perfect. Everything, from his black curls to the way his hazel eyes beamed when he talked about what he loved, it was all simply perfect. And, now, all this perfection was being put in danger.

“Y/N?” John called quietly, lifting a single eyelid. His head was placed on your lap as you sat underneath a enormous tree, the silver gleam coming from the moon and a candle being your only sort of light. You looked down at him and realized he had a curious expression on. “Are you okay, my dearest?”

You breathed in, only then realizing your cheeks were marked from a few tears. With a single hand, you wiped them away, trying to keep a smiled on even when it broke slightly. “Of course I am, John.”

He raised an eyebrow, stern yet fond. You knew he wasn’t buying it, he knew you better than that. “What is bothering you, love?”

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graciousstars  asked:

Hey do you have any lams fics you recommend? I'm so over my head omg

holy shit someone’s coming to ME for lams fic recs. holy shit happy day

i read a lot so this is gonna be long lol.

the ultimate fave is the (hamilton has his) eyes on you series. the whole universe is a college au where john and alex are college freshman roommates, alex transferring in halfway through the year. the entire thing is so unbelievably perfect, there’s a lot of one shots that go into the universe, and a remix of the original story from john’s pov. the author even said there’s a sequel coming which is v exciting

if you’re looking for short and cute, i highly suggest the elevator where it happens. john moves into a new apartment building and gets stuck in an elevator with alex, who turns out to be his neighbor. it’s only 4 chapters but it’s so fluffly and cute and sweet it might give you cavities.

there’s an engaged/married lams verse called i do, i do, i do and it’s only got two works in it so far but it’s also fluffy af

pretty much everything else i read is a work in progress. the fake dating au is apparently really popular in the lams fic writing universe, and the only one i read is in the place to be. alex is secretary of treasury and when he runs into his ex in a coffee shop, he grabs the first guy he sees, john laurens, to be his fake bf. john then goes to an interview to be on president washington’s personal staff and has to keep the fake relationship going to get the job. it’s apparently based off the west wing and i don’t wanna be mean but i feel like the writer’s first language isn’t english cuz i feel like there’s a lot missing, but you can’t help rooting for them. i had to put that one in there because fake dating aus are so popular.

looking for social media au? check out how john met alex. basically everyone in the hamilverse is a youtuber. alex and john have mutual crushes on each other but have never met in person and only talked a little bit online. really great use/representation of bisexual!alexander, and it’s equal part silly and tense because of the sexual pining or whatever it’s called. it’s getting late here and this is taking me a while to put together, i’m starting to lose focus.

one that i’ve been really obsessed with lately is rochambeau. henry laurens sends john to what he thinks is a “pray the gay away” conversion summer camp but turns out to be a safe space for LGBTQIA+ and everything in between. not much so far and probably won’t update often, but it already has so much potential i’m so excited about it

kid fic you want? la route qu’ils creent / the road they create. again, doesn’t update much, but it’s just as heartbreaking as it is sweet. john and alex are best friends since they were five. follows them through life. another one that doesn’t have that much so far but has the potential to be great.

what about silly and stupid? i suggest no phones in class. high school au, john and alex debated each other once on the debate team and now they crush on each other. told completely in group texts with the hamilsquad that have actually had me laughing out loud at parts.

AND FINALLY my current extreme obsession is this piece of beauty called letters to a lost love. it’s a sort of soulmate/not quite reincarnation au. alexander hamilton and john laurens were their real selves in the 1700s, but now there is a new pair of kids, alex and john. they both find out about their historical namesakes and the relationship they had with one another and write letters to them/each other. then they both start at columbia and are immediately infatuated with each other, idk the letter writing thing makes a lot more sense if you read it, this one is so fucking good. the writing and characterization is phenomenal, the relationships the hamilsquad have with each other are different from a lot of other fanfics but also realistic. and it updates often, every few days. my number one recommendation if you’re looking for an in progress fic.

AND THAT’S IT. WOW THAT WAS LONG. i would say shoot me another ask if you want some more, but i’m trying not to get into too many since i’m full swing into the college life. just check the alexander hamilton/john laurens tag on ao3 every day like i do x) thank you so much for the ask, hope you like some of the ones i gave you! and happy valentine’s day! <3